Dog training pants – Amunition for correction of dog behavior

March 31, 2023
Dog Training
Dog training pants - Amunition for correction of dog behavior


In previous posts, I talked about everyday ammunition, in which the dog can and should walk every day. The same will talk about special ammunition, which is used for a specific purpose, and not wear every day (contrary to common opinion).

The first on the list will be a dog haunting. It is often called Halti, by the name of the company, which was the first to release this product (it is Halti who is shown in the first photo).

What is the halter

It looks like a loop on the nose of a dog, which can drag on and expand. The loop is attached with straps, wrapping his neck behind the ears; The original halter also has an attach to the collar, in case the downtime is somehow removed. A plastic latch usually acts as a fastener, it is very tight in Halti. The loop on the nose is softer than other straps, so that the wool does not wipe and scratches the skin.

The loop is covered in a ring that does not allow this loop to be delayed to infinity, to the ring covered in a loop, a leash clings. The leash is pulled – the loop is tightened. The loop should be wide so that the dog can calmly yawn, drink and eat.

Why is it needed

The only goal for which the hassle is suitable is to teach the dog to walk Heel and walk without pulling the leash. Well, even in the process, you can teach contact (the dog will always notice you and approach at any call). They don’t use it anywhere else, in any case, I have never heard of this.

• How it works

The principle of the halter is like this. As soon as the dog pulls, the loop is drawn around her mouth and causes discomfort. At the same time, the dog’s muzzle, following the leash, turns to the side from where the dog pulls. That is, to the owner. The dog becomes simply uncomfortable to pull. She cannot approach the desired place, and even when tearing the leash receives inconvenience, the muzzle turns away. Continuing disadvantages.

The dog is looking for a way out of the situation and ultimately finds – the closer it is to the owner, the wider the loop on the nose. And since the loop is not tightened, you can twist your head, and go calmly.



+ Sold in many online stores

+ SMENTED METHOD AND OTHERS (some people do not agree with this)

+ With it, a dog can really be controlled by one finger

– Halti stopped importing to USA, so we buy only analogues

– some dogs wipe the wool on the muzzle, so the owners are seized (or sew to order) a hassle, making a strap on the nose of a wider and soft

– Before use, the dog needs to be accustomed to the dislike, accustomed to walk in it without and only then on a leash

– Like any ammunition, in itself it eventually becomes useless, and therefore applies only to the dog training (i. E. The ammunition is an assistant, but to explain to the dog why it should do so, you should do it)

– Like most training and correctional ammunition, the dog does not like it at all and, with improper or frequent use, can drive the dog into stress – it is impossible to play with dogs in the underpliance, since if someone caught on it, a fight will break out

Since I am temporarily on crutches and for life categorically I can’t fall, I bought a similar device to my dog. I taught him to wear and walk in it. She also slowly taught for a walk in him on the street. Yes, the dog does not pull in it. But after 3-4 training, Sam began to stress – he just fell into the grass at every step and spun a wolf. Yes, he happily walked with me, but seeing the grass or land fell right there, every step.

And this despite the fact that I have persistently and gradually taught him to walk in the end of the time.

In short, I spat and taught him to walk on a sagging leash without the help of special ammunition: D


Now on the Internet (mainly in foreign stores) they sell various analogues of the boring – harnesses to which the leash is attached in front and, when tension, turns the dog’s body forward. There are loops and stricts (about the usual below), which are worn in the groin, so that the dog is not just unpleasant, but it hurts with the wrong action and a bunch of "ammunition for torture".

I have not tried, I can’t say anything about them. But I consider it completely unnecessary and inhumane to use the ammunition that causes the dog pain, becauseDogs calmly learn positive methods.


The second in the list is the familiar parfos or a strict collar familiar to many dog lovers.

• What he really is

This is a metal collar with spikes from the inside, usually consists of links that can be removed from the chain, and a chain with two rings. Excessive links are removed from the chain, strict is put on immediately behind the ears of the dog, fastened. If you need the option of changing it, then the leash clings to one ring, if not needed – for two.

