Dog friendly places for new years eve

March 3, 2023
Dog friendly places for new years eve

When the whole country is having fun, your dog on New Year's holidays can, on the contrary, experience a lot of stress. And in order to protect your tail as much as possible, you need to be prepared for possible unforeseen situations.

New Year for many is perhaps the most long-awaited and fabulous holiday. But, unfortunately, not for everyone. Everything that seems funny and fun to us can be traumatic and dangerous for your four-legged friend.

Let's take a look at what you need to know to make sure your dog has the least stress during winter break. Let's talk about how to prepare for the holiday so that the fun is without loss.

Petards and fireworks

Any dog reacts to loud and sharp sounds. And this is a normal reaction of the animal to an irritating factor. But not all dogs can easily endure explosions of firecrackers, fireworks and firecrackers. Many animals experience simply panic fear from such sounds.

This is completely independent of the breed or size of the quadruped. And, if all necessary measures are not taken, then, frightened by the explosion of firecrackers, the dog can suddenly break off the leash, run away and get lost. In addition, from a strong explosion, the animal can receive a painful acoustic shock.

The same four-legged ones that are caught at home by volleys of salutes very often hide under the bath and do not want to come out of there throughout the New Year's Eve.

If you love and cherish your tail, you need to take all the necessary measures so that the dog feels more or less comfortable during New Year's Eve and the following weekend:

  • A week before the upcoming celebration, you can start giving the four-legged sedatives.
  • Go for a walk early before the excited fellow citizens have reached the moment of fun associated with the launch of fireworks.
  • Try to walk in sparsely populated, quiet places.
  • Check the reliability of your four-legged ammunition. The collar must be with a strong clasp, a leash without scuffs, a reliable carabiner.
  • Be sure to have an address book on which the name of the dog and the owner's phone number are indicated. It is advisable to put the address tag on a cord or chain, separately from the collar. If the dog suddenly breaks off, the collar clasp may not hold and the collar will fly off. Well, if the address tag is dressed separately, then the likelihood that the dog will return to its owners as soon as possible is much greater.
  • Do not let children under 15 walk the dog. When the firecracker explodes, the dog may be frightened and "jerk" so hard that the child may simply not hold it.
  • If you go outside to launch fireworks, in any case, DO NOT BRING your dog with you.

And the most important thing ! When walking, do not let your dog off the leash, even if you are walking in his usual place.

Festive feast

A dog during New Year's celebrations is most often subject to poisoning. Many hosts relax during the holidays. Tables bursting with food, intoxicated mood and this touching look of the penetrating eye of a pet begging for pieces from the table. Well, how can you resist?

This is where many pet owners make a big mistake. They think: nothing will happen to a dog from one piece of sausage, even if the tail has a holiday. But this is strictly prohibited.

Where one piece, there are two, three. Plus, compassionate guests, looking at you, will slowly begin to feed your tail from the table. And this can lead not only to obesity, but in the worst case – poisoning and death of the four-legged. In no case do not change the usual diet, no matter how plaintively your pet asks for pieces of food from the table. Read more about how to properly feed your dog.

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New Year's decor

The dog may be injured by the New Year's decor with which you decorated the house. This is especially true for the owners of still very small curious puppies, who are interested in trying everything on the tooth.

Here are some precautions:

  • Try not to place garlands and Christmas decorations on the lower branches of the Christmas tree. There is a danger that when trying to gnaw through the wires from the garland, the animal may be shocked.
  • No need to decorate the Christmas tree with glass and edible toys, sweets. Trying to get such delicious decorations, the dog can drop the Christmas tree on itself and injure itself from needles and broken balls.
  • Do not leave your four legged unattended in the same room as the Christmas tree. A curious tail, trying everything on the tooth, can swallow tinsel or needles. And this already threatens with a violation of digestion, obstruction and surgery.


Dog friendly places for new years eve mood and this touching look

Dog friendly places for new years eve

Any dog is experiencing stress and excitement during the winter weekend. From volleys of firecracker, bustle and hustle and bustle, violating the usual daily way. And then there are also tipsy guests, each of which wants to stroke and pierce the animal.

Remember that even the most obedient and humble dogs cannot stand the smell of alcohol. The number of people bitten by domestic dogs increases significantly on holidays. And, if this happened, you do not need to blame and offend the dog.

If your house has a noisy feast, then try to protect your pet from obsessive hugs with tipsy guests. Control so that the guests do not climb to the four-legged, otherwise it may end poorly.


Take care of the safety of your four-legged. Highlight him a place in a house where he could calmly hide from the noisy guests. There are frequent cases when during dancing your pet can step on a paw or sit on it.


It is possible that the dog can feel bad. Therefore, replenish the supply of medicines necessary for first aid in advance. Each house should have a special first-aid kit for the dog. What medicines should be in it, read in the article: a first-aid kit for a dog: 15 of the most necessary drugs.

Find out which of the veterinary clinics and pharmacies will work on a holiday, write down their phones.

The pre-holiday days of the little fussy jack Russell Terrier $ is the purchase of gifts and the New Year's bustle. Our good winter vlog.

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The tips given in the article will help to protect the dog. Take care of your favorites. Remember, you are responsible for those who have been tamed. Happy New Year!


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