Wooden dog crate furniture for medium and large dogs

February 17, 2022
Dog Crates
Wooden dog crate furniture

A dog needs his own shelter, a cozy hole with a roof over his head. Therefore, you can provide your pet with its own place. So, use wooden dog crate furniture. You’ve probably noticed that dogs like to lie under tables, chairs. In this way the dog can feel psychological comfort, safety. Animal gives a small light-proof space where they can curl up.

Firstly, wooden dog crate furniture is necessary for the comfort of the owners because it locks with a deadbolt. This is due to the fact that it’s great for dog destroyers and chewers. The owners, exhausted by the constant destruction, buy a cage. And the main thing is thing they regret that they didn’t buy it immediately.

Secondly, wooden dog crate furniture should be purchased when you have a puppy in the house. Above all it will accustom him to cleanliness and discipline. As a result of which at 5-6 months the puppy is able to tolerate until you come home from work. And if he can’t stand it, he goes to the diaper. For the most part dogs are clean and won’t defecate on their bed.

Thirdly, your puppy only chews on toys in the playpen another key point. And when he’s older, he’ll know it’s okay to chew on rubber balls, not furniture. That’s why the dog crate is a very useful and convenient invention.

– It is important to realize, wooden dog crate furniture is a choice just for the home. Firstly, beautiful, luxurious crates can fit into almost any decor. Secondly, this option will work for you if the aesthetics of your home are crucial.

– Angela Attwood

Helpful Dog Crate Reviews for Small, Medium and Large Dogs

In this review, five dog crates made of wood from proven manufacturers, the best in the line of home cages.

Large Wooden dog crate furniture from BingoPaw

  • As can be seen, his stylish crate looks great in the interior of your home. He’s surprises guests with its luxurious appearance. It is a combination of elegance and style in a composition of wood and steel.
  • Functional dog crate with front and side doors, pull-out tray, and secure latch locks. Also it is a sturdy and robust construction for keeping strong dogs. Crate with a watertight surface and resistant to warping. Easy to maintain and clean. These are all the hallmarks of a modern dog crate.
  • Another key point, this crate provides an ideal environment for the pet due to excellent ventilation and excellent visibility. The dog will not feel isolated. You can leave the house for a long time without fear for your furniture and wallpaper. The strength of the locks is guaranteed by the manufacturer.
  • The crate turns into an aviary if you want to remove the top lid. Also, the doors can be easily removed and the box turns into an open dog bed.
  • Size: 32″x23″x28″ and 25″x20″x23″.
  • This dog crate is in the first place. Also, see the best Chewy dog crates for small and large dogs

Dog Cage from Casual Home wooden for medium dogs

  • Elegant Espresso-colored cage made entirely of natural wood. In particular looks great in the interior of your home. Use the wooden dog crate as a coffee table.
  • Without a doubt, ideal for medium sized dog breeds. The sturdy lock will not allow your dog to leave the cage. Also the crate door is located on the side for added strength. Dog won’t be short of air thanks to the clever ventilation system.
  • The crate is assembled without assistance in a short time. Easy to clean with a damp cloth.
  • Size: 5” x 20” x 24”
  • Optionally, you can purchase a soft lie pad for your pet and place it in the crate for additional dog comfort.
  • This dog crate is in the second place.

Wooden dog crate furniture end table from DWANTON for medium and large dogs

  • Combination drawer made of particleboard and sturdy steel mesh in original rustic color.
  • Maximum dog crate size 32.5″ L x 21.9″ W x 25.2″ H.
  • One door is on the front and one on the side for your dog’s convenience. The metal grill allows good air flow and does not interfere with your pet’s view. Your dog will feel comfortable in this dog house and completely safe.
  • Most important, you can leave your pet at home for a long time without fear for the environment of the house. Sturdy locks will not allow the pet to freely leave the crate.
  • The dog crate can easily replace your bedside table. On the smooth wide table top you can easily place the necessary items.
  • The legs are height-adjustable, allowing you to position the cage even on uneven surfaces.
  • Make a gift for your dog and decorate your home with this stylish item.
  • This dog crate is in the third place.

Dog crate wooden furniture TADASA 32″ medium size

  • Decorative wooden kennel. Stylish element of home interior reinforced with metal elements for small and medium dogs. Front and side doors in original rustic color.
  • The dog crate is a stylish combination of chipboard and metal rods treated with a pet-safe coating. Also the crate is very durable and your dog won’t be able to break it.
  • Use the dog crate in the interior as a stylish piece of furniture. You can use it as a coffee table or place decorative art, houseplants, or a table lamp on it to your taste. You will make your home look original while keeping your pet safe.
  • Most important, pet accessibility and a secure fit. Your dog can easily get into the crate through the doors, which are located on the front and sides with strong locks.
  • Crate Size. Overall: 32.7 “L x 23.6 “W x 25.6 “H; Interior: 28.7 “L x 21.3 “W x 22.1 “H; Crate can hold small to medium sized pets.
  • The legs are height-adjustable, allowing you to position the cage even on uneven surfaces.
  • This dog crate is in the fourth place.

Zoovilla dog kennel with swinging door

  • Home dog cage made of solid MDF that can be used as a bedside table and accommodate books, table lamp, houseplants.
  • The front door is made to both sides. Optional side door for your pet’s convenience. Stylish and sturdy cage with good ventilation for keeping your dog comfortable.
  • Most important the strength of the crate and the steel locks and hinges will keep your dog from leaving the cage when you’re not home. Furniture and wallpaper are perfectly safe.
  • Easy cleaning with a damp cloth and a removable tray included to collect liquid and dirt.
  • Crate Size 63” x 20.39” x 23.23”
  • This dog crate is in the fifth place.

Rules for choosing Chewy dog food

As you browse the range of Chewy Dog Food, keep the following points in mind:

  • Buy special food for puppies. It is not allowed to give them food for adult animals. In addition, manufacturers of premium and super-premium products produce several types of food for babies, considering their age – up to 2 months, up to 4 months, up to six months and up to a year (each brand has its own age scale and a diet adapted to it).
  • The economy class feed is dominated by vegetable protein, which is not very useful for carnivores. Pay attention to the presence of preservatives, dyes, flavors. Ready-made food cannot be completely without additives – it is not stored for a couple of days, and dry meat is not as fragrant as fresh, but there should be as few additional components as possible. Also, in the composition are required amino acids, vitamins, and minerals (according to the needs of the animal).
  • Piece size. If the dog is small, he will not be able to eat food for large breeds.

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