Dog food/water tray with dog food container underneath

March 23, 2023
Dog Food Container
Dog food/water tray with dog food container underneath

A few tips on how to make a do-it-yourself dog kennel

A dog feeder is simply necessary in cases where the owners go on vacation for a long time, and there is no way to feed the pet every daych a feeder can be installed in an apartment or in the courtyard of a private house. There are plastic dog feeders on the market. As a rule, they are vertical and horizontal containers, which are interconnected by a plastic tube.

The cost of a factory feeder is not justified by the high, so many summer residents make dog feeders on their own from cheaper materials. The principle of operation of such feeders is simple.

How the feeder works

From above, a bag with dry food is installed in the hole of the horizontal container. Feed fills the hopper and then pours into the lower vertical container through the holes in the pipe. The dog gradually eats the food until the entire bag is empty.

A bag of feed weighing 20 kg is enough for about two weeks. Then it will need to be replaced.

The amount of food consumed depends on the breed and age of the dog. Keep track of your pet and calculate the amount of food needed while you are away.

You can make such a feeder yourself. In the manufacture, the sides and barriers that are in factory feeders are not used, since dogs do not rake food with their paws, like other animals.

If desired, a valve with a timer can be installed in the feeder so that the dog consumes food strictly at a certain time. This will keep the meal plan.

Besides the electronic timer will allow to save a forage. It can be set to a specific period of time. Let’s say 30 s. The feeder will be filled with a single portion of feed.


Consider an example of building a simple metal aviary, which consists of the following steps:

Frame assembly and floor installation

First, using a welding machine, we make a floor frame, and then we make the cage frame directly from vertical piles, then we weld the transverse beams for the roof. At the same time, in order for the aviary to be durable and serve for a long time, it is important not to save on guides.

Next, we make the floor for the aviary. Moreover, it can be made of wood on a metal base, or you can fill the area for the aviary with concrete, and then cover it with wooden boards.

Making a feeder

To make an automatic dog feeder you will need:

  • Two water tanks with a volume of 20 l;
  • Plastic pipe for sewage with a diameter of 110 mm;
  • Electronic timer and baffle.

One of the bottles is completely cut out the bottom. The second container is cut in half. Both tanks have their necks cut off. In a vertical container, in place of the neck, a hole with a diameter of 100 mm is made so that the plastic pipe fits snugly against it.

In the second bottle, a hole with a diameter of 110 mm is made and put on the pipe. Then a slot is made in the horizontal bottle so that the dog can stick its head into the feeder.

This completes the manufacture of the feeder, but you can still insert an electronic timer with a valve into the pipe.

Progress does not stand still and every day more and more accessories for animals appear on the market. The automatic feeder deserves special attention. In this article we will tell you what kind of device it is and how to make it yourself.

Bright design

The container can be decorated with acrylic paints as you like. It is better to choose warm shades, adding stickers for decoration, if desired.

To make the creation stand out among the trees and snow, you can make a fly agaric feeder from plastic bottles with your own hands.

For such a simple and bright creation, you only need 2 bottles of different diameters. We turn over the lower third of the larger diameter cut from one bottle and close it like a cap on the cut off two-thirds of the second.

We fasten both components of the structure with a long ribbon between each other, making holes in the upper part.

If this hat is painted red and randomly draw large white circles, we get a fly agaric birdhouse. Through windows are cut in the lower part and treats are poured.

It remains only to hang on a powerful branch and wait for the guests.

What are auto feeders

The automatic feeder is a design that includes several containers and a mechanism that allows you to give out food to the animal in portions.

Depending on the type of feeder, containers of different sizes are installed in it. Some of them are designed specifically for dry food, while others look like a bowl with a lid.

The power source of such devices is batteries. The cost of the feeders depends on the degree of complexity of the program, the presence of a display and price policy of the manufacturer of the goods.

Features of auto-sized

Another important question is with drinking. In rotary bowls, this issue is resolved by the installation of another bowl, which should be deeper in size, since the volume of fluid consumed may differ depending on weather conditions, rocks, animal activity and nutrition. For example, a medium dog, eating dry food, can drink up to two liters of liquid per day.

By analogy with auto feeders, there are the following devices for supplying animals to drink.

Hinged auto-boats. Some of them are suitable for different types of plastic bottles, which has a number of practical properties. This retains the purity of water and the ability to choose the desired volume of containers. They have mounts on the cage. This type of auto-wagon eliminates spraying fluid on the sides, respectively in the aviary will be dry and clean.