Why is it needed

A strict collar is used in different areas. Often to teach to walk Heel and walk without pulling the leash, but also with it you can train the dog with commands using a collar as a negative reinforcement.

But to correct aggressive, cowardly or joyful behavior, it is not used.

Why do not use strict to correct behavior. Because the tension of the leash causes excitement and aggression in the dog. And Strogach’s tension does it even faster. Therefore, a strict collar is still used in sports to increase the excitability of the dog to obtain a faster reaction.

Also, a strict collar can be used as encouragement, most often in sports, when a dog and commands the dog may not hear a corny one. But only the pros can only x)

How it works

A dog or a person pulls the leash, the links dig into the skin of the dog, the dog feels severe discomfort or pain. Only having come closer to a person can she stop it.

In training, if strict is used as a negative reinforcement, a person pulls the leash. The dog gets pain. So that there is no pain, she needs to do something else. And if the dog guesses, it will not get a jerk, it will not guess – it will hurt.


+ Sold wherever it is not laziness. Even in the city shops.

+ With a competent instructor helps

– If he is worn incorrectly, he can injure the neck of the dog and organs located in this neck. As well as running up to play the dog.

– If he is worn incorrectly, effect 0

– Without training, the dog will not understand the meaning of the strict and will perfectly pull you and on it

– Since this is a negative reinforcement, and even so unpleasant, the result is difficult to predict. In many cases, the dog simply will not offer any behavior or will be closed on one single one. For she is scared to offer something.

– With the regular use of a strict collar, all the more wrong, especially with a dog that is not a reinforced concrete beautiful psyche, you will get a snapped, or even an aggressive animal that does not understand at all what they want from it.

– Like everyone, without proper training, causes addiction. You will have to pull the dog more and stronger to get some kind of reaction in response.



Well, the last electric shock collar in this list.

• What he really is

The collar itself, a box with two metal pins, which should fit tightly to the body of the dog. And the control panel.

• Why is it needed

It is used for training, ranging from commands to behavior correction. Especially often it is used for training a dog at a distance, for example, against picking up nasty things or working out an approach on command.

Also, with the help of it, they increase the excitability of the dog and speed up its reactions.

• How it works

The collar is adjusted to the desired power and then, by pressing a button on the remote control, the dog is hit with a current of different power when it has done something wrong.

There are vibration programs, then the collar is used to give commands from a distance, especially for blind dogs.

+ Helps give negative reinforcement to the dog at a distance

+ Effective when used correctly

– It is not sold in all online stores, it is almost impossible to meet in city stores

– You need to buy only expensive high-quality specimens, Chinese ones can fry a dog

– If you miss and accidentally press the button, the dog will be hurt

– Without a competent instructor or knowledge of the use of esho, you can greatly harm the mental state of the dog and not only not correct the situation, but worsen it

– Like all negative reinforcement, you don't know what the dog will do next. You may not like the options.




Such serious ammunition cannot be used without proper knowledge, and it is best to use it in consultation with a competent instructor. Without a clear understanding of how this works, we can greatly harm the dog, if not physically, then mentally for sure. And we can also easily cause the dog's aggression in our direction, which is extremely unsafe.

Ammunition must be of high quality so as not to harm the dog. It should be used to a minimum and better in conjunction with positive reinforcement, so as not only to scold the dog, but also to give clues for the correct behavior.

You, or rather your trainer, should know and see any deviation from the norm in dog behavior and immediately stop using this ammunition and return the dog to an adequate state so that the owner does not have any problems with the pet.

In no case should you use this ammunition on an ongoing basis. In no case should you use this ammunition without training, as the dog simply will not understand what you want from it. And you can not use this ammunition (strict collar and esho) for shy, nervous or aggressive dogs. Firstly, it is dangerous for you, the dog may become aggressive towards you, and secondly, it can only exacerbate the problems.

If you did something wrong, at best you will not get a result. At worst, the dog will close down, become frightened or aggressive, and lose confidence in you.

