Dog opens a container of dog food

February 27, 2023
Dog Food Container
Dog opens a container of dog food

What can you give a dog and how to make a diet

Many people know that the choice of food for dogs should be carefully considered, but special attention should be paid to the nutrition of puppies. Is it possible to give a puppy milk, cheese, porridge, Bones, eggs, cottage cheese, raw meat or not, prefer a natural diet or dry food will replace everything?

How to feed a dog

The first rule of feeding, which the breeder teaches to the buyer of his furry “baby”: “What you invest in a puppy up to a year, you will receive in the next 10 years. “Let’s take a closer look at how to feed a dog. The main rule is to choose the type of feeding and diet should be a veterinarian.

What should be natural feeding

It is desirable that the owner of the puppy immediately made a choice – natural food or ready-made food. If the choice falls on natural feeding, then it should be species-specific. In the baby’s diet, there must be no cereals and leftovers from the table, but fresh meat, a bone component, dairy best storage containers, fish and chicken, fresh vegetables. Natural dog food is very good and wonderful, but there is one “but”. It is very labor intensive and responsible.

In our age, when very busy working people do not have time to make purchases, store large quantities of frozen meat somewhere, thaw it in a hurry and feverishly cut and mix, ready-made rations come to the rescue (dry, semi-moist andcanned dog and puppy food). But how do you choose the right puppy food and not get lost in the variety that stores offer us?

Dog food

What should be included in a dog’s diet

What is the difference between puppy food and dog food?

It’s actually not as hard to figure out as it seems. In addition to a higher protein content than in everyday diets, a conscientious manufacturer puts in puppy food all the necessary minerals, micro- and macro-elements, vitamins that a growing body needs at different stages of the formation of bone, muscle tissues, as well as the dental system.

An error in choosing a diet for a baby can be critical. For example, excess weight in large breed puppies can lead to an excessive load on the joints. Many puppies at the stage of transition from mother’s milk to adult food are rather picky, and the breeder has to persuade the kids to eat, so “children’s” food should be not only very useful, but also tasty, and should also be easily absorbed, since the digestion of the kids is still very veryTender.

Feed for puppies

Puppies feeding more tender

What should be included in the correct finished food

In high-quality stern, both for adult dogs and for babies, meat ingredients usually stand in the first place (they should be at least 50%). Proper food does not contain corn and wheat – sources are not very useful for people or for gluten dogs, and also does not contain a huge number of rare herbs and vegetables that can cause allergies in the puppy. Also in this proper stern there are no dyes, flavorings and artificial enhancers of taste, which is also important for the growing organism, and preservatives in it should be natural, no “chemistry”.

In general, the right fodder “formula” is not “porridge with meat”, but meat or fish (turkey, lamb, salmon, chicken) – the main food best storage container of predators; vegetables and fruits – a source of fiber, vitamins, minerals and natural antioxidants; Vitamins and trace elements (preferably in a lecture form) – for proper metabolism. It is very desirable to have enzymes in the composition of the feed – for better digestion and assimilation of nutrients; Probiotics – to reduce the risk of digestive disorder and strengthen immunity. Of course, the perfect feed does not exist, the best food is the one that suits your puppy. But with the right choice of high-quality food, it will grow into a healthy, energetic and funny dog. Probably the largest owner does not need.

What should be a dog natural diet

Since the dog’s “natural” menu changes depending on the age, size of the dog, physical exertion, conditions of content, and even from the time of year, the veterinarian will help to paint the diet according to grams. Most breeders never measure the dog in grams, always focus on its appearance and condition. Hdog food containerstly – over 30 years of feeding dogs, I have never had a measured glass with ready feed.

When compiling a natural diet, the owner must roughly imagine what the conditional carcass of an animal that goes in nature to feed canines consists of – meat, Bones, offal. A dog lunch is also balanced in the same way: approximately 70-80% is muscle meat, 20-30% is offal, a little bone component (strictly raw Bones and cartilage). Other best storage containers are added to the main meat feeding: eggs, vegetables and fruits, if necessary – porridge and oil (animal or vegetable). It is possible to add kefir (preferably homemade) and honey to the diet (but only if there is no allergy to it).

If you need to increase the calorie content of a serving, for example, if the dog is very active, kept outdoors in winter, they play sports with it, then, of course, energy-intensive foods (fat, cereals) should be added to the diet. There is no such need – do not add or add very little.

. Can you give your dog chicken Bones?

And no. The Bones are by no means chicken! In principle, chicken heads and skeletons (backs) can be given, but not tubular Bones. And only raw.

. Can you give porridge to a dog?

With cereals, it is best to give rice and buckwheat, and only the owner knows what kind of porridge in consistency the dog likes more.

. Can you give a dog cheese?

The same goes for cheese, use common sense. If the cheese is low-fat (here is the Adyghe, for example, the most wonderful option) and is given little by little – why not.

