A plastic container for storing food in the style of a mason medium 40 pounds

January 24, 2023
Dog Food Container
Petmate 24698 A plastic container for storing food in the style of a mason, medium, 40 pounds

Top-7 best containers for food and lunch boxes 2022

Containers for food are useful accessories that allow you to properly store best storage containers, blanks, rationally use the space in the kitchen and even cook culinary dishes. In lunch boxes, it is convenient to take ready-made food (sandwiches, vegetables, fruits, etc.) with you to school for study, work, and trips. Manufacturers produce a wide range of best storage containers. Best storage containers are distinguished by materials, design, characteristics and functionality – it is sometimes difficult for the buyer to choose a suitable model. In our review, we will talk about the main differences between containers and lunch boxes, recommend high-quality models of famous brands, talk about the possibilities of application. As a result, you can choose goods that meet precisely your needs.



This video contains a selection of seven best containers and lunch boxes according to Posudamart. Our expert will tell you about each model, show a close-up, testing for tightness. The rating is compiled on the basis of real sales of our online store, it will help you decide on the choice of suitable shape, design, design, brand.

How are containers for food different from lunch boxes

There are differences between best storage containers that are important for the right choice and further operation.

Features of containers for food



Joseph Joseph containers for food are designed for storage in the refrigerator and freezer

Often containers are used to store finished food or blanks in the refrigerator or freezer. For the production of best storage containers are used: plastic without BPA (bisphenol, a), borosilicate glass, tritan (plastic, similar to glass), stainless or enameled steel. Modern equipment allows you to produce inventory of different volumes and shapes (round, square, rectangular). The covers are made of plastic, for fastening, fixers, seals are used. Set of containers of various shapes and volumes will come in handy in any kitchen. Some models (mainly glass) are suitable not only for storage, but also for heating dishes in microwaves and cooking in the oven, they can serve ready-made food on the table. Containers with a vacuum system will provide long-term storage and conservation of heat of best storage containers, relevant for quick pickling. Best storage containers with a sealed lid are suitable not only for storage, but also for transporting soups, broths, salads, basic dishes and side dishes.

Features of lunch boxes



Monbento lunch boxes are designed to transport food

Lunch boxes are an inventory that is used to transport best storage containers and finished dishes. This is their main difference from containers. The best storage containers are equipped with a dense and sealed lid so that the food does not flow during the transportation process. For the production of lunch boxes, it is mainly used safe food plastic, resistant to mechanical damage. Devices are distinguished by design and functions: there are models with one and several sections, compact options for children are provided and spacious for adults. Some manufacturers produce in the kit for lunch boxes sets of cutlery in cases, sauces, aesthetic dog food storage containers, bottles. The lunch box is useful to schoolchildren and students, offices, drivers, tourists, and everyone who wants to eat useful home food anywhere and at any time.

Top-7 best containers for food and lunch boxes 2022

Round glass container Zwilling, Gusto collection

The advantage of the container is multifunctionality. Inventory is suitable for storing and freezing best storage containers, heating food, baking in the oven (without a cover with latches). The container has a volume of 1. 3 liters, made of conciliatate glass. The material does not absorb smells, it is well washed, it remains transparent for a long time. The plastic lid is sealed, has four side locks and seals. The contents are not spilled during transportation, and best storage containers retain freshness. The valve on the lid opens, allowing you to safely heat the dishes in the microwave. Inventory can be washed in a dishwasher.

  • Universal application;
  • Can be used in the oven (without a lid) and in a microwave (with a lid);
  • Convenient valve for the output of steam on the lid;
  • A sealed design.

Enameled steel container with a lid of Ejiry, collection of Provence

A rectangular steel enameled container of the Japanese brand EJry has a stylish design. Convenient plastic cover protects the contents from extraneous odors. The case of the best storage container is made of high-quality steel and covered with durable enamel with the addition of sugar powder, which is used as a fixer. A graceful plant ornament in the Provence style on the surface will perfectly complement the interior of modern kitchen. The container is quite universal: it is suitable for storing food in the refrigerator and freezer, feeding cold dishes (salads, flooding, jerky) to the table, baking and warming up dishes in the oven (without a lid). Inventory can be washed manually or in a dishwasher.

  • Elegant design;
  • Durable metal case;
  • Unique super-strength sugar enamel;
  • Does not absorb extraneous tastes and smells;
  • Can be used in the oven.
  • Not suitable for the microwave;
  • Not a sealed cover.

A set of 4 glass containers with a Nest, Joseph & Joseph lid

The kit is supplied in a colorful proprietary box and consists of 4 rectangular containers with a capacity of 130 ml to 2. 5 liters. The case of the best storage containers is made of heat-resistant borosilicate glass. Each container is equipped with a colored lid made of environmentally friendly plastic. The lids are firmly snapping, ensuring the safety of best storage containers. Inventory can be placed in the refrigerator, microwave, prepared dishes in the oven (removing the lid). Empty containers and lids are folded in the form of “nesting dolls” – to save space in the kitchen. Containers can be washed in a dishwasher, placing the covers in the upper part.