The photos below are examples of how a dog trained in "mechanics" behaves when it is not asked, but put or put in the right position, punished for a wrong action, and praised for a good one at best (and often simply not punished). A dog can behave in the same way, to which special ammunition is incorrectly applied. This does not mean that all dogs trained with a given piece of equipment or mechanics will behave this way. This means that if your dog does not have an ideal psyche and the instructor is bad, most likely the result of training will be similar.

As you understand, there are a lot of disadvantages of using this ammunition. The halter is considered the most harmless of the list, but opinions also differ on it. Think ten times, read all possible information about your chosen training method, find a competent instructor, try softer methods, and only then, perhaps, use this ammunition with caution.



By the way, there was an article about writing on furniture and things in the above-mentioned publics. One of the reasons described there took place to be with my friends. The shitting stopped as soon as the dog was given a little more attention than usual + interesting, long walks. As soon as both attention and walks returned to "normal", the dog again began to write on everything that was Down badly.

I saw an electronic collar in action. I was returning from KSK, I was riding the bus, a woman came in with two huskies, each with a collar. It was evident that one was older, and the other was still a puppy and was afraid of the crowd on the bus, whining. There would be no way to reassure the dog, she was playing with this collar. The dog shuddered and continued to whine, but judging by the intensifying shudders, she increased the tension. Before my stop, the dog had already squealed and frankly wanted to hit her already.

@Orshi, could you write a post for beginner dog lovers? What will you have to face what training methods (positive or negative) why are they needed at all? Well, or please advise literature, videos, sites with information:) Thank you

Halti is a useful thing no doubt.

But parforos is absolutely in vain.

1. Efficiency is extremely low.

2. In dogs on the 2-3rd day, "fuck **" appears in relation to this equipment.

Electro collars are generally the last resort, a noose can solve much more than any of these 3 items.

Mr. Zed will teach your dog and husband.

Malinois puppy. Or how did I choose a dog ⁠

Attention, there are photos of high expansion, they will be loaded for a long time!

 amunition for training and correction of dog behavior. Dog, training, equipment, parfos, electro-shock collar, dog haunting, long-poste, video

It is worth starting with the fact that the decision to buy a puppy Malinua was not spontaneous. I went to this for several years. To practice the ownership of a service dog was decided in a German shepherd, and in the spring of 2020 a Rhine appeared in my life. A beautiful, powerful bitch, from a male that I had known for a long time, and dreamed of getting a puppy from him. Kobelchia muzzle, a pugnish, chopping male character, and amazing learning. We went through a list with the Rhine, handed it to a high ball, handed over to the high ball, rolled up at the exhibitions, closed the young champion and learned from two dozen useless stunt commands, just "so that it was. "The dog’s frenzied energy was directed in the right direction, by three years this is an excellent, socialized companion, fashion model and just a friend.

 amunition for training and correction of dog behavior. Dog, training, equipment, parfos, electro-shock collar, dog haunting, long-poste, video

The decision to start the puppy Malinois I have nurtured a year, watching the dogs on the workplace, looking at the character and behavior of this breed. The flour of choosing a breeder went Come / Come here, the breeder of the shepherd had chic raspberries, which I gently loved, watched their work, and photographed more than one droppings.

 amunition for training and correction of dog behavior. Dog, training, equipment, parfos, electro-shock collar, dog haunting, long-poste, video

 amunition for training and correction of dog behavior. Dog, training, equipment, parfos, electro-shock collar, dog haunting, long-poste, video

August 15, 2023, at nine in the evening, my dog was born. The breeder threw off the video – a wet mucous black lump, scolding and kicking in her hands. I looked and said – that mine.

 amunition for training and correction of dog behavior. Dog, training, equipment, parfos, electro-shock collar, dog haunting, long-poste, video

Now she is 5 months old. Asya did not grit at home not a single one, not intended for that thing. She has a lot of toys that periodically change, the ability to gnaw dry yummy or meat bone. She has a cage that is perceived by it as a booth, and the door is always open, and the eldest dog as a companion. But her brother, left by the owners, one, for several hours, cut a hole in the couch. And made a cosmetic repair of the corridor. Four meals a walk for half an hour for natural needs (my husband and I work from home and there is such an opportunity) and one long walk with the ability to run. In each exit from the house, a third time for a treat we repeat the commands.

 amunition for training and correction of dog behavior. Dog, training, equipment, parfos, electro-shock collar, dog haunting, long-poste, video

Asenka was the smallest puppy from the entire litter. She is now a little less than the rest of the puppies.

