Zignature lamb limited ingredient dog food Acana review

February 21, 2023
Dog Food
Zignature lamb limited ingredient dog food Acana review

Biologically corresponding hypoallergenic dry dog food for dogs with sensitive digestion.

Acana Grass – Fed Lamb food with one source of protein for 50% consists of a New Zealand lamb meat, which is delivered to the factory raw and used in the ratio of Wholeprey (“entire production”). The sublimated liver included in the composition will attract even fastidious pets. And the fiber contained in fresh apples, nutmeg and dining rooms will establish sensitive digestion.

We think you will love Acana feed, prepared exclusively at our Northstar® factory from fresh, proven and high-quality ingredients.

And more importantly, your dog will love them!

Feeding rate Acana Grass-Fed Lamb Dog


Raw meat of the lamb (18%), dehydrated meat of the lamb (18%), whole green peas, whole red lentils, raw liver of lamb (4%), lamb fat (4%), fresh apples (4%), whole chickpeas, wholeGreen lentils, whole yellow peas, raw lambs of the lamb (2%), raw buds of the lamb (2%), dry cartilage of the lamb (2%), fiber from lentils, seaweed – a natural and biologically affordable source of DGK and EPK (1. 2%), fresh solid nutmeg, fresh whole table pumpkin, dry brown algae, sublimated liver liver (0. 1%), salt, fresh whole cranberries, fresh binic root, trunks of turmeric, milk thistle, burdock root, lavender. Altea root, rosehip fruits.


Vitamin D3 500 IU, vitamin E 100 me, zinc chilat is 100 mg, copper Helat 10 mg, dry Enterococcus Faecium fermentation product.

Calorie content

3393 kcal/kg (407 kcal per glass with a volume of 250 ml/120 g), while the body receives 32% of calories from protein, 30% – from fruits and vegetables and 38% from fat.

Zignature lamb limited ingredient dog food Acana review feels no worse

zignature lamb limited ingredient dog food acana review

Humidity 12%
Calcium 1. 5%
Glucosamine 600 mg/kg
Ash 7. 5%
Phosphorus 1. 1%
Cellulose 5%
Omega 3/6 fatty acids 0. 8% / 1. 8%
Fat 15%
Protein 31%
Chondroitin 800 mg/kg
DGK / EPK 0. 15% / 0. 1%

Reviews on Grass-Fed Lamb

Acana's dry dog food perfectly suited our dogs living both in city apartments and country's dogs. All peppy, funny, with excellent quality of wool. They are happy to train, show stable results in competitions and are very quickly restored after loads. Proper nutrition is very important for working dogs and we made our choice. Sincerely, Skopina-Panyukova Polina, a nursery of the Alaskan Malamuts "Alweig".

For working dogs, I think the best is the food with the lamb. Here, although not 85% of the meat, as in Origen, but 50% – but the food is still very good against the background of those best dog food storage containers that are sold in pet stores. Pay attention – not a single incomprehensible component, and a lot of useful herbs (burdock, milk thistle, algae, lavender). It smells nice, the shepherd eats a lot, with pleasure, I do not limit it, I pour a full bowl in the morning and evening, but there is no excess weight, since there are no carbohydrates, grain. True, we are also engaged in the evenings on the site, and on the weekend we walk for 3-4 hours.

For a month I was looking for a food for us, where there would be one source of animal protein – a lamb, completely hypoallergenic, without other types of meat, fat, etc. The doctor prescribed us a “diet of exception”, that is, these two months my chihuahua will have a feed with lamb. While 10 days have passed, I’m still afraid to draw conclusions, but it seems that this is what you need – my eyes almost stopped leak and less itching. Perhaps the dog had an allergy to chicken and turkey. If the food is suitable, I will not change.

We feed the Acana Grass-Fed Lamb to its Pomeranian spitz. Despite the fact that the dog is small, she likes to gnaw at a medium-sized food piece. The breeder advised this food because it is hypoallergenic and balanced. We are very pleased with this food, because everything is clearly described on the best dog food storage container and also because the dog loves this food very much!

I carefully approached the choice of food, because I had a dog with food features, while we sat for a long time on expensive imported food, but we stopped supplying it to USA. I had to look for a replacement, from what I found, I did not like the composition, then the potatoes were drinking, then the meat is not clear from whom. Acana's food Grass-Fed Lamb causes confidence in its full-fledged composition and understandable instructions, how much feed depending on the size of the dog. The dog easily switched to him, eats it well, feels no worse than before.

We have a dog that we rescued from a shelter. This is a husky mix, a girl, she is about three years old. The previous owners disgustingly kept her, and the dog's health was completely undermined. Almost no food took root, we had to treat the dog for a very long time. A familiar veterinarian immediately told us that we do not need to count on a complete restoration of normal digestion. He advised starting to feed the dog with food specially formulated for dogs with sensitive digestion. We chose Acana Grass-Fed Lamb because it is low in protein and completely free of potatoes and grains. After two weeks, our girl's digestion began to improve, she no longer goes to the toilet at home, she is waiting for a walk! We are very grateful to the manufacturer for such a wonderful food! Thanks a lot!

Each dog is unique, so feeding rates may vary depending on age, temperament, activity level, and environment. Feed your pet two to three times a day and provide him with constant access to clean, fresh water.

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