For the love of dogs achieve 3000 answers

February 6, 2023
For the love of dogs achieve 3000 answers

Quotes about dogs

A cheerful, four-legged friend awaits you at home and every time rejoices at your arrival, bouncing in place and trying to lick your nose? I'm talking about dogs – the most faithful and loyal pets. It doesn’t matter what your dog is: thoroughbred, with a bunch of medals, a rich pedigree or a simple mongrel found in the neighboring courtyard. You are a happy, kind person, because you love your pet and take care of him.

Dogs are so devoted and charming that they fall on the pages of books, act in films, become heroes of songs. We offer you a selection of quotes and aphorisms about dogs: short, beautiful, funny, with meaning, about their loyalty and devotion, from films and books, about stray dogs.

If you need someone grateful, get a dog

Short quotes about dogs with meaning

Dogs talk, but only with those who know how to listen. Orhan Pamuk

Reverence is a feeling experienced by a person to God and a dog to man. Ambrose Birs

If the dog is all you have, you are still a rich person. Luis Sabin

You are forever responsible for those whom you tamed. Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Do not live in a city where barking dogs cannot be heard.

If you need someone grateful, get a dog. R. Harris

You should not be afraid of dogs, but their owners.

Anyone who says that you can’t buy happiness, never bought a puppy. Wilfred Lampton

The life of dogs is too short, this is their only drawback.

It’s good when a dog is a friend, but it is bad when a friend is a dog…

If you have a dog, you are returning not to the house, but home. Pam Brown

The gods do not count the lifestyle spent on a walk with the dog. Folk wisdom

Each dog should have its own bone. Bi Dorsie Orly

For money, you can buy any dog – but not worsening her tail.

Dogs also laugh, only they laugh their tail. M. Istman

The main thing in the dog is not beauty, but smart eyes and a pleasant manner of holding on. Inger Edelfeldt

People come to Earth for the sake of one goal – to learn how to love. Dogs know this from birth, so they live less than us. Elchin Safarli

In your attitude to the dog, I will find out what kind of person you are

Quotes and aphorisms about dogs and humans

Anyway: a person starts a dog so that there is no feeling of loneliness. The dog really does not like to be alone. Karel Chapek

A dog is not just a person’s friend, this is part of the family!

The dog is the most remarkable, perfect and useful of all the acquisitions that a person has ever done. J. Cuvier

Comparing a bad person with a dog means to make a great compliment to him and a huge insult to the whole dog family…

Never judge at first glance either a dog or a person. Because, a simple mongrel can have a kind soul, and a person of pleasant appearance can be a rare bastard. V. Vysotsky

In your attitude to the dog, I find out what kind of person you are. Antoine Bosse

If only people could love like dogs, the world would become a paradise. James Douglas

The average dog is a much more pretty creature than an average person. Andrew Runi

A dog is a friend, a friend, he understands everything. He is silent, does not argue and, loving, forgives sins.

I would like to learn to love other people like my dog, and I would like my dog to learn to love other dogs like me. Valery Korneev

Beautiful quotes about love for dogs

Dogs usually love more than wives, because dogs bark only to strangers. V. Gavely

If a woman really loves dogs, there is no doubt that she was disappointed in love for men. Max Birbus

I am not obsessed with dogs, I just love them very much. Tom Hardy

Dog happiness is not only that you are loved. It is that they cannot do without you. Paul Oster

We love our dog and do not want it to change for the better; And in the people we love, we want to change a lot. Nadine de Rothschild

You love me – love my dog. The connection between a person and a dog can disappear only with life… Ernest Seton-Tompson

If you do not like dogs, you do not like loyalty; You do not like those who are faithful to you, therefore, you cannot be true. Napoleon Bonaparte

Love between man and a dog is idyllic love. There are no conflicts and heartbreaking scenes in it. Milan Kunder

Dogs – they are like people, just better. They, unlike people, do not betray! Sergey Lukyanenko. Draft

The dog is a friend of man. Quotes about the devotion and fidelity of dogs

And in dogs, unlike people, a good memory for the good – and bad for the bad. Elchin Safarli

When animals are thrown, they continue to wait for their owners, especially the dogs. They constantly look at the door and do not understand… I am very sorry for them. Mark Smith

Only the faithful dog is true to us to the end.

The dog believes recklessly, so it is easy to betray. Charlotte Gray

The dog is so devoted that you don’t even believe that a person deserves such a love! Ilya Ilf

The dog has one excellent mental quality – she remembers good. She protects the house of her benefactors until her death. Anaharsis

The dog is a friend. She understands everything, but can not say anything. The dog sympathizes in silence – this is its advantage.

Dogs have only one drawback – they believe people. Elian J. Finbert

A wonderful creature dog. No other animal parted with its freedom so willingly in order to faithfully serve a person. For the most part, people are completely unable to do so. Mark Frost

The dog is the only animal whose fidelity is unshakable. J. Buffon

In the history of civilization, there are much more examples of fidelity of dog than human. Alexander Pop

Buy a puppy and you will acquire the most devoted love in the worlddyard Kipling

Gratitude is a disease of dogs that is not transmitted to a person. Antoine Bernheim

In the history of civilization, there are much more examples of fidelity of dogs than human. Alexander Pop

The puppy that awaits his owner in a poor shelter, and not in the cozy apartment of enterprising breeders, can also become a devoted friend. Elchin Safarli

Well, what other animal can fall so low to carry the owner of a slipper or bring a newspaper? Alex Exler "Notes of the Cat Shshlyk"

You should not be afraid of dogs, but their owners

Quotes from films and books about dogs

You should not be afraid of dogs, but their owners. K/f "Bagr River"

And this strange phrase: “Dog is a friend of man”

