The dog opens the container and steals food

February 27, 2023
Dog Food Container
The dog opens the container and steals food

How to wean a dog to steal

Quite a few dog owners complain that their pet… steals things. In some individuals, kleptomania applies only to certain items – socks, for example. Other animals try to steal everything that lies badly. It can be a sandwich from the table, your hairbrush, a child's toy Neighborhood with such a thief is not very comfortable. After all, you have to constantly worry about whether the pet will steal your things, whether it will ruin expensive accessories, as their searches often end in disappointment – the item is hopelessly damaged, bitten or gnawed.

Why do dogs steal and how to wean them from this habit, no less harmful than constant barking? Our today's publication will try to help you with this.

Why do dogs steal things

I would like to note right away that not a single animal steals things on purpose. And he doesn't care what ends up in his teeth. So it’s not worth thinking that the phone that was damaged by the pet’s teeth was chosen by him in advance. He just lay in an accessible place. And although some may think that in this way the pet demonstrates its zealous attitude, there is little truth in this. There are more pragmatic options for how to explain the pet's behavior. But in every situation it is worth remembering that

Everything that the dog does, it does for the owner, thereby trying to attract his attention to his person.

So, no malice or cruel revenge. Just a desire for the owner to notice and Play. Indeed, often the reaction to theft becomes a chase, which the dog perceives as part of the game. Not surprisingly, the next time she wants to play, she will try to steal some of your things, so you will definitely respond to her invitation, and the game will be very exciting, include chasing, brawling, etc.

The dog's motive is clear – she wants more attention. This, of course, is not about situations where a hungry animal steals food. In this case, they are often driven by more mundane instincts and the desire to get enough. It is natural that

Bringing a dog to the point where it steals food is not worth it. It's just a crime.

How to deal with a dog that steals things

Do I need to take the stolen item by force?

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Why and why the dog steals things, we figured it out. Now the question arises, how can we behave correctly in order to wean the pet from this, not too pleasant, habit. First of all, it is worth realizing that

The habitual reaction – chasing the thief and trying to take away the stolen thing, only inflames the bad habit. The dog thinks that you are supporting his game. The best option in this case is a restrained reaction and the command “to me”, “give it back”. The dog must respond to these commands and obey them. Then the stolen item will not have to chase around the house.

Moreover, chasing a dog to take something valuable and important for you from it is unacceptable. How to punish an animal for this offense. In this situation, the animal develops a reflex reaction of fear. Not surprisingly, in the future, it will react aggressively to any attempt to approach it.

The dog opens the container and steals food Why do dogs

The dog opens the container and steals food

Quite often you can hear the question from the owners why their dog began to growl at them. The answer is simple – you yourself fixed the pet's aggressive reaction with the wrong form of behavior towards him. No aggression, and then the dog will not behave aggressively towards you.

How to prevent dog theft

  • If you have a dog in the house, then you must be aware that the animal needs your attention and love. Set aside time to socialize and play with him. Then the dog will not try to steal it from you. About playing with the dog.
  • Be sure to teach the animal basic commands. This will make it much easier for you to control its behavior.

Why does a dog steal food

If your pet steals not just things, but food from the table, while you are absolutely sure that you feed him well, be sure to consult a veterinary clinic. You will have to do tests, undergo an ultrasound examination, remember if the pet’s attitude to food has changed, its gastronomic preferences, how much water the dog drinks per day, how he goes to the toilet, what appetite he has

Paying attention to a change in behavior and theft of food, you can timely identify violations and malfunctions in the pet's body. And make an effort to eliminate somatic disorders.

Video about animal thieves

Today we looked at the causes of theft in dogs, as well as how to properly behave as a pet owner so as not to provoke his negative behavior. We hope that our advice will be useful to you.

It will also be interesting for us to know if one of our readers has encountered such a problem. How do you deal with dog theft? Share your story, experience with us.


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