In the photo she is with her own sister, the difference is almost one and a half times at the age of month. There was a conversation with the breeder, and she, wanting to leave a good bitch "in sight", recommended that she looked at this bitch. I was inexorable, in the end, Arta still did not go anywhere, and remained in the nursery.

 amunition for training and correction of dog behavior. Dog, training, equipment, parfos, electro-shock collar, dog haunting, long-poste, video

What was I guided by taking the puppy from this couple?

These are beautiful working dogs, with the hand-handed tests and the character of Malinua. But at home – amazing, adequate to their own, lovers to stroke, begging a delicious. They are allowed to walk with other dogs without fear, without fear of fights or escape.

Previous instruments. Of those who shot, and watched fate, there were four from the male, and from specifically this pair – two. And those owners who maintain communication boast of the achievements of their dogs and are very happy with them.

In the photo, dad, the older brother from this male and other bitches, and the sister of Asi, Abra.

 amunition for training and correction of dog behavior. Dog, training, equipment, parfos, electro-shock collar, dog haunting, long-poste, video

The post, of course, is purely IMHO. I saw on the banks of others, no less chic working raspberries, but completely different in nature. A beautiful dark young bitch is eager to say hello and sniff, and the working male of the defendant does not let anyone closer than ten meters, climbs into a fight.

But everyone unites all. These are sociable, very finished on the owner of the dog. Very energetic, very mobile and requiring a crazy amount of time. All owners of really trained and sane raspberries, whom I know, have a free schedule, and the opportunity to work with their pet at least once a day.

About training, commands, working with the person involved and the difficulties that we encountered, if interesting, I will tell you in the next post.

The dog attacks dogs with toys⁠ ⁠

The dog was taken in a shelter at the age of about 3-4 months, very shy. Now she was 1. 5 years old and she began to rush with anger at the dogs in the park who has a toy, a stick or they were Heel when I treated my dog with a delicious one. How to minimize aggression?

Affectionate and obedient at home is afraid of a vacuum cleaner, some men, and on the street rushes at other dogs for toys

Malinois puppy. Or how I chose a dog Puppies, Dog, Training, Belgian Shepherd, Malinois, Long post, Photography

Good boy ⁠

Interestingly, he is cleaned on a walk too?)

American, you need advice⁠ ⁠

Good afternoon of a large audience.

There is a seven-year-old "room alabai" in stock

Dog attacks dogs with toys Training, Aggression, Dog

All his conscious life eats dry dog food from such a feeder. The food always lies – he comes how much he wants and leaves. Almost like a cat.

Dog attacks dogs with toys Training, Aggression, Dog

But in the last 2-3 weeks, the behavior began to change-he approaches the fooder, strains and begins to bark at it, as if he saw someone alien, walks around and then eat. But the further, the worse – it has completely stopped from a bowl, stands, snorts and does not eat. He poured food on the floor on a napkin, removed the bowl – he ran away and looked at everything with pleasure. At the same time, in the second bowl – water – drinks normally and does not bark at it at all. What could have happened, do you think?

Today I put food in a bowl with several spools of food, pieces of delicious (boiled beef tongue) – it was a show – he ran around the bowl for half an hour, barking, snorted, puffed – dared, grabbed one piece of 5. He behaved as if he was afraid of a bowl, butAt the same time, it smells tasty there. He removed all the storms of feed from the bowl – with grief in half, he dared to come up with eating delicious ones.

