Dog training as a business

April 6, 2023
Dog Training
Dog training as a business

For a person who loves dogs, there is no better occupation than that which is associated with four-legged pets. True, love alone is not enough for a serious occupation in the upbringing and training of dogs. Certain knowledge and extensive experience with these smart and noble animals are required. Each dog has its own character, temperament and learning ability. It is wrong to think that these qualities depend only on the breed or age of the animal. Even outbred animals are able to learn, behave in society no worse than the most titled dogs.

  • How to start dog training?
  • General course of obedience and protection
  • Social and entertainment programs
  • Step by step plan to start a business
  • How much can you earn
  • How much money do you need to start a business
  • How to choose equipment
  • What OKVED must be specified for dog training
  • What documents are needed to open
  • What taxation system to choose for dog training
  • Do I need permission to open
  • Business technology

In general, the profession of a person who knows how to professionally train dogs is called a cynologist. In addition, he thoroughy knows the physiology of animals, knows how to care for them, feed them, and breed them. Cynologists, in turn, are divided into narrower specialists: cynologist-instructor, helper and handler.

  1. The first specialist is the most perfect level. The cynologist-instructor has all the knowledge that allows you to prepare a dog for a watchdog function, a search one, or simply teach the animal to obedience.
  2. The figurants are trained to perform a protective and patrol function.
  3. Handlers will teach the pet and the owner to behave correctly at exhibitions, to move beautifully in the ring, to show all their advantages from the best side.

The pet training business is good because, in addition to the instructor’s own knowledge and experience, no other investments are required. A playground can be a city park, a sports ground or just city streets. Dog owners are well aware that it is very difficult to find a good specialist who could be trusted with a pet. The competition in the market of services in cynology is minimal.

How to start dog training?

General course of obedience and protection

The most popular breed for the purpose of protection is the German shepherd. This animal has very high intelligence, but it is important to correct it correctly, to direct the direction to the right person. In addition to the protection and protection of the shepherd, it copes with the function of searching and hunting. That is why shepherds are most often involved in the implementation of military tasks and in the police. Private owners of this wonderful breed, when they acquire a puppy, understand that over time a large and strong animal will grow out of it. Therefore, it is important to properly raise the shepherd so that she does not harm either to him or others.

The training of German shepherds according to the simplest program is called – OKD (general training course). It was originally used only in the Soviet Army. The program consists of a complex of commands for obedience and special, which we will talk about just below. Obedience is a mandatory program not only for shepherds. Commands that will help to exist painlessly with a four-legged friend in the urban environment, it is better to know every dog. This will make the communication of the animal, the owner and the surrounding people more comfortable. Special commands are overcoming obstacles and avoiding. They are rarely useful in practice. Experts consider the impossibility of OKD the impossibility of conducting shepherd classes in the urban environment. A dog trained and obedient on the bestdogfood.Expert can be confused in a big city when people crowded.

Another standard in the sports direction is ZKS. It is deciphered as a protective and channel service. This is a wider and more complex program that provides for the further use of dogs to perform special functions (search, watchdog, guard, convoy). In Soviet times, only dogs that passed OKD and ZKS were allowed to breed.

Social and entertainment programs


Among the dog handlers there is a concept – stunt or circus training of dogs. It is carried out on the basis of the above CD. The purpose of the learning is to fulfill the animals of all tricks that we are used to seeing in the circus: “snake”, “somersault”, “Spanish step”, “Black”, movement backwards and so on. After the course of the course, stunt training will make it possible to put a number with which they usually perform at children's holidays, corporate parties and other entertainment events.

Cance therapy is a direction that domestic dog handlers have seriously began to engage in. It includes the socialization and adaptation of people with disabilities with the help of dogs. At the end of the program, the animal can perform functions:

  • Guide;
  • Firefighter;
  • Rescuer on the waters;
  • Pete-therapist.

Before moving on to learning, animals undergo careful selection, are tested. Not only dog handlers, but also psychologists take part in training. Separately, it is necessary to say about Peter therapy, which is successfully used in the West for the treatment of children with autism, cerebral palsy, cardiovascular diseases. In USA, this type of treatment is only developing, which means it has good prospects.

Sports types of training

Adjility is a type of training that both the pet and its master are happy to perform. For classes, the breed of a four-legged pet is absolutely not important. Frisbee can be ranked to game types of training. The meaning of the competition is that the animal caught and brought the owner in turn abandoned plates. Classes are built in the form of a game, and a treat for dogs with such fun training is a key to success. At the moment of promotion, it is worth stopping separately. Any treat must meet several criteria:

  1. It should be liked by the animal;
  2. The delicacy should not harm the animal;
  3. In everyday life, the dog should not receive it;
  4. Pieces should be the same size and not require a long chewing.

The treat is most often – these are pieces of boiled meat, cheese, crackers. Ready-made mixtures of dry feed for training are also sold in pet stores.

As you can see, there are many directions in the movie today. Every owner wants to have a well-educated dog, and some only need to help learn to communicate with a pet. Classes can be carried out in groups and individually. In any case, the services of a good dog handler have always been appreciated and appreciated high. Whatever direction and form of classes the specialist chosen for himself, he will never be left without earnings.

Step by step plan to start a business

To be able to engage in dog training, you need to have a special education. In cases of necessity, you can conclude an agreement with a person who has it. Further it will be required: • register as a subject of entrepreneurial activity;• conduct an advertising company;• enter into a contract. Despite the reduction of special sites for training, they still exist. In this regard, you can not immediately invest in rent, but in the future it is best to rent a piece of land and install the necessary attributes for training there.

How much can you earn

The cost of one group lesson with a dog is from $5 to 7. Individual training is somewhat more expensive, within $10 – $12. If classes are held at the house of the client, then taking into account the departure, the price increases to $25. As a rule, 2 – 3 classes are held per week. Accordingly, the cost of training one dog per month will cost the owners of $90 – $300.

Dog training as a business very difficult

Dog training as a business

How much money do you need to start a business

To open your business on training, it is enough to have at least 50 thousand in stock, this is in cases of renting a land plot and the arrangement of it necessary for a full training of attributes.

How to choose equipment

There are a fairly large number of equipment for training dogs: • Barrier-pipe of various heights for dogs up to 1 meter and higher;• runoff with a cylinder;• balancer;• Barrier for dogs with a height of 1. 5 to them 1. 8 meters;• boom;• springboard, etc.

What OKVED must be specified for dog training

When passing registration, we indicate the OKVED code 96. 09. It includes the provision of various kinds of personal services that are not included in other groups.

What documents are needed to open

To be able to legally engage in dog training, you will need to apply for a legal entity or register as an individual entrepreneur. In addition to receiving a certificate of registration as a subject of entrepreneurial activity, it is necessary to have special documents, for example, a certificate of instructor-Denistent.

What taxation system to choose for dog training

Simplified the best option for this kind of activity. It will allow you to pay 6% of income or 15% of net profit, i. E. Income minus expenses.

Do I need permission to open

It is not required to obtain permission or license for dog training. A certificate of registration and a document confirming the relevant education are necessary.

Business technology

The search for customers is the main area for a successful business training business. For this, advertising of your business direction with all kinds of allowed methods will help.

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