It is impossible to feed cheese all the time, because it is a rather fatty and difficult to digest best storage container (with the possible exception of Adyghe-type cheeses, it has a very modest calorie content). Cheese can only be treated to a dog for good behavior.

. What about dairy best storage containers?

Sour-milk best storage containers, if no contraindications have been identified, can be given at least every day. It is absolutely wonderful if it is homemade kefir made on sourdough (it is not even quite kefir, but a homemade probiotic best storage container). If we give purchased fermented milk best storage containers, then the main thing is without excessive fanaticism in order to avoid indigestion or excessive gas formation.

Of course, it happens that a puppy receives little calcium from the diet, then he has signs of the well-known rickets – growth retardation, crooked limbs, teeth change for a long time. But much more unpleasant is an excess of calcium, especially in puppies of large dogs. If the amount of this element in the feed is optimal for the baby, then with improper natural feeding or excessive enthusiasm for vitamin and mineral supplements, irreversible changes in bone and cartilage tissue occur, Bones change structure and thickness, joints are deformed.

Dog opens a container of dog food dress through the

The dog becomes bad from dog food, which is located at the bottom of the container

dog, animal food

Ready-made food is always chosen for a specific breed

. What about baby food?

Of course, you can give baby food to a dog, but it’s pretty pointless. For it will transit through the dog’s digestive system. System – this is one and two – this is that since the days of the Soviet Union, the slogan “all the best for children” is no longer so relevant. Therefore, in jars of inexpensive baby food, there is increasingly a lot of starch, which is not useful for any children – neither human nor animal.

Can I give my dog potatoes, pasta and bread?

These are simple carbohydrates that predators, even domestic dog food containers, do not need at all. We don’t want our dog to look like a character from a cartoon who said: “Tahiti, Tahiti We haven’t been to any Tahiti! They feed us well here too. ”))) And fresh, uncooked potatoes can still be dangerous, green tubers contain solanine, a poisonous plant toxin found in all nightshades.

Can you give carrots to dogs?

Why not, this vegetable is an excellent source of fiber and beta-carotene (yes, the very one that is responsible for skin health and gives brightness to the animal fur coat). Just keep in mind that carotenoids from raw carrots are not absorbed by predators without retinoidssourced from animal best storage containers. In simple terms, carrots without meat (or animal fat) are money down the drain). Well, or the second option is to give it boiled, so it will be absorbed better.

Therefore, it is better for a dog to get vitamin A from the liver. This is a fairly valuable by-best storage container, which contains quite a lot of animal protein, fat and many vitamins and minerals. Only the main thing – without fanaticism, because a large amount of raw liver can cause diarrhea and other gastrointestinal troubles.

Ranger opens screw top dog food container!

Can a dog eat chicken and pork?

Chicken and pork are a wonderful source of animal protein. Contrary to the general conviction that the chicken often causes allergies, I would like to clarify that most often this reaction in animals does not occur to the bird itself, but to what the unfortunate bird is stuffed during life and after it – hormones, antibiotics, loosening, chlorine, etc. As a rule, a poultry grown on its own compound or a conscientious manufacturer does not cause allergies.

Pork, especially young and not fat – generally beautiful meat. It is very easily absorbed (much faster than so popular in lamb feeds), contains a minimum of ash substances (like chicken, by the way), which facilitates the work of the kidneys and reduces the risk of deposits in them. And pork is a storehouse of amino acids, vitamins A, D, E, F and SBrenda, the lack of which in the body leads to impaired rebest storage containerive function, problems with the liver and diseases of the thyroid gland.

How the dog’s breed affects the choice of diet

Puppies of large, and especially giant breeds – mastiffs, senbernars, dogs – have their own growing characteristics associated with the fact that, unlike small and medium breeds, they grow up for a long time, but at the same time they gain weight quite quickly. The weight gain is ahead of the development of ligaments and joints, which, alas, often cannot cope with such a load. Therefore, the nutrition of such large dogs should not be too high-calorie to avoid too fast weight gain, on the one hand, and contain all the necessary nutrients, vitamins and minerals (including glucosamine and chondroitin) – on the other. It is possible to make such a diet yourself, of course, but it is not very simple, therefore it is much more convenient to purchase ready-made feeds in which all the needs of large babies have already been taken into account.

About dogs of long-haired breeds, breeders say that they “dress through the stomach”, that is, beautiful and healthy wool can only be obtained if proper feeding. It must include high-quality animal protein, biotin and omega-3 and-6 fatty acids in a certain proportion, then the dog “fur coat” will look luxurious.

Alas, the opinion that the most unpretentious dogs in the diet is a mongrel is fundamentally wrong. Among unfortunate dogs, there are also animals with sensitive digestion or with a tendency to overweight.

It is believed that native dogs are less complicated in the selection than the representatives of the so-called “factory” breeds, because the “natives” were formed under the influence of natural selection, and not human intervention.

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