How to put bows on a dog with short hair?

November 17, 2022

19) Gather the ears with small strands of hair.

How to train a dog to wear clothes

Breeders of decorative dogs are often faced with the question of whether to dress their pets in clothes or not. Nowadays, small size breeds such as the dwarf pinscher, that terrier and others are very popular. These pets are smooth-haired. Accordingly, they are more susceptible to the adverse effects of cold climates. To keep their pets alive and healthy, breeders have solved this problem with outerwear and shoes for pets.

Some owners are of the opinion that today in cities, in the fight against ice, the surface of sidewalks are treated with various reagents, which can adversely affect the skin of pets’ paws. You can also note the cleanliness of the dog after a walk outdoors in inclement weather. In this case, the dog does not need to be washed and will not spread dirt all over the apartment.

Other dog owners, on the contrary, treat such innovations with disdain. They believe that dressing the dog in socks and overalls is mockery of the animal. In any case, each owner of the dog himself chooses how to provide comfort and care for his beloved pet. At the same time, there are such breeds of decorative dogs that just need to wear clothes. Without it, they can freeze and get sick, in the worst case – die.

Let’s try to learn how to choose the “right” closet for your favorite furry friend.

How to choose clothes for your dog

When buying clothes for your dog, it is advisable to take him with you and try on the “closet” in the pet store. There, you will clearly see the selection of clothes for the pet: it must match the size of the dog, as well as be comfortable and convenient.

How to choose clothes for your dog

In the case of purchasing a closet online, you need to pay attention to the following parameters of the pet:

  1. Distance from wrist to chest, from wrist to stomach.
  2. The circumference of the widest part of the chest and the narrowest part of the waist. Up to 7 cm should be added to the existing figures, and up to 10 cm for dogs with long hair.
  3. The size of the pet’s neck at the widest point.
  4. Distance from the withers to the root of the tail.

In addition, when choosing a closet for the doggie, it is recommended to pay attention to the quality of the material from which the clothing is made. It is checked by squeezing and rubbing. When pressing on the fabric, there should be no visible kinks.

What else is worth paying attention to:

  1. Poor-quality dyed material is prone to shedding and makes the animal uncomfortable if its fur is stained.
  2. The outer layer of clothing should preferably be selected from waterproof material. This factor is dominant when choosing a closet for wet and rainy weather.
  3. As a part of the insulation most often used sintepon is the most convenient and practical material.
  4. You should also pay attention to the seams, threads and fasteners.

Threads should be as strong as possible to withstand the weight of the animal. The less the number of seams on the clothes, the better: stitching on the fabric can rub the pet’s skin, which causes pain and creates discomfort. And in rainy weather, moisture gets on your dog’s body through the seams, which is also unsafe.

When choosing a “walking suit,” you must not forget the comfort of your doggie. As a rule, when buying a set of several things (overalls, spare hood, boots), it is not always possible to combine them. It is better how to put bows on dogs with short hair to take all these things separately.

Jewelry on clothing is also superfluous (ribbons, bows, chains, and so on). They only distract and make the pet uncomfortable when moving. Buttons are best used in combination with buttons or clasps, since the zipper can pinch the skin or coat.

Can I train an adult dog to wear clothes?

Many breeders ask if an adult dog can be taught to wear a walking costume. You can, and sometimes should – especially if it’s an artificially bred dwarf breed. But the process will take longer than with a puppy. This is due to the already established character of the animal.

Can I train my adult dog to wear clothes?

The adult dog is dressed in clothes just before the walk. Loving walking in the fresh air, the four-legged friend will quickly forget about his closet, being distracted by other objects of wildlife and surrounding events.

After a while, putting on a “costume” on himself, the dog will perceive it as a signal to go for a walk and will happily wait for this moment.

The owner needs to convince” the pet of the need to wear clothes, to show strength, cunning and ingenuity.

