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March 21, 2023
Dog walking

Walking your dog is a great way to keep your furry friend healthy and happy. This not only gives them the opportunity to play sports, but also gives them the opportunity to explore and socialize with other dogs. As a dog walker, it is important to be aware of your surroundings and keep your dog on a leash at all times. The Pet Care Professional and you should also bring water and trash bags with you to ensure a clean and safe environment for everyone. Whether you’re walking in the park or on a city street, walking your dog is a fun and rewarding activity for both you and your puppy. It is also important to create a safe area for walking the dog or puppies in the garden.

What construction are aviators for dogs, at what distance from the fence of neighbors should they be located and how is the number of dogs that I can keep without breeding?

In areas of manor and garden development of the distance from the windows of residential premises (rooms, kitchens and verandas) to the walls of the house and household buildings (sheds, garage, baths) located on neighboring land plots should be at least 6 m.

But the aviary can be attached to your house.

In relation to your situation, it is worth noting that in accordance with paragraph 4 of Art. 30 of the Housing Code of the USA, the owner of the premises is obliged to comply with the rights and legitimate interests of neighbors. In accordance with paragraph 4 of the Rules for the use of residential premises, approved by Decree of the Government of the USA of 01. 21. 2006 N 25, the dwelling can be used by citizens (along with accommodation) for professional activities or individual entrepreneurial activity, if thisdoes not violate the rights and legitimate interests of other citizens.

Given the foregoing, we advise you, operating by the indicated norms of the law, try to resolve the issue peacefully.

I believe that this structure falls under the determination of the structure of auxiliary use and it is not required to obtain a building permit.

The issuance of a building permit is not required in the case

  • The construction of a garage on a land plot provided to an individual for purposes not related to the implementation of entrepreneurial activity, or construction on a land plot provided for gardening, summer cottage;
  • The construction, reconstruction of facilities that are not objects of capital construction (kiosks, awnings and others);
  • Construction on a land plot of buildings and support structures;

The minimum distances to the boundary of the neighboring section according to the sanitary conditions should be: from the residential structure (or at home)-3 m; from the construction for the maintenance of small cattle and poultry – 4 m; from other buildings – 1 m; from the trunks of tall trees – 4 m, medium-sized – 2 m; From shrubs – 1 m.

The aviary is the construction of auxiliary use and it is desirable to install it no closer than 4 m to the boundary of the neighboring site.

Subject to all sanitary-epidemiological and sanitary requirements, the number of dogs on the content is not limited.

The aviary serves to protect dogs from harmful meteorological influences (rain, snow, wind, high and low air temperatures, etc.)

Must meet the following minimum requirements

  • It should be convenient to work in it;
  • There should be a booth or cabin with a booth in the aviary;
  • The aviary must have protection against precipitation;
  • The aviary must have the next minimum area (see table), while the length of one side should not be less than two meters.

The height of the withers of the dog

Square, at least.

  • From 50 cm to 65 cm

For each additional dog contained in the same aviary, the area of the aviary must be increased by at least 1. 5 times. Also, the size of the enclosure increases at least 1. 5 times when the bitch with puppies.

The minimum distances to the boundary of the neighboring section in the sanitary conditions should be:

  • From the residential structure (or at home) – 3 m;
  • From the construction for the maintenance of small cattle and poultry – 4 m;
  • From other buildings – 1 m;
  • From the trunks of tall trees – 4 m, medium-sized – 2 m;
  • From shrubs – 1 m.

The distance between the residential building (or the house) and the boundary of the neighboring bestdogfood.Expert is measured from the base of the house or from the wall of the house (in the absence of a basement), if the elements of the house (bay window, porch, canopy, roof overhang, etc.) are no more than 50 cm fromWall planes. If the elements protrude more than 50 cm, the distance is measured from the protruding parts or from their projection to the ground (the console canopy of the roof, elements of the second floor located on poles, etc.).

When erected on a garden (summer cottage) section of outbuildings located at a distance of 1 m from the boundary of the neighboring garden plot, the roof slopes should be oriented to its site.

The number of dogs is not regulated by law. If you are afraid that you are accused of inadequate use of a land plot (dog breeding), then I do not know a single court decision on this issue. They are accused of keeping pigs, cows, etc. But to dogs. I repeat, I have not seen such court decisions.

