Nutri vet defense plus for dogs reviews

March 6, 2023
Nutri vet defense plus for dogs reviews

American Nutri Vet vitamins for dogs have appeared on the pet supply market relatively recently. Natural vitamins and nutritional supplements in the form of chewable tablets or gels appeal to pets and owners without having to persuade their pets to try the product. Did the manufacturer deserve the positive reviews about Nutri Vet vitamins for dogs, or did the American brand spare no expense in advertising?

Vitamins Nutri Vet for dogs (Nutri Vet)

Pros and Cons of Nutri Vet Vitamins

The Nutri Vet product line includes vitamins for puppies, for dogs with sore joints, for improving coats and for older animals. Nutri Vet contains natural oils, minerals, plant extracts, amino acids and multivitamins.

The main plus that distinguishes Nutri Vet vitamins for dogs from other brands is the natural and hypoallergenic components in the composition.

Of the minuses, the high price of the products stands out and the fact that the additives are designed for animals on natural feed. If you feed your dog dry dog food that contains vitamins, then it is better to refrain from fortified supplements.

Especially popular with cynologists and veterinarians are high-quality vitamins for dogs Nutri Vet:

  • Puppy-Vite – for puppies;
  • Multi-Vit – for healthy dogs;
  • Shed Defense Max – for furry dogs;
  • Hip& Joint Extra – extreme complex for ligaments and joints;
  • Immune Health – to strengthen the immunity of the dog;
  • Uri-Ease Paw-Gel – for the prevention of MK disease.

Puppy Vite

Vitamins in the form of chewable tablets for puppies from 6 weeks. They taste like meat. They contain the daily rate of calcium for the normal formation of the puppy’s bone tissue, liver and lactic acid for appetite.

Ingredients: Protein, fat, fiber, vitamins B2, B12, B6, PP, K1 and C, calcium, zinc, taurine for hair growth. Vitamins are made on the basis of natural oils: linseed, safflower, night primrose.

  • Pros: increases the body’s resistance to infections and viruses, prevents the development of rickets and anemia, does not contain sugar, hypoallergenic.
  • Cons: High price and not available in many large specialty stores.

Dosage: 1 tablet per 10 kg of animal weight (up to 5 pills per day).

The product is issued in a bank of 60 pcs. The average price is 725.

Nutri Vet Puppy-Vite Vitamins

Multi Vit

Chewing pills for dogs from 7 months to 9 yearsitable for pregnant and lactating bitches, as they contain only natural ingredients.

Composition: beef liver, calcium, vitamin C, corn starch, protein, taurine, iron, potassium, B vitamins, magnesium, vitamin D, safflore oil.

  • Pros: prevents vitamin deficiency in the animal, does not contain allergens containing components, without adding sugar and artificial flavors.
  • Cons: High price, in some dogs, the liver causes digestive disorders, and this is the main ingredient of the product is difficult to use less than 10 kg for dogs.

Give 1 pill per 10 kg of dog weight.

It is produced in a plastic container of 60, 120 and 240 tablets. Price from 600 p. Up to 1550 p.

Nutri Vet Multi-Vit Vitamins

Shed Defense Max

Driving vitaminized additive with taurine is suitable for improving the condition of the animal and skin of the animal aged 7 months. The composition includes natural oil primrose oils, safflower and sunflower, vitamins D, and E. S. Oil contain omega 3 and 6, which normalize the nutrition of six and epidermis.

  • Pros: reduce molting period, quickly stop the loss of wool, do not contain allergens and sugar.
  • Cons: high price and lack of lower packaging to take a product for a sample.

Give 1 pill per 5 kg of animal weight.

Nutri Vet Shed Defense Max Vitamins

They are available in a plastic bottle of 60 pcs. Average 720 p.

Hip & Joint Extra

Chondroprotective vitamins are designed to improve the condition of the joints and ligaments in an adult animalitable for elderly dogs.

Ingredients: natural beer yeast, liver, cellulose, magnesium, stearic acid, methyl sulfonylomethane, natural oils and chondroitin.

  • Pros: quickly relieves joint pain, normalizes and restores cartilage, suitable for large breeds and elderly puppies.
  • Cons: the composition contain chondroitin, so the product can be attributed to drugs. It is recommended to give an animal as intended for a veterinarian.

Dosage: Polt tablets per 20 kg of animal weight twice a day.

It is produced in plastic jars of 75 and 120 pcs. The price for 75 tablets is 1560, for 120 pcs. – 2350 p.

Vitamins Hip& Joint Extra from Nutri Vet

Immune Health

Vitamins contain antioxidants and immunomodulators that support the health of the dog.

Ingredients: extract of grape seeds, vitamins A, B 12, B6, C, E, D, CoENZIM Q10, Omega-3, Zinc, Selenium, Iron. As flavors, pork and liver seasoning are used.

Nutri vet defense plus for dogs reviews Popular products in the

Nutri vet defense plus for dogs reviews

  • Pros: quickly restores immunity, contains only natural components.
  • Cons: not suitable for animals allergic to pork, high price.

Dosage: 1 pill per 10 kg twice a day.

Produced in a plastic tube of 60 tablets. The average price is 1200.

Nutri Vet Immune Health Vitamins

Uri-Ease Paw-Gel

Vitaminized gel for animals from urolithiasisitable for spayed and neutered cats and dogs.

Ingredients: cranberry extract, methionine, lysine, vitamin C.

  • Pros: relieves ICD attacks, normalizes kidney function.
  • Cons: There is not enough gel in tubes for large breed dogs, since the product was originally intended for cats, high price.

Dosage: 2. 5 cm per 5 kg of animal weight.

Produced in a tube of 85 g. The average price is 620.

Nutri Vet Uri-Ease Paw-Gel

Reviews about vitamins Nutri Vet for dogs from dog lovers

Rennie: I have a Collie with long hair, and during the molt I constantly had to comb the animal. The molt could last for a month. It exhausted both me and the dog. I tried Shed Defense Max vitamins and was satisfied. Shedding time was reduced, the coat became shiny and even thicker.

Nikita: My Giant Schnauzer is over 10 years old. Joint problems started. The dog’s paws hurt, especially in the morning after a long sleep. Recommended to try Hip& Joint Extra. The drug really helped, the dog began to play again and move more.

Pavel: My dachshunds are very fastidious, and it is difficult to feed them with vitamins. Tried Multi-Vit and was surprised. The dog itself eats vitamins and asks for more. These are the best vitamins in composition and taste, it is a pity that the price is high.

Read customer reviews:

Reviews of veterinarians and cynologists

Nikolai: Many vitamins and supplements contain artificial colors and flavors. Owners often bring animals with allergic reactions to us. Vitamins Nutri Vet for dogs are made only from natural ingredients and rarely cause allergies.

Victor: Overpaying for natural ingredients or not depends on the owner of the animal. But I recommend trying vitamins from the Nutri Vet line, as they contain many useful ingredients. As supplements, the manufacturer uses natural liver and meat that dogs like.


Natural vitamins from the American manufacturer Nutri Vet can be safely attributed to premium products. The high price corresponds to the quality of the additives. Natural oils and extracts from plants will not harm the health of the animal, but the complex should be selected by a specialist, since an overdose is possible.


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