We beat dogs. We scold dogs. We use dogs for ourselves, considering ourselves the masters. But they are better! K/f "Hachiko: the most faithful friend"

The dog is the only creature who personally saw his God. Jack London "White Fang"

Dogs and cats for some reason understand people better than the people themselves. Elinor Porter Pollyanna

Usually people, when they take a dog, do not think about the fact that they will almost certainly survive it, and the dog is not a chair, not a suit. Together with her you will lose some of yourself. Brothers Weiners "Testament Columbus"

Who has experienced affection for a faithful and smart dog, there is no need to explain how ardent gratitude she pays for this. Edgar Allan on "Black Cat"

Dogs talk, but only with those who know how to listen. Orhan Pamuk "My name is red"

The only place in the world where you can meet a genuine person is the look of a dog. Romain Gary "White Dog"

The truth is always driven from the house, like a guard dog, and flattery lies in the room and stinks like a leverage. William Shakespeare "King Lear"

The dog also licks the hand of a bad owner, as well as good, because he does not know the difference between good and bad. Stephen King "The Eyes of the Dragon"

The dog age is so short, alas… Value any general moment, because these are years of happiness, without a doubt, and the most faithful, reverent love. Anna Mikhailovna Ostrovskaya

Dogs definitely have what we call the soul

Beautiful quotes about dogs from great people

I have long suspected that dogs are much smarter than a person; I was even sure that she could speak, but that she had only some kind of stubbornness. She is an extraordinary politician: she notices everything, all the steps of a person. N. Gogol

Dogs, like people, are stupid, are capable, there are talented ones. Sometimes I talk to the dog and catch myself thinking: she just suffers that she cannot answer human language, so much mind, quick wits, understanding of what is happening. Yury Nikulin

Perhaps when we are called a dog, this is not such a big insult. John Richard Stevens

The more I recognize people, the more I like dogs. G. Heine

In essence, dogs definitely have what we call the soulla Amundsen

A good person is ashamed even in front of a dog. Anton Chekhov

Dogs love their friends and bit their enemies, unlike people who are not able to disinterestedly love and mix love and hatred. Sigmund Freud

Perhaps when we are called a dog, this is not such a big insult. John Stevens

I am used to living with a dog, I cannot live without them. This is a pleasant feeling when you come home, and there someone is always waiting for you. My dogs are like children to me. Michelle Mercier

The highest of creations is obviously a person, and the lower is a dog. But the sages unanimously claim that a grateful dog is better than an ungrateful person. Saadi

The dog is an image of a friend. Pythagoras

Now I watched the photo for a long time – the dog’s eyes are amazingly human. I love them, they are smart and kind, but people make them evil. Faina Georgievna Ranevskaya

Cats are good, but they wanted to spit on you until you feed them. Not like dogs are human friends. Cats are so, quiet cohabitants. Kevin Smith

People start dogs, and cats of people

Quotes about homeless dogs

If you choose a hungry dog, feed and caress it, then it will not bite you; This is its fundamental difference from man.

Alien pain is a mongrel dirty. Do not touch, baby, and suddenly contagious. Ilya Damn

After all, there may be the body of the mongrel, and the heart is the purest breed! Eduard Assadov

If from hunger, the dog will die at the gate of the right sign – that country like a dog will die.

In a strange entrance, a stranger dog slept in the late night. It happens. Do not offend such a dog.

Quotes about cats and dogs

The dog jumps to your knees because he loves you; The cat is because she is so warmer. Alfred North Whitehead

Women and cats always do how they please; Men and dogs can only relax and come to terms with this state of things. A. Heinline

When friendship suddenly arises between the dog and the cat, it is only a alliance against the cook. S. Zweig

Cats are smarter than dogs. You cannot force eight cats to pull the sled in the snow. Jeff Waldes

People start dogs, and cats of people. Apparently, they consider them useful pets. George Mikish

Combaca thinks: “A person feeds me, loves, takes care of me – he is God,” and the cat thinks: “A man feeds me, loves, takes care of me… I am a goddess. ”

Dogs come when they are called, and cats take note.

Dogs are prose, and cats are poetry. Jin Berden

The owner of the dog, the servant of the cat.

The dog sees the world with his nose, and the cat with his ears. Proverb

Dogs are engaged in important matters – for example, bark when they call the doorbell, and cats are not suitable for anything at all. Bruce Cameron

Dogs come when they are called, and cats take note. M. Blya

If you want to know the character of a woman – watch her dog

Funny quotes about dogs

The dog disappeared, very smart. Ball, if you read it now, call home!

A dog is sold, kind, affectionate. Eats everything. Loves children very much.

My friend has a huge Rottweiler. And every time he says that he fed his dog on the way to me, I want to go and count the neighbors.

They take it to Paradise not according to merits, but by patronage, otherwise you would have remained behind the threshold, but would let your dog let in. Mark Twain

Only fleas bite the dog; And a bad person – dogs, fleas, and conscience.

God, help me to be such a person that my dog considers me…  

The dog is a strange animal! – sweats with his tongue and smiles his tail. Victor Hugo

A dog is an exact copy of its owner, only reduced, shaggy and tail. J. Barber

If it seems to you that the dog does not know how to count, put three cookies in your pocket and then give it only two of them.

A shepherd is a two-legged animal that helps the dog guard sheep. Paul Decursel

If you want to know the character of a woman – watch her dog. Ancient Roman saying

Dachshund – a breed of dogs of a certain size, about the floor of the dog in height and one and a half dogs in length. Leonard Levinson

What is a Baskerville dog? This is Mumu that managed to swim.

No matter how good a dog is a dog, it will always lead a tail.

“It is simple, indescribable. "The dog thought, going up to the baobab.

You love your wives mainly strangers, and the dog is only your own.


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