Top dog food brands for large breed puppies

February 8, 2023
Large Breeds
Top dog food brands for large breed puppies

Dry feed for large dogs

The size of the dog matters not only when choosing ammunition or beds – the nutrition of the animal should also be adjusted based on its parameters and needs. For example, dry dog food for large dogs should have a moderate calorie content to prevent the development of obesity, include special additives to help keep joints healthy. But with all the variety of offers on the market, the rating of the best manufacturers will hardly include five items in each class.

Specialty nutrition is usually produced by large brands. Large and massive breeds of dogs are relatively rare, and the segment of food produced for them is also quite narrow. However, by purchasing food that takes into account the individual characteristics of the dog, there is no doubt that the dog will fully satisfy its needs for calories, vitamins and minerals.



Before you choose the optimal food for large breed puppies or buy food for an adult pet, you should study the list of useful and harmful ingredients in more detail. In this list, the main product should always be meat. Quality dry dog food for large dogs should include at least 30-60% lamb, beef, veal, chicken and turkey. Offal is taken into account separately (not all of them are harmless) – they are considered separately from the total share of natural meat.

The source of energy for a dog is carbohydrates obtained from cereals and grains. Legumes are not very healthy for dogs: corn, soy and other cheap sources of vegetable protein. Their presence is an indicator of low quality. Healthy ingredients include rice, wheat (if you are not allergic to gluten), barley, and oats. In good feed there should be no waste – residues from threshing grain, husks, beer cake (they are included to increase volume).

Large breed dogs benefit from egg-based foods. It will be better if you feed your pets whole food, not powder. Powdered milk is often additionally included in puppy diets. For adult dogs, this supplement is too high in calories and can cause stomach upset.


Another useful ingredient is fish oil. Antioxidants, amino acids (chondroitin, glucosamine) are added to premium products.

The mandatory component of proper nutrition is fiber responsible for food processing.

Its source can be rough herbaceous fibers, root crops (beets, carrots), pumpkin, tomato squeeze. These ingredients help the “evacuation” of the contents of the intestine, prevent the development of constipation.

All existing dry feeds intended for large dogs are divided into categories that determine their quality and balance of ingredients in their composition. Cheap nutrition is similar to fast food for people, contains a significant amount of fillers and fats that increase the calorie content of food. In the pursuit of savings, manufacturers can use dangerous preservatives and other possible additives that do not bring health benefits.


The most affordable feed for large dogs and puppies belong to the economy class. They can easily be found in the stores of the segment mass market, including in non-specialized ones. The composition always has artificial dyes, flavors, other types of dangerous ingredients. The raw materials for the manufacture of feed are the cheapest, the meat is often replaced by offal. The share of protein in such nutrition does not exceed 5-10%.



For dogs of large breeds, such an imbalance can be dangerous, because an excess of minerals in meat and bone flour (main component of economy feed) leads to the development of joint diseases.


This is a more expensive category, but due to the lack of intelligible standards, the products are not too different from economicals. The meat is still present, but complemented by offal and cereal fillers. In premium feeds, there are supplements useful for the health of the dog. But here are still used dyes, cheap preservatives and fats. This is not the most useful choice for an expensive thoroughbred dog, but such a food is quite suitable for a home pet.



This is a high-class and rather expensive food with a high content of pure animal protein. In the category of super-premium there is gradation for diets, breeds, special needs of the pet. The composition does not include cheap crops: corn and soy. However, fiber is present in excess, and the share of grain is often minimized, or they are completely removed from the list of ingredients.

The quality of the product is often confirmed by numerous certificates of conformity.




Holistic dog food is a relatively new product that takes into account the natural needs of predators. The composition is natural and balanced, the share of animal protein reaches 70-80%. When selecting ingredients, testing is carried out according to human standards. Of the cereals, only rice or buckwheat is allowed, the inclusion of antioxidants, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals is mandatory.


Manufacturers Overview

The world leaders in the production of high-quality food for large and giant dogs are the countries of North America: Canada, the USA, European powers (England, France, Czech Republic, Germany). Strict control over product quality is established here, there is a whole list of additives prohibited for use.

Below is a ranking of the best dog food brands for large breeds.

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  • Acana. This is a Canadian brand of Champion Pet Food. In this line, the manufacturer has focused on the meat component of the diet of predators in their natural habitat. For large breeds, Puppy Large Breed, Adult Large Breed, designed for puppies and adult dogs, are suitable. A distinctive feature is a balanced composition: 60% meat and 40% fruits and vegetables (70% protein in the “children’s” diet due to the addition of eggs). Both types of feed are completely grain-free.


  • Belcando. This is a German brand that produces specialized lines of dry dog food Junior Maxi and Adult Multi-Croc. They are made in a family business, the brand takes care of all stages of production. The inclusion of the meat component reaches 80% of the total volume, it is formed by combining fresh and dried poultry meat, fish, chicken eggs.

The list of ingredients does not contain soy, wheat, milk protein, which has a beneficial effect on the digestion of pets.


  • Biomill. A Swiss brand that produces super-premium food. For large dogs, the Swiss Professional Maxi Junior and Maxi Adult range (for adult pets) is intended. Since 2012, all feeds have been produced at a factory in Italy. Poultry and lamb meat are used as raw materials, but the share of protein is significantly lower than that of previous manufacturers in the ranking.


