Nugget size difference between Nutro max puppy food for large breeds

February 10, 2023
Large Breeds
Nugget size difference between Nutro max puppy food for large breeds

The Canadian brand “Champion Petfoods” produces granules using a unique technology: at low temperatures. Acana products are known for the high content of animal protein (up to 85%) and a balanced composition. Plant components are mainly peas, lentils, beans.

The brand produces various rulers: in terms of dogs; by age; specialized (to fight overweight, for example); With different sources of protein (chicken, turkey, lamb, duck, salmon, etc.).

  • A wide variety of options;
  • Useful ingredients: there is no often causing allergy to wheat and corn poorly assimilated by predators;
  • Accessibility: “Acana” is easy to find in the pet store.

Minus is a high price.


Wolfsblut is made in the UK by order of the German brand Healthfood24 GmbH. In “wolf blood” at least 50% of meat, there is no wheat and corn, a balanced amount of animal and plant ingredients. The latter are represented by sweet potatoes and rice. There are other plant components (chickpeas, pumpkin, linen seed, blueberries, ginseng, sage, etc.) in very small quantities. Wolfsblut combines fresh meat and dried, as well as meat fat.

  • A variety of options: by age, according to the degree of activity of dogs, in size, according to the type of meat (horseman, chicken, lamb, rabbit, turkey, venison, etc.)
  • A balanced ratio of meat and plant elements, vitamin and mineral additives.
  • High price;
  • It is difficult to find in domestic pet stores.


The Italian brand Farmina produces dog products not only in Italy, but also in Brazil and Serbia. Raw materials for creating products are selected according to the standard “suitable for humans”. This means that meat processing waste (hooves, skin, bone flour, etc.) does not go into production. The main sources of protein are chicken, lamb, eggs, pork and fish. Plant components are oats, rice, spelt, corn processed using a special technology that increases the digestibility of these components.

  • Farmina products are rich in protein;
  • Natural antioxidants and high quality vitamin and mineral supplements are used;
  • Lots of options.

Minus – the use of spelled (spelled wheat) can cause allergies.

Brit is a Czech brand that produces a wide range of dry and wet dog food, as well as treats for dogs. In dry granules, the meat content is significant for premium class feed (at least 40%). Vegetable ingredients are wheat or peas, potatoes, rice (in grain-free types). Brita contains collagen, as well as cartilage and crustacean shells – these components are useful for joints.

  • A variety of options: by size, by age, by degree of activity, there are also specialized types (for weight loss, for long-haired dogs, for allergies – there is even a food containing dehydrated fish and insects).
  • Cheaper than other premium feeds.

Minus – the designation “chicken” instead of “chicken meat” may indicate the use of offal.

For dogs with sensitive digestion

Let’s take a closer look at the Limited Ingredients dry dog food line – for dogs with sensitive digestion.

This term means a number of features of the gastrointestinal tract. Its manifestations can be constipation, diarrhea, gastritis, inflammation of the intestine. For dogs with such a high sensitivity, a special approach to nutrition is required.

Therefore, the food from the Limited Ingredients line has the most natural and pure recipe:

  • No more than 10 ingredients in the composition;
  • A complex of Omega-6 and zinc, which are necessary to strengthen the skin barrier, restore the structure and integrity of the skin.

A review of the full-line feed for Nutro dogs: We study the composition of the new premium brand

Limited Ingredients: dehydrated salmon or lamb protein (27%), pea starch (27%), dried potatoes (11%), pea protein concentrate (10%), lentils (7%), tapioca starch, rapeseed oil, sunfloweroil (1. 8%), minerals, rosemary extract (0. 01%).

Energy value per 100 g of product: 367 kcal.

We see that the food of this line perform several important functions at once. They are not only nutritious and healthy, but also improve the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, support the intestinal microflora and normalize stools. The composition is as delicate as possible, balanced, with a limited number of ingredients.


  • Dehydrated turkey and chicken meat;
  • Rice bran;
  • Rice;
  • Chicken fat;
  • Dried apples;
  • Beet pulp;
  • Plantain;
  • Sea buckthorn pear-shaped;
  • Salmon oil;
  • Brewer’s yeast;
  • Vitamins;
  • Minerals;
  • Prebiotics.

Most of the food is protein, i. E. Meat – 55%. There are 2 types of fats: salmon oil and chicken fat. They are indispensable for the cat’s body, as they saturate the body with important acids. At the same time, they are quickly absorbed. The source of carbohydrates is not a grain crop, but a potato. This is a “plus” of the food, since the potato has a low glycemic index, and it cleanses the intestines well (due to starch).

