18-galloon container holds how many pounds of dry food for dogs

January 23, 2023
Dog Food Container
18-galloon container holds how many pounds of dry food for dogs

Monge dog food – which is better to choose dry or wet food for different animals?

Monge dog food - which is better to choose dry or wet food for different animals?

Italian food for dogs Monge is produced by Monge & C. S. P. A. Which uses a well-deserved recognition of European dog breeders. It has been present in our market for several years, but more recently, its deliveries have become regular and the best storage container began to gain popularity click here.

Monge for dogs

Monge best storage containers are a diet of super premium class for adult dogs and puppies with natural components, ideal protein proportions and energy indicators. The menu is presented in dry and wet form. Full nutrition of pets is fully capable of providing a monge for dogs. It contains:

  1. Meat Fresh and dehydrated. This is a source of protein, its share is 30-40%.
  2. Fat. Bird and fish oil supports wool and skin in a healthy state.
  3. Grain. Corn and rice increase the energy value of nutrition, being a source of carbohydrates.
  4. Fish Promotes the development of muscle mass and skeleton.
  5. Vegetables The diet is saturated with vitamins, a source of glucose and fiber.

Dry food for dogs Monge

A multiple dry diet Monge consists of a ruler represented by five types of diets. They are divided by the size of the breed, the age of the pet and its special needs. Dry food for dogs Monge – varieties, description:

  1. Daily Line – daily nutrition. There is a menu for puppies and mature dogs with division in size. A special diet for pregnant women, nursing and old dogs has been developed.
  2. Speciallity Line (with a special source of protein) – for animals prone to allergies. The menu contains the meat of rabbit, lamb, ducks, and also salmon and chicken.
  3. Granfree Line – Bezern Bezern Feed for adherents of the meat diet, prone to allergies to gluten.
  4. Bwild Line – a line of wild animals (wild boar, venison, ostishitatin), imitating natural nutrition. It has high energy value.
  5. Granfree Veterinary – a Bezern Bezern menu for animals with various problems. The line consists of eight diets aimed at maintaining the body during illness and after surgery.

Canned food for dogs Monge

The wet food group is prepared in the form of meat pieces or pates in 400 g jars or 150 g trays. The menu is high in calories, contains a lot of fat, but less vitamins, recommended for use alternately with a dry diet. Monge wet food for dogs is represented by four types:

  1. Monoprotein – only one protein is included in the composition, which eliminates allergies. The range of Monge dog food includes: rabbit, tuna, duck, venison, turkey, game, lamb.
  2. Fresh is a gluten-free menu for pets with allergies.
  3. Fruit – food supplemented with berries and fruits, intended for animals with little physical activity.
  4. Grill – grain-free food for dogs Monge in the form of juicy pieces of meat, enriched with chondroitin and glucosamine to prevent joint diseases.

Monge dog food – assortment

Monge’s complete dog food line has 23 wet food options and 48 dry diets. The range includes food for dogs of different breeds: small, medium and large. For puppies, a special series is produced with an enhanced complex of vitamins, which guarantees the full development of the baby’s body. The company produces Monge Holistic dog food, a unique series of therapeutic nutrition, which includes herbal ingredients, antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins.

Monge for dogs of large breeds

The Daily Line has food for large dogs – Maxi Adult. Monge for large dogs is intended for adult dogs with normal physical activity. The low fat content and the optimal concentration of carbohydrates and proteins help to maintain the ideal weight and reduce the stress on the joints of large pets. The basis of the composition is dietary chicken meat, it is at least 40%.

  1. The sources of proteins are corn and rice, the suppliers of fatty acids are fish and chicken oil.
  2. Beet pulp saturates the body with fiber, brewer’s yeast is a storehouse of vitamins and an excellent probiotic.
  3. Hydrolyzed cartilage and crustaceans are added to the diet as a source of good glucosamines and chondroitins to maintain the proper condition of the joints.

Monge for dogs of medium breeds

The Daily Line has formulas for dogs of medium breeds:

Monge food for small breed dogs

For the smallest pets, several types of food have been developed:

  1. Daily Line Extra Small Adult – for mini dogs up to 4 kg with normal activity.
  2. Daily Line mini Senior is a formula for senior small dogs weighing 2-12 kg.
  3. Daily Line mini Adult – for small dogs weighing 2-12 kg with normal activity.
  4. The Speciallity Line line presents several types of food for dogs prone to allergies: a monge with a lamb for dogs with rice, potatoes and food with salmon and rice. Each in two different diets – for miniature and small pets.

