Dry food for small breed puppies comparison of popular foods

March 9, 2023
dry dog food for small breed puppies comparison of popular foods

Rating top 9 feed for small breed puppies: overview, comparison of popular goods, reviews, prices, choice of choice

Ravil and balanced nutrition is very important for any growing organism, including for a puppy. The selection of suitable food is one of the main tasks facing every owner, interested in the well-being of his pet. You can make the right choice only given the physiological characteristics of the animal, which largely depend on its size. In the assortment of most manufacturers, there are no mandatory variations of feed for puppies of different sizes.

Unfortunately, not all feeds are equally useful, because to reduce the cost of products, many manufacturers add bone flour, offal and other components of low quality to their products, widely use cereals and various taste additives. In this article I will help you figure out what feeds for puppies are, I will tell you what to pay attention to when choosing, a brief description of the most popular products presented in the American market.

9 best food for small breed puppies

Karmy for health and wool health, turkey (for small breeds)

Karmy for health and wool health, turkey (for small breeds)

Premium feed feed, approaching the quality of a higher, super-premium category. The manufacturer does not use So and GMOs, but a turkey acts as the main source of protein. The food is characterized by a high content of meat – as many as 36%. The composition of the product introduced essential omega-acids that improve the condition of the wool, so the food is especially suitable for small long-haired rocks. It also stimulates digestion and enhances the immune system of the puppy. The manufacturer uses natural preservatives.

Type Dry
Class Premium
Age from 2 to 12 months
Packaging options 2, 15 kg
The weight of an adult dog Up to 10 kg
  • Affordable price;
  • High content of turkey meat;
  • A complex of trace elements beneficial for the skin and wool;
  • Improves immunity and stimulates digestion.
  • The name of the cereals used is not indicated;
  • Available not everywhere.

When I was planning to get a dog, the first thing I asked the breeder than to feed, I was recommended that Karmy feed the food. I decided to find out from what the food and its cost were made, I was very pleased with the excellent composition and adequate price for premium feed. I loves the puppy very muchThese dry rounds, even when he still had milk teeth, he crunched with granules with great pleasure, they are comfortable for the jaw of the puppy and there is no pungent odor from them. The dog eats only food, it has a beautiful, brilliant and bright wool, an excellent mood, a great mood, a great mood, an excellent mood, an excellent moodNo problems with digestion, the puppy likes food never refuses.

Belcando Puppy Gravy

Belcando Puppy Gravy

The universal feed of German production that can be given to dogs of any breeds, both small and large. In the first case, it is suitable for puppies under the age of a year, in the second-up to 4 months.

The composition of the product includes several complexes that strengthen the immune system of the body of the pet, contributing to the normal development of ligaments and joints, minerals that prevent the occurrence of rickets. 80% of proteins contained in the stern are of animal origin. As their sources, the meat and offal of chicken, fish acts. When the food is immersed in warm water, the granules secrete the sauce that facilitates the teaching of the puppy to dry stern.

Type Dry
Class Super-premium
Age from 2 to 12 months
Packaging options 1, 4, 5, 15 kg
The weight of an adult dog 3-15 kilograms
  • Universal;
  • Balanced composition;
  • Contributes to the development of joints;
  • Stimulates immunity
  • When mixed with warm water, the sauce forms.
  • Corn in the composition.

It is difficult to pick up food for dogs of different breeds. We tried 4 different stamps of food. But two of my departures could not please, they only ate natural. The rest of my dogs ate all the previous feeds. But when there are 5 dogs in your family, it is inconvenient to feed everyone with different food. When ordering Belcando food, I decided that it would be the last food that my pets try, I thought that if they don’t like this food, I would refuse to feed and feed her uptakes. Happiness, this food pleased me and my favorites. All my dogs broke the food in a couple of minutes, the plate shone. The granules are small, the smell is very appetizing)) As a result, this food is suitable for all my dogs, then I will always buy it. I advise you to purchase for fastidious dogs

Grand Prix chicken (for small breeds)

Grand Prix chicken (for small breeds)

Premium-class dry dog food produced in USA on German equipment and according to the appropriate technology. It has a good composition with a fairly high content of animal components. The manufacturer mainly uses chicken meat and offal, adds rice, chicken fat and sunflower oil, beet pulp, prebiotics, and a number of other useful additives. The composition of the food does not contain corn and other poorly digestible cereals. A convenient storage container with a hermetic clasp will protect the food from dampness and weathering.

Type Dry
Class Premium
Age 2 to 11 months
Packaging options 0. 8, 2. 5 kg
The weight of an adult dog from 2 to 10 kg
  • Hypoallergenic composition;
  • Good content of meat protein in the composition;
  • High-quality mineral and vitamin supplement;
  • Zip lock bag.
  • Not sold everywhere.

