Dog food container and bowl combination

March 21, 2023
Dog Food Container
Dog food container and bowl combination

How to choose a double bowl for cats and dogs

Choosing a pet food bowl is a dead end for many pet owners. What do you need for a cat or dog? Some owners simply put some kind of container, not suspecting that it affects the convenience of eating and the health of the animal.

In this article, you will learn how to choose the right double bowl for your pet's comfort food.

Problems faced when buying double bowls

If the issue of choosing a double bowl for a cat / dog / two dogs / two cats is approached carelessly, then the pet owner will inevitably encounter problems during use. Let's take a look at some of the most common dog food containers:

The size of the bowl is not suitable for the animal

Before buying, you need to find out the volume of the bowl (each separately!) And objectively evaluate the suitability for your pet.

Approximate volume of the bowl for different types of animals:

  • 100-200 ml – for kittens;
  • 200-450 ml – suitable for cats and small breeds of dogs;
  • 450 ml – 1. 8 l – average sizes of dogs;
  • 1. 8-3 liters – large dogs.

Allergy plastic bowls

Plastic is one of the worst bowl materials out there. If possible, try to avoid this type of material. Plastic causes allergies, promotes the growth of bacteria on a porous surface and absorbs odors. Yes, this type of bowl is as cheap as possible, but the health of the dog is more important.

Bowls slide across the floor

It is important that the bowl is stable and does not slip on the surface. Pay attention to the presence of anti-slip feet and read the reviews before buying, because. The presence of an advertising slogan is not always true.

Bowl stickers

Some sellers don't think about their customers at all and stick barcode stickers directly on the surface of the bowl. Read reviews carefully and trust only trusted brands.

5 main characteristics of double bowls

In this article, we have collected for you the TOP 5 characteristics when choosing a double bowl for cats and dogs.

Bowl material

First of all, you need to pay attention to the material from which the double bowl is made.


Any pet store is sure to have a budget plastic double bowl. However, plastic has several disadvantages:

  • Toxicity (although there is food-grade ABS plastic, which is even used for children's dishes).
  • Plastic absorbs odors.
  • Promotes the propagation of bacteria.
  • Accumulates static electricity.
  • Causes allergies.

With active use, the plastic bowl is unusable after 1. 5 – 2 years. And cheap plastic affects the taste of the best storage container and can cause serious harm to health.

Glass ceramics

A great option for dog and cats is considered. Easily washed, does not absorb odors, not toxic, does not accumulate static electricity and heavy enough to maintain stability. There is only one drawback – fragility.

Stainless steel

A steel double bowl is ideal for both cats and dogs. It is durable, serves for many years, it is perfectly washed, non-toxic, does not affect taste and smell, does not spread bacteria.

Removable/non-removable structure

The removable design is always more convenient. Misks must be washed, and it is easier to do this only by removing the bowl from the stand.

The presence of a stand

Choose double bowls on the stand, with them the process of eating animals is as comfortable as possible. The optimal height of the stand for small dogs and cats will be 3-4 cm, from the floor to the bottom of the bowl.

Ideally, when, in addition to the stand, you can set the angle of inclination of the bowl. With such characteristics, the feeding process of the animal turns into continuous pleasure.

Design stability and anti-slip coating

In order for the design to be stable, it is better to look at non-slip models of double bowls for animals with a silicone base. Usually, the pairs of rubberized legs are enough so that the bowl does not move while eating.

The color of the bowl and the glare surface

Dark color, bright elements/drawings and a highly gleeping surface scare animals, so you should avoid such characteristics in bowls in order to prevent constant stress during feeding.

Top 5 double bowls for cats and dogs

Based on customer reviews, price and quality ratios, as well as possible options.

1st place: Tenberg Double Bowls

  • Rating: 10/10
  • Average 1 550

Double bowl for cats Tenberg Double Bowls Metal

In this model, convenience and a thought out design are successfully implemented. The volume of bowls of 390 ml is suitable for cats and small breeds of dogs. The stand and the option of inclination of the bowl will allow the animal to find the most comfortable position for themselves.


  1. Material material – stainless steel;
  2. Bowls can be removed from the stand;
  3. Matte surface that does not scratch;
  4. You can adjust the tilt of bowls 0/15 °;
  5. Special non-slip legs;
  6. Stylish design;
  7. The optimal height of the stand.


2nd place: petlead

  • Rating: 9/10
  • Average 1 500


Removable bowls with a volume of 350 ml and a tilt stand. They are suitable for a cat or dog with a pain of breed. Charming design will fit into any interior. From afar, the bowls look glass, but it is food plastic – it does not affect the taste and is easily washed, but the shortcomings of this material still remain with it.


  1. Bowls are removed;
  2. The inclination of 0/15 ° is regulated;
  3. There is a stand;
  4. Nice design;
  5. Comfortable height of a bowl 7 cm;


Dog food container and bowl combination 550     


   In this model

Dog food container and bowl combination

  • Bowl material – plastic;
  • Accumulates static electricity;
  • Short-lived;

The small volume of the bowl is only suitable for cats.

3rd place: Petkit Fresh Nano Stainess Steel

  • Rating: 9/10
  • Average 2 290

Petkit Fresh Nano Stainless Steel

Steel bowls with a volume of 480 ml eachitable for cats, puppies and small breeds of dogs. The bowls are installed on the stand, the slope is regulated.


  1. Best storage container material – stainless steel;
  2. The tilt of the bowls 0/15 ° changes;
  3. Legs with an anti-slip coating;
  4. Convenient height of the stand;
  5. Removable bowls;
  6. Stylish design.


  • Gleaming surface of the bowl;
  • High price.

4th place: Rafipets

  • Rating: 8/10
  • Average 750

Rafipets bowls for cats

Double bowls are very similar to the Petlead model, but the stand is different. It is wider at the base and is equipped with an anti-slip coating. In addition, two bowing options are provided: 18 ° and 0 °. In the first case, the pet will be most convenient, and in the second more food will fit. The volume of the bowl is only 300 ml, so it is suitable only for small cats and kittens.


  1. Adjustable tilt of bowls 0/18 °;
  2. Anti-slip coating stand;
  3. Optimal bowl height 8 cm;
  4. Pleasant design;
  5. Low price.


  • Bowl material – plastic;
  • Accumulates static electricity;
  • Short-lived;
  • The volume of only 300 ml;
  • The surface scratches over time;
  • In general, the impression of the design is flimsy.

5th place: triol

  • Rating: 8/10
  • Average 450

Triol double bowl

Double cat bowl with a design completely made of steel. Durable, suitable for dogs and cats. In general, a rather budget option, suitable for owners of medium breeds of dogs who do not love excesses.


  1. Removable bowls of stainless steel;
  2. Rubberized legs;
  3. The volume of a bowl of 400 ml;


  • Rustic design;
  • Bowls do not bend;
  • Small height.

Now choosing a double bowl for a lesser friend has become easier! We hope that the article turned out to be useful and successful purchases!

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