Ways of accustoming the dog to the clothes

There is no single algorithm on how to train a dog to wear clothes. It all depends on a combination of several conditions.Each dog, as well as the owner, develops its own character over time – this is the main factor that is worth taking into account.

At the same time, cynologists recommend adhering to the following rules:

  1. Carry out the work of accustoming the pet to the clothes begin at 3-4 months of age.
  2. It is desirable that the thing should spend some time in the apartment and absorb the smells of home.
  3. Then you have to gently let the dog sniff it, “get to know” it. The pet should get used to the new object and scent. This action is repeated several times.
  4. After a while, when the pet is distracted by another activity, it is necessary to put on the clothes purchased for it.
  5. Try on the closet should be careful not to frighten the dog and not to cause pain.
  6. Make sure that you praise him and give him a treat.
  7. Then distract the pet to play.

It is necessary to praise the dog constantly. The first experience of wearing clothes should not exceed 10-15 minutes. Then the clothes are taken off. After some time, the procedure is repeated, and so on until full habituation. A puppy usually gets used to clothes in 1-2 weeks, an adult dog will need much more time.

Can I train my adult dog to wear clothes?

Tips and nuances of how to dress a dog

When choosing a closet, there are a number of nuances to take into account when dressing a dog.

The clothing should:

  1. Be completely true to size or be larger.
  2. Not uncomfortable to wear and not cause injuries or abrasions.
  3. Not pinch your pet’s skin or fur.
  4. Suitable for the weather.
  5. Protect the dog from the weather.

It is important to choose fasteners in the form of buttons, buttons, velcro. They are the least injurious.

When accustoming your pet to clothes, make sure he is not hot, so it should be cool in the room. In the case when the pet tears and ruins clothes on himself – he is not coaxed and not fed, otherwise he perceives his negative actions as encouragement. This should be suppressed and diverted to any positive actions, or punished.

Winter clothing for pets should not be long. This will interfere with the dog’s movement.

Puppies are recommended suits with insulation, as their coat does not warm properly until the first molt.

Clothes for small breeds should cover the belly: this way the outfit not only keeps them warm but also protects them from mechanical damage (hard snow and ice).

Certain breeds of decorative dogs need shoes in addition to clothes, and it is recommended to buy them when the dog is 5 to 6 months old. The pet is accustomed to the shoes in the same way as to the clothes. You should pay attention to the size of the claws: they should not interfere with the pet. Increase the thickness of the “dog shoes” gradually. The pet should get used to everything.

Tips and tricks for dressing your dog

You should not allow the dog to run indoors in clothes, it will give him a number of inconveniences.

Many varieties of outfits are created for beauty. The owner wants his pet to stand out from the others due to his beautiful costume. But often the outfit is hardly functional: it won’t keep your dog warm during a walk in cold weather. To keep your pet warm and comfortable, buy clothing that suits him best. There are kits on the market that protect the four-legged dog from all weather conditions and low temperatures. There are also clothes made of fleece: it keeps even the weakest pets warm (while keeping the warm closet less heavy and bulky).

Some breeders of small breeds of dogs are impressed with knitted outfits: they have the ability to stretch well and don’t constrain the pet’s movements. These clothes are unpretentious: they don’t wrinkle, are washable, have no seams, are lightweight and “breathe”. Also, knitted clothing can be combined with other materials, which will protect it from dust, dirt and dry grass.

Another nuance – the suit should not overheat the doggie, it is also dangerous to his health. The first signs of overheating are when the pet is thirsty and wants to restore heat balance with his tongue (walking with his tongue sticking out). In this case, the outfit is removed from the pet.

How to walk with the dog – with or without clothes – is up to you. The main thing that the four-legged friend was comfortable, and the owner did not worry about the health of the pet. If you decide to buy a “suit” for the dog – prefer not beauty, but quality – good-quality and comfortable things. And remember, your dog will only need one suit for his long and happy life.

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