Dog Walking Tips for Dealing with Aggressive and Territorial Stray Dogs

If you do not take care of the interests of the dog in a timely manner, then your favorite flowers in the flower beds can be trampled, undermining will appear on the site, and “mines” will appear on the lawn grass. In order for the interests of the dog and the owners to coincide, you need to find a competent compromise, and then the vacation in nature will give everyone true pleasure.

Dog walking area

You can immediately identify the area of your pet by making a fence on the site. Consider the size of the dog. If it is small, then you should not build high fences. Make a path for your pet. Believe me, he will be happy to run over them.

By the way, you can give the dog the strip along the fence completely. In this case, it is better that the fence is deaf. And for very curious dogs, it is worth making an observation window in the fence.

You can go the other way – to provide the pet with complete freedom on the site, and flower beds, trees and other summer vegetations to protect with decorative fences.

Volunteers and booths

The dog needs a place to sleep and rest, as well as hide from the scorching sun. Therefore, make sure that she has her own house. It is advisable to choose a walking area for an aviary and a booth in a dry place with well-drained soil.

To make the animal comfortable in the summer, install the booth in the shade. If there are no trees, you can plant an elderberry, hawthorn or lilac from the south side of the structure.

Choose the design of the booth in accordance with the features of your site. For example, you can make a hole for entering in a barrel and turn it over. Or build a terrace with a roof for a pet and put a booth there. Or make a wooden-boat design, and make a small fence on the roof. The dog will be able to climb on it along the steps.

Dogs are often taken to the cottage or allowed them to run on the bestdogfood.Expert near the country house. It does not always end well for the owners, animals and garden plants. For several decades, the members of our family were dogs. All of them lived happily ever after. Only one Mittelshnauzer died at the age of five due to the gross mistake of the veterinarian. Our life was not subordinated to dogs, although they lived in the house, traveled and swam with us, traveling all over the country.

Dogs followed the agreements established from the age. They did not climb into armchairs, sofas and beds, did not take products lying in accessible places without demand, did not use our things for their games, etc. The most terrible punishment was the words: “Who did this? ”. The dogs did not know the bodily punishments, if only not to count the newspaper, which we knocked on our (not puppy) legs. This education system was triggered, although Mittelshnuzers, German Dog and Metis were very active. The approach to all dogs has always been individual, especially since the inclinations of animals are already noticeable from an early age.

Almost a year has passed since the time our dog died, which was the sixteenth year.

Our main landscape designer who has lived in the house for more than fifteen years.

Now in the house there was a puppy of Erudelterier. This incredibly active tiny creation again recalled those times when it was necessary to make changes to the landscape design of the bestdogfood.Expert from time to time. All of them are tested by timech a constructive approach allowed not only not to spoil the general type of walking area, did not require large monetary investments, but also made it possible to be in the house living in the house in the fresh air even when we could not go with them for a walk.

garden for dog walking

In the dog walking area we grow a forest where it is nice to walk and collect mushrooms

It all starts with the fence

A conventional fence can not always prevent the dog (especially the puppy) to be outside the site. With all the negative consequences. We had to additionally pull the net with a polymer coating around the perimeter so that not only our dogs, but also dogs from the street could not crawl through the wide holes in the metal fence. The grid protects the owner of the animals from too brave passers-by. How many times adults and children wanted to stroke our huge dog. They did not believe that this was not a good thing, but a very strong dog, ready to protect their walking area. Rabitsa saved everyone from serious troubles.

Our neighbors had a fence for some time, through which small dogs easily seeped. The result was a dog wedding, after which charming metis puppies were born in the due date.

Where can you walk the dogs?

Our bestdogfood.Expert (12 acres) is divided by a low net into two parts: ours and dog. Between them there are passages closed with flows. The grid (with a green plastic coating) and gate (approximately meter height) is quite strong and beautiful. They are not striking and do not spoil the appearance of the site. On the “our” territory there are two greenhouses, several containers for humus, a logs of firewood for a fireplace; There is a garden, a garden, a decorative pool and an alpine hill. Here are the main gate and a platform for the car.

The “dog” territory is occupied by a park (partially forest) zone and lawn. On it we build another slide, there is a spare gate. It was in this territory that I collected a collection of lilacs, planted part of the hydrangeas and mountain ash along one side, hops along the other.

problems with their walking

When the coniferous trees were small, they had to be planted “in cells”.