The subtle aroma of mint excites the cat’s appetite, sodium phosphate prevents tartar from attaching to the teeth, sea buckthorn is an excellent anti-inflammatory and antibacterial agent.

To prevent overeating, be sure to read the instructions on the package. An animal weighing no more than 5 kg and not sterilized should receive approximately 200 g of feed per day. If the animal is castrated, the portion can be increased to 250 gr. A special calculation of the portion is also required if the cat is pregnant, or weakened, or old.


These diets are manufactured by the Canadian brand EPP – Elmira Pet Products, located in Elmira, Ontario, Canada. The history of the brand began almost a hundred years ago with the creation of a small mill Martin Feed Mills. Its founder, Eli Martin, sold ground grains as animal feed, and his product was a hit with local farmers.

Over the years, EPP has become one of the largest Canadian manufacturers of prepared pet food. The most modern approaches and the latest production technologies make their product extremely high quality and useful. It should be noted that all products of the concern are exclusively dry dog food. They have chosen a small assortment, but they are constantly working on quality, having studied “from and to” all the subtleties of this product.

You can see the current price of Nutram food and buy it right here:

Characteristics of premium feed

The premium class includes popular food for cats of the middle price category. They are sold both in specialized stores and in ordinary supermarketsch food in the form of a spider can cost from 16 per bag, and 400 grams of dry product will cost the cat owner from 100.

Premium food is sold even in ordinary stores

Composition features

As feed components can be used:

  • Meat and products of its processing – at least 35%;
  • Animal protein (egg, milk, etc.) – at least 20%;
  • Offal (liver, heart, lungs, etc.) – 10%;
  • Components of plant origin (vegetables, cereals) – no more than 25%;
  • Vitamins and minerals;
  • Amino acids (including taurine);
  • Natural antioxidants.

Here are the ingredients that should not be in the composition of the “premium”:

  • Sugar, cellulose, propylene glycol and other sweeteners;
  • Artificial colors (for example, E127);
  • Synthetic antioxidants (eg E320 or E321).

Manufacturers sometimes indicate that the food contains corn gluten (a compound of molasses and starch that remains after processing corn). Some cat owners believe that such a component can be dangerous for the animal. Firstly, corn can cause allergies, and secondly, starchy foods can negatively affect blood sugar levels. However, gluten is found in almost every premium food, this is due to the need to use cheap fillers. In addition, this product contains a lot of protein, as well as essential amino acids and vitamins.

The composition, analysis and presence of additives must be indicated on the premium class feed packaging.

Table: differences between feeds of different classes

Class Availability Examples Composition features digestibility Price
Economy Can be bought at any supermarket Whiskas, Kitiket Meat from 4%, but a lot of dyes, preservatives and flavorings 60–65% from 35 for 400 g
Premium Can be bought in general stores Royal Canin, Pronature Meat approximately 35%, contain natural dyes and flavors 70–75% From 50 for 400 g
Super Premium Only some foods can be bought at a pet store, more often they are ordered via the Internet. Royal Canin (France), Nutra Nuggets Meat up to 70%, no artificial components in the composition 85–95% From 80 for 400g
Holistic Only in specialized stores Eagle dog food storage container Holistic, Origen Meat up to 100%, no dyes or flavorings Up to 100% From 100 for 400 g

Benefits of premium food

The advantages of premium feed include several factors:

  • There is more meat in them than in economical counterparts;
  • Any additives are natural, not synthetic;
  • Low price;
  • Some manufacturers offer lines for kittens, elderly and sick cats.

Veterinarians usually recommend premium diet food to their wards – they are also inexpensive, but of higher quality than economy class products.

Veterinarians trust most premium foods

Disadvantages of premium food

The main disadvantages of premium feed include:

  • The presence of flavors and dyes in the composition;
  • Relatively low meat content;
  • High content of plant components;
  • An indication of a “blurry” composition (for example, the presence of protein is indicated – 35%, of which at least 4% are chicken meat).

Dry dog food for dogs 1st Choise

It is produced by PLB International, also known for the Pronature line. 1st Choise-a full-time feed of the superpremium class, containing about 35-40% (depending on the type of nutrition) of meat. A feature of these diets is the content of chondroitins that support joints in a healthy state. The manufacturer also adds pro- and prebiotics that contribute to healthy digestion.

A review of the full-line feed for Nutro dogs: We study the composition of the new premium brand

Thanks to high-quality components and a balanced composition, food for dogs from PLD receives a well-deserved third place in the rating of dog feed 2017. We, like most veterinarians, can recommend this food as daily nutrition for dogs of all breeds and sizes.