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Drinking from the car removal does not evaporate over time. Insects and wool from the animal do not fall into it.

This type of drinker is more often used to keep rodents. The difference is only in thicker nipple, in which the ball valve is built accordingly increased diameter. Licking it, the animal receives the required amount of liquid.

Flying pounds. They are invented for animals that do not like to drink standing water. In this drinker, thanks to a small pump, the liquid is constantly circulating, passing through a rough cleaning filter, which captures particles of food that fell into it, wool, dust and insects (relevant in the summer). These models have other pleasant functions offered by various representatives. For example, a built-in coal filter, which supports freshness, quality and taste of drinking.

It is noticed that with such drinkers animals use a sufficient amount of liquid. Which, of course, favorably affects the health of the dog. Especially if the animal is fed with industrial production feeds.

Dog feeders in the aviary can be different in shape, material and fastening. One of the examples of the feeder is shown in the video below.

When it may be required

Auto feeder is a unique find for the owners, since with its help you can not worry that your pet will remain hungry.

It will come in handy in such cases:

  • You need to leave for several days;
  • You can forget to feed the pet;
  • If necessary, give food to the dog fractionally, by the clock;
  • If the dog needs dosed medication.

Principle of operation

Most store models have a special sensor, which is necessary in order to track the amount of feed in a bowl. But with such a mechanism, the container will be replenished constantly, and the animal can overeat.

This can be dangerous, especially if your pet has good appetite and it is difficult for him to stop. Therefore, auto feeders with a built-in timer are more popular. Usually it is activated only a few times a day and gives the pet the necessary dose of feed.

An automatic feeder with a built-in timer can adjust the volume himself, since the amount of food depends on the size of the pet and the breed.

The main feature of this design is that the food will not deteriorate. All dog breeders know that even dry food should not be stored outside the dog food storage container, as they can dry quickly. If you use auto feeders, the food will remain fresh.

Which one to choose: Popular models

We offer to get acquainted with models that are most popular among dog owners.

    Feed-Ex. The feeder has 4 sectors. Designed for 4 feeding per day, has a built-in timer, the minimum interval of which is 1 hour, the maximum is 24 hours. One sector is designed for 300 grams of dry foodch a model has a shortage – it is not suitable if you are going to leave the house for a long time.

How to make a auto feeding with your own hands

The design of the auto feeder is not so complicated, and if desired, it can be done with your own hands.

So, if you decide to make this device yourself, you will need:

  • 2 plastic containers with internal dividers and lids;
  • Loop for a folding cover;
  • Dense film or transparent plastic for the curtain;
  • Distance sensor body;
  • Screws;
  • Bolts;
  • Pen from a 6-liter plastic bottle;
  • Thermic mesh;
  • Wires;
  • Self-tapping screws;

Raised DOG FOOD BOWLS ��✅ (Dos and Don’ts)

Video: Review of Auto feeders with your own hands

  • Light-emitting diode;
  • Servo;
  • Limiting resistor;
  • Orduin COMPLATE;
  • Strips for fastening.
  • Element from a children’s iron designer.

We bring to your attention a step-by-step instructions for the manufacture of an auto feeder.

  1. In a plastic container, cut a hole with a size of 60 by 45 mm.
  2. We attach the lid with a loop and screws.
  3. From transparent plastic (film), cut a rectangle slightly larger than the hole and attach it from the inside.
  4. Using an element from a children’s iron designer and screws, we attach a servo drive to the container.
  5. From the handle from a six-liter plastic bottle we make a lever and fasten it to the folding cover.
  6. Inside the container under the inclination, set the plastic plate at an angle of 45 degrees (the feed will be spilled on it).
  7. Using the ORDUIN program, we make firmware for the board, enter the settings (the desired feeding interval), fill the program on the fee.
  8. We fasten the board on the case.
  9. We connect the LED using the wire (cathode to the output of the Earth, the anode to contact 2).
  10. We install a limiting resistor on the LED.
  11. We connect the servo drive to the board: the brown wire to the “land”, red to the output of 5V and orange to the conclusion D7.
  12. We make holes in the back wall of the container and spread the straps in them, with which it will be possible to attach the feeder to the leg or chair leg.

The assembly of the auto feeder is completed on this.

Video: how to make a car feeding for dogs with your own hands

A car feeding for dogs is a very convenient design that should have the owners who are often in departures. Thanks to her, your pet will always be fed and you will not have to worry about his health.

When the dog remains alone at home, you should take care of its timely feeding. Modern accessories for pets are becoming more convenient and practical. Automatic feeder for dogs provides constant feeding of the animal during the period of excommunication for a long time.