He has, of course, phobias about loud sounds (salutes, firecrackers) – when we walk, it is worth hearing a gap, flows into a small stupor and that's it, the walk is finished, runs home. A few years ago, he was frightened by a Moto with a direct flow, starting from the intersection a meter from us – for a long time did not want to walk where it was noisy, but over time the phobia passed.

So this is the question of what such a change in behavior can be related to? Maybe he began to associate the sound of rattling dry dog food in a metal bowl with fireworks? And how to deal with it? Yes, we tried to replace the metal bowl with plastic – the situation is similar, eats only from the floor from the napkin or from the hands. With water, I repeat, there are no problems

The answer to the post “Put on the muzzle! ” ”⁠ ⁠

On the one hand, as the owner of a whole herd of dogs, led by Amstaf, I plus you, but

As for USA, that is, the law on the maintenance of pets, where it is written that a dog, any, should be displayed for a walk on a leash, and also there is a list of breeds that are required to be in a muzzle. Law number 498, Chapter 3, Article 13, Paragraph 7. There are neither stuffs nor pit bully.

There are also regional laws. For example, the Law of the Dallas Region dated 08. 06. 2021 N 101/2021-OZ "blah blah blah" on the regulation of additional issues in the field of improvement in the Dallas region ", namely:

Article 66. 1les for walking pets 1. Walking pets must be subject to mandatory security of citizens, pets, safety of property of individuals and legal entities. 2. Causing damage to someone else's property or human health by the physical impact of a pet is not allowed. 3. The owner of a pet or a person who walks a pet, with the exception of guide dogs, must comply with the following rules: 1) eliminate pollution of public places, including common areas of multi-apartment buildings; 2) do not allow walking pets outside the places determined by the decision of local governments of urban districts of the Dallas Region for walking pets; 3) not allow the movement of dogs without a leash and a muzzle or other means of control when crossing the carriageway of a highway, in the common areas of apartment buildings, in the yards of such buildings, on sports grounds, in areas adjacent to educational and medical organizations, and other publicplaces ; 4) prevent dogs from being on playgrounds, on the territories of preschool educational and general educational organizations; 5) not allow the movement of puppies under the age of three months and decorative dogs up to 25 centimeters tall at the withers in public places without a leash; 6) do not allow dogs to be left unattended in public places.

As you can see, local laws are much more strict in this regard, and we are obliged to know and comply with them.

Until we return the mandatory system of training future owners and their pets and the mandatory regulation of dog ownership, we will continue to wander around with muzzles, because it is easier here and now to oblige hundreds of thousands of owners to put on a muzzle than to legally revive something that has long been lost.

How to wean biting, damn it?)⁠ ⁠

Dog training pants - Amunition for correction of dog behavior have never heard

Dog training pants – amunition for correction of dog behavior

American Toy, need advice Dog, Dog People, Dog Business, Training, American Toy, Toy Terrier, American Toy Terrier, Long Post

According to the comments, I got the impression that many do not quite understand my problem) The puppy is not always a cute little and fragile creature, I already have a 12 kg carcass with sharp fangs, which even if I touch it on a tangent, leave scratches to the point of blood. The "no" command has been stupidly ignored lately. In this case, the dog can "play" with me while I get dressed, for example. Well, in this case, it doesn’t work to say You can’t even stand up as a soldier, she just starts to grab her pants / jacket and play tug – why, it’s convenient, I’m not moving, it’s fun! Once I had to get on the bed and wait until she calmed down, because I was changing clothes, and she jumped on me and bit, rejoiced in short, very violently) It’s impossible to stroke her (only sleepy), she immediately starts to bite. I even thought that she didn't like it – but no, she comes by herself. Again, she came to hug me – I stroke her – she bites – you can’t – lapel – bite her leg. She can still bark, try to pull her pants, and in general she is stubborn and does not give up just like that)))

Professional deformation of a cynologist⁠ ⁠

How to wean biting, damn it?) Bernese mountain dog, Puppies, Training, Dog

Intelligence, memory, ability to concentrate are given by nature. Motivation should be positive, discipline understandable, and the load in training should be regular, consistent and feasible. The coach is always on the side of the student and is responsible for his comfort.

