Buddeez container for dog food Sam’s Club

March 20, 2023
Dog Food Container
Buddeez container for dog food Sam's Club

Stardog dog food: reviews, analysis, price

Dry stardog food for dogs are produced in USA, manufacturer of Alfroup LLC. The official site is https://stardog74/, there is information about the composition of the feed, the recommended feeding standards (on the image of the packaging). This food refers to the economy class.

Stardog feed composition

We will get acquainted with the composition of Stardog food for dogs of large and medium breeds (this is the only existing option):

The first ingredient is wheat, a source of carbohydrates. Wheat is not desirable in the composition, especially in the first place. Next, there are sublimated meat (beef) and meat-bone flour (beef) – sources of protein.

The percentage of the percentage is not indicated, but there are no other ingredients very rich in protein, which means the main part of the 28% protein – animal origin indicated in the guaranteed analysis.

Plant fats (refined sunflower oil) – a source of fat and fatty acids. Propheted wheat is a source of fiber. Vitamin-mineral complex-food supplement of vitamins and minerals.

Antioxidants are necessary for storing feed, prevent it from spoilage. Which antioxidants are used not specified.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages include:

  • The main source of protein is meat ingredients;
  • Low price.
  • The main ingredient is wheat;
  • The main source of fats is vegetable oil;
  • The antioxidants used are not specified.

Stardog dog food – reviews

Dry food Stardog for dogs is not very common, but because of the low cost and presence on the most popular marketplaces, many managed to offer it to their pets. Therefore, there are enough reviews on the Internet, below we shared several of the found.

Customer reviews

I bought it for a sample, I live far from the issuance point always take 30 kg for a month. I was afraid that they would not eat, and I always buy a meal. I took a lot of food, and I can evaluate the quality.

And so, the first of the pluses is the price at the time of purchase for 15 kg, of the minuses, again there is no ZIP castle, it is difficult to put chtoli, there is a penny. Further, the Husky eats him while they eat, the granules do not have a clear shape, chopped it as it turned out. The feed is like a foam is light, the photo shows that a third bucket of meal weighs like 3/4 buckets of this food. I have measured glasses, and I measure the daily norm with them, T, I know the weight, here I need 1. 5 cups, it turns out, it is not convenient.

You won’t understand the smell here what it smells of, felts of felts with plastic. The chair in dogs is normal, but there are few, they live in the aviary, and this is noticeable, this is of course a plus, which means it is absorbed well, I may be mistaken, but the fact. There is no advertising or anti-advertising here, there are 30 kg and they must be used. If everything is fine, then I’ll take it yet, no so we will stay on the meal.

Stardog dog feed granules

Focusing on previous reviews and it seems like a good composition, I bought a 15 kilogram dog food storage container at once. This turned out to be a big mistake. My dog, who had eaten everything that was pinned before, began to abandon this food. Reluctantly ate part of the portion. The bowl remained not available throughout the day. With all other feeds, even very cheap, this has never happened.

The dog had digestive problems, strong constipation. I had to buy another, already tested food. Now I am mixing them in a proportion of 1: 3 (3 parts of good, one part of this feed). The dog began to eat well again, the chair was getting better. I will not experiment anymore.

Buddeez container for dog food Sam's Club See the exact cost

Buddeez container for dog food sam’s club

They bought food, was clean on top, when they began to take from the middle saw the foci of mold and decided to pour out and see, they were horrified than we fed the dog. The dog did not even eat it, only divorced with liquid food. We do not recommend this seller if you love your pet.

Stardog feed granules for dogs - reviews

Price and where to buy

You can buy this food for dogs through marketplaces, for example:

  1. Amazon (link):
    • Packaging 3 kg – from 550 ;
    • Packaging 15 kg – from 2100

As of June 2022, in large marketplaces of this feed there is no available, you can purchase through the official website. See the exact cost on the site by link above.

Conclusions about the stern "Strdog"

There are reviews about both positive and negative dog feeds about dogs for dogs. The composition cannot be called high-quality and complete, the main ingredient here is wheat, and the source of fat is sunflower oil. Therefore, the Petobor site does not recommend using it as the main diet for your pets.

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