Best calming supplements for dogs review

December 1, 2022

Calming Agents for Dogs

Treatment and prevention of anxiety in dogs requires the use of sedatives. Drugs differ in composition, form of release, depending on the category and breed of the animal.

I made a review of 25 sedatives for dogs, which were used by me or my colleagues in the work. These are drops, pills, suspensions, collars and even shampoos.

Calming agents are in demand when:

  • A visit to the veterinarian;
  • Aggression, nervous breakdowns, stress;
  • Fear of noise and explosions;
  • premature weaning of a puppy from a bitch;
  • shearing;
  • moving and transportation;
  • sex hunting;
  • change of normal environment.

Preparations, if necessary, are prescribed by a veterinarian. There are several varieties, differing in active components and the degree of impact on the animal. These are common drugs with chemical, homeopathic components, natural herbal remedies and herbs. Forms of release – drops, tablets, other types.

Best calming supplements for dogs review Stop-stress     

best calming supplements for dogs review


Popular Drugs

Overview of sedatives combined composition in tablet and liquid form:

extracts of motherwort and valerian;

The action of the given sedatives is based on the properties of the active ingredients. According to the annotations to the drugs, Phenibut, which is part of the “VetSpokoin” and “Stop Stress”, facilitates the transmission of nerve impulses in the central nervous system, has a psychostimulant and tranquilizing effect. The component affects the cerebral circulation of the animal and leads to normalization of tissue metabolism. The result is an improvement in the functional state of the brain. The pet’s anxiety, fear and restlessness disappear or are reduced, sleep is normalized, resistance to adverse events is increased.



According to the official instructions, in addition to phenibut, the drug contains promethazine, which has sedative, hypnotic, antiemetic, local anesthetic, antipruritic effects. In the animal the excitability of vestibular receptors is reduced, dizziness disappears.

Extract of motherwort and valerian plants has a calming effect, reduces the excitability of the central nervous system, regulates the cardiovascular system. Royal jelly helps the brain assimilation of oxygen and glucose and improve the nervous system, and also has an effect:

  • immunostimulatory;
  • cardioprotective;
  • adaptogenic.

VetSpokoyin comes in two forms – sedative tablets and suspension with a syringe dispenser. The dosage for dogs of small breeds and medium and large breeds is different and depends on body weight. The drug should be used on the recommendation of the veterinarian, adhering to the official instructions.


Stop Stress for dogs

According to the instructions for use, along with phenibut, Stop-Stress contains a plant extract. Calming drops have more components than the tablets of the same name.

Motherwort has anticonvulsant and antispasmodic effects, has a hypotensive effect, increases the contraction of the heart muscle and slows the rhythm, reduces the excitability of the CNS. Hop cones have soothing, sleeping pills, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect. Extract of Baikal skullcap produces a powerful sedative effect, improves sleep. The therapeutic properties of peony are to increase the resistance of the animal’s body to hypoxia, antimicrobial, anticonvulsant and antispasmodic effect.

The combination of components of Stop-Stress promotes:

  • calming of animals;
  • reduction of fear and tension;
  • improve adaptation and recovery;
  • increase resistance to negative environmental factors.

It is not advisable to use Stop-Stress without the recommendation of a veterinarian.

Overview of other forms:

Name Type Act of Substance Indications
Xylazal Solution for injection Xylazine hydrochloride Facilitation of procedures and operations
Xylazine Pain relief and sedation during clinical examinations, x-rays, surgery, transportation
Fospasim Passiflora;

Therapeutic properties of certain medications:

Solutions for injection.

According to official instructions, Xyla and Xylazal are used to facilitate various clinical procedures and operations in pets. The main effects are:

  • analgesic;
  • sedative;
  • analgesic;
  • myorelaxation.

According to the abstract, Fospasim homeopathic active ingredients have anti-neurotic and anti-psychotic effect, which reduces fearfulness and aggressiveness of dogs, normalizes emotional and psychological state, increases the adaptive and adaptive capacity of the organism.


Adaptil for dogs

One of the sedatives for dogs in this category of drugs is Adaptil.

Its mechanism, according to the manufacturer’s instructions, is based on the release of a synthesized pheromone (a chemical volatile substance), which mimics the pheromone of lactating bitches on the 3-5 days after delivery. The result is a calming of the animal, creating a feeling of safety and peace.

Adaptil is available in several forms – a collar for puppies, a spray, an electric diffuser.

It is necessary to use the means after agreeing with the veterinarian.

Non-pharmacological forms:

Name Type Composition Application
Beafar Anti-stress Collar Lavender and valerian essential oils Constant tension or anxiety
Sentry Good behavior Collar Pheromones;

Perfekt Calm Wipes.

Lavender and chamomile extracts;

A detergent base containing coconut;

Collars are a convenient form of sedation for dogs.

The instructions for the products describe the collars and their properties.

“Centri Good Behavior” is a collar with pheromones that are activated when the powder is released. The pet recognizes the smell and becomes calmer.

The manufacturer Beaphar produces the collar “Beaphar Antistress” based on natural essential oils that act soothing and gentle. The item is safe to use.

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