Dog food container in pet area

February 6, 2023
Dog Food Container
Dog food container in pet area

How to open a pet store?

Not surprisingly, many aspiring entrepreneurs often decide to open a pet store from scratch. After all, some people spend as much on food for pets as on other family members. At the same time, there are dozens of times fewer pet stores open than grocery markets. This article reveals the features of opening a pet store, allowing an entrepreneur to start such a business without mistakes.

Animal Store Format

To determine the format of a pet store, first of all, you need to decide what range of goods it will sell. For example, the sale of veterinary drugs, even tablets for worms, requires a license and the presence of a veterinarian with a higher education in the state.

pet Shop

The area of the pet store should be filled with goods as much as possible.

If the store also sells animals, you will have to obtain health certificates for them. In addition, pets need to be fed and cleaned up after them. Therefore, in the absence of a veterinary education, it is best to start trading with pet food and accessories: collars, shampoos, cat fights, houses and others.

The format of the pet store also depends on the amount of money invested. You can open a small food kiosk inside the block or a whole department with animals and veterinary drugs in a shopping center.

Self-service stores in this area are in low demand, because visitors, in most cases, need advice or advice from the seller.

Opening a pet store immediately with animals is not recommended. It is better to gradually import pets in accordance with the wishes of visitors.

Registration documents for opening a pet shop

Trade in pet food, hygiene best storage containers and accessories does not require special permits. If you open a pet store in a shopping center, you will only need to register as an individual entrepreneur, select a taxation system and sign a lease agreement with the mall.

When choosing for trading a separate building or premises on the basement floor of a high-rise building, you will have to additionally obtain permits from the health station, the Ministry of Emergency Situations and the city administration.

To trade in veterinary drugs, you need a license from the Rosselkhoznadzor. To obtain it, you will have to confirm the presence of a qualified veterinarian in the state. The entrepreneur himself or an employee can have a special education. In addition to the diploma of a veterinarian, the employee must have a certificate of a specialist in the field of veterinary pharmaceuticals.

After the delivery of animals to the store, entrepreneurs must obtain a veterinary certificate of Form No. 4 for them. Without it, it is forbidden to put up pets for sale. Also, all feed must have current quality certificates. For their absence, Rospotrebnadzor may impose fines.

Choosing a location for a pet store

Entrepreneurs can open a pet shop anywhere with high traffic.

  • Kiosks;
  • Departments on the first floor of the shopping center;
  • Detached buildings;
  • Premises on the ground floors of high-rise buildings;
  • Semi-basements;
  • Containers in food markets.

The optimal location for a store also depends on its format. For example, a food kiosk can be opened inside a small block. And in the presence of animals and a wide range of dimensional accessories, it is better to choose a room of at least 50 sq. M. Downtown.

It will also be successful to place a pet store near veterinary clinics, grocery supermarkets, and markets. When choosing a room, you need to understand that pet food is bought mainly as related best storage containers when visiting other stores, and for a collar, leash or cage, people can go to the far end of the city. It is important that each rented square meter pays off with goods with a high turnover.

When opening a store for animals, there are no special requirements for the interior of the premises. Enough cosmetic repairs and good ventilation, which will ensure the absence of unpleasant odors from pets and feed.

When choosing a room, it is necessary to take into account the presence of a number of competitors. It is undesirable to open near a pet store with a similar assortment. If the trading niche intersects at a minimum, then the presence of such competitors can be ignored.

Retail store equipment

Opening a pet store does not require special equipment.

dry food

Selling feed by weight leads to a strong smell in the store

The following standard set will suffice:

  • Racks;
  • Shelves;
  • Glass showcases;;
  • Cash register equipment.

For the sale of feed from suppliers, you can ask for free vertical racks, but only best storage containers of a particular brand are allowed to place on them.

Since buyers are of little interest in the appearance of furniture and interior style, when opening the pet store, you can purchase used equipment. This will save up to half of its value.

The EKAM program allows you to control the business remotely

Cash equipment must be purchased from firms that have long been engaged in automation of trade, for example, in the company of Ekam. From the equipment to the Zotovar store will be needed:

The trading program is necessary to facilitate business management. It will allow you to organize trade, warehouse accounting, optimize the range and analyze sales. The cost of its installation will quickly pay off. The program for accounting for goods also allows you to automate work processes by freeing the entrepreneur from routine paper accounting.

Assortment and suppliers

You need to think over the assortment at the stage of studying options, how to open an animal store.

