Projectiles and equipment for the dog training area

April 5, 2023
Dog Training
Projectiles and equipment for the dog training area

Professional training of dogs is carried out on specially equipped sites. Tailed friends perceive the mobile way of learning as a kind of game.

What is the equipment

A training ground equipped with training equipment is the best way to train your four-legged pet and develop in him a craving for victory.

Training equipment is a set of obstacles arranged in series. They can have different parameters or angles and are designed for different breeds of dogs.

According to the rules of cynology, shells and equipment for dog training are classified into contact and non-contact.

The combination of contact and non-contact training helps develop thinking skills in the animal, body flexibility, stimulates the dog to overcome obstacles, instills in it a sense of courage and self-confidence.

Thanks to equipment and equipment for training, four-legged friends are always in excellent physical shape.

This factor is especially important for active city dogs suffering from physical inactivity.

Contact projectiles

From the definition it is clear that contact projectiles are those with which the animal has direct and close contact. These include:

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It is a pointed hill, formed with the help of 2 shields fixed at different angles. The slide can be different in height, 1. 5-2 meters. On the surface of the shields there are transverse strips, such as ladders.


Made by analogy with a children's swing, in this case, the training board is attached in the center, and the two ends are in free movement. Overcoming the balancer-swing, the dog balances its own weight and learns to control the movements of its body.

It is a kind of slide, but looks a little different. It has ends for descent and ascent and a central horizontal surface for movement. The boom is high and low, long and short, in any case, it helps the dog learn to balance.


The name speaks for itself, as it looks like a long pipe. The tunnel can be soft, made of fabric or hard, made of metal or plastic. The passage of the tunnel brings up in the dog a sense of overcoming fear of a closed space.

The training of dogs on the shells is carried out by the owner himself, or with his active participation. Only in this case is the best result of training is guaranteed.

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Contact shells

Contact shells, in other words, jumping and running. They suggest overcoming obstacles by means of a height or length jump, as well as by running. The most popular in this category:

Barriers of various types

They can be represented by 2 vertical racks and transverse, easily knocked down, barrier, the barrier can also be double and barrier-bar.

Projectiles and equipment for the dog training area case, the training

Projectiles and equipment for the dog training area


It is a variety of a barrier that has the shape of a ring, which is attached to the frame in a suspended form. The role of the ring can be performed by a conventional car tire. A dog overcomes such an obstacle in a jump.


It is a vertical racks located in the line. Overcoming the obstacle by slalom is running on the type of "snake".


A platform up to 75 cm high, on which the dog should jump up and stop on command for a certain time.

Additional equipment for training includes various ladders, skulls and tower.

Their use depends on what goal is required in the learning process. And the goals can be different: game, sports or official. Each case requires an individual approach.

You can equip a training bestdogfood.Expert for walking and training a dog with your own hands. Make it really from improvised materials. Old pallets, car tires, boards, pipes, rings and even stumps are used.

Do not miss the opportunity to experience the ability of your tail pet on the train. Who knows, maybe your dog is fraught with special talents, which he cannot tell you about for reasons! Without a doubt, he will thank you for such a gift.

An example of an inventory for dog training, stack, feeding storage container on a belt, whistle, clique and other equipment:

  • Collars, slopes, leashes and muzzles for dog training
  • The cost of training dogs in special courses or at home with an instructor


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