Pyrus dog and cat food container dry pet food dispenser

January 24, 2023
Dog Food Container
Pyrus dog and cat food container dry pet food dispenser

Pet food manufacturing

The production of food for animals and other pets is increasing by 20% every year. Experts believe that the most profitable now is the production of dry food for cats and dogs. The demand is growing due to the increase in the number of pets, and the main increase is those users who have abandoned home-made best storage containers in favor of purchased dog food containers. According to statistics, 70% of feed is bought for cats, and 30% for dogs.

For a month, this is about 600 for one cat. For a dog, this figure is twice as much.

Benefits and types of purchased feed

  • Saves time (food does not need to be cooked).
  • Balanced composition.
  • Convenient release form.

Food for cats and dogs is produced in several categories:

  • Economy class;
  • Standard, about 50% more expensive;
  • Premium, 170% more expensive than the standard.

The more expensive the feed, the better it is, the more useful additives it should contain.

Types of cat food:

  • Dry (most popular);
  • Wet;
  • Canned.

There is a subcategory of food for sterilized animals, dietary, for kittens and cats over 8 years old. Special nutrition has been developed for individual breeds.

Dry and wet foods are prepared from cereals, meat and fat (a small part), adding vitamins and trace elements. Canned foods contain more meat, offal, cartilage, bone meal, and fat. Additives – the same as for dry dog food containers. Sometimes cereals are used.

Stages of building a business

How to establish feed production? Step-by-step instruction:

  • You need to start with studying the market and the prospects of the enterprise. Determine suppliers of raw materials.
  • Registration of an enterprise (IP or LLC).
  • Rent or purchase of premises.
  • Purchase and installation of equipment.
  • Obtaining permits for the operation of the premises.
  • Search for colleagues.

Concept development

  • Decide what category of feed you will produce. Keep in mind that most consumers buy economy-class food for their pets.
  • Drawing up a business plan.
  • Preparation of production.
  • Creation of a network of distributors.

When planning the production of canned feed, consider the features of transportation and storage of raw materials. It must be of high quality before processing. Therefore, it is necessary to provide for the possibility of cooling.

Manufacturing technology

  1. Production of dry food for cats and dogs

Dry food is made by methods:

  • Evaporation;
  • Pressing;
  • Grauling.

All of them are similar in the first stages. Differences begin on the latter.

Pressing is most often used. Its main stages:

  • The raw materials with a mall crusher are grinded to the consistency of rough flour.
  • They are mixed with a tape mixer, all substances are evenly distributed.
  • During pressing, the mixture enters the extruder. Hot water is also supplied there. Under the influence of high temperature, the composition is squeezed through the heads, inflated like popcorn, granules are formed from it.
  • In the dryer they are up to 20 minutes. Their humidity is up to 10%.
  • The granules are cooled, glazed (covered with a layer of fat and various additives that improve taste), and they are packed.
  1. Production of wet feed

Pressing in the extruder occurs at low temperatures. Granuls are enriched with moisture up to 25%. Do not dry. So that during storage they are not affected by mold, inhibitors are added. Pack in a sealed packaging that retains moisture.

  1. Production of canned feed
  • All components are mixed in the mixer. Under the influence of high temperature, starch acquires a jelly-like shape.
  • Banks are processed by steam. A hot mixture is laid in them.
  • Seal banks.
  • Sterilize.
  • Cool.
  • They glue labels and put in boxes.

The percentage ratio, the composition of the feed, technology of each large manufacturer differ in their “highlight”. The tastier and better the best storage container, the higher the income.

A good recipe is not cheap and it is not easy to recognize it. You can get along with the equipment line, but it is not always possible to create high-quality food on it. You need to please both the pets and their owners. Therefore, the creation and manufacture of a tasty, inexpensive and high-quality best storage container is one of the main conditions for promoting business.

Required documents

  • Certificate of registration of the enterprise.
  • Certificate of registration with the tax inspectorate.

Obtaining a certificate of compliance with pets feed is not required.

Equipment, inventory

Equipment for the production of feed for pets is bought in the form of a finished line or separately, but this is more expensive and requires compatibility of the units.

The middle line consists of two sets of extruders (expanders), crushers, feeders, mixers. We need weight, drying equipment, dispensers.

Requirements for the room

One production line is located in a room with an area of 200 m 2. It is necessary to provide warehouses for raw materials and finished best storage containers.


At least 3 workers need to serve such a line.

The financial part

  • Equipment – from 500 thousand to 1 million.
  • Its installation is 20, 000
  • The arrangement of the premises – 180, 000

Total: 700, 000 – 1, 200, 000.

Every month you need:

  • Purchase of raw materials – 90 thousand.
  • Salary – from 50 thousand.
  • The rental of the building is 80 thousand.
  • Other expenses – 80 thousand.

Total: 300 thousand.

Total: 1 million-1. 5 million

The performance of the line per shift is 1 ton.

The cost of 7-8 thousand (including the purchase of raw materials, electricity, salary and packaging).

Pyrus dog and cat food container dry pet food dispenser food for cats and

Pyrus dog and cat food container dry pet food dispenser

Wholesale price is 14-15 thousand.

Profit for 22 working days: 7, 000 x 22 = 154, 000


There are many best storage containers for animals of famous firms on the market. Therefore, it is not easy to interest buyers. Can:

  • Offer affiliate programs to pet stores.
  • To sponsor promotions and exhibitions of animals.
  • To organize cooperation with informal communities of lovers of cats and dogs is wrong for sale as for the distribution of information about the best storage container.
  • Place information about best storage containers in the media of the region.
  • Distribute leaflets in crowded places.