Small turtles

Selling animals requiring special care is better to order

You can trade the following categories of goods:

  • Animal feed, vitamins;
  • Animals;
  • Medicines;
  • Feeders, drinking bowls, bowls;
  • Toys;
  • Aquarium accessories;
  • Leashes, muzzles, collars;
  • Toilets, fillers;
  • Hygiene best storage containers;
  • Clothing for animals;
  • Houses and carrying.

Animal trading brings a minimum profit to the store. They mainly serve to attract customers to the store. After all, it is much more pleasant to go into the room with interesting animals than just in an empty store. This is especially true for buyers with children.

The share of the implementation of feed in the total revenue reaches 60-70%, therefore, this category of goods should be given especially attention. When opening a pet store, the nutrition of various price categories should be presentedbsequently, it will be possible to leave only the most popular positions.

Dog clothing is a rarely demanded best storage container

Dog clothing is a rarely demanded best storage container

When searching for suppliers, you need to focus on large companies that carry out free delivery and guarantee the quality of goods. However, only official distributors are sold part of popular feed, so before opening the store you will have to find their contacts on the Internet.

The wider the assortment of zotovars in the store, the more often buyers will choose it among competitors. After all, it is more pleasant to buy everything you need at one outlet than to walk on several institutions.

Pet store staff

You will need at least two salespeople to open a pet store. Although the first time an entrepreneur can replace one of them.

If you do not sell drugs, then the seller can be any person without qualifications. It will be enough for him to conduct training and give special literature for reading. In a month, the seller will be able to navigate freely in the assortment and will be able to give advice to buyers.

A pet store clerk must love animals and be able to empathize with the problems of their owners.

If pharmaceuticals are available for sale, you will have to hire a certified specialist, which is a mandatory requirement for obtaining a license. The cost of his salary will be higher, and they can be recouped only with a large flow of customers.

In the animal trade, it is important to ask people at the time of hiring if they have allergies. Particles of wool and feathers are constantly present in the air of the pet store, therefore it is contraindicated for allergy sufferers in such a room.

The entrepreneur himself can also deal with accounting issues, because it is very simple to do this with the help of a program for automating trade.

Opening a pet store: how much does it cost?

The revenue of a pet store is highly dependent on its location and customer flow, so it is impossible to predict income in advance. But you can plan expenses, the size of which is influenced mainly by the area of \u200b\u200bthe premises and the amount of working capital.

When opening a business, you need to have 10-20% of the initial investment in reserve

The main cost items of a pet store with a size of 30 sq. M. Are:

  • Purchase of goods – from 250 thousand;
  • Equipment – 150 thousand;
  • Cosmetic repairs – 30 thousand;
  • Ventilation system – 20 thousand;
  • Two-month rent – 15 thousand;
  • Salary for two sellers – from 60 thousand;
  • Taxes – 15 thousand;
  • Advertising – 30 thousand

It turns out that opening a small pet store will cost 550-600 thousand.

The markup on the best storage container-locomotive – animal feed – is 20-30%ch a low margin is due to dumping, due to which stores try to lure the client to them. For other goods, the margin is higher – from 50 to 100%, and it is due to them that entrepreneurs receive the main profit.

With only two salespeople and doing your own shopping, you can recoup your investment in a pet store in 1 year. Profit from one small kiosk or department will not allow you to hire a manager, but by opening a network of outlets, it is quite possible to transfer all the work to hired personnel.

Types of advertising for a pet store

To open an animal store and quickly promote it, you will have to spend certain funds for advertising. It is worth using large-scale tools in the form of ads on radio and bigboards only when opening large stores with exclusive best storage containers.

For most outlets, the following types of advertising will be enough:

  1. A bright sign that allows you to accurately identify the Zotovar store.
  2. Flair distribution near the outlet.
  3. Installation of praises in pedestrian areas, places for walking dogs and near shopping centers in which the store is open.
  4. Advertising in local social networks, on forums.
  5. Ads on advertising boards located near the entrances.
  6. Organization and sponsor of city exhibitions of animals.

Of great importance for holding customers is the development and implementation of a loyalty program. Bonuses should be sufficient for a person to constantly choose your store, not competitors.

Even a small outlet using a program for automating trading EKAM can afford to maintain a client base and use individual discount cards. This reliable marketing tool will help not only hold old, but also attract new customers.

Opening an animal store is not a problem. It is much more difficult to attract customers and keep them due to pricing policy, service and loyalty programs. If these issues will be successfully resolved, then the entrepreneur will be provided with a stable profit and will be able to open another outlet.

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