Wild harvest salmon dog food review

March 14, 2023
Wild harvest salmon dog food review

Purina Dog Chow Dog Food Features

Healthy and proper nutrition is a guarantee of rapid growth and development of your puppy. The choice of products must be approached with due responsibility and legibility. Among the huge variety of feeds available, it is not so easy to choose the right one. One of the most popular and common options is Purina Dog Chow. The manufacturer positions it as a premium product, and there are objective reasons for that.

Advantages and disadvantages

Purina products came to us from America. She gained immense popularity around the world. The main reason for this was the approach to the manufacture of all goods. The brand focuses on the naturalness and environmental friendliness of its feed, it cares about the health of its four-legged consumers, so the composition more than satisfies all standards.

All types of food are balanced taking into account the height, weight, age and breed of the animal, so harmonious development and long life are provided to your pet.

Purina Dog Chow nutritional composition is rich in vegetable matter and fiber. This fact can be considered the main advantage and advantage, since the animal will receive all the necessary substances at once. For the proper formation of bone tissue and teeth, calcium and vitamins of group A were included in the composition to maintain the level of visionch a varied and whole diet can be used by both pet owners and professional dog breeders with tremendous experience and experience.

This food is suitable for all dogs, especially those with sensitive digestive systems. It will not cause problems with stools, vomiting, or allergic reactions, which are quite common with improper feeding of the animal. Products are intended primarily for active and energetic pets, whose life is in constant movement and play. Purina Dog Chow will provide them with the necessary amount of protein, which is so necessary for cheerful and cheerful breeds.

A pleasant feature of this feed is the prudence and attentiveness of the manufacturer himself. In order to avoid damage to the animal teeth, food is made in the form of granules of different sizes, this helps to preserve the enamel intact, as well as remove excessive pollution. You can simply forget about caries or other problems with your teeth. Your pet will not have to clean the jaw after consumption of this diet.

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But, like obvious advantages, the food has its own disadvantages, the main of which is the insufficient content of animal protein. Most of it in the stern was obtained by plant originch a depressing nuance causes certain doubts.

Another minus was the low calorie content of a particular nutrition. Yes, the dog will not gain excess weight, but it will need several times more food to get the necessary saturation and neutralize the feeling of hunger. This causes additional expenses of the product and, as a result, the need for its permanent purchase.

Assortment for puppies

Puppies are small and fragile creatures with a tremendous thirst for the study of the world. They have not yet been physically strengthened in order to be more independent and active. In this wonderful and exciting life period, they most need to caress, care and support.

So that the baby does not lose this craving for knowledge, he loves to play and learn new things, it is necessary to choose the right and balanced diet. For this, it must be equipped with a vitamin complex, all the necessary trace elements and antioxidants.

It is very difficult to choose a healthy diet for a puppy, since his body is much more tender and sensitive than that of an adult and an individual.

The composition of the food should be as natural as possible, without the content of excess dyes and preservatives. The product should not cause an allergic reaction and bloating. It should be noted that different types of food are divided into categories, and you should not give a small puppy food from the ADULT class, as it is intended for adult representatives. It can be more rude to the young organism and not be suitable for harmonious absorptionch food can cause indigestion and an allergic reaction.

To avoid such an unfavorable outcome, you need to choose products of a suitable age category. Therefore, Puppy Large Breed food was created specifically for young puppies. It is proportionally balanced and satisfies all the needs of the young organism. The description of the diet is as consistent with all the necessary requirements that are characteristic of the needs of the puppy. It favorably affects digestion, contains in its composition all the necessary substances and trace elements for proper growth and development.

This food is easily absorbed and gives a sufficient amount of energy that helps the baby grow and comprehend the world playing. The puppy will hit you and those around your cheerful, playful and cheerful mood. He will be happy to walk, play and show other types of activity that will indicate his health.

Adult and elderly dogs

Adult animals no less than young people need healthy diet to maintain an excellent shape. Only priority is shifted from growth and development to strengthen immunity and preserving the condition of the joints and bones. For this, the composition of the food must be enriched with calcium and vitamins of various groups.

A natural composition plays an equally important role that will not cause undesirable side effects. With age, the dog’s body becomes more fragile and sensitive.

If in adulthood the animal is at the peak of its activity, moves a lot, plays and walks, then he needs a huge supply of energy. It can be obtained from food rich in protein and carbohydrates. Due to the large physical exertion, calories are not deposited in the form of excess adipose tissue, but quickly burned, giving a powerful surge of strength.

It is clear that the consumption of food consumption in an adult dog is several times higher than that of a puppy. For this reason, food must be purchased much more often. To reduce the financial costs of its customers, Purina has released an economical and convenient packaging with a volume of 14 kg. This size is very convenient for storage and transfer, moreover, it will be enough for a long time, and the affordable price will not put pressure on the budget. You can purchase it in almost any pet store, you will not need to wait for delivery.