Oshpidya, how convenient it is to train yourself after that.

Without "get together, rag", without calls for will and duty. No self-aggression.

Your favorite music is turned on for a run, and certainly social encouragement, and something pleasant material after. English – listening (favorite books), reading aloud for diction (pick up a text from which you get high), conversational practice (find people with whom you want to communicate). There is a load, you get tired, but at the same time everything is pleasant, in the end you are satisfied and want to repeat.

This careful attitude extends not only to training, but also to everyday life.

Is it enough for an imyarek to sleep 6 hours a day? I was lucky, but my body requires 9 hours and yes, this is genetics, not my whim. If I sleep 6 hours chronically, I will have endocrine sutures and problems with the central nervous system, not Come / Come herention early wrinkles (gloomy looks in the mirror at early wrinkles, because experience is the son of difficult mistakes).

Imyarek doesn’t care that the neighbors’ TV is yelling, and children are jumping on the ceiling? The name was lucky, no joke, lucky, but it's time for me to change the apartment, otherwise I'll start twitching my eye from nervous exhaustion. It's not my whim, it's genetics.

And, closing individual needs and treating it carefully, you can push yourself up much more efficiently. So, we cross out. But it worships yes, as a result, more productivity in the long run.

Tell you cool? If the dog is well training, then the execution of commands eventually becomes an end in itself. The dog goes Heel and rejoices, not because the sausage, not because they will praise, but because the performance of the command Heel is a buzz. (Okay, this is not true for all dogs, but for many). And this is a magical option.

Routine training. Fetching. Place. Complex⁠ ⁠

Czechoslovak Vlchak Cyril.

Tactical dog) ⁠ ⁠

Professional deformation of a cynologist Dog, Training, Psychology, Training, Hobby, Animals

Cool official coastal dog in tactical equipment (PS Battle) ⁠ ⁠ ⁠

Tactical dog) Dog, Equipment, Tacticality, Puppies

Tactical dog) Dog, Equipment, Tacticality, Puppies

Tactical dog) Dog, Equipment, Tacticality, Puppies

Tactical dog) Dog, Equipment, Tacticality, Puppies

Tactical dog) Dog, Equipment, Tacticality, Puppies

Tactical dog) Dog, Equipment, Tacticality, Puppies

Tactical dog) Dog, Equipment, Tacticality, Puppies

Tactical dog) Dog, Equipment, Tacticality, Puppies

The walk is equipped with ⁠ ⁠

Cool Coast Guard Service Dog in Tactical Gear (PS Battle) Photography, Animals, Dog, Service, Outfit, Photoshop, Phototoad, Reddit, Longpost

Service breed: East European shepherd ⁠ ⁠

Equipped for a walk Dog, Outfit, Walk, Rain, Photography

Equipped for a walk Dog, Outfit, Walk, Rain, Photography

For me, the beauty is absolute. Power and grace, combined with amazing working qualities, intelligence, a balanced psyche, makes this breed the height of perfection! (Not offended by fans of other breeds. This is my personality)

Amunition for dogs from paracorda ⁠

Service breed: Eastern European shepherd East European Shepherd, Winter, Snow, Amunition, Equipment, Long Poost, Dog

I will share my hobby. The weaves of collars, leashes, packs of paracord. There will be no weaving process, I just want to boast)) I really like that the colors can be taken absolutely any. It weaves easy, looks cool! I advise you to try everyone who has dogs and love for beautiful ammunition)

Service breed: Eastern European shepherd East European Shepherd, Winter, Snow, Amunition, Equipment, Long Poost, Dog

Service breed: Eastern European shepherd East European Shepherd, Winter, Snow, Amunition, Equipment, Long Poost, Dog

The dog is ready for the race ⁠

 amunition for dogs from paracord equipment, dogs and people, needlework without a process, long-postste, dog

Denver, Colorado, USA

I saw such a miracle at the gas station)) ⁠ ⁠

Dog is ready for the race a dog, race, machine, equipment

The best imperial attack aircraft I saw⁠ ⁠

I saw such a miracle at a gas station)) a dog, a motorcycle, glasses, a hat, equipment, a dachshund