In fact, all the foods included in our TOP-12 can be used as high-quality nutrition for animals. And if you compare them with premium or economical brands, then our applicants win in all respects.

We hope that our supremium-class-class dog feed rating is useful to you when choosing a quality diet for your dog.

  • Dog food by Fest Choice (1st Choice)
  • Profine DOWN FORNE
  • Super-premium dog food for dogs


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For adult healthy dogs of all breeds

Dr. Adler’sh-3

Complete dry dog food for all breeds from a German manufacturer. It is produced in the form of flakes with the taste of beef, suitable for feeding a dog from nine months with a normal level of activity.

  • You can feed pets with overweight, allergies to individual proteins and pancreatic diseases;
  • Contains vegetables, animal fats, 2. 55 fiber, useful for digestion;
  • At least 22% of animal protein;
  • No wheat.
  • Contains corn flakes – for some dogs it is an allergen;
  • In addition to meat, there are meat offal (but this is a relative minus, since they are a source of vitamin B).

Bewi Dog Basic Menu

Another food for dogs that does not contain wheat. This is a complete product with a protein content of at least 23%, and animal proteins in its volume occupy 70%. This is dry chicken meat, which is easily absorbed and helps maintain the normal activity of an adult animal.

  • The composition contains lecithin and beer yeast that improve the condition of the skin and hair of the dog, increase immunity and stimulate digestion;
  • Herring flour and poultry hydrolyzate provide a pet with useful unsaturated acids and vitamins of group B;
  • There are many trace elements that support the correct metabolism of the animal – iron, zinc, copper, phosphorus, calcium.
  • The main meat is chicken, it can cause allergies, and it is better to give wet canned food, for example, with beef, in addition to this dry stern;
  • Contains corn and corn flour – but there is no wheat in the composition, which reduces the total amount of allergens.

Prochistost “Meat Assorted”

Prochistost “Meat Assorted”

Available food for dogs of all breeds from the American manufacturer. The composition was developed by veterinarians and nutritionists from Denmark. “Meat Assorted” provides a dog with different types of animal protein, perfectly saturates, does not contain artificial flavors and flavorings. The taste of dry granules likes the dogs, and the safe preservative Mikarb extends the shelf life of the product.

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  • A good vitamin-mineral complex-more than ten vitamins, trace elements, antioxidants E320 and E321;
  • Granules convenient for eating, cleansing dog teeth from plaque;
  • The content of raw protein is at least 185.
  • The percentage of the types of meat in the composition is not indicated;
  • Contains “products of animal origin” – it does not indicate which offal are included in the composition;
  • There are flavor additives (but natural and safe).

Super-premium feed

The best high-quality balanced diet of a kitten is a superpremium feed.

The composition should only have natural ingredients: meat, fish, eggs. The use of corn, wheat, animal proteins, dyes and preservatives are prohibited.

Products are expensive, you can buy it only in large specialized stores or in veterinary pharmacies. Since this line of food is not advertised, the names are unknown to the general public. Top 5 super premium brands:

1st Choice

Average price for 350g – 280

A product of the Canadian brand PLB International Inc. For kittens, a variety of Healthy start (Healthy start) is produced, intended for the first complementary foods from 2 months.

Ingredients: fresh chicken (17%), chicken meat flour (17%), chicken and salmon fats, rice, an extensive vitamin and mineral complex. Only natural preservatives are used.


Price – 821 for 1. 8 kg.

Canadian brand of Petcurean Pet Nutrition. It is represented by only one species suitable for domestic cats and kittens.

The composition of 3 types of meat – lamb, salmon and chicken. Contains prebiotics and probiotics, natural preservatives, dyes and a rich vitamin and mineral complex. In the manufacture do not use by-products, corn, growth hormones.

Duke’s Farm

Price 375 for 300 g.

Produced in the UK by GA Pet Food Partners by order of the American zoo network Beethoven.

The composition is really good: fresh duck meat – 26%, duck meat flour – 24. 5%, rice, fresh salmon, seaweed, cranberries.


Price – 380 for 400 g.

Produced in Germany by Bewital petfood GmbH & Co. Kg.

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Contains fresh poultry (30%), dried poultry protein (27%), rice, zooplankton, chia seeds. Corn is present in small quantities.

Brit Care

The food price is affordable – 235 per 400 g.

Product of the Czech brand VAFO PRAHA with a high content of natural meat.

Contains 40% chicken meat, rice bran and balanced natural nutritional supplements.

