Worst puppy food for large breeds review

February 10, 2023
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Worst puppy food for large breeds review

Did you have a puppy in your family? Congratulations, you can consider that this is another child who needs attention and love. How should it be expressed? High-quality food, regular walks are the key to proper growth and development. Today we will talk about Pedigree food for puppies. Reviews of veterinarians on this issue are ambiguous. Some advise to transfer your pet exclusively to a ready-made diet, while others, on the contrary, recommend buying natural products. Who is right, let’s try to figure it out together.

pedigree food for puppies reviews

The beginning of time

Today we will talk about feeding puppies. The period of active growth, which begins at the age of one month and lasts up to about a year, is a defining stage in the life of an animal. Whether a puppy gets enough protein, fats, vitamins and minerals will determine how healthy it grows. The lack of any important element in the future will turn into a chronic disease that will have to be treated for a long and difficult time. So it doesn’t really matter if you decide to give your puppy meat and cereals or commercially prepared food. Does Pedigree puppy food meet these criteria? Reviews allow us to judge that most veterinarians do not agree with this.

General description of feed

Before filling his pet’s bowl, a loving owner should ask what exactly the food is. And even more so if we are talking about industrial, finished products. The specified composition allows you to track how much nutrients your pet will receive.

“Pedigree” refers to the food of the economy class. That is, there can be no talk of high quality, no matter what advertising tells us. In its composition, if there is meat, then only in small quantities. In order to understand this, it is not even necessary to perform complex analyzes. Just look at the ingredients. Meat components are listed far from the first place, which proves their insignificant content. As a rule, we are talking about cheaper components that make this food much more affordable for buyers. At the same time, the balance of nutrients and minerals is maintained.

pedigree food for puppies reviews veterinarians

Composition features

The basis is cereals, they make feed and nutritious food, and also provide a feeling of saturation for a long time. But is the “pedigrics” feed for puppies in this case? Reviews of leading specialists in the field of veterinary medicine emphasize that for babies this choice is not the most suitable. The growing organism requires a colossal amount of protein, especially if we talk about carnivorous dogs. So, the basis of the diet should be meat.

A ruler for puppies

Often it is a large selection and adaptation for each specific age that are noted in reviews. The “pedigrics” feed for puppies is divided into three breed categories: for small breeds, medium and large. Each of them also varies by age:

  • For babies aged three weeks.
  • For menstruation and two-month.
  • Six-month.
  • For adolescents aged 8 months.
  • For juniors, 12 months.

Each composition should optimally approach the tasks of a particular age. It is assumed that you don’t need to give anything else, there is everything that is needed for its development inside.

pedigree food for puppies with beef

“First feeding”

This is dry dog food, which can be given to the crumbs already starting from the third week of life. In most cases, puppies cannot yet bite crackers, so it is recommended to soak them in warm water. In rare cases, you can replace water with milk, but you need to monitor the work of the intestine.

The weight of the packaging is 600 g, in the first stages it is consumed very economically. Doctors recommend starting to offer puppies literally one granule. The food was created taking into account the features of the digestion of puppies of this age. Alternating it with cereals and fresh minced meat, you can make an optimal diet that will smoothly move from mother’s milk to solid food. This is very convenient for the owner, because every time you will not have to cook a small amount of fresh porridge.

Universal option

There is a good “pedigrics” feed for puppies of all breeds. These are delicious pieces with the taste of chicken. The food was created specifically for puppies aged two months, taking into account the needs of your pet. It includes meat, vegetables and cereals. Its composition is as follows:

  • Chicken flour;
  • Wheat;
  • Rice;
  • Beetroot;
  • Corn;
  • Meat flour;
  • Sunflower oil;
  • Animal fat;
  • Additives, beer yeast, minerals and vitamins.

It is thanks to this that food contributes to the healthy growth and harmonious development of your puppy.

pedigree food for puppies with beef in sauce 85g reviews

Large feed

It is one thing if your pet is laid down to become a tiny dog weighing up to 5 kilograms. And quite another when it is a Caucasian shepherd or dog. The growth rate is so fantastic that a huge amount of nutrients is required. Therefore, the composition of the “pedigrics” for puppies of large breeds was created taking into account these needs.

This is a high-calorie, well-acquired diet that allows the puppy to grow healthy and strong. It is designed for dogs aged 6 months. Right now, active growth and development begin. We note the main features:

  • The manufacturer monitors the balance of calcium and phosphorus, which is necessary for healthy teeth development.
  • The composition includes linoleic acid, zinc and vitamins B, which are necessary for the health of the skin and wool.
  • High fiber content allows you to optimize digestion.
  • Vitamin E and zinc support the immune system.

Pedigry food for large breed puppies can be a good solution for the occupied host, but it must be remembered that there is no meat in the composition, and the declared vitamins are often available only on the packaging. Therefore, it is best if you leave the puppy for a day, and give quality meat in the evening. In this case, you can not worry about the development of your pet.

