How to choose a leash collar controller for dog training

April 4, 2023
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How to choose a leash collar controller for dog training

The controller collar for dogs is a great tool for controlling and training your pet. Many breeders, until they get a dog, do not even realize how important it is to choose the right protective equipment for her such as a collar. This training accessory is simply impossible to overestimate.

In order to teach your pet to move next to him and not pull you in different directions, you should think about purchasing such a tool as a leash collar controller. Therefore, in this article, it becomes necessary to consider the principle of operation of the device, how to use it correctly, as well as the positive and negative aspects of this training device.

Collar jerky controller. The principle of its action

Collar noose for dogs

Before considering the basic principles of the action of such a tool as a half-choke collar for active dogs, it is worth noting that this item was created by Antoine Najarian. Thus, the inventor of the training tool combined two main functions in one item at once:

  • The impact of the object as a strict collar;
  • The ability to use a dog protective element as a simple collar.

In order to properly educate a pet, it is necessary to resort to such a technique as training with the help of a special tool, and here a special collar, a half-choke chain, came to the rescue.

Choosing the Right Collar for Your Dog – Robert Cabral Dog Training

If we talk about the attitude of the inventor towards four-legged friends, he in no case counted when creating such a tool as a latch, that the remedy could somehow harm the pet. However, the basic principle of action of the object is configured that such breeds of dogs as Doberman, Shepherd, Spitz, Husky, Metis and others should understand that the owner is a dominant, and the dog must obey him. Thus, the harness is necessary so that the dog clearly understands this and does not set itself above a person. However, it is necessary to adjust the behavior of the animal with particular caution, since this process should not differ from what can happen between dogs in flock.

The external description of the bridle provides for the fact that the object resembles a tight nylon cord. The length of such a collar does not exceed three meters. Both edges for education contain two rings with which the stretch stretch is adjusted. In order to understand how durable shock muzzle, it is worth saying that it is designed for five hundred kilograms. Therefore, even a large puppy will be effectively withheld.

How to put on and train the dog with the help of a "controller"?

In order for the trainer to be a complete measure to use the Martingaler to educate, it is necessary to do certain exercises in order to initially accustom the pet to this. Thus, initially you need to teach the dog to wear a remedy and show her that there is absolutely nothing to be afraid of here. In order for the learning process to take place as necessary, you should adhere to the following simple principles:

Do-it-yourself leash collar controller

  1. The elastic cord is laid out on a flat surface in the form of the letter “P” so that the latch is on the left.
  2. After the product is wearing, it is necessary to check its stretch. It should be such that one finger of the owner passes between the dog’s neck and the collar. In the event that the distance is greater, a person will not be able to control the pet, since the protection will simply slide from him.
  3. To verify the correctness of putting on the correctness, it is necessary to check that the collar is located immediately in the area behind the ears of the pet. Only subject to the correct location, you can correctly and simply control both large and smaller pets.

It is also worth noting that this learning system is like a younger age for pets, who are just starting their process of teaching good behavior.

Why choose Controller?

When choosing a collar for training their pet, many breeders are wondering why they should give their preference to the "Controller"? The answer here is simple – the following are its main advantages over other training tools:

  • Due to the fact that the object is round and does not have sharp ends, the pet is completely excluded from injury in the process of education;
  • The tool with the help of a special retainer is effectively held on the neck where the most sensitive points are located;
  • After the active attack of the pet, there is no need to adjust the collar again, as it always remains in the position as you originally secured it;
  • Lightness, convenience and ease of use of the protective agent.
How to choose a leash collar controller for dog training the principle of

The best collars for puppies and dog training

In the manufacture of the noose, the brand provided for the presence of a second retainer.

It is this small detail that allows you to secure the noose on the owner's belt. Therefore, during the active walking of the animal, you will not need to occupy your hands with the leash and constantly fix it. Also, with the help of this device, it becomes possible to effectively and simply control all the movements of the animal.

How to sew the "Controller" yourself?

In order to save a significant amount of money, you can build this protective tool using a conventional nylon cord. To do this, you need to get a special rope of the required length and thickness.

One end of the rope should be tied with a knot that will slide. It is this end that will act as a one-way latch. Therefore, this will mean that when jerking, the knot will tighten and the dog will feel some discomfort.

In order for everything to be sewn correctly, it is worth calculating the length of the rope so that the dog does not suffocate during training. After everything is correctly made, it is necessary to place the device in such a way that the fixing knot is located exactly in the area behind the ears of the animal.

Summing up the article, it should be noted that such a pet training tool as the "Controller" collar is one of the most effective. This is primarily due to the fact that the noose cannot do any harm to the pet, and also injure him during training.

After the pet understands what exactly is required of him, your joint walks will bring only pleasure to both your dog and you.


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