Whole earth farms small breed wet dog food review

March 20, 2023
Dog Food
Whole earth farms small breed wet dog food review

The choice of daily food for the dog depends on many factors. For example, from the age of the pet, the level of activity, the characteristics of health. However, one of the main indicators is the size of the dog. In this article we will talk about the features of the nutrition of representatives of small breeds.

What you need to remember

So why is such a factor as size important? The fact is that the features of dogs of small breeds do not coincide with large ones. Small pets have accelerated metabolism. This means that their daily nutrition should be more high-calorie.

Balance is no less important. Representatives of small, large, medium breeds have different needs of the body, therefore, the number of nutrients in the food should vary.

Whole Earth Farms Dog Food | Chewy

Finally, the size of the portion matters. Small favorites can not overeat, because excessive eating of food leads to health problems as obesity.

Food or natural nutrition

Of course, every pet knows what to choose for a pet is natural food orReady diets.

We recommend that you prefer ready-made dry and wet products because they:

1. They have optimal calorie content.

2. Correctly balanced.

3pplemented with the necessary vitamins and minerals.

In addition, the use of dry granules contributes to additional cleansing of teeth and gums from plaque.

Dry or wet

You can choose for a dog as wet, so dry product. They contain the same amount of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins. The difference between them is the technology of cooking (dry dog food dehydrated,wet Sterilized and packaged in banks, spiders, lamisters) and calorie content. For this reason, it is important to observe the dosage indicated on the packaging.

Important! In the daily menu, the pet may be present as Dry, so Wet diets, however, in one feeding it should use only one type – it is not recommended to mix.

What to look for when choosing

In order not to make a mistake in choosing food, carefully study the packaging. Small-breed diets. They have a Small markch an indicator as age is important:

  • Junior/Puppy – for puppies;
  • Adult – for adult dogs from 1 year to 7 years. ;
  • Senior – for the elderly four-legged.

Pay attention to the class:

  • Holistic;
  • Super-premium;
  • Premium;
  • Economy.

The highest class is Holistic. They are as close as possible to natural nutrition, since the basis of the composition is fresh meat. There are no cereals, although some of them add rice. Holistic feed. They also include fruits, vegetables, berries, herbs, algae – sources of vitamins, carbohydrates and insoluble fiber.

Features of feeding dogs of small breeds

A little lower-super-premium class. They are also balanced, in the composition – meat, offal of the first category, whole cereals. At the same time, meat ingredients prevail. The food of the super-premium class is supplemented by the necessary vitamins and minerals.

Premium diets have a slightly different composition. The ingredients are meat, offal, and grain crops. Sometimes you can find an egg, fruits, vegetables in the composition. As for useful additives, they are present in premium products.

Finally, the lowest class is economical. As part of such diets, you can find cereals in the first place, then meat and other components go. Often in the economy feed, flavorings, flavor amplifiers are added, which make them attractive for the pet, but do not bear benefits.

By the way, about the benefits. Of course, the food that you choose for the dog should have a positive effect on the health of the four-legged. High-quality daily food is the key that the pet will remain healthy.

Important! If the dog has health problems, for example, chronic diseases, you need to consult a veterinarian who will select a specialized diet for a pet.

Review Small-breeding diets for dogs

Ownat Grain Free Prime Mini Lamb – dry dog food for dogs of small breeds, Grain freeya, with lamb

Manufacturer: Ownat, Spain.

Weight: 1 kg, 3 kg.

The composition is 76% of animal ingredients. The absence of cereals makes this type of nutrition suitable for pets that tend to allergies and food intolerance. An apple is a source of insoluble fiber, which has a beneficial effect on digestion. Beer yeast improve the quality of the skin, wool. The diet additionally contains glucosamine, chondroitin, which contribute to the prevention of joint diseases.

Ownat Ultra Mini Adult – dry dog food for dogs of small breeds, with chicken and turkey

Manufacturer: Ownat, Spain.

Energy value: 402 kcal/100 g.

