Dog chain: kennel collars for dog training

March 31, 2023
Dog Training
Dog chain: kennel collars for dog training

Metal dog chains are for the most part a tool for raising large and medium-sized animals with a heavy character and large gaps in training. Some can be used daily, while others should have an educational effect in portions. If there are difficulties with self-selection, it is strongly recommended to consult with a breeder or dog handler.

What are the chains for dogs

For dogs in pet stores you can see a wide variety of accessories and toys. Some of them perform a decorative task, others are intended to correct behavior or other needs.


Metal accessories for dogs

Today, metal chains for dogs are often used, due to the large number of their advantageous features:

  • High-quality metal does not irritate the skin of the animal, is able to withstand bad weather conditions;
  • Visually, such chains do not crush the neck of the animal and do not distract its attention;
  • In the process of movement, the links of the chains make a characteristic sound, which can be used in the process of training.

Also, breeders note the excellent quality, strength and durability of products at a fairly reasonable cost.

The chain for the dog is divided into the following varieties:

  • Chain-noose for dogs, or jerk chain;
  • Dog chain;
  • Chain collar for dogs.

Note! In recent years, less and less people use booth products, since the ineffectiveness of dogs that have been on a leash throughout their lives has been proven.

Metal leashes and collars are preferable for dogs of large and medium breeds, for example, German Shepherd, Husky, Pit Bulls, etc. It will be quite difficult for small breeds to wear metal products.

Jerk chain or choke chain

For dogs that need behavioral adjustments, jerky dog leashes are used quite often. An additional advantage of the accessory is the ability to use it in several ways:

  • Directly as a collar, which, when jerking, is delayed on the neck of the pet. Dandemists and professional trainers consider this attribute an integral component of the education of wayward and uncontrolled four-legged friends;
  • As an extension cord for an ordinary leash.


Jerk chain for dogs of medium and large breeds

The structures are equipped with two metal rings for fixing with a leash. Thus, with a strong tension of the leash, the dog squeezes his throat itself.

For your information! The average length is 0. 5 meters, and the optimal thickness for medium breeds is 2. 5 mm.

Closures for dog guaranteeing dogs

Binded chains for dog guards are mainly made of high-quality steel so that the links do not open in the process of continuous operation. Additionally, the design is equipped with a carbine, thanks to which a rapid and reliable fixing of the chain on the area where protection is needed is carried out. The accessory must be selected taking into account the area.

The optimal thickness of the links is about 5 mm, the workload is 30-45 kg, the length is 3-5 m.

Walking chain

Walking leashes are recommended for medium and large dogs. The length and thickness of the selected accessory will depend on again the size and weight of the animal, as well as its temperament. As practice shows, the most suitable option is a length of 0. 8-1 m.

Note! The links can have different sizes, shape, in some models you can additionally adjust the length.


Closures for dog guaranteeing dogs

Criterias of choice

It may seem difficult to make a choice only at first glance. During the purchase, it is strongly recommended to follow several basic criterion.

  • No more than 5 kg – up to 2 mm;
  • From 5 to 15 kg – 3 mm;
  • 15-25 kg-thickness 4 mm;
  • 25-40 kg-thickness 5 mm.


Metal leash for large dogs

Note! If the links are slightly erased during operation, for the repair you can use threaded carabiners, which are designed to connect damaged elements.

In order for the product to last longer, you need to regularly inspect the integrity of the structure, otherwise the animal can break and get lost or create a lot of trouble to its owner by attacking a person or another animal.

You can purchase products in pet stores, the cost of them is very different. It all depends on the manufacturer, the quality of the material used and many other factors. If difficulties arise when choosing, it is recommended to consult a seller or a person thinking in these issues.


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