Sale of animal feed as a business is carried out:

  • By personal implementation;
  • Through specialized stores;
  • In the markets;
  • Organizations of service dog breeding;
  • Clubs of animal lovers.

Features, risks, minuses

  • Cheap equipment often breaks, which leads to downtime and additional investments.
  • The feed of an unknown company may not be in demand for a long time.
  • The best storage containers made by a dubious recipe itself may turn out to be poor-quality.
  • Raw materials may increase.

More likely to make a profit gives production and trading of treats for dogs and cats. These are sausages, cookies, bait. Starting capital here from 700 thousand.

Free download brief business plan for the production of feed for cats and dogs (. Rar file):

Example 1

Commercial offers

If you are a manufacturer or supplier of equipment, an expert or provide a franchise in this area, then write to us through the contact page. Below we will post information about your sentence and your contacts.


The page publishes only useful reviews for others, which indicates that a person had experience in this matter.

Thank you very much in advance if you share with our readers your precious experience! 🙂

Reviews of business owners:

I was educated as a food production technologist, but the specialty never worked! But recently I decided to remember my main specialty. It all happened quite by accident! I bought a thoroughbred cat for my children and soon realized that it takes money to feed it like an adultragat is a pity to feed an animal, and premium feeds are several times more expensive than good meat! It was here that the idea came to organize a small production of food for dogs and cats, especially since almost every family has animals and there is someone to sell them to.

But where to start! By and large, the production of animal feed is no different from any other food production. The necessary documents are drawn up in the same instances. I decided to organize the production of only natural frozen food. The easiest best storage container to manufacture, but the most difficult to implement. Pet stores do not have refrigeration equipment, and they will not mess with this type of food! But as Lenin said, we will go the other way! I decided to build all sales on orders with delivery to the apartment! Well, like pizza, but not with such a speed of delivery.

There were no problems with the premises, an abandoned canteen on the outskirts of the city was perfect – the rent is minimal, and there were no problems with the SES. I spent only 200 thousand on equipment and repairs, some of it was already in the dining room. I produced the first batch myself: minced meat for dogs and cats! I took the recipe from open sources on the Internet, but with my own lotions – I’m still special in food production, albeit for people! I gave the whole batch to friends and acquaintances for testing! The result was excellent – the animals ate with pleasure! Someone boiled, and someone fed raw.

After the test, he developed an assortment: bone sets, minced meat, cutting, etc. I agreed with farmers on the supply of offal, and took non-coordination at the poultry farm! Vegetables had to be taken in bulk! Advertising in newspapers and the Internet, and just word of mouth. I will not delve into the recipe, but I make everything from cheap, but edible components. Now I produce and deliver to the customer about 5 tons of best storage containers per month! Profitability of 20%! With an average cost of 150 per kilogram, I sell for 180. My personal income, net of taxes and shipping costs, is 110, 000. Beneficial or not, consider yourself! There are 4 people working in production and one on delivery!

Of course, there are a lot of cats and dogs in the population! The feed business is very profitable for them if you manage to find your niche. But the technological process of such a business is very complicated and not everyone can do it, I mean the production of dry and canned food. Another thing is feed! The technology itself is simple and accessible, although the recipe is multicomponent and must be followed.

Analyzing the market, my friends and I came to the conclusion that the business in the production of animal feed is simpler, both in terms of competition and technology. Although farming is not very developed in our country, almost everyone has personal subsidiary plots in the village. And the animal needs to be fed! So we decided to build a small feed mill! In addition, after all, decorative pets also eat compound feed: rabbits, rats, etc.

There are four of us on the team! Together we decided to purchase equipment and work without hired personnel – everything we earn is ours! There were no problems with registration at all – everything is standard: tax, Rospotrebnadzor, etc. Cheap rental of premises in the nearest rural settlement. There were no problems with the purchase of equipment either – there are many manufacturers. We purchased American-made shredders, mixers, dispensers, a granulation and packaging line. We spent 800 thousand on everything.

I had to work hard to develop the recipe. The basic information was taken from our alma mater, the local agricultural academy. The main difficulty was that for the production of high-quality compound feed for different types of animals, a lot of components are needed – these are cake, various grains and legumes, various types of flour, hay and straw, molasses, starch, minerals, premixes and much more. Did nothing! We bought everything we needed and got into production. We make and sell ourselves!

We won our client with our marketing tricks: free delivery to the farm (we deliver goods to the Gazelle with gas fuel), a long delay in payment (very important for the village). But our main advantage was our mobility in production! The client needs compound feed with an antibiotic – please add which one is needed! Or there is a desire in the addition of a new heaped premix – for God’s sake, everything is in our power!

Today we produce and sell up to three tons per day! Cost price with all costs 8 per kilo. We sell at 11. An average of 4, 000 is obtained per person per day. A good salary, but we won’t be able to work in this mode for a long time – fatigue makes itself felt, even though we are young and strong. In the near future, we intend to hire hired workers and expand production. There’s a meaning!

To develop a business in the production of animal feed, you need to invest heavily in marketing and advertising. At a minimum, the costs should be 100% of the cost of the best storage container, as the competition is very high! The market is ruled by Whiskas and Keti-Ket. Finding your niche is very difficult! Especially in economy class feeds. Additional costs are needed for advertising in pet stores where you donate your best storage containers, without this your business is doomed to failure.

Build the right marketing! If you have large volumes of production, then roll back the amounts to wholesalers, the top management! With small volumes, interest retail workers with bonuses and other goodies. Well, you can’t do without flavor enhancers in your feed! The best storage container will be uncompetitive!

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