Dog Food Container Dispenser

March 13, 2023
Dog Food Container
Dog Food Container Dispenser

Automatic feeder for cats with dispenser and timer, for wet and dry food

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Domestic cats are purely carnivores. They eat meat, Bones, entrails. In nature, their prey is mainly small rodents and lizards, less often insects. Given these features, it is important to set a diet that would be as close as possible to the natural.

Wild animals are forced to get their own food. But domesticated animals cannot afford this, as they live in city apartments. This means that a great responsibility falls on the owner – to feed the ward so that he does not starve, but does not suffer from obesity.

Veterinarians recommend feeding cats twice a day. For hairless breeds, the situation is different: due to the accelerated metabolism, their body requires more food than their woolly counterparts. Bare skin is not protected from the cold, so the Sphynx vital energy in order not to freeze. Felinologists advise increasing feeding up to 3-4 times.

How auto feeders work

Automatic feeders have gained particular popularity among animal lovers. This is a universal device with which a pet can receive food without the personal participation of the owner.

According to the standard, all models have three modes of operation:

  • Once a day for four days;
  • Twice daily for three days;
  • Work two days, feeding three times a day.

Modern automatic feeders are in great demand. They have a built-in timer that dispenses food in portions and at a certain time interval. It can be customized.

What’s the use? Leaving on a small business trip, the owner cannot see how his pet eats. Automatic feeders come to the rescue. In addition to a strict feeding regimen, they develop discipline in the animal. The digestive system will not suffer from overeating, there will be no recurrence of chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (if any are diagnosed).

Automatic feeder with segments

Automatic feeder with segments

Differences by type of action

There are four types of feeders in total. Their principle of operation is slightly, but still different from each other.

With segments

The form is round. They consist of a container divided into several parts (most often into 3-4). It is covered with a lid on top so that the pet cannot remove it on its own. One compartment remains open. The cover with a certain frequency changes the position, revealing the next part.

Additional drinker

Segment bowls often go with an additional compartment. He becomes a drinker or a wet food, a paste, and fittings are placed there.

With a folding lid

Single and two-time. The latter are divided into two large containers closed by lids. The opening time and the volume of the portion are configured by a person. Designed for two- or disposable feeding.

With dispenser

With a dispenser

Programmable with a dispenser

A large container with a dispenser and a built-in sensor. A bowl is attached to it. At the time exhibited, the necessary amount of feed pours out.

Modern models are equipped with a special microphone, with which the owner can record the sound of his voice or voice commands. The feeder “calls” or notifies the pet.

Standard (mechanical)

Without built-in technology. In a small container, food is poured, which immediately “serves” food in a bowl. Its principle is based on the fact that the animal always has access to food. This option is the most budgetary, but not everyone is suitable. A standard feeder is not recommended for animals prone to overeating or obesity.


They are a bowl-headed bowl or labyrinth. They are used if the cat does not control itself while eating is enough as much as it can. Aimed at developing discipline. The pet will have to use ingenuity to get food for himself.

Heated and cooling

A bowl without a dispenser (container), but with the ability to heat/cool food and maintain an optimum temperature depending on the type of food. A sensor with a thermometer is built into the feeder.

Built-in Libra

If the cat is diagnosed with obesity or due to diseases it is necessary to clearly regulate the volume of feed, it is worth thinking about acquiring a bowl with built-in weights. So the owner will have a need for a constant search for the desired dosage. It is enough to pour food into the bowl and the display will begin to show weight.



Diy Dog Food Dispenser – How To Build

Types of materials

In the manufacture of feeders, two materials are used: metal and plastic. Consider each of them.


Programmable, segmented, containerized and with hinged lid. Equipped with technical equipment. Allows you to adjust the time, number of feedings per day, portion weight. Differ in the high durability and moisture resistance. A great option for pets with a strict diet. Some models have the ability to feed a pet three or more times.

Internal organization


These include the standard feeder. It has no sensors. Feed is simply poured into the container, which is then poured into the bowl as it is emptyitable for cats without a tendency to uncontrolled eating.