Casual ammunition for dogs. Part One. ⁠ ⁠

The best imperial attack aircraft I saw Star Wars, Dog, Equipment

Today I will tell you about dog ammunition. It is actually a lot of it and in this variety you need to be able to understand. Not only are all things made of different materials and often have different shape and size, so they are not all breeds yet! In order not to break the brain, having come to the pet store, read this article)

1. Collar. Every dog, as usual, should have a collar. It is needed to control the dog and to indicate that the dog is the owner. A) material. They are made of leather, metal (chain) and fabric (tarpaulin or nylon, nylon + padding, etc.). Metal has the ability to wipe the hair, and also cools the dog in winter, it can rust. The skin absorbs moisture, does not wash well, and may crack. The tarpaulin does not give moisture well and does not look like ice outwardly. Nylon, especially lined, is the most comfortable option. B) Width. The shape of the collars are narrow, wide and "herring" (photo 3). It is best to take wide collars, since when the dog pulls on the leash or sharply jerks, the load in this case is evenly distributed over the neck and does not pinch anything. But they are much harder to find. Herring collars are bought for dachshunds and greyhounds, in short for breeds with a long neck. C) Equipment. Each collar must have a clasp and at least one metal ring for attaching a leash. If there is no second ring (of any material), then the address tag is attached to the ring that is. The clasp can be metal, as on belts (then there are holes on the collars to adjust the length of the collar) or a “latch” (this is usually used on backpacks), which can be either plastic or metal (in this case there are no holes on the collar, but there is a length adjustment slider). Which one is better is up to you. Many do not trust latches. Especially plastic ones. I have been driving my dachshund on this one for a year now (I actively pulled it until the summer, when I learned how to do it), there have never been any incidents. And I generally hardly unfasten the plastic fastener on Halti's halter. I think if you want to take a thing with a latch – take a good company. The ring for the leash must be solid, without a slit, otherwise it may disperse. D) Appearance. Collars are also divided into two types – regular, nooses and half-nooses (or they are also called martingales). An ordinary collar is tightened to the desired length and is not regulated in any way on the dog. The noose (5 photos) has two or one ring. For one cling to the leash, the other adjusts the length of the collar. The length depends on the tension of the leash. If the dog does not pull it on, then the collar hangs like a necklace. Pulls – the collar reduces its length and can strangle the dog. I do not recommend using it, because. Is poorly controlled, the dog can easily choke on it or wriggle out of it. Martingale (photo 4) is adjustable in length,

But he has an insert – a chain or fabric with a ring, which allows the collar to tighten already when the leash is pulled. Here it is best to walk on it if your dog is not the most obedient. You can easily "adjust" the collar so that when the leash is pulled, it tightly wraps around the dog's neck, but does not choke. And it was harder to take it off. The noose and martingale go without a fastener and are put on over the dog's head, and then they are already adjustable in length.

Also now there are many collars with "gadgets". Interesting colors, with a pull-out handle, luminous, with pockets for a note with an address. There are even with stones, convex flowers, ruffles and tassels, rhinestones and spikes. Basically a fashion accessory.

The best imperial attack aircraft I saw Star Wars, Dog, Equipment

The best imperial attack aircraft I saw Star Wars, Dog, Equipment

The best imperial attack aircraft I saw Star Wars, Dog, Equipment

The best imperial attack aircraft I saw Star Wars, Dog, Equipment

The best imperial attack aircraft I saw Star Wars, Dog, Equipment

The collar should be tightened around the neck so that 1-2 fingers can be freely inserted between it and the neck. The minus of any collar is traumatic for the neck in case of jerks and chronic tension on the leash by the dog. The garrote and martingale have an effect if they are right behind the dog's ears (and with a garrote it is difficult – when the tension is loosened, it immediately rolls to the chest).

Increasingly, dog breeders prefer a harness over a collar. Why this happens and what a harness is, I will tell below.