The food is good and tasty. My chihuahua is eating. The granules are soft just right for small breeds. Advantages: price, weight, granules are not rigid.

Pro Plan Optistart, chicken, with rice

PRO PLAN Optistart, chicken, with rice

One of the most popular foods, the main advantage of which can be called the use of the Optistart complex, created on the basis of cow colostrum. It helps to maintain the puppy's immunity during the period when the antibodies received from the mother lose their properties, and their own immune system is not yet strong enough.

The food contains chicken, offal, rice, useful for the dog's digestive system, enriched with a fairly good complex of vitamins and minerals. Another advantage is its wide distribution – you can buy such food almost everywhere in USA.

Type Dry
Class Premium
Age 2 to 10 months
Packaging options 0. 7, 2. 5, 3, 7 kg
The weight of an adult dog from 2 to 10 kg.
  • Widely spread;
  • Chicken and dry poultry protein act as a source of protein;
  • Contains the Optistart complex, which contributes to the development of the harmonious development of the puppy, supporting its immunity and digestive system.
  • Contains corn and wheat.

The puppy has been eating this food for two months. There are no problems with digestion. With a chair too. First soaked a little. And then the kid himself chose dry granules. Granules of the optimal size: they fall on the milk teeth and do not fall out of the mouth. Sometimes I take a portion with me and work with a puppy on the street instead of boring feeding. I alternate with the same food with lamb and fish flavors.

Evgeny Zhuravlev

Some manufacturers also offer breed-specific foods. This is more of a marketing ploy, since it has not been proven that the needs of various small breeds are drastically different.

Happy Dog Mini pate, lamb, liver, heart, with rice

Happy Dog Mini Paste, lamb, liver, heart, rice

Wet dog food from a well-known German manufacturer. It is produced in the form of a pate, which is especially convenient for small breed dogs, significantly reducing the risk of choking. The manufacturer offers several food options, one of which contains hypoallergenic lamb meat and healthy offal such as liver and heart, designed specifically for puppies. Healthy rice serves as a grain side dish, in addition, the manufacturer adds fish oil and blood plasma to the product. In the manufacture of pate do not use dyes, soy, flavoring additives. The food is complete, its daily dosage is 40-60 grams per 1 kg of dog weight.

Type Wet
Class Super premium
Age 2 months to 1 year
Packaging options 100g
The weight of an adult dog from 2 to 10 kg
  • Ideal release form for small dogs;
  • Balanced composition;
  • The absence of corn and other controversial products in the list of ingredients.
  • Fairly high price per serving.

Royal Canin Mini Puppy

Royal Canin Mini Puppy

The French brand Royal Canin specializes in the production of balanced dog and cat food. It has its own production complex in the Dallas region, which supplies products to the markets of the USA and the countries of the former USSR. Royal Canin Mini Puppy food is intended for puppies over the age of 2 months (For younger animals, there is a special Junior line in the brand's assortment). Upon reaching the age of 10 years, the dog should be switched to a complete dry dog food for adult animals.

The manufacturer adds turkey or chicken protein, offal such as liver, tongue, heart, lungs to the food. Rice is the main grain component. The product has a fairly balanced composition, provides the puppy with everything necessary for growth and development, improves digestion, improves stool, and slows down the formation of plaque.

Type Dry
Class Premium
Age from 2 to 10 months
Packaging options 0. 8, 2, 4, 8 kg
The weight of an adult dog 0t 4 to 10 kg
  • Good taste qualities;
  • Balanced composition;
  • Quite economical price.
  • Food bags do not have a zip fastener;
  • The manufacturer uses corn gluten.

Great food! For the puppy, Papiion was very suitable! The wool is good, the chair is good, there are no problems, it eats with pleasure! Rk as always on top

1st Choice Puppy, chicken (for small breeds)

1st Choice Puppy, chicken (for small breeds)

The food of the Canadian-made super-premium class. It differs in excellent compositions in which there are no soy, corn and other “empty” cereals, chemical preservatives, dyes and taste additives. The main source of animal protein in it is high-quality chicken meat. As grain additives, rice, oats and crushed oatmeal come. The food contains a huge amount of vitamins, trace elements and irreplaceable omega acids, due to which it contributes to the beauty of wool, strong immunity, good digestion, and the normal development of the musculoskeletal system.

The food crocrates are specially adapted to milk teeth and weak jaws of small breeds, so they can be used as complementary foods from 3-4 weeks.

