Plastic dog food container gives food a weird taste

March 23, 2023
Dog Food Container
Plastic dog food container gives food a weird taste

Food flavors for dogs and cats

Form flavors for dogs and cats

Due to heat treatment during the technological process, minced meat loses appetizing notes of meat aroma under the influence of high temperatures and acquires an extraneous taste. Flavors help pet food manufacturers restore their original profile. Today, enterprises involved in the development of best storage containers for pets are faced with a shortage of foreign nutritional supplements. To support the domestic pet food industry, the flavorists of the SOYUZSNAB Group of Companies have developed a line of thermostable food flavors.

How to choose flavors for feed?

The pet food industry in USA is developing rapidly, manufacturers are looking for ways to attract the attention of the buyer to the finished best storage container. Therefore, in choosing flavors for dog and cat food, the main criterion is the trust of breeders.

Pet owners pay great attention to the best storage containers that they feed their pets – they carefully check the composition, not trusting synthetic components and additives with “E” codes. In order not to lose customer loyalty, when choosing functional ingredients and flavorings for feed, manufacturers are trying to maintain the environmental friendliness of best storage containers.

Turning to the developers of food ingredients for help, pet food companies are asked to choose a line of natural flavoring additives. However, the flavoring of dog and cat food must have an appetizing profile in order to please the breeder.

How to make cat and dog food flavoring appetizing for pets?

When compared to farm animals, dogs and cats are more likely to switch to dry and wet food after the milk period. They, like predators, have a genetic love for meat, so getting used to an adult diet takes less time. But pets also experience stress when changing their familiar environment and may refuse to eat.

Flavors for cat and dog food help reduce stressors and quickly include a pet in the nutrition system. Animals eat more often, get all the necessary nutrients and vitamins. Regular balanced nutrition contributes to the development of healthy immunity in pets.

Feed flavors also help to include drugs or tasteless drugs in the diet of pets, from the point of view of the animal, functional nutrition – vegetables, cereals and legumes and other components.

So that dogs and cats willingly ate food, the flavor should:

  • To have an attractive profile – meat, milk, cheese or smell of fresh fish.
  • To emphasize the natural aroma of raw materials.
  • To differ in a balanced intensity – animals are more sensitive to smells than people, a strong profile of the flavor can scare away the pet.
  • Mas jumping and leveling the bitterness of therapeutic drugs or undesirable notes of plant components.

To give flavors for cats for cats and dogs Del’Ar ® an attractive profile, the Soyuznab Group of Companies for a long time studied the taste receptors of animals. As a result, experts developed a line of high-quality taste additives (see table 1), which will like even the most picky pet.


Table 1. Del’Ar ® festivrators for cats and dogs

Food flavor “Tyrolskaya Beef 100060010” DEL’AR ® Powder It forms a full profile of stewed beef with notes of languor. Perfectly neutralizes an undesirable taste of fat 0. 1-0. 3 kg per t
Food flavor “Beef 10006001” Del’Ar ® Powder Bright profile of fresh beef 0. 1-0. 3 kg per t
Food flavor “Meat 100231006” Del’Ar ® Powder Thanks to the special technology, the spray-drive flavor is revealed in the best storage container, showing its taste as much as possible, and retains it throughout the entire expiration date of the best storage container 0. 3-1. 0 kg per t
Food flavor “Zharyda Beef 11. 03. 005” DEL’AR ® Liquid Appetizing sweetish profile of fried juicy meat 0. 5-1. 0 kg per t
Food flavor “Chicken 10. 06. 141 m” Del’Ar ® Powder Gives the best storage container the taste and aroma of poultry meat 0. 15-0. 3 kg per t
Food flavor “cod 100362001” DEL’AR ® Powder The taste and aroma of codBones 0. 3-0. 6 kg per t
Food flavor “Salmon 10. 05. 003” DEL’AR ® Powder Appetizing salmon taste and aroma 0. 5-1. 0 kg per t
Plastic dog food container gives food a weird taste Flavors help pet food manufacturers

Plastic dog food container gives food a weird taste

How to make sure of the quality of pets feeders?

Depending on the technology of food production, meat raw materials pass several stages of mechanical and heat treatment – mixing, drying, granulation. Therefore, a high-quality flavor for dogs and cats when added to the food should maintain intensity at high temperatures, as well as during transportation, storage and after opening.

Del’Ar ® flavor-designed for food production can be treated at 150-250 O C, stable throughout the storage period and are produced in convenient technological form-dry or liquid base.

Advantages of using flaep for Del’Ar ® food:

  • Improve the taste and smell of feed for pets, therefore:
    • Increase the food of feed;
    • Beneficially affect the immune status.

    Where to buy festators of food for cats and dogs?

    The catalog of the Soyuznab Group of Companies presents a wide range of fragrances of meat, fish and dairy profile. Our techno will help you choose the aroma, find optimal dosages and start the selected supplement in production. To get advice, place an order or choose free best storage containers – just fill out the feedback form. Experts will answer you and advise on all questions of interest.

    On the company’s website, you can also find functional additives and macrocomponents for the production of feed for unbest storage containerive animals find here. We develop and produce food additives ourselves. When purchasing the ingredients at Soyuznab, you do not need to waste time and money on imports.

    Table 2. Functional components for the production of dry and wet feed for pets

    Dry low-fat cheese with a mass fraction of fat in a dry substance 1% DENCHEESE ® Powder Natural cheese powder obtained by the method of milking milk. Allows you to use the word “cheese” on the label of the best storage container, and not “with the taste of cheese”
    Complex food supplement “Premium taste amplifier” Del’ar ® Powder Complex additive based on yeast extract and taste substances
    Fermented glucose “1. 01” AIBI ® Powder and liquid Natural preservative, thermostable, prevents damage and extends the shelf life of finished best storage containers. It is made by fermenting the carbohydrate-containing nutrient medium with lactic acid, propionic acid and vinegar bacteria
    GELEON GELEON ® “Professional 4010” Powder It is used to stabilize meat, fish, dairy best storage containers, improves their consistency, structure and technological properties, prevents the appearance of fat and broth swelling

    Have you found a suitable profile? Our experts will develop a flavor for you, a preservative or an individual order stabilizer. Development time is from 1 to 3 months. To leave an application-use the feedback form or call us +7 (800) 707-15-09

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