Can dogs have salsa? Power of Salsa

March 31, 2023
Can dogs have salsa? Power of Salsa

Previously, the dog Salsa was called Shaltayka-Boltayka. When walking, she swayed from side to side, dragging her paws behind her and constantly falling to the ground. Now she is learning to walk on her own, not to be afraid of entrances and stairs, to play with other animals, to keep her body in balance. And all – with the help of Ruth, who did not pass by

Behind the front door of Ruth's apartment on the rug is a fluffy lop-eared head with sad brown beady eyes. This is Salsa – a small dog with a black and white color and funny protruding ears. She ended up in the house of the temporary mistress Ruth a month and a half ago – the girl took her away to rehabilitate her: Salsa does not walk well and she needs special care and constant classes. Adult dogs are taken from shelters with difficulty, and even more so if they have a disability.

Mysterious Appearance

When Salsa was Shaltailka, she was caught outside the village of Mountain Shield and brought to the short-term detention center for animals. At first, the "catchers" reported that her own owners had handed her over. Because they were strangers. For some time, Shaltayka lived in a short-term detention center (PKS), and then Ruth Vayman saw her story in the community of the ZOOzashchita Foundation on VKontakte. The girl came to the dog.

“I knew right away that she was patient. She crawled more than walked, dragged her paws behind her, swayed, constantly fell to the ground, got up again and walked. At the same time, she endured and tried to hold her body when she went to the toilet, – Ruth recalls.

In the video that the girl took during the first meeting, you can see how the dog runs forward, collects all the bumps around him, falls, gets up, turns around and runs again. It seems that her torso dangles from side to side, like a balloonth frowns, remembering what this dog was like a month ago. Completely helpless. Heather Backer for the Roizman Foundation The girl came to the place where the dog was caught and asked people about it. But she didn't find out anything. Humpty's appearance was mysterious. Her claws were trimmed, a muscular corset was present, and her paw pads were not worn off. The dog was familiar with the sounds of the kettle, microwave, TV. If she was homeless, she would hardly have survived, so Ruth thought that the trouble with the dog happened recently. And there is a chance that it can be put on its paws.

According to the law, it is impossible to keep a dog on the territory of the PKS for more than a month. After trapping and sterilization, the animal is released into the street. Humpty simply would not have survived with her health characteristics and would probably have been hit by a car.

– I felt sorry for her, I wanted to psychologically keep this dog in a stable condition, to show that there is a place where it will be warm. So I took her, – says Ruth.

The owner strokes the dog's fluffy coat and pokes at its protruding ears. Salsa puts her head on the girl's palms and moves forward with sliding movements on the floor. The hind legs are bent and confused, but the dog persistently tries to raise them. One, two… She seems to be trembling all over. But she succeeds.

Dog with special features

Heather Backer for the Roizman Foundation At first, Shaltayka stumbled in the house on all the doorposts, she was afraid of the entrance and the stairs to the point of screeching: she lay down and refused to get up. On a walk, she was in a hurry to walk, because she wanted to play. The hind legs did not obey, the front paws stumbled because of this. Because of her haste, she often fell. I saw other dogs and barked, but I understood that I could not run like them.

After examination by a neurologist, it turned out that the dog's brain was in order. Internal organs too. The doctor suggested that her peripheral nervous system was affected: the brain gives the right impulses to her paws, but they do not obey.

“I didn’t know what results I could achieve with her. Therefore, we began to enjoy every step, – says Ruth. Heather Backer for the Roizman Foundation After an examination by doctors, Ruth ordered an orthopedic corset for the dog – it was made with money collected on the Internet.

“In a corset, her paws are stable, and her muscles remember how to put them correctly,” Ruth explains, pointing to the dog’s paws. Salsa lies motionless at the feet of the hostess and sniffs. From time to time he shudders and opens his eyes.

After the dog began to walk in a corset, a lot has changed in its movement. And not only in movement, but also in life. And it all started with a name change.

New nickname

Heather Backer for the Roizman Foundation It was Ruth who gave the dog the name Salsa so that the changes in her life would finally begin and she could play with other animals and walk without difficulty.

The changes were not long in coming and Salsa began to cope with difficulties: the diapers who gave out for her did not come in handy, because the dog independently kept landing, began to navigate in space, gently lay down on the floor. Climbing or going down the stairs, she tried to tighten her hind legs. At such moments, he was joyfully wagged with his tail and whined.

Take yourself in paws

Can dogs have salsa? Power of Salsa walk to lay the

Can dogs have salsa? Power of salsa

Heather Backer for the Roizman Foundation for some time Ruth simply brought the dog into the staircase so that she ceased to be afraid of him. Then the salsa for the first time rose to two steps, then five.

– One day we climbed twenty steps. And recently we went to the record – twenty-five! And I believe that she will then overcome even more, ”the girl tells me. – Salsa – thoughtful dog. I am struck by her strength of spirit, which sometimes lacks people. If she did not want to, she would not try to get up. But she herself fights with her fears.

Human care

For a walk, Ruth still takes the salsa in her arms. The dog even sits down and jumps to climb. Half an hour walks sometimes turn into a hour and a half of fees and analysis: put on a corset, overalls, lower, take a walk, after a walk to lay the diapers, wash.

– The salsa has fluffy and light wool. So that she would not get dirty, I decided to buy her shoes. But they all turned over, flew off the paws. The dog flopped like a penguin, and as if she said with her eyes: “I won’t go anywhere in these things,” Ruth smiles.

Salsa wears overalls, which Ruth sewed herself. He is in the same color as the decomposition of the raincoat. “We are a gang with her! ” The girl says and laughs.

At home, Ruth trains salsa, kneads her paws. While we are sitting in the kitchen, it leans to the dog and kneads with careful movements pillows on the hind legs. Salsa lends itself well, but does not give a paw, because it is hard to stand on three legs. The girl trains her exactly to walk, is engaged in clker-denunciation for positive reinforcement. It was thanks to this that Salsa learned to sit down correctly. Heather Backer is for the Roizman Foundation and when the girl comes home, the salsa peers out of the room, squints one eye, and if she makes sure that this is a mistress, he quickly crawls towardsth sleeps with a leash in his hand, because her second dog Bucky always gets up early and asks to the toilet. Salsa also sleeps nearby – lies in his feet or near the floor, or he can lie down to the head. And often pulls the blanket like a child.

Salsa is my ninth dog. She raised me and changed me. Imagine, I learn from a dog that, despite external difficult circumstances, you need to pull yourself together. And in her case – in the paws, – the girl admits.


Soon Salsa will go to a private house for overexposure. Ten other dogs with PCS live there. She will be able to communicate with other animals and go outside at any timeth will not be able to keep her dog – she needs to have space to rescue, rehabilitate and educate other dogs that are on the street. Heather Backer for the Roizman Foundation The chance that Salsa will have a family is small. But he is. The chance that in the future this dog will be able to walk normally is also. But on the way to the dream of a full-fledged dog life, she has already overcome too many obstacles.

Now there are ninety-five dogs living in the Short-Term Animal Detention Center, and about a hundred of them are in overexposure. Thanks to the ZOOZashchita Charitable Foundation, dogs leave PKC for a new life. People like Salsa learn to walk, play with other animals, find a warm home and human care. The total amount of payment for the maintenance of dogs in private overexposure is about one hundred thousand. Please sign up for a small, regular donation to ZOOZashchita. So you can help at least one ward of the foundation to get closer to your dog or cat dream.

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