Dry food for small breed puppies comparison of popular foods The presence of fish oil

dry food for small breed puppies comparison of popular foods

Type Dry
Class Super-premium
Age from 3 weeks to 10 months
Packaging options 0. 35, 1, 2. 72, 7 kg.
The weight of an adult dog up to 10 kg
  • Balanced composition;
  • Does not contain soy, corn and wheat;
  • Rich omega-acids;
  • A large number of vitamin additives and trace elements;
  • Contains natural preservatives.
  • Not suitable for dogs with allergies to chicken.

They took a toe-terrier puppy, although a small dog, but how to feed was a problem. They gave various feeds, but he ate them very poorly or did not eat at all, he did not gain weight. He grew up, but he was very thin, they did not know what to do. We were recommended by Fest Chais for mini-small puppies with chicken and for our universal joy, he eats it with great pleasure, feels wonderful and gained the necessary weight. Those who have the same problems as we had – I recommend Fest Fest Chais Puppies Mini small breeds.

If the dog has an allergy to chicken, you can try another feed for puppies from this line containing lamb meat and fish. Both of these components are considered hypoallergenic.

Royal Canin with sensitive digestion (for small breeds)

Royal Canin with sensitive digestion (for small breeds)

Wet dog food from a famous French manufacturer is produced at the company's factory in the Dallas Region. Puffed into convenient portioned bags, each of which is enough for 2 applications. The pieces have a pleasant, rich smell, contain a large number of animal products.

The food is suitable for use as a full-line, it can be mixed with dry granules of the royal of Kanin. The vast majority of dogs eat him with pleasure. The product is recommended by the manufacturer, including for dogs with a weak gastrointestinal tract.

Type Wet
Class Premium
Age 0t4 to 10 months
Packaging options 85 grams. It is available in best dog food storage containers of 5 and 12 packages.
The weight of an adult dog from 4 to 10 kg
  • Easy to buy;
  • Convenient spider;
  • Suitable for dogs with sensitive digestion.
  • The composition is notable.

To sometimes please the dog, we buy soft food, the smell is very saturated, the pieces are small, it is clear that it is straight meat. There is a little sauce, after dry dog food, our pugs licking a plate to shine)))

Winner chicken (for small breeds)

Winner chicken (for small breeds)

Good food of domestic production. He appeared on the market relatively recently and had not yet managed to become familiar, which allows the buyer not to overpay for the brand. It contains almost 36% of the chicken, both dried and fresh, as well as pork liver. The composition of the product is enriched with dried beetroot – a source of fiber, fish oil that supplies the dog with indispensable fatty acids, useful for wool, chondroitin, which helps the development of joints. Feed contributes to the development of the nervous system, improves digestion.

Type Dry
Class Premium
Age 2 to 10 months
Packaging options 0. 8, 1. 5, 3, 10 kg.
The weight of an adult dog from 2 to 10 kg
  • High chicken content (30. 8% dry, 5% fresh);
  • Affordable price;
  • The presence of fish oil, fiber, pork liver of vitamin additives.
  • The presence of corn;
  • Relatively low prevalence of feed.

If the dog eats dry feeds, she should always have unlimited access to clean water.

Comparison of feed for small breed puppies

Lists of the best

All the foods presented in the ranking are not bad and capable of providing the puppy growing body with everything necessary, but some of them are of special quality.

Happy Dog Mini Paste, lamb, liver, heart, rice – the best wet dog food

Unlike many wet dog foods that are primarily a treat, this product is a complete food. The manufacturer used lamb meat when creating it, so the pate is perfect for puppies suffering from allergies and will not cause problems with it in adulthood. The food also contains high-quality by-products, healthy rice cereals, vitamins and minerals necessary for harmonious development. The delicate texture of the food is especially suitable for small dogs.

1st Choice Puppy Chicken (Small Breeds) Best dry dog food

Canadian brand 1st Choice is traditionally considered one of the best in its class. They are distinguished by a carefully balanced composition, in which there are no potentially harmful or simply useless components.

The palatability of 1st Choice Puppy is very good, it really contains a lot of meat, as well as healthy cereals, trace elements and vitamins. The meticulous approach of the Canadian experts is noticeable, even if you just look at the shape, size and consistency of the kibbles, which are ideal for small breed puppies.

Royal Canin Mini Puppy – the most popular among consumers

Royal Canin feeds are very common in USA and enjoy stable popularity among buyers. You can buy them even in small towns and villages.

The composition of Royal Canin Mini Puppy is not ideal when compared to super-premium products, but it does not provoke allergic reactions, is positively perceived by most dogs, and is well eaten.

Features and classification of food for puppies of small breeds

Small and large dogs differ not only in appearance, but also in a number of physiological factors. The smaller the breed, the faster the metabolic processes in the animal's body. So, medium-sized puppies grow up much faster than large ones: the latter can grow for a year and a half, while the former are fully formed by the year. In addition, "kids" are less prone to obesity. Due to the greater energy consumption, they need more nutritious food with an increased content of proteins and carbohydrates, while the content of low-calorie plant fibers should be minimized – the stomach of small breeds is small, and it is not necessary and even harmful to "fill" it, creating a feeling of satiety..