The main difference between feed for small dogs is the size of granules. Their optimal shape and sizes are ideal for such pets. Granuls additionally save their teeth from harmful plaque, prevent the occurrence of tartar. Monge food for dogs of small breeds, the daily dosage of which depends on the weight and activity of four-haired, it is important to give by the rules.

18-galloon container holds how many pounds of dry food for dogs loyal anda wooden container for dog food in the room holds about 55 pounds

Weight, kg Content of the house, g Content on the street, g Large loads, g
2 50 55 65
3 66 73 87
4 80 90 105
5 95 105 126
6 110 120 145
8 135 150 180
10 155 175 210

Monge for dogs hypoallergenic

Hypoallergenic – Monge with salmon and tuna, hypoallergenic formula is suitable for dogs of all breeds. This is a balanced portion for pets subject to allergic reactions and digestive disorders. Feeding Monge special hypoallergenic for dogs is designed on the basis of salmon and tuna meat – these are protein sources that do not cause dermatitis and itching. It is rich in fatty acids that prevent inflammation and preserving the brilliance of wool and skin health. The composition includes 58% rice, 18% salmon and 10% tuna. The best storage container is perfectly absorbed and fills the body with nutrients.

What dog food is BEST to feed?

Monge for dogs hypoallergenic

Monge for sterilized dogs

For prone to obesity, sterilized females in order to avoid weight gain is perfect for a pate of a monge for dogs from the Fruit series. Its formula is designed without the addition of sugar, contains up to 80% of fresh meat in the form of vane pieces. There are no preservatives, dyes and hydrogenated fats in this diet. Paste is produced according to a unique technology – meat pieces are baked in a special furnace. The assortment has five types of nutrition: from tuna, chicken, ducks, beef, lamb. A portion of 100 g is ideal for small dogs and will be the best treat for large pets.

Monge for sterilized dogs

Monge’s food for castrated dogs

To reduce overweight, a special low-calorie diet has been developed in castrated dogs – Grainfree Veterinary Obesitych a monge of dog food in the composition has 20% chicken, anchovies, peas, potatoes, melon pulp and tapioku, and fats are reduced to 10%ch a jerzer menu is designed to control the microflora of the intestine, the fight against the excess mass and maintain the optimal physical form of the pets.


Therapeutic feed of monge for dogs

This is a dietary collection for dogs suffering from various disorders and ailments. For the normal operation of the digestion system, the formula includes probiotics and free radical inhibitors that protect the body. There are no cereals, they were replaced with easily digestible tapios and potatoes. Varieties of therapeutic feed:

  1. Monge dermatosis for dogs – a dry and humid diet is used for skin diseases, accompanied by inflammation, skin itching, food allergies and in case of pancreatic insufficiency.
  2. Monge Gastro Intestinal for Dogs is a wet and dry diet for adult dogs and a dry menu for puppies. It is used for dogs with gastroenterological pathologies: gastroenteritis, obstruction, colitis, pancreatitis and diarrhea.
  3. Monge Hepatic for dogs is a formula for regeneration and maintaining the liver of the liver. It is used for hepatitis, liver fibrosis, liver failure, pyroplasmosis, jaundice.
  4. Diabetics Monge for dogs – a diet for pets suffering from diabetes mellitus, is designed to prevent a set of excess mass and metabolic disorders.
  5. Feeding Monge Urinarians for dogs suffering from renal failure is represented by the Renal diet. The diet will help maintain the function of the kidneys, perform the prevention of the development of urolithiasis, slowing down the growth of crystals and ur reproaches.
  6. Monge food for dogs cardiac – designed to maintain heart function in dogs, is used for heart failure and hypertension.

Monge for puppies

The Daily Line Baby Puppy & Junior line is a monge feed for puppies, pregnant and nursing females. It contains 7 diets with different types of meat and fish and separation by the size of pets: for miniature, small, medium, large. Two types of menu are universal – for puppies of all breeds from 2 to 12 months. The diet has a lot of protein and fats that contribute to the development of muscles. The perfectly selected concentration of calcium and phosphorus will provide a healthy development of the skeleton. The complex of healing herbs and plants helps to strengthen the protective forces of the body.

The Grainfree Line line of lifeless feed has a menu for babies of all breeds prone to allergies to gluten. In dry feeds with a special source of SPECIALLITY LINE protein there is one power for small breeds with lamb and two menu with lamb and salmon to choose from. A separate nutrition has been developed in the veterinary line for babies with gastroenterological problems.

Monge for puppies

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Hills food for dogs recommended by veterinarians and breeders of many countries. This premium nutrition has a wide selection of various diets. The granules and the canned version contain the required number of mineral elements.

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