The total content of meat and fish ingredients is 50%. The balanced diet contains the optimal amount of fats and proteins, which prevents excess weight set. The composition contains a whole grain – a source of vitamins, minerals, insoluble fiber. In the manufacture, Slow-Cooking technology is used, which consists in slow languishing granules in its own juice. This allows you to preserve the maximum amount of useful substances.

Ownat Classic Mini Adult – dry dog food with chicken

Manufacturer: Ownat, Spain.

Energy value: 370 kcal/100 g.

It contains 34% of meat, meat ingredients, including 10% of fresh meat of chicken. Contains the necessary complex of micro-, macro elements, as well as whole grain, fruits, vegetables. The diet formula is developed taking into account the needs of the body of representatives of small breeds.

Unica Natura – dry dog food for dogs of small breeds, with salmon, rice and peas

Manufacturer: Unica, Italy.

Weight: 800 g, 2 kg 500 g.

The composition includes 30% of fish ingredients (salmon meat). This component contains omega-3 fatty acids, omega-6, which have a beneficial effect on the condition of wool and skin. Rice, peas stimulate the correct operation of the gastrointestinal tract. Rosemary extract is a natural antioxidant, and Yukka Mohava reduces the smell of excrement.

Unica Natura – dry dog food for dogs of small breeds, with duck, rice and potatoes

Manufacturer: Unica, Italy.

Weight: 800 g, 2 kg 500 g.

Duck meat content is 30%. In production, high-quality raw materials are useditable for pets of all ages, regardless of the level of activity – it is enough to adjust the dosage. Gluten free.

Unica Classe – dry dog food with tuna

Manufacturer: Unica, Italy.

Whole earth farms small breed wet dog food review one feeding

Whole earth farms small breed wet dog food review

A balanced diet of super-premium class, which includes a large amount of protein (tuna meat), white sorghum-a whole cereal culture with the lowest glycemic index. Caroba powder is rich in natural dietary fiber that improve the intestines. Contains all the necessary vitamins, minerals.

Unica Classe – dry dog food with lamb

Manufacturer: Unica, Italy.

The main component is animal proteins. It is a full-fledged balanced diet for small dogs of all ages, regardless of their age and level of activity. The composition contains vitamins, minerals, fatty acids omega-3, omega-6.

Grandin Fresh Meat Adult Small Chicken – dry dog food for dogs of small breeds, with chicken

Manufacturer: Grandin, Spain.

Weight: 1 kg 500 g.

Energy value: 3800 kcal/kg.

Granuls contain 53% of meat ingredients, including 30% of fresh meat of chicken. The composition also includes: apple, beer yeast, rice, beetroot pulp, etc.

Grandin Adult Small Lamb – dry dog food for adult dogs of small breeds, with lamb

Manufacturer: Grandin, Spain.

Energy value: 3800 kcal/kg.

The total number of meat components is 47%. The granules are impregnated with meat juice, which makes the diet attractive to pets. The composition is supplemented by the necessary vitamins, minerals, other useful substances.

How to transfer a dog to a new food

Sometimes it happens that the usual diet becomes inaccessible. And then there is a need to transfer it to another.

The translation should be carried out gradually:

  • 1-2 day: 25% of the new feed, 75% of the old;
  • 3-4 days: 50% new, 50% old;
  • 5-6 days: 25% old, 75% new.

How to understand that the diet has approached the dog

Of course, like people, organisms are different for all dogs. Therefore, it may be that a fairly expensive Holistic feed will not suit your pet, but super-premium will be a great basic.

During the translation period, pay attention to the work of the gastrointestinal tract: if there is no vomiting, diarrhea or constipation, then the diet is selected correctly.

It is also worthwhile to control the condition of the wool, teeth and bones of the dog. So, if you notice on the skin a manifestation of allergies or loss of wool, it is better to choose a new food.

Let's summarize

1. Dogs of small breeds should be balanced every day.

2. The optimal nutrition for the pet is ready-made high class dietssince they contain the required amount of protein and vitamins.

3. When choosing, it is important to pay attention to the composition and energy value.

4. If there is a need to transfer to a new diet, then it should be carried out gradually.

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