How good is cheap dog food for large breeds?

February 9, 2023
Large Breeds
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Dogs under the age of 1 year need special nutrition, with a high content of proteins and other nutrients. We are talking about both dry and wet mixtures, including meat, vegetables and other natural ingredients. We analyzed the offers of various brands and, based on their usefulness, taste, cost, included in this rating the best puppy food in the budget, medium and premium price segments.

The best food for puppies

Companies from Europe and America received the greatest confidence from buyers and the most positive reviews. Chinese and domestic puppy food brands sometimes flout the standards and there are batches of low quality products on the market.

Here are the TOP 7 puppy food manufacturers:

  • Perfect Fit is a brand owned by Mars Corporation and produces pet food at factories in USA and Germany. The brand offers economy and premium pet food with a rich composition for pets. The company’s mixtures support normal immunity, improve digestion, skin and coat condition, and restore the functioning of the urinary system.
  • Acana is a Canadian brand that produces dry food for dogs and cats. The brand was founded in 1990 and has since been valued for consistently high quality products and a balanced composition. The company’s products belong to the super premium class. Also, the brand’s feed is popular in the world due to the use of first-class ingredients, all components of the composition are grown in natural conditions on organic farms.
  • Royal Canin is a French brand now owned read more by Mars Corporation and has been a leader in the healthy pet food market for 50 years. The range includes food for adult dogs and puppies. All formulations are inexpensive and include a high percentage of proteins.
  • Brit Care is a Czech manufacturer of premium quality puppy and kitten food. Confirmation of the high quality of products is compliance with ISO standards. The compositions do not contain GMO ingredients, soy and other low-quality components.
  • Purina is an Italian brand with a history of almost 120 years. The brand is owned by Nestle and headquartered in the USA. The compositions of the manufacturer are in high demand due to the affordable cost.
  • Dog Chow is an American brand owned by Purina. The company’s food is made taking into account the age characteristics of dogs. The company’s assortment includes compositions for the entire period of life of pets that support normal digestion and improve the appearance of the animal.
  • Bosch Tiernahrung is a German super premium food brand with over 35 years of experience. The production has a fresh meat processing plant certified according to the international IFS class. All components of the compositions are environmentally friendly, and the raw materials are obtained from the meat of animals grown without the use of harmful additives.
The Best Wet Dog Foods

Rating of the cheap but good quality food for big puppies

To determine which food is best to feed puppies of different breeds, we analyzed the compositions of popular manufacturers according to the following characteristics:

  • Concentration of proteins of animal origin;
  • The quality of meat and offal in the composition;
  • Type of meat products: fresh, dehydrated or dry;
  • Informativeness of the composition and correspondence of the description to reality;
  • Percentage of useless cereals;
  • Concentrations of harmful additives;
  • The percentage of vitamin and mineral components and the total composition.

Help during the compilation of the rating came from reviews of owners of dogs of various breeds and reviews of feed from practicing veterinarians. We also took into account the balance of price and quality of food.

The Best Dry Dog Foods

What is the difference in dog food for small breeds?

Small breed dogs (Yorkshire Terrier, Chihuahua, Spitz, etc.) need to be fed with compounds that can provide the body with an energy reserve. Due to the accelerated metabolism in small dogs, food should be satisfying and moderately high-calorie. Based on the analysis of the compositions, we have identified the 2 best mixtures for puppies of small breeds.

Perfect Fit with chicken

This is an economy-class food for additional pet nutrition, but for the main one this option is not the most suitable due to the lack of natural meat in the composition, replaced by dry poultry protein at a concentration of 20%. However, it was this fact that led to the low cost of the product. With constant feeding of a puppy with such a composition, its development may slow down, which is why it is additionally recommended to give the dog meat, vegetables and vitamins.

Perfect Fit with chicken


  • Affordable price – about 150 for a best dog food storage container of 500 g;
  • Puppies love this food;
  • Easy to find in stores;
  • Subject to the basic rules for storing the product, the shelf life is 545 days;
  • Good calorie content – 403 kcal / 100 g.


  • Lots of ballast grains: corn, wheat, sugar beet pulp;
  • The composition contains flavorings;
  • Low concentration of proteins (their source is not written).