  • Compact storage system;
  • Suitable for the oven and microwave;
  • 10 year manufacturer's warranty.
  • Sensitivity to temperature changes, it is impossible to put from the freezer into a preheated oven.

Set of 4 vacuum containers with hand pump VAC-REC-Smaller Green, Status

The set consists of rectangular vacuum containers ranging in size from 500 ml to 2 liters, lids with valves for evacuating air and a manual vacuum pump. Containers made of transparent borosilicate glass are allowed to be placed in the freezer, refrigerator, heat up dishes in the microwave oven and oven (without a lid). The use of vacuum significantly increases the shelf life of best storage containers. The date and month indicator located on the top of the lid will help you control the expiration dates. Clean containers fold compactly, saving space in the closet, filled dog food containers fit perfectly in the refrigerator. Equipment is suitable for washing in a dishwasher.

  • Increases the shelf life of best storage containers up to 5 times;
  • Simple air pumping technology;
  • Do not absorb foreign tastes and odors;
  • Compactness.
  • Careful handling is required, glass is a fragile material.

Rectangular black lunch box MB Original, Monbento

In a stylish lunch box by the French brand Monbento, you should carry food to the office, to study and to relax. The inventory is made of safe food grade BPA-free plastic. The design consists of two containers with a volume of 500 ml, equipped with airtight lids. Each compartment holds different ingredients (main course, sauce, side dish). Food can be heated in the microwave by opening a special valve on the lid. The containers are connected with an elastic strap for safe transportation. Thanks to its compactness and length of 18. 5 cm, the lunch box can easily fit even in a lady's bag. The inventory does not absorb food odors, it is well washed by hand and dishwasher. In addition to the lunch box, you can buy a neoprene lunch bag to help keep food warmer, a set of cutlery in a plastic case, gravy boats, bottles for drinks and smoothies. A beautiful set enhances the aesthetics of eating, creates a special mood, increases the motivation to eat right and healthy.

  • Beauty, stylish design, the ability to purchase various accessories;
  • High quality materials;
  • Opaque plastic enhances the aesthetics of eating;
  • Tightness of the structure;
  • Can be used in the microwave.
  • High price;
  • The need to use an elastic band to fasten the compartments of the lunch box.

Baby Plastic Vacuum Storage Container, Zwilling, Fresh & Save Collection

The Zwilling Fresh & Save Vacuum Container is adorned with colorful designs of funny dinosaurs. The model is perfect for a child to take homemade food to study, mugs, workouts. The inventory is made of durable and safe for health plastic, without BPA. Inside the container there are dividing partitions. The lid closes tightly, a tightness is created by a vacuum pump – so the best storage containers stay fresh longer. The container is easy to use: it can be put in the refrigerator, microwave oven, and for cleaning it can be washed in the dishwasher. The Zwilling Culinary World mobile application, combined with a QR code on the lid, will help you track the shelf life of best storage containers.

  • Bright design will appeal to children;
  • Vacuum storage will keep food fresher longer;
  • The partition inside the container will not allow the best storage containers to mix, preserve the aesthetics of the meal;
  • Can be used in the microwave;
  • A mobile application will help control the shelf life of food.
  • The vacuum pump is not included, you need to buy it separately.

Glass vacuum container with plastic lid, Zwilling, Fresh & Save collection

The German brand Zwilling vacuum storage container is of high quality and reliability. Thanks to vacuum technology, the food in the container stays fresh 5 times longer, retaining all the beneficial vitamins and minerals. The case of the model is made of heat-resistant borosilicate glass: inventory can be put in the freezer, heat food in a microwave oven, bake dishes in the oven (up to 180°C, without a lid), and also wash in a dishwasher. A valve is placed on the cover to connect the vacuum pump. With the help of a QR code and a smartphone application, it is easy to control the shelf life of food, the mobile notification system will not let you forget about the best storage containers left for storage in the container.

  • Universal applications;
  • Vacuum storage allows you to increase the shelf life of best storage containers up to 5 times;
  • A mobile application will help control the shelf life of food and remind you of their expiration;
  • Can be used for cooking in the oven and microwave;
  • Does not absorb foreign tastes and odors.
  • Vacuum pump needs to be purchased separately.

What is the best food container?

To choose the right food container or lunch box, you need to consider the materials of manufacture and functionality. Let's consider these parameters in more detail.

Glass containers



Zwilling Glass Containers do not stain or absorb food odors

Heat-resistant glass containers are ideal for storing food in the refrigerator, heating in the microwave and cooking in the oven. Glass is an environmentally friendly, safe material that does not affect the taste and aroma of best storage containers. Glass containers do not stain from bright best storage containers, they are well washed by hand and dishwasher. Containers are heavy and quite fragile, so they are not suitable for transportationdden temperature changes and mechanical damage reduce the strength of best storage containers.

