Outdoor dog training Program duration

April 5, 2023
Dog Training
Outdoor dog training Program duration

Overexposure dog training

At the Canine Center or at the dog handler's home The Overexposure Dog Training program is becoming more and more popular among dog owners. This program provides for your dog to live with a dog handler 24/7 for a set period of time, typically 3-4 weeks, and receive effective daily obedience and skill training.

Program duration

The course of training dogs with overexposure has a different duration, on average 1 month. The length of the course depends on many factors: 1) the owners plan to go on a trip and give their dog away for this time; 2) behavior patterns that need to be corrected; 3) previous training or lack of training, etc. Of course, the duration of this course can be reduced, but you, as a dog owner, must understand that not every dog is able to master the training program in less than 30 days. Therefore, reducing the time allotted for training will lead to unstable skills, and then you, the owner of the dog, will have to independently deal not with working out commands, but with training and bringing conditioned reflexes to a skill yourself.

What the program includes:

  • Free departure of the cynologist instructor to your home to get to know you and your dog;
  • Complete examination of the pet;
  • Consultation on the first day of the start of classes;
  • Transportation of the animal to the place of overexposure, if you are not able to do it yourself;
  • Accommodation without meals (meals are negotiated separately);
  • Daily personalized training sessions for your dog throughout the day (30-90 minutes each, depending on the selected training course);
  • Video and photo report on the course of training 1 time in 2-5 days;
  • 2 private field lessons after the end of the training program lasting 1 hour each, in which you are given all the information on the methods, strategies for further handling of your dog;
  • Free consultations, if necessary, after completing a full course of training throughout the life of the dog (by phone ore-mail).

For which dog owners is the Overexposure Dog Training Program best suited?

Clients who:

  • They do not have the time to engage in the education of a dog under the sensitive guidance of an instructor-kinologist at home;
  • They have no skills and knowledge to independently train their dog;
  • Have a dog that is physically stronger than they;
  • They have already tried to train their dog with other dog lines or independently, without getting positive results;
  • They tried to independently cope with various problems in the behavior of their dog, not knowing how to do it right;
  • Have certain goals for teaching their favorite, and the understanding that these goals can be achieved much faster with the help of a professional dog handler;
  • They often travel or leave for a long time and do not want to leave their dog in a regular hotel or boarding house, where the dog receives only a minimum number of exercises or does not receive at all, and often becomes alarming and nervous;
  • They want to go on vacation, but they can’t take their dog with them and would like to give her the opportunity to enjoy safe, interesting, stimulating and developing environment, in which their favorite, he or she, can also enjoy his vacation!

Overexposure training. Weitmaraner. Practicing the sit command

How does everything happen?

Everything is very simple. Our kinologist instructor comes to your house. He meets you and the dog, examines the pet and assesses the state of his health, looks at the behavior, finds out all the necessary information about your dog. In accordance with your wishes and goals, it develops an individual training plan for the pupil. Next, you agree on the conditions for the transportation of your dog to the place of temporary residence and training. By agreement, the transfer of your four-legged friend is carried out either by a dog handler or you yourself.

Every day with your dog, classes are held for 30-90 minutes (depending on the course of training) 2-3 times a day. Between workouts, he or she will have time to play, eat, walk and rest. At the end of the full course of the Overexposure Dog Training program, the cynologist visits your home and conducts individual lessons to teach you how to properly maintain and improve all the skills your dog has acquired with us. 2 hours of these private lessons will help you understand what to do now with your obedient dog. You can also ask the cynologist all the questions you are interested in regarding the upbringing and training of your dog. Note that the cynologist does not say goodbye to you. If you have a question about your pet, the cynologist will always be able to consult you by phone for free throughout the life of your dog.

Outdoor dog training Program duration guidance of an instructor

Outdoor dog training program duration

German Shepherd and Jack Russell Terrier Training

Upon returning home, your dog will be able and aware of how to:

  • Sit and wait politely at the door when, for example, you come home from work or pay for pizza delivery;
  • Sit still and greet people without jumping, licking, or other misbehaving;
  • Wait obediently for you at the store or counter, calmly reacting to everything that happens around;
  • Chew only dog toys, not furniture and other things;
  • Dutifully walk beside him on a leash and do not pull on him when you are walking;
  • Down quietly in your place when you have dinner or you have guests that the dog does not like;
  • Willingly sit still during grooming or veterinary examinations;
  • Reliably execute commands such as "sit", "down", "stand", "Come / Come here", "stop that! " And many other commands provided by the program designed for your dog.

Dog requirements:

  • Age: from 12 weeks (3 months);
  • Breed: any, including mongrels;
  • Weight: no restrictions;
  • Vaccinations: all necessary vaccinations must be done. Deworming was carried out in the current month. The dog must be treated for endoparasites no earlier than 3 days before the start of the training course. Dog owners should be able to provide us with a copy of the vaccination history and medical records from the veterinarian;
  • State of health: the dog must be physically healthy and without signs of illness in the form of a runny nose, cough, sneezing and fever. Only when the dog is healthy will he be able to get the most out of all our training sessions.

It is worth noting that each Overexposure Dog Training program is unique to a particular dog. The price will depend on the purpose of the training (obedience training, general training course, behavior correction, protective guard service, bodyguard dog and other specialized types of training), which in turn affects the duration of the program. The minimum recommended duration for an overexposure dog training program is 20-30 days.

Each program is most effective only when the learning process is completed!

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