By type of food

Conventionally, feeding can be divided into two types: natural and based on industrial best storage containers. The first option includes food that the owners themselves prepare for the pets. This is boiled chicken or beef meat mixed with cereals. At the same time, it is necessary to take into account the fact that with such a diet, a cat may not receive the required amount of vitamins and minerals. Therefore, boiled sea fish, sour-milk best storage containers (cottage cheese), vegetables and fruits are added to the diet. We must not forget about special vitamin complexes.

No less popular are ready-made feeds. Manufacturers produce best storage containers depending on the age of the pet, the presence of chronic diseases or food allergies. Industrial feeds already have all the necessary reserves of minerals, so there is no need to stock up on vitamins separately.

For your information! The choice of menu depends on the model of the automatic feeder, which could meet all requests.

For dry food

For dry food

For dry

Almost any type of dry food will do. The granules have a dense structure and do not need to be stored in a refrigerator. If the owner of the cat leaves for a few days on a business trip, then container feeders are an ideal variation.

The owner will not have to worry about the pet, as this model is configured to work from 2-3 days and even longer. The only thing, in this case, you need to worry about the autodrinker, designed for no less time.

For wet food

For wet food

For wet

If the owner prefers to cook on their own, another problem arises – how to provide the cat with fresh food throughout the day. This is where heated and cooled bowls come in handy.

They allow you to maintain the desired temperature for a long time. Thanks to them, the pet will not be forced to eat spoiled or chilled food.

In addition, there are special gadgets that at a certain time will simply open the lid of wet canned cat food, which is also very convenient. This option is perfectly combined with an automatic feeder for dry food.

Dangerous! If natural food has not been eaten in a day, it is better to throw it away. At room temperature, it is stored very little and is fraught with severe poisoning.

Mixed option

Cooked food cannot be stored for as long as industrial food. This means that stretching food for several days will not work, even with all the desire. But if the owner just lingers at work, there is a way out. Segment or hinged lid feeders are fine. They are aimed at regulating nutrition within one day.

By size

Before buying, it is important to know the height and weight of the animal. It is not advisable to purchase a Caucasian Shepherd feeder for a small pet and vice versa. Manufacturers take into account many details. Cat sizes are no exception.

For large cat breeds

For large cat breeds

For large breeds

This category includes Maine Coon, Ragdoll, Pixie Bob, Savannah, Kuril, American, Karelian or Mekong Bobtail. For them and their brethren, the best option would be a feeder with a container from 4 to 10 liters.

These are usually designed for continuous operation up to 4 days. They have several modes of operation. You can adjust the feed supply at your own discretion.

The exact dimensions depend on the height, weight, as well as the state of health of the ward. For example, with diseases of the stomach, veterinarians recommend increasing feeding up to 3-4 times, but reducing the portion size.

For small

If you have a medium-sized breed, such as the Japanese Bobtail, a container device is a good choice – models with a volume of 2 to 5 liters are suitable. For four meals a day or with a dry food diet – from 2 kg. Choosing a bowl from the segmented category – from 300-450 ml.



Universal, suitable for dogs

If both cats and small dogs live in the house, the owner will involuntarily think about purchasing a universal feeder. It wouldn’t hit the budget. There would be no need to distribute devices in the apartment.

However, experts recommend purchasing such a best storage container only if the animals are peaceful and get along with each other. Even the most “bosom friends” can conflict over food.

Universal automatic feeders are container devices with a volume of 7-10 liters. They are equipped with several bowls where food is poured. They also have built-in sensors that allow you to adjust the time, portion size and the ability to control via the Internet. It is ideal for cats and small breed dogs.


Modern models are equipped with additional features that simplify interaction with the feeder. Let’s consider each of them.


This mode is very convenient if the cat has a special diet due to illness or obesity. The volume is adjusted individually, but by default, such feeders have about 3 dosing options.

Bowls with built-in scales are great for those who prefer to cook their own meals. With their help, it becomes possible to feed the pet evenly, without overloading the gastrointestinal tract in large portions.

Temperature support

What to do if the pet is picky and prefers not to immediately start the meal? Or if the family is forced to urgently leave long before the scheduled feeding of the cat? Manufacturers have taken these points into account by releasing bowls with automatic cooling and heating. By setting the desired temperature, the owner does not have to worry about food spoiling at room temperature.


In the modern world, the situation when all family members are at work (study) all day has become standard. Therefore, bowls with a built-in timer have become especially relevant. Thanks to him, the owners can set the optimal feeding time.