In the affordable segment, “Perfect Fit with Chicken” is a good food, but it is not suitable for daily use, unless in combination with natural food and vitamins.

Acana Heritage

This option is the best food for Yorkie, Spitz and other small breeds, has a grain-free composition and a high concentration of animal components – 60-75%. It contains only raw, fresh and dehydrated ingredients of natural origin, no flavors. Thanks to the addition of herbs, vegetables and fruits, the mixture covers the needs of pets in proteins, vitamins and minerals.

To improve digestive function, timely development of puppies and healthy coat, prebiotic bacteria, fiber and fatty acids are present in the composition. But this relatively safe and healthy food costs about 1300 per 2 kg, and the presence of 5 protein sources increases the risk of food allergies, so the first time you should give the mixture with caution.

Acana Heritage


  • Grain-free composition;
  • Strengthens health;
  • Can be used as main food;
  • 5 different meat ingredients, 3 of which take the first places in the composition;
  • Fully covers the nutritional needs of dogs.


  • As a side dish, legumes are used, which cause a tendency to gas formation;
  • High price, but well justified.

For full feeding of Yorkies, Chihuahuas and other small breeds of puppies, it is better to use Acana Heritage. The composition contains everything necessary for the comprehensive development of the body of pets.

The best food for a Labrador

What dog foods are good for medium breeds?

In the first year of life, medium breed puppies do not grow very intensively compared to larger pets. Dogs are quite active and learn well, so the food must have a high energy value and a large percentage of useful additives. Requirements for protein components are lower than for large breeds, but higher than for small breeds. From a large list of good blends based on review analysis, we have included 3 options.


  • I. P. Proteins processed for maximum digestibility;
  • Sufficient concentration of calcium and phosphorus;
  • Supports healthy digestion;
  • Normal combination of price and quality;
  • High energy value.


  • Significant amount of ballast grains;
  • Insufficient protein content for constant feeding.

Royal Canin Medium Puppy is an inexpensive composition with a 32% concentration of proteins from dehydrated meat of poultry and pork. However, the composition contains not so useful corn, and beetroot.

Brit Premium by Nature with chicken

This budget full-time complex is one of the best dry feed for medium breed puppies. Due to the presence of 50% of the chicken (30% dehydrated and 20% of meat without bones), it contributes to the optimal development of muscle tissue and the skeleton of the pet. For joint health, the manufacturer added natural chondroprotectors to feed, which are well absorbed and contribute to the strength of bones and teeth. It has everything you need to maintain a healthy metabolism. This is a natural product that is close to the natural nutrition of carnivores.

Brit Premium by Nature with chicken


  • 50% of chicken meat;
  • The composition contains useful herbs and fruits;
  • Convenient zip-lock for storage of food;
  • The price is about 3000 per 15 kg;
  • Natural components.


  • A significant part of the composition is occupied by cereals: oats, wheat and corn;
  • Not all puppies like the taste;
  • Relatively sharp smell.

Brit Premium by Nature with chicken is ideal for a balanced diet of medium breed puppies. It has everything for a healthy development and good health of pets.

Purina PRO PLAN Optidigest lamb with rice

This food is suitable for dogs with sensitive digestion. Due to the presence of prebiotics, it is well absorbed and improves the balance of intestinal microflora. Plus, the nutrition is in the presence of a high-quality protein of the lamb, which is dietary and is suitable for all dogs. However, due to the high cost of such a component, its concentration is only 19%. To increase the number of proteins, less high-quality raw materials are used – dry protein from poultry meat. Due to the addition of corn and dry beet pulp, the price of the mixture is quite low.

Purina Pro Plan Optidigest Lamb with Rice


Best cheap food for large breed puppies review rice and mais

Big life dog food reviews

  • Vitamins and antioxidants in the composition;
  • Useful meat of the lamb;
  • Easily digested;
  • Often suitable for dogs with food allergies;
  • Reasonable cost – about 3700 per 12 kg.


  • Meager composition;
  • A lot of cereals that give only a feeling of saturation.