What is the best food for a dog – recommendations from a veterinarian

What is important to consider

  • Pet size: large granules are inconvenient for babies, and small St. Bernards or Great Danes swallow without chewing.
  • Breed characteristics: For pets with thick coats or for heavy Molossians, different types of nutrition are needed.
  • Age: You can not constantly feed an adult puppy food and vice versa.
  • Condition changes: stool quality, general activity, appetite, coat quality and eye health. Even very high quality food can cause allergies (for example, intolerance to chicken). If the dog begins to itch, lick his combs, if his eyes are watery, and the stool has become soft and has changed color and / or smell, then you need to change the food immediately. An indicator of ill health is also the dullness of the coat and loss of appetite.
  • The degree of activity of the pet: on quality feeds there are marks “Energy”, “Standard” and “Light” – they have different amounts of protein and fat.

A balanced diet is the basis of a pet’s health and long life. When choosing the best dog food, the owner strives to find the most delicious and healthy option.

It is important to constantly monitor the condition of your dog and individually select food, without relying on advertising or bright packaging. Choosing a food requires attention to detail, knowledge of the benefits and harms of ingredients, and love for your pet.

Mjau feed production is located in one of the most beautiful places in Sweden. It is here that farmers use the least amount of chemicals than anywhere else in the world, and the Swedish livestock population has been a guarantor of the quality and safety of agricultural production for many decades. And according to manufacturers, the raw materials used in Mjau (Meow) feed are of the highest quality, without chemical additives, hormones, dyes and antibiotics.

Reviews for this product are mixed. Some buyers compare it to Kitekat but cheaper

However, it is important to understand that Meow food is an economy class food. Its low cost matches the quality

Pros: very low price. The food does not have a pungent odor, but rather has an appetizing aroma. Almost all granules are whole, and the food is not greasy to the touch. Quite a few flavors.

Disadvantages: the composition is veiled. There are offal of animal origin, grains, which are very harmful to the digestive system of cats. There are preservatives and antioxidants. It is undesirable to use as a permanent food. Cats become addicted to food.

Ingredients of Nutro Complete Dog Foods

Let’s take a look at the composition of Nutro premium foods to understand what foods they contain and how beneficial they are for your pet.

This is easy to see if you look at the composition of the food written on the package:

Ingredient No. 1 – animal protein. As a source of animal protein in wet feed, the meat of lamb, chicken and beef is used. In dry – fresh chicken meat; Dehydrated protein of chicken, lamb, poultry.

A huge number of tasks are entrusted to the protein, the body uses it in almost all metabolic processes. Protein is a source of amino acids, especially essential. And also a high content of animal protein – this is the key to high digestibility and taste attractiveness of animal feed.

Important: a reliable indicator of premium food is that the manufacturer indicates in detail the composition of the meat components, not limited to blurry formulations in the format “Meat and offal”

  • Chicken fat, sunflower oil – sources of essential fatty acids necessary for the animal.
  • Plant components are natural prebiotics and valuable sources of healthy fiber. For wet feed, these are carrots, sweet pepper, tomatoes, mellitus pulp. For dry – dried flesh of beets and dried alfalfa.
  • Vitamin-mineral complex-vitamins A and D3, copper, iodine, manganese, selenium and zinc. They make the diet balanced, as they participate in the processes of metabolism in the body.

The energy value per 100 g of food is:

  • Wet dog food: for puppies – 90 kcal, for adult dogs – 85 kcal.
  • Dry dog food: for puppies – 426 kcal, for adult dogs – 367 kcal.
Nugget size difference between Nutro max puppy food for large breeds for example, with

Nugget size difference between nutro max puppy food for large breeds

As expected, the calorie content of the diet for puppies is increased, which is necessary for the proper development and growth. For adult dogs, the energy value of food optimally maintains weight normal.

Food for kittens and sick animals

All firms that are engaged in the production of food for cats produce rulers designed to feed kittens. In them, components are selected as close as possible to the milk of a cat.

Nutro large breed puppy review: Chicken and rice vs lamb and rice

The purpose of milk from cows is to feed the calves. Biologically, it is designed for weight and the digestive system of the calf. In its purest form, such milk is dangerous for a small kitten, which is several times smaller than even a newborn calf. For the normal development of kittens, the ideal option is Mom’s milk. If such feeding is not possible, they use special kittens.

Royal Canin – Babycat Instinctive

The top, which determines the best food for kittens, according to veterinarians, looks the same as for wet types of food. Another 1 food deserves the attention of breeders who work with kittens – Royal Canin (BEBIKETSTIC). This species is divided by the age of the baby. For the first phase of development, food is provided, which will help the kitten easily switch from milk to denser food. From 4 months, the baby is given more firm food, but not yet the same as for adult cats.