Voice recording

If earlier the owner himself called the cat to the next dinner, now the technique can do it for him. Some devices have a built-in voice recording function. A person can voice the necessary commands or just words to attract the attention of a pet.

remote control

Remote control

Remote control

There are models that work from the Internet and regularly send data. They control what is happening online and notify the owner about each meal (up to the amount eaten in grams).

This is a very handy feature for those who are often absent from work but need to monitor their cat’s eating behavior.

Photo and video shooting

This is not just a food control, but also a great way to see what your pet is doing, being all alone. The device either sends pictures through an application on a smartphone, or continuously records video. You can watch pets at any convenient time.

Brand Examples

We will only talk about some of the more popular automatic feeders so that you have some idea of \u200b\u200bwhat you can buy in stores.

Tenberg Yummy

Tenberg Yummy

Tenberg Yummy

Dog Food Container Dispenser kg of

Airtight amazon dog food container

Tenberg produces segmented automatic feeders and tank feeders with a dispenser for dogs and cats. The best storage containers are popular due to their reliability, high quality, as well as functionality – the manufacturer made sure that only the necessary options were in the feeder.

This made it possible to make the price affordable for the majority of the population, while maintaining the quality of premium-class equipment.

Suitable for dogs and cats, has 5 compartments with a volume of 270 ml. The timer is placed on the cover, at the set time the mechanism of the feeder turns and the next section opens.

You can place dry and wet food.

Mains or battery powered, which is the most convenient option among the possible ways to connect such devices.

Tenberg Jenji

Tenberg Jenji

Tank with dispenser Tenberg Jendji

The Tenberg Jendji model is the result of an analysis of all the strengths and weaknesses of the devices of both the manufacturer and colleagues in the market. The developers managed to create a model in which there are all the necessary options and advanced technologies.

They allow you to strictly follow the feeding schedule of the cat and control the portion size: you can program up to 6 feedings per day and select the required portion size from 5 to 200 g.

The device also has the most up-to-date “advanced” functions. In particular, Tenberg Jendji allows you to record a voice message for your pet, which he will hear every time he feeds. The setting takes place through a convenient LCD panel, and a dual power system saves from shutdown in emergency situations – from the mains and batteries.

The basic characteristics are not forgotten either: the feeder has a stable design and is equipped with silicone feet that prevent slipping. A secure lid with a double lock protects the food box from being opened by animals, and a removable reservoir holds as much as 3. 5 liters of food – enough for a long time. At the same time, special silica gel moisture absorbers will always keep it dry.


An interesting gadget from a global manufacturer. You can’t count what this Chinese manufacturer just doesn’t produce, from mobile phdog food containers to sneakers. So he decided not to forget about our smaller brothers.

Xiaomi automatic feeders and drinkers are relatively inexpensive, but they have many advantages.

  1. Its work can be monitored through your smartphone through a special application. Moreover, many functions of the device can be configured precisely using a smartphone.
  2. It has a timer, according to which the feed is issued for the cat exactly in time.
  3. The volume of the container for dry granules is approximately 4 liters. The supply is quite sufficient.
  4. The container is absolutely sealed. This is necessary in order not to provoke a pet with your favorite smells.
  5. Auto blocking in case the device is out of order for any reason.
  6. There is a battery auto feeder.

Watch an interesting and substantial video in which you will be told in detail about such an auto feeding Xiaomi.

Feed-Ex PF6P

Segment bowl, divided into 6 equal parts. The depth of each container is 5 cm (0. 3 l). The total volume is 2 liters or 1 kg of feed. It works for batteries. The total weight of the best storage container is about 2 kg.

Trixie TX2

Designed for 2 feeding. The model is intended only for cats. Volume – 0. 6 liters. Additionally included 2 cooling dog food storage containers. They are placed specifically for bowls to maintain the optimum temperature and freshness of feed.

Petkit Fresh Element Mini

Universal automatic feeder for cats and small dogs. Volume – almost 3 liters (1. 5 kg of dry food). It works on a wireless network. Transmits data through an application available for Android and iOS. You can remotely change the volume of portion and timer. Hermitical material protects food from air exposure, which allows you to keep the food in the container for several days. The model is equipped with a lock from young children and from mechanical exposure.

