Whether the food for dogs absorbs a plastic container

January 26, 2023
Dog Food Container
Whether the food for dogs absorbs a plastic container

How to store best storage containers so as not to spoil them?

We all strive to choose the most healthy and “right” best storage containers for ourselves and our loved dog food containers. But not everyone has the opportunity to go to the store every day and buy “at a time. “Everyone inevitably encounters the need to store best storage containers or transfer them – for example, for lunch at work or picnic. How to do this most correctly? And what materials and dishes to choose?

How to store best storage containers so as not to spoil them?

Like in a store

For storage of best storage containers, you can use not only various containers, but also other kinds of packaging.

Food filmitable to close the cut of the best storage container (for example, sausage or cheese). It can also be used as a temporary “cover” for a pan or pans. However, some experts warn: the film can distinguish substances harmful to health. Therefore, the upper layer of the wrapped best storage container is advised to cut off before use (and it is recommended to do the same after sorting out food from store packaging).

Diy Easy Puppy/Dog/Kitten/Cat Food Dispenser Using Plastic Containers

Polyethylene dog food storage containers are suitable for vegetables, fruits, herbs. But it is impossible to store oil, cheese and other fat best storage containers in them more than a couple of hours, because they will quickly damp and deteriorate. When buying polyethylene dog food storage containers, it is necessary to pay attention to that they are intended for food best storage containers. Dog food storage containers can be with a trimmed edge or a special opening system, the latter preserve best storage containers better and are reusable (usually even more tightly), it is only important to ensure that moisture does not accumulate in them.

The foil retains foods fresh longer than the bag. You can wrap the finished food and fatty best storage containers (oil, margarine, lard, and so on) in it in it

Parchment paper favorably differs from other materials in that it passes moisture. It is good to store sausages, cheese, meat best storage containers, smoked meats. But to transport, for example, in a bag, is no longer very convenient, since the paper can get wet, stain what lies nearby.

Plastic containers

The first rule: the container should only be made of food plastic. It is very easy to determine this: on the packaging or the container itself will be the icon in the form of a glass and a fork.

We must not forget that different types of plastic react differently to temperature changes: some are designed to store only chilled best storage containers, others are also suitable for hot dog food containers. It is advisable to check with the seller and read the description of the best storage container, because some types of plastic, when heated, emit substances that are dangerous to human health. Putting hot, freshly cooked food in them is also not advisable.

How to store best storage containers so as not to spoil them? fig-2

In general, containers are a great solution for storing and transporting food and prepared meals. They keep them fresh longer, do not let in odors, help maintain cleanliness and order (if the lid is not accidentally opened a little).

But it is important to understand the disadvantages of these containers. The plastic of the containers absorbs odors and colors, sometimes it is very difficult to get rid of them.

Sometimes it is easier to throw away the container or use it in the future only for the same kind of best storage containers. Transparent plastic becomes cloudy over time, loses its attractive appearance. If it is thin in addition, it is deformed, as a result it is difficult to close and open the lid. Therefore, it is important to renew containers regularly and wash them thoroughly – preferably immediately after the food has been removed from them.

And if you need to keep food even longer or transfer liquid best storage containers, then vacuum containers are an excellent solution. They are equipped with a special valve through which air can be pumped out. A small pump, either electrical or mechanical, is used to evacuate the air and is usually sold as a kit. A plastic grate is often placed at the bottom of such containers so that the food does not come into contact with the moisture that it emits.

On the lid of such a container there may be an indicator indicating the date when the best storage containers were packed. This is useful for long term storage.

Whether the food for dogs absorbs a plastic container out food from store packaging

Whether the food for dogs absorbs a plastic container
Vacuum containers can be plastic or glass. The latter are guaranteed not to be toxic, but they are much heavier.

Where food should not be stored:

  • Aluminum cookware. Aluminum is prone to oxidation, which is detrimental to food. But it can hold cereals or other bulk best storage containers that do not react with the metal.
  • Cast iron cookware can rust, especially if used to store liquids. In addition, cast iron pots and pans are very heavy and can damage refrigerator parts or other fragile items that are placed in it.
  • Wooden utensils are theoretically suitable for holding foodstuffs in them, but not all of them. If there is a lot of liquid, the wood can absorb it and deform, and the food will suffer due to too high humidity. It is also important that there is no painting on such dishes: paints can react with food.
  • Copper can destroy ascorbic acid, which is found in berries and fruits. If you use it often, poisoning is possible. And one more aspect: after washing, copper dishes must be thoroughly wiped so that a film does not form. Extremely hazardous to health, it is in principle impossible to use it.

What is the best cookware?

Enameled containers meet all safety requirements. But they can only be used if the enamel is not damaged. In places of damage, rust can form, which cannot be cleaned off, it releases salts harmful to the stomach.

And one more aspect: you should not keep food in dishes for a long time, the inside of which is covered with red, yellow or brown enamel – such dyes contain harmful substances that adversely affect health.

Glassware is completely neutral and does not pose a health hazard. Special tempered glass withstands both low and high temperatures. If long-term storage is planned, it is better to choose dishes without a pattern.

And if you need to store for a very long time?

For long-term storage, the vacuum containers already mentioned above are suitable. As well as canning systems that are suitable for both long-term and short-term storage of best storage containers. This is not fully conventional canning, but the resulting vacuum makes it possible to save food for a sufficiently long period.

In fact, they work on the same principle as containers: with the help of a pump, air is pumped out of the container through a special valve in the lid. Thanks to such a system, the shelf life of best storage containers, according to manufacturers, is significantly increased. For example, cooked food (first and second courses) can be stored for up to 10 days, and cheese for a whole month.

Of course, any best storage containers are as tasty and healthy as possible, being fresh. But if circumstances force you to leave them in the refrigerator for a long time, it is important to use only suitable dishes and choose storage options that preserve the taste, freshness, and benefits of the best storage containers.

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