Puppy food should be different from adult dog food in one more way. A growing body needs much more nutrients, in particular calcium, phosphorus, vitamin D, other trace elements and vitamins. As part of a really good product, all of them must be present in high concentrations, otherwise there is a risk of the animal developing rickets, a number of other diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, joints, developmental delays.

The third feature of food for puppies of small breeds is their size. It should be convenient for the animal to take individual pieces into the mouth, to gnaw them. With too large croquettes, the puppy risks choking.

Feed class

There are such classes of dog food:

  • Economy;
  • Premium;
  • Super premium;
  • Holistic.

Economy class food is generally not recommended for feeding puppies, since the basis of their composition is vegetable protein obtained from cereals. The content of animal components in them is usually 10-15%, while the manufacturer uses bone meal, skin trimmings, veins and other waste. These foods usually contain a lot of dyes and flavor enhancers, which is why animals usually eat them with greed, which is fraught with overeating. The balancing of such mixtures also leaves much to be desired – they lack important trace elements and vitamins. You can use economy-class feed only if an additional vitamin complex has been introduced into the puppy's diet.

Premium class is a good combination of price and quality. The content of animal products in their composition can be up to 30 percent, while the manufacturer uses meat and offal. They also use higher-grade grain, and in some cases it can be replaced with potatoesch foods may contain all the vitamins and minerals necessary for the growth of the puppy, but it is recommended to consult a veterinarian before buying, as the quality in this category is very heterogeneous. It is the premium class that is the most popular among dog breeders of the USA.

Superpremium class is a feed in which the composition is based on high-quality meat, and the content of grain components is minimal. They are balanced, contain all the components, vitamins and minerals necessary for the harmonious development of the puppych feeds are perfectly absorbed by the dog's body, so the animal will be able to eat a smaller portion.

Holistic dog food is a new word in the creation of animal feed and the perfect balance of all components. They contain up to 80% meat, enriched with probiotics, vitamins and minerals. The manufacturer describes in detail all the components in the composition of such feeds, does not use dyes and GMOs.

How to choose food for small breed puppies

If you need to find a good dog food, it is best to contact your veterinarian and choose the right option with him. In any case, the owner will need to make a choice between wet or dry dog food, taking into account the individual characteristics of the puppy's body.

Choice between dry and wet dog food

Wet puppy food or, colloquially, canned food, is often perceived by the buyer as something more natural, but in practice the difference between them and dry kibbles is not so great. If you take two feeds from the same manufacturer, their composition will be generally similar. The main difference lies in the percentage of water and the method of preparation – in one case, the raw material is passed through an extruder and dehydrated, and in the second case, it is pasteurized and rolled into canned food or portioned bags.

Both dry and wet dog foods of good quality contain all the necessary nutrients in their composition and can be used as complete rations. Each option has its own advantages. So, soft canned food is more suitable as a first food for small puppies, in addition, they contain more water, which allows the dog to drink less often. Dry granules are more beneficial for teeth – they help remove plaque and massage the gums during their growth. The choice here must be made based on the individual preferences of the dog and the recommendations of the veterinarian.

Some owners feed their dog dry and wet dog food alternately or mix them in one bowl. This is allowed, provided that the products of the same brand are used. When choosing wet dog food, pay attention to the fact that its packaging has the inscription "complete" – otherwise it is considered a delicacy, and not an independent meal.

Medical feed

In addition to the usual ones, many super premium feed manufacturers offer their customers medicinal and dietary products: hypoallergenic, aimed at maintaining the gastrointestinal tract, improving the condition of teeth and coatch feeds should be used only after consultation with a veterinarian, if the animal has appropriate indications.


Before buying, it is always useful to study the composition of the food and see what exactly the manufacturer added there. It is good if the list of ingredients indicates not abstract “meat” and “offal”, but specific names: “chicken”, “salmon”, “beef”, “lamb”. The last option is considered the most hypoallergenic.

Most feed contains a variety of cereals – they serve as a source of trace elements such as magnesium and zinc, contribute to the formation of a feeling of satiety. However, it must be borne in mind that not all cereals are equally useful. Buckwheat, oats, rice and less wheat are considered “good” cereals – they are well absorbed by the dog’s body and serve as an excellent source of trace elements. But corn is considered not the most useful component, its content should be minimal, and ideally this cereal is better not to use at all. Croats with cereal may not be suitable for allergic dogs.

The higher the class of the product, the more additional useful components are part of itperpremium and scholastic feed may contain fruits and vegetables – valuable sources of fiber, probiotics, berries.

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