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November 10, 2022

Let’s talk in detail about vitamins for dogs Wolmar

Vitamins for dogs Wolmar is a line of nutritional supplements for our little brothers made in Switzerland. They are a rapidly soluble formula with high digestibility.

What are the pills for?

It is known that a complete diet can minimize the risk of many diseases. Volmar products allow you to balance feeding taking into account the individual characteristics of the animal such as species, sex, age and breed.

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The product contains a number of probiotics, amino acids, vitamins, macro and trace elements.

Supplements are made according to the principle of synergy, which means that the components that are in the preparation mutually reinforce each other’s properties. This ensures prolonged action of useful substances and their high efficiency in supporting normal physiological condition of organs and systems in the animal organism.


Volmar IGF MAX is an effective complex ensuring proportional development of muscles, ligaments and connective tissues.

It contains 12 minerals and vitamins, 18 amino acids, lipotropic fat and energy burners, metabolic optimizers and substances acting directly on muscle cell growth zones. The combination of these components allows maximum activation of protein synthesis in muscles and in a short time muscle mass of the dog.

The drug is prescribed for underweight puppies and adult dogs. Also at heavy loads and unbalanced nutrition.


Ga-Glican supports the regeneration of cartilage in joints and ligaments, as well as the production of joint lubricant. The supplement helps to reduce the load on the joints and reduces the risk of injury to the intra-articular surfaces.

  • In the treatment of inflammatory and age-related joint disease;
  • As a prophylactic of osteoarthritis and osteoarthritis;
  • Severe loads on the joints;
  • In chronic diseases of bones and joints to improve local metabolic processes;
  • During recovery from fractures and bone fractures, sprains.
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Booster Ca (Multicomplex with calcium)

Booster Ca is used for prevention of bone mineral metabolism disorders and ensuring normal bone formation. The supplement is designed for puppies of medium, large and giant breeds.

The vitamin supplement is fed by hand or dissolved in Chewy food Read More Here.

Collagen (Chondroprotector)

Volmar Collagen was developed to protect and support the musculoskeletal system of adults and puppies. Use of the supplement promotes the production of cells that synthesize collagen.

Collagen is a protein necessary for the formation of cartilage, tendons, ligaments and skeletal muscles. With its deficiency, animals suffer from various connective tissue diseases, joints and spine.

  • In violation of mineral metabolism in puppies;
  • In the complex treatment of diseases of the joints in adult dogs;
  • For prevention of osteoporosis and osteomalacia in dogs over 6 years of age.


Volmar L-Collagen is used for restoring ligaments, joint sheaths and tissues, tendons. Suitable for dogs of any age. It contains probiotics, amino acids and minerals.

The drug promotes better growth of slowly developing ligamentous tissues and tendons in puppies. In adults it improves the metabolism of cartilage, improves the condition of tendons and ligaments. Topical use of the supplement and at high loads on the joints.

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Pro Hair

Multifunctional complex for improving hair and skin condition in dogs and puppies. Enzymatic extracts are added for better absorption of the necessary substances. Regular use ensures healthy skin and coat and shortens the shedding period.

Volmar Pro Hair is a good prophylactic for allergic dermatitis caused by unbalanced diet. Tissues of the body recover faster, improves metabolism. Microencapsulated retinol nourishes hair follicles, which prevents hair loss.


Acidovit is a multifunctional combination of fat- and water-soluble vitamins and acidophilus bacteria. The product replenishes vitamin deficiencies and maintains the balance of gastrointestinal microflora in dogs of all ages.

  • Feeding and gastric toxicoinfections;
  • dysbacteriosis;
  • Support of healthy gastrointestinal microflora;
  • prevention of hypovitaminosis.


Active ingredients: amino acids, probiotics, vitamins, fatty and polyunsaturated acids, glucosamine sulfate.

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These substances have a favorable effect on all processes in the body. It improves metabolism, digestion, skin and coat condition. Collagen synthesis is stimulated, strength of tendons and ligaments increases.

The supplement is appointed for dogs of medium and large breeds:

  • For the treatment and prevention of hypovitaminosis and amino acid deficiency;
  • At high physical stress;
  • To improve metabolism in the joints.
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How to use

To administer the drug to an animal, dissolve it in a small amount of water (30-50 ml), stir well, then give orally or mix in feed. Dosage should be specified in the instruction to the drug.

Possible side effects

During the first three days of supplementation is possible violation of defecation due to the increase in the gastrointestinal tract of active enzymes. Usually after 2-3 days, everything returns to normal by itself.

Different breeds

Caution should be exercised when giving Volmar Acidovit to huskies and huskies of all species, as their gastrointestinal enzymatic flora differs from other breeds. Using this supplement in 60% of cases in these breeds has no effect and leads to GI disorders.

Pregnant and lactating breeds

Volmar Booster Ca is recommended to be given during pregnancy and to lactating puppies during the whole period of lactation in order to avoid calcium deficiency in the animal’s organism.


Volmar IGF MAX should be used with special caution for puppies because of the unpredictable excess weight gain with insufficiently formed bones, which may lead to curvature of the limbs.


Pet owners note an improvement in the condition of the coat, it becomes shiny and pleasant to the touch. In puppies, the teeth grow to the correct shape. The animal stops trying to eat something inedible due to the lack of vitamins.

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Veterinarians have a positive attitude toward this supplement and often prescribe it during rehabilitation after illness.

The price of vitamins depends on the type of the drug and the number of tablets in the package:

  • 180 tablets – 700-1200 ;
  • 360 tablets – 1500-2500 ;
  • 540 tablets – 2500-3500.


Volmar analogues include the following dietary supplements:

  • Dr. ALDER`s;
  • Canina;
  • Dermoscent Essencial;
  • Marimiks;
  • Biofaktory;
  • VetExpert.

In order not to harm your dog, you should adhere to the dosages established by your veterinarian when using the drug. Only a doctor can choose the right dose for the animal depending on its condition and the characteristics of the breed.

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