Are chow chows good apartment dogs?

January 10, 2023
Are chow chows good apartment dogs?

are chow chows good apartment dogs?

Chow Chow

Chow Chow

Chow Chow is a very popular dog breed. The funny appearance of the plush bear, as well as the unusual purple color of the tongue attracted many fans. However, one should not be deceived by a friendly look: it is a rather stubborn and not always friendly dog.

History of origin

Chow Chow have a very long story. According to dog handlers and historians, this breed is several thousand years old. The time of emergence is unknown, like the ancestors. Some believe that the Spitz became the parent breed, while others believe that these were mastiffs. The third version says that the founder of the breed was the polar wolf, thanks to which the dogs received peculiar blue-violet languages.

The first mention of Chow Chow met in China. According to the most common version, the Mongols presented the dog to the Chinese emperor. At first, the animal of this breed was exclusively royal prerogative, but then it began to spread throughout the country. The peasants were not particularly worried about the purity of the breed, and some even ate dogs. However, the monks of Tibet intervened in this situation in time. They contributed to the restoration of the breed.

Later, animals were brought to Europe, but they did not perceive them to the population. They purposefully began to select the dogs only in the 19th century, in the same century the breed standard was withdrawn in England. In 1957, Chow Chow was recognized in FCI. As for the USSR, here it began to breed it only in 1976. The Kinological Club of Leningrad contributed to this, which used Western European puppies.

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Chow Chow is dogs full of self-esteem. They look impressive, proudly, partially similar to the bears, partly to Lviv. The body is compact and very balanced. Dogs are average in size, with a dense and powerful constitution. The male grows to 48-56 cm, the bitch-up to 46-51. The weight of the male is 25-32 kg, females-20-27.

Dogs can be both lon g-haired and short-haired. The former have a plentiful and thick fur coat that is spacing from the body, with rough outer hair. The latter have a short straight coat, vertical. It is plush to the touch. The animals are different in color: white, black, cream, beige, brownish red.

The head is flat, with a wide skull. The muzzle is flattened, dull. The ears are small, standing, triangular. The tips are rounded. The eyes are oval and almost black, the pupil is clearly visible. In size, the eyes are medium. The nose is black, big. If the dog is light in color, then the nose will be bright. The lips and gums of Chow Chow are dark, and the tongue is blue-violet or blue-black. The puppies have pink. The bite of the dogs is scissor.

Chow Chow neck is wide, very strong, with a slight curved. The chest is extensive, the ribs are clearly expressed. The legs are medium, even, powerful. When walking, it seems as if the dog is on stilts. This feature is inherent only to Chow Chow. The tail is medium, twisted on the back.

Character and behavior

Dogs are calm, with self-respect. Independence and devotion are in their blood, but the dogs are not without arrogance. They can show aggression towards other animals, be intolerant. To reduce the risk of intolerance, the puppy must be properly trained from an early age. As for children, dogs are more than indifferent to them. However, if a child tortures an animal, it will not tolerate it.

Chow Chow always chooses only one owner, to whom he will obey. The dog does not show strong emotions, but if danger arises, it will rush to the rescue without hesitation. The animal does not show aggression towards strangers. It can rush only in case of danger.

Dogs are a little lazy, prefer regularity. In this case, the females will be more active, curious. Intellectual development in both sexes is on top.

Advantages and disadvantages

Let's start with the pros of Chow Chow:

  • unusual appearance;
  • calm measured character;
  • animals rarely bark, do not disturb others;
  • high intellectual abilities;
  • lack of a characteristic smell from wool.

It should be noted that dogs of this breed are extremely clean. They will never allow themselves to rummage through the garbage or step into a muddy puddle. There is an explanation for this: animals do not like water.

Now let's move on to the disadvantages:

  • Chow Chow cannot be trained;
  • the breed often exhibits dominant behavior;
  • dogs can be overly stubborn, do not follow commands;
  • the dog is stingy with emotions;
  • the animal sheds frequently and heavily.

Conditions of detention and care

Chow Chow are bred for apartment and aviary living. In any of these conditions, the dog feels good. It is not difficult to take care of her, but it must be done in a timely manner. So, you can’t cut dogs, it’s forbidden in relation to the breed. But brushing is a must. In this case, it is important to focus on the length of the wool. Long-haired dogs are combed at least 4 times a week, and if they shed, then daily. Shorthair – once every 7 days.

Bathing should not be done frequently. Most owners bathe dogs no more than 2-3 times a year, while using a special shampoo for thick wool. The pads are cleaned every day with a damp cloth. After bathing, the dog's coat is dried with a hairdryer and combed. Before exhibitions, wool cleaning is a must.

Are chow chows good apartment dogs? as soon as

It is important to accustom Chow Chow to hygiene procedures early. So, their ears are cleaned as needed if they are dirty, but their teeth will have to be cleaned every day. The gums are cleaned after each meal. In addition, it is important for this breed to buy artificial bones and other toys to prevent dental disease and tartar.

The claws are trimmed every 14 days, because the dog cannot sharpen them well. After cutting, it is important to slightly sharpen the ends with a nail file.

Despite the ostentatious slowness, dogs are very fond of walks. For walking, it is better to choose an area where there will not be an abundance of other dog owners, so that the dog can run well and explore different places. You have to walk with animals every day.

Nutrition Features

Chow Chows often have food allergies, so it is important to properly feed them with natural food. Animals can be given chicken and turkey, as well as beef. Products must necessarily undergo heat treatment, raw meat is prohibited. And also fish, cereals are useful for dogs. Choose oily fish. It is also worth giving eggs and dairy products. Fruits and vegetables are boiled, they are not given raw.

As you can see, the diet has certain features. Therefore, if you do not want to constantly think about it, it is better to choose premium dry food and feed it in accordance with the dosage. Food for adult dogs is served twice a day, snacks for this breed are excluded.

Education and training

It is worth raising such a dog with caution and as early as possible. The breed does not accept hysteria or lisping in communication, does not tolerate screams and breakdowns. Socialization is engaged from the first day. It is important to teach puppies to recognize their name, the ability to walk on a leash next to the owner. It is important to teach not to rush to other dogs.

Training at home is an activity that in most cases ends in failure. Dogs are extremely stubborn: if your command seems meaningless to them, you will not force the animal to fulfill it. In any case, it is highly recommended to train with a dog handler. The dog will definitely check the man for strength: as soon as he gives the command, the Chow Chow will immediately see how he reacts. If the command is given uncertainly, then it will not be executed. It should be noted that girls are much easier to train.

Health and disease

Chow Chow are long-livers. They can live up to 15-16 years with good care. However, they can still suffer from hereditary ailments.

One of them is hereditary myopathy. This ailment provokes muscle weakness, animals get up with difficulty and walk poorly, they may even fall. At the first signs of illness, it is important to consult a specialist, otherwise the Chow Chow may die.

Another misfortune is atopic dermatitis. With such a disease, the dog constantly itches. It is not difficult to cure the disease, the main thing is to determine the allergen in the products.

Are chow chows good apartment dogs? According to the most
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