  • Bosch. This is a well-known German concern, among the products of which are the Junior Maxi and Adult Maxi lines for large dogs. Dry dog food belongs to the super-premium class, but in the composition you can find fresh poultry meat that is lost in volume after processing, as well as not very healthy corn. Cereal crops occupy a large volume in the composition, while the animal needs the predominance of protein. But we can assume that this is a good food, somewhat inferior to the leaders in the selection of ingredients.


  • Eukanuba. This is a US brand that has been specializing in the production of high-quality pet food for more than half a century. Today it has production in the USA and Europe. The brand tries to bring ready-made diets closer to the natural composition of the food of predators in the wild. For large dogs, the specialized Puppy & Junior Large Breed and Dog Adult Large Breed lines are the best choice. The average share of meat ingredients in their composition reaches 25%, while cereals account for 14%.


  • Hill’s. This is an American brand that produces super-premium dog food. For large breeds, the Nature’s Best series is designed with an all-natural balanced composition. In the list of ingredients, you can find the pulp of citrus fruits and grape pomace. The share of meat products reaches 30%.

Fiber volumes are below normal, but otherwise the composition is quite balanced.



  • Royal Canin. This brand is from France. He creates food tailored to the individual needs of pets. The product range includes offers in two lines: Maxi (26-44 kg) and Giant (over 45 kg). Starter is available – a product for puppies and lactating dogs, separate versions taking into account breed characteristics. A large amount of cereals in the composition, the presence of wheat and soybean oil make this product less useful for dogs than the offers of the leaders in the rating.
Top dog food brands for large breed puppies England, France, Czech Republic, Germany

Top dog food brands for large breed puppies



The holistic category feed deserves special attention. They are positioned as the highest quality, often presented in grain-free versions. Here, the following feeds are available for large breeds:

  • Golden Eagle Holistic Large & Giant Breed – for puppies and adult animals, is a multi-protein (chicken, pork, salmon) with an optimal composition;
  • Almo Nature Holistic Adult Dog Large made in Italy with 53% animal protein.



There are other holistics, but not all of them are suitable for large dogs. In any case, animals with giant and simply high growth need food that takes into account their special needs. You should not offer your pet products of premium class and below – it will provide only basic saturation and will not benefit the dog.

How to choose?

When choosing food for dogs of large breeds, it is imperative to take into account the individual characteristics and needs of different age groups. Pregnant and lactating animals require a special approach. Separate food lines are available for castrated and sterilized dogs.

For puppies

Young representatives of large breeds, demonstrating active growth, require the highest quality food with a natural composition. The share of animal components in the product should not be less than 30%; the use of cereals with low allergenicity, such as oats or rice, is encouraged. The optimal combination of meat ingredients is lamb and salmon or chicken and trout. In this case, the composition will be the most complete and easily digestible.


To feed puppies, dry dog food is saturated with an egg – a source of vitamin D3, fishmeal, alfalfa. Useful vegetables and fruits containing fiber.

For older dogs

A special diet for an aging pet includes smaller, easy-to-chew dry dog food kibbles. Nutrition should be low-calorie with a precisely calculated composition and an optimal set of ingredients. The diet takes into account limited mobility, problems with the heart and joints, alleviates the condition of the animal, prolongs the days of its active longevity.

For neutered and neutered pets

The diet of dogs that have undergone the procedure of getting rid of reproductive function should include special supplements that take into account changes in hormonal levels. Dry dog food in this category has a low calorie content, a balanced composition does not have excess fat and a cheap carbohydrate component. The ingredients should be dominated by proteins and healthy fiber.


It is worth considering that in the absence of specialized food, you can choose high-quality super-premium food with a reduced calorie content.

For adult dogs

The needs of animals are quite diverse, and in many ways their diet is built taking into account the features of the breed. If the dog has a thick coat, the food should contain additives to improve it. Pets prone to allergies need specialized products without dangerous ingredients. Active dogs acquire food with increased calorie content, taking into account their energy expenditures.


Rules for feeding

There is a calorie content of the diet that should be taken into account when feeding the pet with dry feed. It is important to take into account that when determining it, one should take into account not only the weight of the animal’s body, but also the level of physical activity. It is also worth paying attention to the volume of protein in food: puppies need at least 24%, 15-21%of an adult dog needs.

Specialization of feed matters: for puppies, pregnant and lactating, elderly dogs, it is better to choose nutrition, taking into account their special needs. The average indicators for an adult animal will be as follows:

  • With body weight 80 kg-570-800 g per day;
  • With a weight of 70 kg-510-710 g;
  • At 60 kg-450-665 g;
  • 50 kg-400-620 g;
  • From 40 kg-330-525 g.

For active dogs, the daily diet is recommended to increase by 30% – this will take into account the increased energy costs of the animal. In addition, you need to take into account individual recommendations on the packaging specified by the manufacturer. The calorie content of food is necessarily increased in the winter. The portion volumes in power and super-premium nutrition can vary significantly due to an increase in the content of the protein component. Given these recommendations, you can organize feeding a large dog at the highest level.


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