2. Shley. It replaces the collar, with all its functions, reduces the injury to the dog, as it more correctly distributes the load on the body. A) material. Cligs are leather and fabric (nylon, tarpaulin). The disadvantages of these materials have already read above. B) equipment. Be sure to have a clip (belt or latch, the latter is metal or plastic), a ring for fastening the leash and the slope of the adjustment of the length. There may be pockets or another ring for the addressee. C) appearance. Cligs come in different shapes, different widths of straps (the wider – the better), with a wide lining. And even a "t-shirt" on the chest. There are slopes with weighting, but they are not for everyday wearing and in general the dogs are not particularly useful. Better buy a backpack and load it with the necessary things in a walk. All I know about the slopes – the belts should not be at or immediately behind the front paws, otherwise they will rub the skin of the armpits and the dog will set their paws, which will form their wrong supplies. Also, the harness should be in size, do not constrain the movements of the shoulders and neck. In the first picture below, you see the instructions. D) appearance 2. There are sidelines (they are suitable for pulling goods) – photo 3. They are used for dogs that pull. You can’t pull it so much on a regular harness, this is an average option. So if your dog rolls you on a sled/strollers every walk or drags a cart, your choice is a sled train. It is also carefully selected under the dog, most often it is sewn to order at all.

Shleys are shown to all brachycephals (flat muzzle), since these dogs have breathing problems. And the collars, when tearing the leash, press on the neck and interfere with breathing.

The best imperial attack aircraft I saw Star Wars, Dog, Equipment

The best imperial attack aircraft I saw Star Wars, Dog, Equipment

The disadvantages of the sluts are that they need to be very carefully selected, otherwise you can cause the dog discomfort, or even spoil its appearance. The puppies are not recommended (as well as breeds with a long body), now there are disputes, whether to believe this statement. I prefer to play it safe. Another minus – the slide was created in order to pull. The load is distributed evenly. It is more convenient to pull from that dog, nothing limits it. So, if you have a dog is irrede, you will go crazy on a harness. But there will be less harm to his health)

And the last 100% mandatory attribute even for the most educated dog, which got into this post – an addressee.

3. Address. It is on it that the dog’s name is written, your phone number (and better than two different ones, for example, cell and home), if I have it – other contacts (I wrote the address VK), address, note about the problems of the dog (for example, it bites or does not tolerates milk). Personally, I do not advise you to write banal ones, but such cute phrases like "They are waiting for me at home, I want to go home, return to mom, etc. It is better to put a couple of contacts instead. This will help more than a tearful word. The addressee is needed so that in case of loss of the dog you can return it to you, and not leave it on the street, put it with it or take it. Although a 100% guarantee does not give an addressee. Even if the dog has a chip or/and stigma, it is better to hang the addressee. Not everyone understands the "tattoos", not everyone will drag the dog to read the chip, but everyone can see the addressee.

A) material. Most often, the addresses are metal, but are plastic and even leather. It is best, of course, to buy a metal one. My dog has steel: D b) size. The more information it fits on the addressee, the better, but if the dachshund drags a sign on the ground and cannot bend the neck, this is clearly not good. So choose the size convenient for the dog and to stick the main information. C) equipment. Addresses in the form of pendants always go with a metal ring or carbine (worse, because it is pressed and unhooked). The ring should be hard, and not slaughtered, so that the addressee does not sleep from it. The signs attached to the collar go either with rivets or with slots to thread the collar. D) appearance. The appearance of the addressers is completely different. With and without pictures, in the form of bones, circles, houses, legs, etc. With a flashlight and without. Flat, convex or capsule. The method of applie data is also different. Laser, gluing pictures with data, engraving. In general, addresses are another dog multifunctional accessory.

The best imperial attack aircraft I saw Star Wars, Dog, Equipment

The best imperial attack aircraft I saw Star Wars, Dog, Equipment

The best imperial attack aircraft I saw Star Wars, Dog, Equipment

Never take the addressee with a capsule. Everyone who had it had such an addressee. The most budget option is to write a phone on a collar or slope.

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