The health of an already elderly dog should be monitored several times more carefully and attentively. By the age of 10+ and older, the animal can acquire many diseases and injuries that the owner will have to deal with. The sensitivity of the teeth increases, they become more fragile and shaky. The dog may be haunted by bouts of lethargy and apathy. In order to reduce the risk of complications, the animal needs quality nutrition.

It is advisable to choose food for adults from the Adult category, as they are designed specifically to maintain the health of an already formed organism. For small and medium breeds, it is best to choose a lighter and more comfortable food for consumption. Diets containing poultry meat, such as turkey or chicken, are optimal.

For dogs of an older age category, choose Senior or Mature class food, as they are specially designed taking into account the age characteristics of the animal. They are carefully digested, do not injure the digestive system, and the composition, enriched with useful trace elements, allows the pet to always stay in shape.

Products for special care

Dog food designed for special care, focused on the specifics of the lifestyle and structure of the animal. As a rule, it has a gentle effect on digestion and is absorbed several times easier. This type of food was developed for sensitive breeds or individuals that need extra care.

For sensitive digestion

Digestive problems can occur in dogs of different breeds and ages. Very often they act as an acquired phenomenon. Problems of the gastrointestinal tract can be formed due to an improper diet, due to the fact that the owner did not properly monitor the animal or chose the wrong type of food. Also, do not forget about the complications after taking antibiotics or injury. It does not matter how this problem was acquired, what is important is that it requires a correct and comprehensive solution.

Wild harvest salmon dog food review One of the most

Wild harvest salmon dog food review

Adult Sensitive will help control your dog's digestion and relieve your dog of indigestion and other stomach problems. The product is gently digested, while the animal will feel full, which means that the feeling of hunger will not visit all the time. One of the most popular diets was salmon food.

As in any food containing fish, it is enriched with phosphorus and other trace elements that have a positive effect on the body.

The composition also included a huge number of bran, cereal and vegetables. They are natural sources of fiber, which, in turn, best affects the gastrointestinal tract. Regular use of such food is able to establish problems with stools, normalize metabolism.

For active animals

If your pet cannot sit in place and minutes, then he needs a tremendous charge of energy for the whole day. To maintain a playful mood, he needs more high-calorie and nutritious food. Not every food boasts high food value, some of them are absolutely not intended for active breeds.

When choosing a food for such a dog, it is worth choosing your Active category. The composition of such a feed is enriched with the maximum number of nutrient trace elements. Vitamins of groups A and B, fiber, protein and much more – an integral part of the composition.

But it is worth noting a higher calorie content of such a feed. For active breeds, this is an undoubted and important plus, but for less mobile dogs, this can cause overweight. It is for this reason that you should not give products of this category to ordinary dogs-most likely, such food is simply not suitable for them. For less mobile favorites, choose feed from other categories, based on individual characteristics.

Review of reviews

It is best to shed light on the efficiency and quality of Purina Dog Chow feed will help honest consumer reviews that have already tested it and can compare with other brands.

On the Internet, there are a huge number of reviews for Purina products, but the Purina Dog Chow line is especially popular. The reason for this was the price availability of this feed on the market, which was more than once noted by commentators.

This product has both pluses and minuses. Among the obvious advantages, buyers noted the availability of this food in stores. It can literally be purchased absolutely everywhere, and this is an undoubted plus, since there is no need to expect the receipt of this product or order it with delivery, which can take a rather long amount of time.

Also, consumers point to the hypoallergenic composition of the food compared to other brands. This means that such food is very likely to suit your dog, and will not cause side effects in the form of an allergic reaction, which may not be very good for the health of the animal. It can lead to more serious consequences, so avoiding its occurrence is very important. Causes a positive reaction from dog owners and the fact that the brand's products belong to an affordable price category.

The food has a positive effect on the condition of the coat, teeth and claws. The external signs of the animal do not suffer with its constant intake. Consumers have noticed that with regular feeding, the quality of their pet's coat has become several times better.

Dental tissue has ceased to be damaged and has become stronger due to the sufficient content of calcium and other useful minerals.

However, buyers noted the low content of animal protein in the composition. This factor can adversely affect the health of the animal, as dogs need a high meat content. Therefore, it is desirable to mix such feed with a product that contains several times more protein of animal origin. The need for this action confuses buyers.

Drawing conclusions, we can say that such food is suitable for dogs with a sensitive gastrointestinal tract, a high tendency to allergies and a low amount of calcium in the body. This product will be able to solve such problems, but there is still a need to combine it with a food that contains a high content of animal protein.

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