But the quality of the food is not at all as bad as the reviews sometimes declare. Pedigry food for large breed puppies includes the following ingredients:

  • Corn;
  • Chicken flour;
  • Wheat;
  • Rice;
  • Beetroot;
  • Meat flour;
  • Vitamin additives.

The 13 Worst Pet Foods


This line includes crackers and canned food. The choice remains with the owners. Dry dog food is stored longer, does not deteriorate during the day and helps the formation of the pet’s jaw, so it has its advantages. We will not list the composition, the manufacturer indicates similar ingredients.

But there may be doubts here. Miniature, pocket dogs are usually creatures with a very problematic metabolism. They physically cannot eat so much to cover the needs of their body for energy. Therefore, they require special food, which is an energy concentrate. This description is not suitable for the composition, where corn in the first place.

Worst puppy food for large breeds review note the reviews

The best food for large breed puppies in terms of price/quality ratio

], pedigree food for puppies with beef in sauce 85g

Feed with beef

The above-based varieties were described above. But some animals have an allergic reaction to this type of meat. It doesn’t matter, there is a “pedigree” feed for puppies with beef. Advertising suggests that this is a full-line composition, which is created taking into account the needs of small dogs. But we will not dwell on promises, but consider the composition:

  • In the first place – corn. With high calorie content, this product is very modest in its nutritional value.
  • Rice is a source of carbohydrates, on which its beneficial properties end.
  • Wheat.
  • Chicken flour.
  • Meat flour. Only in fifth place, despite the fact that the food with beef. And what is raw materials for her is not reported.
  • Beetroot.

Veterinarians say that it is not recommended to transfer the puppy completely to such food, in which a huge amount of cereal is not recommended.

pedigree food for puppies of large breeds composition

Wet feed

If you have become the happy owner of the crumbs York, then you must have thought about how you will feed him. It is necessary to build on what the breeder is packed with him. But if the choice fell on the purchase of finished products, then it is best to choose the wet dog food of the “pedigrics” for York puppies. Reviews indicate that in the best dog food storage container there is a thick jelly with pieces that look like meat. At the same time, veterinarians argue that giving a baby pure meat will be cheaper and useful for the puppy body.

Let’s take for example the food of the “pedigree” for puppies with beef in the sauce (85g). Reviews often note that puppies are happy to eat a storage container behind a bag. Is there a meat in the composition? Studying the packaging, you can find only a proud inscription that the content of beef is at least 4 %. And this despite the fact that the puppy needs at least 70 % of the meat in the diet. Therefore, veterinary doctors note that the food of the “pedigree” for puppies with beef in sauce (85g) can be used as a treat or snack on the road.

The composition of wet feeds cannot be called poor or harmful, but grain crops prevail in them. In addition, they include thickeners and dyes, flavors, which makes them not at all as attractive as the advertisement draws. And if you count the cost of the bags necessary for the power of the pet for a month, then the amount is not so small. You can stock up on meat, cereals and vegetables, which will provide a pet with high-quality nutrition. In this case, the amount will turn out to be identical.

pedigree food for puppies of large breeds reviews

Reviews of the owners

Omitting all the features of the composition of the food, I would like to note the reviews of ordinary owners who gave it to their pets and know this firsthand. There are many reviews, and they are quite motley. However, most owners note that puppies eat these foods with great pleasure, and look good after that. No indigestion or health issues. Let’s sum it all up:

  • There is an opinion, and some veterinarians support it, that the composition is toxic, harmful. In fact, there is nothing terrible in it. Many owners feed yard dogs with porridge boiled in water, with no signs of meat.
  • The origin of the by-products that make up the composition is a topic for discussion, because their nature is not known. There is an opinion that these are claws and feathers. It can be assumed bestdogfood.expert that the manufacturing brand is too serious to save so much on important components.
  • Dogs really love these foods, which is why there are rumors about the content of drugs in them.
  • Of the minuses, the presence of dyes is noted. The pieces are colored red and green to mimic the content of vegetables. World-famous manufacturers have long abandoned this practice.

Reviews of veterinarians

Pedigree puppy food rarely causes any emotions in doctors. Most of them directly state that this is cheap economy class food. It can hardly be called a complete diet for a growing organism. But there are no harmful components in it. Why are there so many negative reviews online?

The answer lies on the surface: affordable food can be purchased by a huge number of consumers. If they are trying to save money on pet food, then it is quite possible that they do not visit veterinarians either. This means that one hundred percent of the incidence in this sample will be much higher than among those who spend solid money on the best food and preventive examinations. This is fully confirmed by the reviews of veterinarians.

Pedigree food for puppies is not harmful, but it can hardly be called complete. So be sure to check with your veterinarian. In some cases, the specialist will advise you to alternate his intake with high-quality, natural nutrition. This option will be optimal in terms of price and providing the body with all the necessary substances. An excellent alternative would be the complete transfer of the puppy to a natural diet.

But for an adult dog, in which all organs and systems are developed and formed, Pedigri dry dog food is quite suitable as a variety of diet. It will be especially convenient for those owners who do not like to stay at home and take their dog with them.

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