Training a dog with a clicker and an electronic collar

April 4, 2023
Dog Training
Training a dog with a clicker and an electronic collar

Using a dog clicker or an electronic collar can speed up the training process. In the first case, it will pass without any stress for the dog and the owner. Both techniques are based on the mechanism of a conditioned reflexch devices can be used to develop hunting skills in a pet.

This review should describe what their essence is. This will help you understand which method to choose.



Training with a clicker

Using the clicker for training, start with the learning process. You need to know how to use it. The device can be purchased at any pet store. It is a plastic object with a button or tongue. It fits comfortably in the hand.

In order to extract the click, you must press the button. If training will be carried out using a clicker, the sound should be extracted at the moment when the pet correctly executes the command. Not earlier and not later.

All training should be accompanied not only by work with the remote control, but also by treats. Reward your pet after pressing the button. Don’t forget verbal praise.

What is the purpose of using the device

If you want to learn how to work with a clicker correctly, you need to familiarize yourself with simple recommendations:

  1. The clicking sound should not act as a reward. With it, you signal the praise or treat that your pet is waiting for.
  2. With proper use of the clicker, the dog will form two thoughts. A click means the correct execution of the command and a quick treat.
  3. With the help of a clicker, the dog will remember commands better than with verbal praise.

Need to introduce the pet to the device

Before you start using the device, you will need to familiarize your dog with it. She must understand what this peculiar remote control means to her. The familiarization process is called “charging”.

correctly executes command

Clicker training your dog with an E collar- Purely Positive dog training

You need to take treats in your hand, a remote control in the other. By clicking once, wait for the pet to pay attention by turning to the sound. Once this happens, treat and praise your pet.

Since you will have to practice quite often, you will need a lot of treats. Repeat the procedure several times, varying the duration of holding the treats before using the clker. The dog should not immediately begin to wait for sweets.

If the pet will try to sniff a delicious bait, take it away, just squeeze it stronger in your hands. The clker in this situation should be used as soon as the pet loses interest.

Favorite behavior

If you bought a special remote control for training, you need to observe how the pet refers to the crack. He can run away by hearing the sound. In this case, the device will need to be wrapped with a towel. Instead of a clicker, you can use, for example, a ballpoint pen with a button.

After the procedures done, the dog may continue to run away. It happens in the process of training and such. In this situation, you will need to use some other method. For example, making voice tips at the time of training.

Learning process

For training, you will need to choose a quiet and calm place. As soon as the pet understands what you are achieving from him, you can start studying different commands. The room should not be distracting factors. If there is a personal courtyard, then classes can be transferred to the street.

As reviews show, over time, you can carry out the training process in a noisy place. But first you have to wait for the dog to completely get used to the clicker.


Reception “fishing”

Click on the button every time the pet correctly executes the command. Among the numerous techniques of training, one can distinguish a technique called “fishing”. It implies that it is necessary to catch the moment for clicking, when the pet independently and without a command will perform the right action.

This technique is effective only if the pet is able to perform specific actions without commands. Using the remote control in this situation, it will be possible to consolidate the understanding that everything was done correctly with a pet.

Using edible lures

During the training, it is worth using an edible bait. With this, the dog can be encouraged to perform the expected actions. For example, treats are often used when you need to teach a pet to go to bed. To do this, bring your hand with sweetness to the nose of the pet and begin to gradually lower it. The animal needs to Down. When the dog’s elbows touch the floor surface, click with a remote control and treat it.

Over time, the bait from the hand must be removed when performing this exercise. As a result, you can ensure that the pet goes to bed when the signal is given by the hand.

Important recommendations

When working with the device, you need to know some basic rules:


  1. The process of training must be proceeded when a conditioned reflex is formed.
  2. Using the clker, it is necessary to confirm only the correct actions and the correct execution of commands.
  3. No need to use a clique to attract the attention of a pet.
  4. It will be possible to achieve a higher effect if the treats are high-quality.
  5. Periodically, it is necessary to give the dog a large number of sweets, if there was a breakthrough.
  6. If, after click, the pet ran up to the trainer, there is nothing wrong with that.
  7. The exercise must be divided into components so that the dog more often receives confirmation that it performs the right actions.
  8. The purpose of training is not in the order, but in consolidating behavior.
  9. The clker should stop using as soon as the dog begins to respond to the command.
Training a dog with a clicker and an electronic collar The room

Training a dog with a clicker and an electronic collar

If everything was done correctly, the dog can acquire a lot of skills. Including hunting.

After watching the video, you will learn a lot of interesting things about working with a clker.

Shocker for dogs

The electric shine for dogs is a tool for training, developing the required reflexes. Using an accessory, you can control the pet at a distance. It is often used in sports competitions in which the owner is not allowed to be near the dog.


As reviews show, such an electronic collar is often called the “electric shocker”. This is due to the fact that training occurs using a category. This accessory with the help of an impulse affects the pet and makes the commands.

There is such a stun gun that is equipped with a tone signal and vibration. But still, these are more humane products in comparison with a strangle and a strict collar. The dog will not feel pain, but unpleasant scratches.

A variety of accessories

In order to understand which collar to choose, you need to learn about the available options:

  1. Electronic accessory with several receivers. Stimulation is carried out in a larger area. The dog will not be able to evade several receivers, avoiding unpleasant sensations.
  2. Electronic collar with navigation. With it, you can track where the pet is located.
  3. There is a “stun gun” with which you can influence not only on the neck. And it is not necessary to change the accessory. It is enough to switch from one receiver to another.

You can choose an electronic collar, guided by the breed of your dog and goals. When the device is purchased, you can start working out skills.

The essence of training with the collar

The electronic collar must be involved only when the pet performs incorrect actions. As soon as the command is executed, unpleasant scratches should immediately disappear.

You can not constantly use such a stamp. Otherwise, it will be possible to achieve the opposite effect. The dog will simply stop understanding what actions are necessary to perform. Accordingly, confidence will disappear. Therefore, stimulation must be dose not only in time, but also by strength.


As reviews show, the electronic collar is subject to any person. In order to learn how to work with him, you do not need to have special skills and knowledge. The main thing is to understand the basics of training.

Important recommendations

  1. To put on an electronic element on your pet must be in advance.
  2. Stimulation at the initial stage should be the lowest. The pet must be completely relaxed.
  3. If the favorite squeezes, you need to instantly reduce the level.
  4. The dog should understand what you want to get from it. And to start training, using a stun gun, best from the “Come / Come here” command. At first it is better not to remember the hunting skills

Video ” all about the collar”

The video will talk about the methodology of training using an electronic collar.


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