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November 25, 2022

Guabi Natural dog food: reviews and composition analysis

Guabi Natural dog food

Guabi Natural dry dog food is made by Guabi Petcare in Brazil. The official website is (in Portuguese), but important consumer information (contents, recommended feeding recommendations etc.) can be found in USA http://гуаби.рф. This food refers to the super premium class.

In addition to foods for dogs under the released and Guabi Natural for cats. Yet, the same company produces food for cats and dogs under the brands Sabor & Vida, Cat Meal, TopCat, GranPlus, Roi (for rodents), Limpi Cat (filler for the toilet).

Composition of Guabi Natural

Let's look at the Guabi Natural formula for Puppies Large And Giant Breeds. As the page shows the contents in Portuguese, we'll translate it right away:

A translation of the composition listed on the manufacturer's official website.

The first place is chicken meat, a source of protein. The percentage is not listed, but further down in the composition of the protein-rich ingredients there are only chicken liver, chicken meat meal, pork protein, pork plasma and egg powder. There is no plant protein, which means almost all of the 28% protein listed in the analysis is of animal origin (better digestible than plant protein).

Pedigree vs Natural Balance Mashup

The source of carbohydrates is whole rice and rice, ranking second and eighth, respectively. Fish oil, animal fat and vegetable oil are sources of fatty acids. Seaweed meal is a source of iodine. Plantain is primarily a source of fiber, as is beet pulp. Beer yeast is rich in B-group vitamins.

The other ingredients are supplements of vitamins, minerals and other beneficial substances. For example, glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate are good for joints, which is relevant for large dog breeds (since large breeds often have joint problems).

Note that the food uses natural preservatives and antioxidants – tocopherol (vitamin E), potassium sorbate (E202) and rosemary extract. There is also potassium propionate (E283), which is completely safe if not higher than the norm.

Pros and cons

The advantages of the food include:

  • protein source – meat and meat ingredients;
  • good vitamin and mineral supplementation;
  • natural and safe preservatives are used;
  • relatively low price (lower than many analogues).

Disadvantages of the food Kirkland Guabi Natural:

  • The percentages of the main ingredients are not listed.

Guabi Natural dog food - reviews

Guabi Natural dog food – reviews

Today, dry dog food for dogs Guabi Natural is not very common, so there are quite a few reviews about it. Below we have collected a few of the most recent and informative.

Veterinarian reviews

We were unable to find direct reviews from veterinarians about Guabi Natural dry food. If they are found in the future, we will certainly add them to this review.

Customer reviews

When we had two puppies, as their mother decided to feed Proplan. But one manifested allergies and a lot of hair, we had to look for an alternative. We remembered Guabi Straight, which we fed a long time ago. We bought a puppy to try.

I did not have to wait long for the result, after two weeks the allergy was completely gone, the hair stopped rashing. We feed them both puppies, they eat well, the stools are also normal. In general, the food is decent, I can recommend it without remorse.

Reviews of Guabi Natural dog food

Review of Guabi Natural dog food

Guabi Natural dog food reviews

*The pictures above are not a direct illustration of the reviews presented in the review.

Have been feeding my dog dry food for a long time due to lack of time to cook for him personally. Tried many different foods (luckily the dog does not notice the difference between them or he just likes to eat a lot and does not care). Now, due to the bad financial situation has become a question of choosing a quality food at a relatively reasonable price.

Have tried Guabi Natural and were satisfied. For 7.5 kilo pack we paid 2300 Dog liked it, no allergies. I like the size and density of pellets, there is meat in this food, and the dog eats it with pleasure. Ordered the second pack.

The composition of the carefully read, it does not contain corn, and any other harmful additives, too. But I am not an expert in this, in fact, maybe the composition is not perfect, but definitely not very bad.

Guabi Natural food for small dog breeds

Guabi Natural Small Breed Dog Food Pellets

In the past, our little dog – Yorkshire Terrier was eating expensive holistic, more than one tried holistic and they all did not fit, and the dog was itching from them and the stool was not very and the general condition, too! I advised my parents dry food Guabi Natural, I wanted to buy for the test just for Yorkshire Terriers, but it was not available and I bought here this food for adult dogs, small breeds, called – Mini E Pequenos!

Its price is – 320 per 1 kg pack! There are also packages of 2.5 kg – 800 and 7.5 kg for 2060 ! I buy this food only on the official website of the importer! The granules at this food for Yorkshire terriers are too big of course, rather it is more calculated really for Pekingese! But nevertheless the yorkie chews it with pleasure!

On this food Chewy all came back to normal – the stool is great and regular, the eyes do not flow and the general condition is very good! The smell is great, the price is more than affordable, and the quality is great – the best food!

Food is great for our dog, and we will not change it! Or rather, this company is not going to change, but we will try this food for yorkies again! Despite the fact that it is made in Brazil – I like Guabi more than other foods!

Guabi Natural dog food reviews

Guabi Natural dog food pellets

The dog that eats Guabi Natural for dogs

Price and where to buy

Buy food of this brand can be found in online stores:

  1. "Yandex Market" ( link )
Natural balance original dog food & Guabi Natural review other beneficial substances

natural balance original ultra & ownat food for dogs

For the exact price see the store website at the link above.

Conclusions about the food "Guabi Natural

About Guabi Natural dog food reviews are mostly good, and the composition is generally quite good. With this in mind, the PetObzor website has no reason not to recommend it as a staple diet for your pets.

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