Ciottoli Dispenser

Mechanical variety. Made in Italy. It is a best storage container with an individual design solution. Volume – 3 liters. Allows you to eat when the cat wants it. There is a special area around the container and container. It is filled with sand or stdog food containers to improve stability. At the same time, the devices are equipped with anti-slip legs.

Pour food into the feeder

Pour the feed into the feeder

Terms of Use

Automatic feeders work on batteries and from electricity. Before buying, it is better to make sure that there will be a socket near the bowl.

Modern models are strong and moisture resistant. Therefore, you can not be afraid that the device will suffer from a savvy cat. The heat-resistant bowls are allowed to be used on the street.

Smart auto feeding you can’t soak so easily. It is regularly cleaned, completely dismantling. Each month, containers are disinfected by baking soda. If you neglect hygienic measures, food remains will begin to rot, which will provoke the appearance of mold or dangerous bacteria. And this is fraught with serious poisoning.

After the purchase, warranty coupons and checks are preserved. Often there is an unpleasant situation when one of the functions suddenly stops working. If the pet oveletes or breaks the feeder, then it does not suit him in parameters. We will have to refuse to use the purchased model to look for another.


A fluffy household can completely refuse to eat from the modern “table” device. The owner will have to work a little to accustom the pet from the new bowl. Everything is very simple: the cat needs to remember the signals notifying about eating. To do this, the timer is installed at the same time for several days to make a conditional reflex.

Furious animals can be afraid of a sharp noise that certain models emit. If this happens, it is better to replace the feeder with a simpler one or choose the one that makes the least interfering sounds.

Temperamental and impatient animals will try to do everything to enjoy goodies at their first desire. They can turn, break and just scratch the device. To avoid such cases, it is better to purchase a best storage container with an opaque container or with a tightly closing lid so that the pet cannot understand where the outmitthe is located.

An example of an automatic feeder

An example of an auto feeder

What to take into account when choosing

When choosing a model, the first thing you need to pay attention to is the number of servings per day. On average, smart bowls are designed for 3-4 feedings. Models are made for 5-6 servings or as much as the owner himself will wish.

If all family members are not at home for a long time (for example, with regular trips for several days), you should think about buying an auto feeding with a large container. For large breeds, bowls are selected by the height and weight of an adult animal. This will save from unnecessary costs.

Help in the fight against obesity

Negipable owners do not monitor the diet of their ward. Some even with a calm soul share goodies from the table, accustoming pets to beg. The stomach load rises, and with an inactive lifestyle, the body begins to suffer from excess weight. And then the veterinarian makes a disappointing diagnosis – obesity.

The specialist exposes a rigid diet for the patient. Now you have to not only spend money on veterinary food, but also clearly monitor the time, number of servings and their volume. Auto feeders can help them with this.

Built-in technology allows you to almost completely relieve yourself of the obligation to measure, calculate and even control. When entrusting the case to the “machine”, it is enough to regularly view reports through the mobile application. If necessary, you can remotely change the set parameters to others.

Advantages and disadvantages

Let’s move on to evaluating automatic feeders. Let’s consider their advantages.

  1. All processes are controlled by technology. Far from home, anywhere you can see the actual data sent by the device.
  2. A wide range – you can choose a best storage container based on the needs and characteristics of the pet’s health.
  3. The presence of a touch screen allows you to quickly and efficiently adjust the settings.
  4. A great purchase for busy people who often go on business trips or just love to travel.
  5. Work with discipline. The cat learns to eat at a strictly allotted time.
  6. An ideal tool if your furry friend has digestive problems.
  7. Work from a network or on batteries.
  8. Models are available for dogs and cats at once, as well as for feeding several animals.
  9. If there is a shortage of funds, you can make a bowl yourself.

Now we will find out what problems a potential buyer may face.

  1. Price. The more upgrades, the higher the price.
  2. The equipment may fail. With improper use, the “years of life” of smart bowls are reduced several times.
  3. Not all models are dishwasher safe.
  4. Some best storage containers are very complex and take time to learn.

Is it worth buying

If a cat, due to circumstances, often has to be alone, then purchasing a smart feeder is one of the most successful investments. With its help, you can control not only the amount of food eaten, but also remotely change parameters, receive photo reports. The owner can be absolutely sure that his pet does not suffer from hunger and feels quite comfortable.


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