How to use a clicker to train a dog?

December 26, 2022
How to use a clicker to train a dog?

how to use a clicker to train a dog?

Dog training using a clicker

Cliler-disagreement is a free method of stress, which allows you to achieve great success in learning. In modern training, this method is considered the most effective, since it opens up new opportunities and allows you to quickly work out both circus tricks and basic teams.

What is a clique

A clicker is a small device with a button (or plate), when clicking on which a click is heard. Clickers are of different types – quiet (for training shy animals) and loud;Facing on the wrist or finger.

Varieties of clicks

The clicker does not affect the dog by ultrasound or current. All that he does is publishing a characteristic click (click).

Through click click, the trainer tells the animal which behavior is correct. Thus, the dog does not need to guess what exactly she received a reward. With the right time of click, she clearly understands what action led her to success and, as a result, masters the team faster.

The trainer clicks at the moment when the dog performs the right action

The clique is convenient in that it sounds unique and always the same. The dog will never mix up with some other sound.

How does a disgrace cller work

The training with the help of the clicker is based on the mechanism of conditional reflex.

The classical development of a conditioned reflex is combined during the time of two stimuli, one of which should cause a reflex reaction. Gradually, in the process of developing a conditioned reflex, the second (previously neutral) stimulus becomes equal to the first and also begins to cause a reflex reaction.

For a better understanding, consider the scheme:

1. They put food in front of the dog – the type or smell of food causes salivation in the animal. The reaction occurs reflexively.
2. Turn on the signal (neutral stimulus), then put food – the type or smell of food also causes salivation in the dog. But due to the fact that a signal sounded before feeding, a conditioned reflex is developing.
3. After a frequent combination of the signal and food, one signal (without giving food) will be enough to cause salivation in the dog.

In the case of a cller-denomination, the click is initially a neutral stimulus. But after a multiple combination of click with the subsequent issuance of remuneration, it begins to cause a conditional reflex in the dog.

Thus, when the pet hears a click, he notes the following:

How to use a clicker to train a dog? opportunities and allows you to
  • Attention!
  • This behavior is correct;
  • Now I will receive a reward.

A reward after click can be food, game or something else that your dog really likes.

Clique training step by step

To accustom the dog to the clicker, first of all, it is necessary to develop a conditional reflex in it. Find a calm place without any distracting factors, stock up on a large number of finely chopped goodies (otherwise the dog will eat too quickly) and follow the scheme below:

Step 1. First acquaintance with the clicker

  • Click and immediately give the dog a piece. At first, no more than 1 second should take place between the moment of click and the cottage of goodies.
  • Repeat this exercise 15-20 times, then finish your workout and let the dog relax or play.

Step 2. We continue the started

Next, act, as in the first exercise, but keep the treat not in your hand, but in a bag or at some distance at the nightstand.

  • Put the treat in the distance and return to the dog.
  • Click, then slowly take a treat and give it to the dog. About 5 seconds should pass between the click and the issuance of reward. In this case, you can change the time intervals.
  • Repeat the exercise periodically so that the pet understood the essence and began to look out for the treat after clicking.

This exercise is aimed at letting the dog understand that although she receives a reward always after a click, sometimes she will have to wait a few seconds. In the future, this will allow you to use the main advantage of the clicker-training: it will be enough just to click at the right time.

Step 3. Learning to the team using the clique

When the dog masters the initial exercises, you can proceed directly to the development of teams using the clicker. As an example, we will analyze the “sit” command.

  • Take the treat and raise it over the dog’s head, provoking sitting down.
  • At that moment, when the Petetska priest touches the floor, click and give a treat. Repeat the exercise several times.
  • When the dog will sit down confidently, enter the Voice command “sit”. Serve it simultaneously or shortly before the dog sits down.
  • When the pet learns to perform the exercise on the voice command (or gesture), you can clean the clicker.

Success in training with a clicker depends on the correct calculation of the time of click and motivation of the dog.

How to use container a clicker correctly

It is important to understand how to use a clicker in order to prevent errors and not reduce the effectiveness of training. Below you can familiarize yourself with the basic rules.

How to use a clicker to train a dog? for training shy animals
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