Lovers of pets constantly want to make their lives more comfortable. Companies that produce animal accessories offer many options for feeding devices. As such a design, you can consider an automatic feeder for dogs. It is used according to a simple principle. The food is poured into it only 1 time in a few days. This is quite convenient when a person leaves the house for a long time.


One of the initial stages of building an aviary for a dog is its planning. To do this, you need to make an aviary plan where to determine all the elements of the aviary and their sizes, as well as prepare a place on the site for construction and support. You can attach it to the household or build it as a separate structure.

The location of the building is best planned in the southeast direction. No need to unfold the aviary on the north side, otherwise the aviary will be constantly clogged with snow, as well as to the south in winter, because in the summer the dog will be very hot. Moreover, this location should harmoniously fit into the design of your personal plot and not violate its integrity and harmony.

It should be noted that if you build a wooden aviary, you need to leave a gap of about 15 cm between its bottom and earth in order to save wooden elements from decay. The place for construction must be leveled and covered with rubble. The supports can be made of concrete pillars, bricks or cement blocks.

Creating a feeder

A dog feeder in the aviary is one of its main components, since without a feeder, the aviary does not look like a full-fledged housing for your pet.

To arrange such a feeder, it is enough to choose a place in the aviary (preferably not far from the entrance), and install containers for food and drinking a dog there.

The best option for a feeder in a dog aviary is a feeder from which you can feed the dog without going into the aviary, that is, a container for food, attached to the wall of the aviary at an altitude of 20-30 cm from the floor in normal reach both for your pet and for the owner.

This version of the feeder is ideal in the case when the owner is in a hurry and there is no time to go to the aviary, or when the dog feeds the dog whom the dog does not know enough and can harm him.

We recommend reading about the construction of a summer barn with your own hands.

How to save on construction? Sarai from pallets is an optimal solution.

Types of feeding best storage containers

Today, manufacturers of feeding devices produce many types of devices:

  • Single elements – such bowls have a simple design;
  • Double accessories are less popular, but more practical;
  • Impotance – original devices that allow you to save water in a bowl;
  • Road bowls – differ in the convenience of operation in conditions of long trips;
  • Auto feeders.

The most popular devices are single containersch dishes are very easy to wash, and it is quite cheap. Another advantage of such best storage containers is ease of operation. The feeding itself is characterized by convenience for a person and comfort for a dogch dishes are often installed in the aviary.

Double bowl

Compared to the previous best storage container, double bowls are less popular. However, such designs are quite convenient for feeding pets. This utensil provides a cost reduction for the dog owner. It does not have to wash 2 fixtures. After finishing feeding the pet, you need to wash only one dish.

However, such designs are less comfortable for the animal. During feeding, a situation may arise that part of the feed from one cup will fall into another. The result of such an incident may be a change in the taste of foodch dishes are best used in cases where the owner has several dogs at home. Structures are often installed in an aviary.

Sloppy pets

If the dog is sloppy when eating, or it is large, it is better to choose a non-spill. In such a container, water will be retained, even if it is accidentally touched. Water enters the dishes from a large container through the membrane.

A non-spill can be used even when the animal has long ears or a beardch dishes have one important advantage – they can be used in a road trip.

Special travel bowls are distinguished by a special design. Outwardly, they look like a bottle. They have a special device through which the animal drinks water. On long trips, this capacity comes in handy.

Automatic feeders

Dog food/water tray with dog food container underneath special device through which

Dog water and food container review

Automatic feeders can vary in how they are used. Each of these devices has certain pros and cons. These should be taken into account when using feeders. There are several types of devices:

  • Among the most popular types of feeders is the bowl. A special container is attached to it, in which food is stored. When space is freed, the food is automatically added to the bowl. The faster the animal will eat food, the sooner a new portion will fill the free space.
  • Such best storage containers do not cost much, and their design is simple. The inconvenience of the bowl is that the dog can eat everything very quickly. As a result, the food left at home will not be enough for the entire period of the owner’s departure. In addition, the dog’s well-being will noticeably worsen. Therefore, it is worth controlling how much food the pet will eat.

If the animal has large sizes, you should buy a dog feeder on a stand. This option is great for dog dogs. Thanks to this, during the meal, their neck does not get tired of constant tension. Modern best storage containers click for more with the automation system are equipped with many functions. However, the owner of the dog should understand that with an increase in additions, the cost of the best storage container increases.