Plastic containers



Joseph Joseph Plastic bins are light, strong and handy

Plastic containers come in a variety of shapes, colors and capacities. The material is quite durable and lightweight – the best storage containers are convenient to take on a trip. In the best storage containers of well-known brands, high-quality and safe materials are used.

It is not recommended to place coloring, greasy, acidic best storage containers in plastic containers for a long period. It is important to read the pictograms on the label, packaging – the operating conditions depend on this.

  • "PP", "5", – safe plastic (polypropylene);
  • "BPA Free" – no bisphenol, A;
  • "Fork with a glass" – suitable for best storage containers;
  • "Snowflake" – freezer;
  • "Waves" – microwave oven;
  • "Plate with drops" – dishwasher.

Steel containers (enamelled, stainless steel)



Ejiry Enamel containers are aesthetic and suitable for serving

Metal containers are distinguished by mechanical strength and durability, and are optimal for use in the kitchen. Stainless steel does not affect the taste properties of best storage containers. Some models have an enamel coating that protects the surface from scratches. Not all kitchen appliances are suitable for containers: they cannot be used in the microwave, but you can heat up, bake dishes in the oven (after removing the lid)ch inventory should be washed by hand or dishwasher, without abrasive best storage containers.

Petmate 24698 A plastic container for storing food in the style of a mason, medium, 40 pounds need to consider the materials

Petmate 24698 a plastic container for storing food in the style of a mason, medium, 40 pounds

Vacuum containers (with manual and electric pumps)



Zwilling The use of vacuum containers extends the shelf life of best storage containers

Devices are needed for long-term storage of various best storage containers. The lid with seals closes securely around the perimeter. Using a manual or electric pump, air is pumped out of the container, a vacuum is createdch containers can be taken on trips, used at home. The inventory is suitable for housewives who rationally treat best storage containers. Some containers can be placed in the microwave after removing the lid. The containers are not deformed, they are made of durable materials – borosilicate glass, tritan, polypropylene, and the lids are made of thick plastic. To access the best storage containers, just slide the valve and the lid opens easily.

Lunch boxes with sections



Monbento Lunch boxes with sections – it's convenient and aesthetically pleasing

The sectional lunch box is convenient for taking home-cooked meals with you. The sections in the container are separated by partitions, and a multi-tiered system is also used – the containers are fastened with a latch or an elastic band. The sections are equipped with airtight lids – the best storage containers will definitely not mix during transportation. You can put salad, meat dishes, fish, side dishes in a lunch box – it all depends on the number and volume of compartments. The inventory is suitable for students, office workers, athletes, it will allow you to eat varied and preserve the aesthetics of eating.

Lunch boxes without sections



Emsa Lunch boxes are great for transporting lunches and snacks

These best storage containers are equipped with an airtight lid and can accommodate a medium portion of a dish or side dish. In terms of convenience, inventory is inferior to multi-section models – for a set lunch and dinner, you need to take several containers that will take up more space in your bag.

Thermoses for food and soup



Monbento Thermos for food will keep the temperature of cold and hot dishes

Thermoses for best storage containers keep the temperature for several hours and are airtight. Models have a volume of 0. 5 – 1. 5 liters, this is enough for one or more servings of the dish. The main difference from classic thermoses is a convenient wide neck. Ergonomic utensils are suitable for soups, cereals, dishes with liquid sauce (stew, goulash). The robust design of the food thermos guarantees the safe transportation of food. The inventory is suitable for lovers of tourism, outdoor activities, employees who do not have a microwave in the office to warm up food.

Children's lunch boxes



Zwilling Children's lunch box looks stylish and bright

Data of lunch boxes by design are identical to adult models, but have differences. The containers contain small portions of food that is optimal for the child's diet. The presence of a sealed cover does not allow best storage containers to stain the contents of the portfolio. The container materials are safe for health and do not contain harmful substances. Additional advantages are mechanical strength, low weight, comfortable ergonomics. Bright drawings, images of cartoon heroes on lunch box will provide the child with a good mood.

Lunch boxes with heated



Posudamart lunch-bex with an electric heater will help out if there is no microwave in the office

Models with heating are made of durable heat-resistant plastic. Inside is a container for several tiers – for different types of dishes. For convenient transportation of food, the lid tightly adjusts, a spoon and fork are placed in a special compartment. In the lower part of the device is a heating element and a connector for connecting a cable to a socket or USB connector. Depending on the model, heating of food is 5 – 20 minutes. Inventory is suitable for students, workers who do not have a microwave in the office.

Lunch boxes with heated from a cigarette lighter



Posudamart lunch-box with a heated from a cigarette lighter will come in handy for driver, motorists, tourists

These lunch boxes are made of durable and safe food plastic, have several sections, a tight cover and equipped with a heater. The main difference is a 12 V. Power source is connected by a cable to a car coutor, heats up in 20 minutes. In the lunch box section, you can put delicious homemade food and warm up if possible. Thanks to compactness, the inventory will fit in the car interior. The device is useful to drivers, travelers, on a picnic.


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