Since Purina Pro Plan Optidigest with lamb and meat rice is only 19%, the manufacturer had to go to the trick and add taste and aromatic ingredients.

What are the differences in food for dogs of large breeds?

Dogs of large breeds have a significant need for proteins necessary for the development of muscles and bone tissues. Food manufacturers for dogs should take into account this feature, because the dogs gain most of the weight in the first year of life. To understand which food is better for dog puppies, which in adulthood weigh more than 25 kg, expert reviews were analyzed. As a result, this category of rating includes several options for mixtures.

Dog Chow with turkey

This is an economy-class food for large breed puppies that spend a lot of energy, 47% of whole cereals in the composition indicate. The mixture includes a small percentage of proteins, only 8% – turkey and another 8% – processing products. Because of this, the composition is not suitable for constant feeding, you will have to add meat products and vitamin complexes to the diet. The positive features of this option are a large concentration of vitamin E, useful for maintaining the immune system, and prebiotics for better absorption of food.

Dog Chow with Turkey


  • There are no harmful flavors, preservatives and dyes;
  • Can be used to feed dogs during pregnancy and lactation;
  • Good vitamin-mineral complex;
  • Affordable pricing policy – about 3000 per 14 kg;
  • Long shelf life – 540 days.


  • Low percentage of meat and offal;
  • Almost half (47%) of food – cereals.

It is better to give puppies to Dog Chow food with a turkey moisturized, so it is better absorbed.

Bosch Junior

This is a full-time premium complex for large breed puppies. It does not contain wheat – a low-powered filler, but includes proteins in high concentration. The composition contains at least 20% of fresh poultry meat, and the content of protein is a total of at least 24%. As additives to quench appetite, barley, rice and mais are used. Massive dogs during growth often experience a deficiency of substances for joint development. The manufacturer took into account this feature by introducing glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate to the formation of healthy cartilaginous tissues. Bosch Junior has the necessary minimum for the correct and balanced growth of large breed puppies.

The main advantage of the composition: the optimal concentration of protein is up to 24% with an average fat content of 12%, which helps to gain healthy weight gradually, since too rapid development would lead to damage to the joints. Moreover, the food complex additionally fuels cartilage fabrics. I, as a practicing veterinarian, recommend this food with my wards.

Bosch Junior


  • Promotes the harmonious development of the puppy;
  • Optimal granule size;
  • Does not contain wheat;
  • Beneficial effect on cartilage and bone tissue;
  • Dogs rarely refuse food;
  • High concentration of omega-3 fatty acid.


  • Not easy to find for sale.

Bosch Junior is the best food for puppies of large breeds, which has everything you need for constant nutrition. Healthy complementary foods are recommended but not required.

What is the good cheap puppy food for large breeds?

It is important to choose food according to the weight, breed and age of the dog. Small puppies need maximum energy and protein. Medium-sized pets require a relatively high amount of protein and carbohydrates. Large dogs for gradual weight gain need the least amount of protein.

Here are some tips for choosing:

  • If you’re looking for the best dry dog food for your Chihuahua, Spitz, Yorkie and French Bulldog puppies, Acana Heritage’s balanced premium formula is recommended.
  • As a budget food for periodic feeding of puppies of small breeds, it is worth buying Perfect Fit with chicken.
  • Those who are looking for an inexpensive and balanced formula for feeding puppies of pit bull, cocker spaniel, English bulldog and other medium breed dogs should purchase Royal Canin Medium Puppy.
  • Brit Premium by Nature with Chicken is recommended for quality feeding of actively growing puppies.
  • Owners of puppies of all medium breeds with sensitive digestion will not be wrong to purchase Purina Pro Plan Optidigest Lamb with Rice.
  • As an inexpensive supplement for puppies of German Shepherds, Labradors and other large dogs, you can give Dog Chow with Turkey, but be sure to include protein products in the composition.
  • Sheepdogs, mastiffs, St. Bernards, Alabai and other puppies of large breeds are best fed with the Bosch Junior complex.

When choosing the best food for puppies of small breeds, then first of all you need to look at the composition. The less grains it contains and the more meat it contains, the more effective the nutrition will be.

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