Feeders with an automation system can have completely different volumes of the container for feed. For large dogs, a design with a volume for feeding up to 10 liters is purchased. Small animals can also eat from a feeder with a container of 1-2 liters. Some best storage containers can produce food not only at a specific time, but also according to the dosagech models differ at a greater price. They can be installed both at home and in the aviary.


Each type of materials has its own pros and cons. We will consider each of them in more detail.


The pluses of plastic include:

To the minuses:

Such bowls are good as a marching option for one-time use.


The advantages of ceramic bowls will be:


Stainless steel

Stainless steel bowls also have positive and negative features.


The negative features of metal dishes include the fact that it is undesirable to use it in winter, since the animal can stick in the cold with his tongue. Although there are varieties with heated.

Of the three types, metal bowls for long-term use will be the safest.

Principle of operation

Automatic feeders are devices that can greatly facilitate human life. They are able to feed the animal in time during the absence of the owner.

Modern manufacturers took care of equipping their models of automatic feeders compartments for medicines and water. This allows such devices to perform several functions at once. You can not worry about the animal during the departure. Often, feeders are equipped with a special sensor. It allows you to control the volume of food in a bowl.

Rules for the choice

One of the important criteria when choosing a pet feeder is the price of the best storage container. First, the owner of the dog should decide how much finances he is ready to spend on such a device. When the amount is already calculated, you can choose the dimensions of the automatic design. This indicator should be correlated with the size of the pet. For large dogs, bowls on a tripod are suitable.

In the case of a small animal, an incomplete kit can be purchased. A feed dispenser is simply installed in a regular bowl. The dog, if there is such a device, will be able to get food when she wishes. Unlike large dogs, small dogs do not differ in great gluttony. They do not eat until they feel severe hunger.

Any automatic feeders can be bought in a special animal store. Today, the price of such best storage containers is quite high. The presence of additional options only increases the cost of such best storage containers. Therefore, many car owners decide to create an auto feeding on their own. This design can take into account the conditions of the dog’s detention – at home or in the aviary.

Can I buy in stores?

The choice of feeders in stores begins from the simplest bunker to high-tech apparatuses with a timer and the function of fodder scatter.

The price of the simplest bunker feeders is approximately 500-1000 but for high-tech best storage containers you will have to pay 5000-6000 material of the feeder case also affects the price. From ABS plastic, the feeder costs 6. 5 thousand of steel with powder coating 8. 5 thousand.

In stores you can find feeders completely ready for installation and operation. They immediately have a container for feed and tray.

Tip: Or you can only purchase a tray divided into sections to which it will be necessary to adapt a bottle or a jar. They cost about 100 and are suitable for farms with a small number of chickens.

Better yet, make a feeder of the materials yourself. It will cost much cheaper and will correspond to the number of birds.

How to accustom a dog

The owners who already use auto feeders assure that there are no difficulties in the construction of such a design. The animal can quickly get used to such a new best storage container. This is due to the fact that the dog gets delicious food.

If the bowl is equipped with a food alarm system, the dog can get used to it after a certain time. When she begins to understand that the signal is the reason for eating, she will quickly get used to the new device. She will force her to act a conditioned reflex. Enough to teach puppies.

The aviary for the apartment

The aviary for dogs will be very useful for those who contain the animal in a city apartment. This is especially true in such cases:

For the apartment, they purchase or manufacture enclosures for dogs of small breeds. At the same time, it is advisable to purchase it even before the appearance of the animal in the house, since it will be easier for a small puppy to get used to such conditions of content. It is necessary to accustom a pet to the aviary gradually to avoid stress, what toys and various goodies will help. If you create comfortable conditions for the puppy, after some time it will begin to independently enter the fenced territory.

Most often, enclosures are used in apartments:

The material is selected according to the features of the dog and the preferences of its owner. The fence should leave a pet to the pet for movement and games, in addition, it should contain bowls for water and food, toys and bedding for relaxation. It is important to properly arrange the aviary – the pet should not feel excessive attention there. At the same time, it is better to place the structure away from radiators, gas and electric devices, as well as drafts.

It is quite easy to make an aviary with your own hands-it does not require any special knowledge and skills. All that is needed to create the simplest metal design is rods, a net, door loops, pliers and wire. The wood option is slightly greater in manufacturing and less practicality, therefore it is very popular.

Since the aviary for dogs contained in the apartment can be purchased at a relatively low price, many prefer ready-made optionsch designs usually look aesthetically pleasing and have sufficient strength. The purchase of such a best storage container will save time in the manufacture of an aviary for a dog.

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