It is easy for dogs to get to their part of the bestdogfood.Expert directly from the house, so there are no problems with their walking. Even now, the tiny two-month puppy of Erudelterier begins to understand that you can approach the transparent door, it will open, and you can do your business on the street, not in the house. And for good behavior, a treat is relied. If you are lucky, then a fun game with satisfied owners.

Small dogs walking
boundary neighboring section

The puppy already understands that you cannot go out for the gate. It is possible only on a leash or on the hands

There are several houses in our village in which large dogs are freely walking in the areas. Sometimes they scare passers-by. This happens every time the gate opens, and then the car leaves. Small dogs also risk, because at the moment when the gates are open, some cocky dog can pass by. Several such fights ended in animal injuries and nervous breakdowns among their owners. Our system of distinction between the bestdogfood.Expert excludes such disgrace.

Next cats often come to our site. Dogs could never stand them. The low fence enabled cats to disappear faster than the dogs caught up with them. I remember how our dog in three jumps was next to a neighboring cat. She was lucky that I was nearby and managed to stop the dog. In a delimited area, cats visit the dog territory rarely, with great cautiously.

Some plants are better to enclose

Any amateur gardener knows well that there are plants that need to be protected from dogs. Maps are often raised by the paw near the coniferous, they will certainly turn yellow from this.

raised by the paw near the coniferous

Now the black pine is growing without a fence

Many garden plants that decorate areas are poisonous. They must be enclosed so as not to harm the health of a pet. We have a wolfworm, birch bark, a half, purchased, aconite and other dangerous plants grow only in the our territory.

dangerous plants grow only in the our territory

The wolfhone is very poisonous.

I recall good stories. So, our former dog, which was then less than three months, and there was no distinction of the bestdogfood.Expert yet, bite the top of the crown at once at several seedlings. One purple kidney survived at one lost stock (dried in the blanket only after a few days). We left this tiny stump. An incredibly beautiful tree with burgundy leaves, many pink flowers and small raspberry apples grew out of it. “Johnkina Yablonka” still bears the name of its creator.

several seedlings

Garden decoration.

Yesterday, during a strong thaw, I fenced several seedlings of varietal hydrangeas in the dog territory, because Our “rodent” was ready to destroy absolutely all twigs. As soon as they arose in the way of the running puppy, they were immediately mercilessly destroyed.

running puppy

I’m going to protect a white turf bush, which in the tenth year of life began to sprout with bright red bark and completely white leaves. There is also a balloon-shaped mock orange, in the crown of which birds feast, taking food from the fooder with them. Erdelyushka often starts her walk by picking up all the fallen crumbs. Along the way, he is engaged in robbery, nibbling the branches of the lower tier.

balloon-shaped mock orange

We remove all sticks and other dangerous objects

The sites often accumulate a lot of sticks. I can’t understand why people let their dogs chew on them or run around with them. This is incredibly dangerous. Any veterinarian will tell scary stories about how they had to rescue a dog whose throat was pierced by a stick during the game. The young neighbor’s shepherd had a habit of chewing sticks. One day, a sharp piece of wood pierced her throat. The dog’s life was saved asa nearby veterinarian happened to be at home before leaving for work.

And how dangerous construction debris, which contains nails, wire and sharp pieces of iron. I was talking to the owner of a lame dog that had run into a huge rusty nail sticking out of a board outside their house.

Every spring, when the snow melts, I carefully examine the entire site. I collect bones brought by crows in winter, glasses and sharp objects. For a puppy, something that an adult dog does not pay attention to is dangerous. Everything is dragged into the mouth, even the most inedible things.

dogs walk

Many people actively use weed preparations and various pesticides in their own areas, where dogs walk, eat greens and wallow in the grass. This can result in serious poisoning, allergies or eczema. You should not create humus heaps there, into which spoiled food is thrown.

An active puppy should be the center of attention all the time. He will grow up – it will become easier. But while the cub is small and stupid, he tries everything on the tooth, does not feel the height, climbs into all the cracks. He has to be protected from any troubles, creating a zone of comfort and safety.

active puppy for a walk

Puppies do not feel height well, so they need a safety net

I am writing this post and remember how the appearance of our bestdogfood.Expert was gradually changing. The main “customers” were not us, but the dogs living with us. It turned out well: the structure of the dog walking territory is clearly defined, we have not only an orchard, but also an arboretum. We eat greens and vegetables from the garden without fear that a dog has poured on them before. Animals are free to roam whenever they need to. All this would not have happened if the conditions for living under the same roof of people and their dogs were not taken into account during the arrangement of the site.

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