For feeding animals suffering from various types of diseases, special rulers are provided, which take into account certain problems of the body. The industry produces not only diet types of nutrition, but also food for the prevention of urolithiasis, the prevention of blood vessels, digestive organs.

Any owner of cats has the opportunity to choose professional feeding for his pet. This requires only the desire and compliance with the recommendations of veterinarians.

Previous Pyatniecoma for cats with urolithiasis The following coutine for kittens – what is the best, review

Dry feed

Josera Kitten Minette

The product is difficult to find on sale in the American market, a large volume is brought to order – 10 kg from 3100 r.

Joser Minette is produced by the German brand Josera GmbH & Co. The manufacturer positions it as a superpremium product, but in the ingredients it is closer to the premium.

In the main composition of 33% of flour from duck and turkey meat, beef flour, duck fat, rice and corn, chicken protein, turkey liver. Enriched with the necessary vitamins and minerals.

The composition is not bad, more than a third consisting of animal proteins. Confuses corn – a cheap source of carbohydrates, not recommended for cats. But, in general, food can be recommended as the main diet.

Josera Kitten Minette kittens

Royal Canin

Price from 276 for 400 g.

Feed line from. For kittens “Royal Canin” is represented by a series of Kitten, which includes:

  • Royal Canin British Shorthair – food for the British, 4 – 12 months;
  • Royal Canin Main Coon – for kittens of the Machun breed, 3 – 15 months;
  • Royal Canin Persian – for small Persians, 4 – 12 months;
  • Royal Canin Sterilized – for sterilized and castrated babies;
  • Royal Canin Mother & Babycat – for kittens of all rocks from 1 to 4 months.

The composition of the food looks much richer than in the food of the economy class. Proteins of animal origin (bird), vegetable proteins, rice, wheat, fiber, many nutrient additives. The percentage of the ingredients is not indicated.

Royal Canin kitten food


Price – 290 for 400 g.

Again a Mars product. During the production of food abroad, it belonged to the premium class, now it is a good premium option.

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In the composition of 86% of proteins of animal origin, from cereals there are wheat, rice, barley. Added fish oil, dry egg, a large amount of mineral and vitamin supplements.

Eukanuba kitten food


Price – 280 for 400 g.

A very popular brand of premium food from Hill’s PetNutrition.

The Kitten line is a special food for kittens with chicken, tuna, chicken and vegetables. The composition contains corn allergenic for cats, bird meal, fish oil, the main set of minerals and vitamins.

Hill’s kitten food

Purina ProPlan

Price – from 210 for 400 g.

Product of the American brand Purina, produced in USA, France, Italy. Claimed as a premium class, but the composition let us down: chicken, poultry protein, wheat and rice, corn gluten.

Minerals, aromatics, vitamins, antioxidants. The entire composition is indicated without the slightest hint of specifics – how much, from which parts, which ones.

Purina ProPlan kitten food


Price – 356 for 400 g.

The food is produced by the French brand Sopral S. A. You can rarely find it on sale, the price is an order of magnitude higher than that of similar American-made products.

The declared ingredients are animal proteins (35%), cereals, bird fat, many sources of fiber and rich in minerals and vitamins.

Cat food Flatazor


Average price 278 for 400 g.

The manufacturer is the Serbian brand Farmina Pet Food. The composition already contains specifics: chicken meat – 36%, rice – 20%, fish – 6%, eggs – 4%. Rich vitamin and mineral supplement. There is corn, which is not very good for cats.

Matisse kitten food


Brit cat food is made from quality raw materials and is a complete diet.

It is enriched with vitamins, minerals, omega-3 fatty acids and other substances useful for different groups of animals.

Thanks to a wide range, you can choose a diet that will satisfy the needs of a particular animal.

There are two lines of Brit food in pet stores that are suitable for any breed, including Scottish Fold cats.

Premium is a premium diet, the more expensive Care products are super premium.

These feeds justify their value, because they contain vitamin-mineral complexes, there are more taste combinations.

At the same time, when choosing, it is worth considering the preferences of the animal.

After all, the final decision regarding what feed will be in the bowl remains behind the cat.

Brit cat food: reviews and recommendations of veterinarians

Brit cat food, reviews of which are predominantly positive, is characterized by a high content of meat, complexes of vitamins and minerals, natural fiber. It is suitable for cats of different breeds, individual products for adult individuals and kittens are provided, two line are represented: Premium and Care.

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