Which dog breeds are easiest to train?

April 5, 2023
Dog Training
Which dog breeds are easiest to train?

This question is probably worried about at least half of all “dog lovers”. The host’s ambitions are plus the abilities of the dogs sometimes work miracles. What breeds of dogs are best amenable to training? What do experts say about this? We understand.

Which dog breeds are easiest to train

Dog training is not easy. And people who first encounter this matter often believe that this is a real art. However, there are breeds of dogs that are easier to train than others.

Dog intelligence

In 1994, this book made a lot of noise. Then the Canadian professor Stanley Koren published a book that became a real bestseller – “Dog intelligence”. According to the scientist, the intellect of dogs has three components: instinctive intelligence, intelligence of obedience and adaptive intelligence. Instinctive intelligence helps the dog perform the functions that are already set by nature, are laid in the genetics of the animal. Adaptive intelligence is produced when the dog begins to try to complete the task with its own strengths. The intelligence of obedience is the dog’s ability to teach, training and light understanding of human commands.

So what first of all appreciated Stanley of the cores in the dog? Perhaps you have already guessed: the intellect of obedience. It was this ability that formed the basis of the rating of the most intelligent breeds of dogs, according to the Versen. And it is this ability that interests us within the framework of this article. So, what breeds of dogs are best amenable to training?

Border Collie

Let's start, perhaps, with prizes. Border Colli, a recognized dog “Einstein”, which confidently ranks first among all the smartest breeds in the world according to Stanley Koren. What can the brothelles do this? These dogs have many qualities important for their training. They are perfectly amenable to training, very obedient, friendly, and most importantly – they love to study terribly.

The border is a smart, contact, obedient dog with a good memory that quickly remembers and performs commands. For him, by and large, it is important not so much material encouragement from the owner as moral. Board-Colli understands human speech well and quickly teach the meaning of many words. At one time, this breed was bred for cattle grazing, and now it is one of the companions recognized in the world. We must pay tribute, in the nature of the breed genetically laid the “manners” of the shepherd. Especially the borderes include this property when walking with children. They try to bunch the children in the "herd" and patronize them without letting them outside the safe zone.

Board-Colli became famous throughout the world thanks to an absolute record holder-a dog named a chaiser from South Carolina. This dog struck all of us, having learned 1022 words in his life (all these words, for the convenience of teaching dogs, were turned into toys). Here is an amazing plot on the Nova PBS Official channel about Cheizer's abilities.

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The poodles are in second place in Stanley of Koren and are considered very smart dogs. Poodles have phenomenal quality – they almost do not need to be trained. Interestingly, this dog knows how to think and imitate. She perceives the surrounding life as a game, and the life of her owners – as an example to follow.

The happy owners of the poodles say that the process of training these dogs is almost unnoticed. The dogs are remembered very quickly, it is enough to voice it a couple of times or show what needs to be done. The poodle quickly thinks, remembers a lot of words, and in general, gradually living next to a person, learns to repeat everything after people – brings the necessary things, removes his toys in the box. It is not surprising that these dogs can most often be seen in the circus. If you constantly talk with the dog, it will collect a good vocabulary, it is known that the poodles are remembered for at least a hundred words and usually do not get confused in the execution of commands.

German Shepherd

German shepherds are famous for their intellectual and working qualities. They are so smart that they are quite able to independently evaluate the problem that arose before them, to weigh all the risks and make decisions. At the same time, high intelligence and independence does not mean at all that the pet will be stubborn. German shepherds have a rather flexible character. They implicitly recognize the authority of the owner, these are very obedient dogs that are suitable even to beginner dog breeders.

The Germans often serve in the police, the army, border and customs units, participate in search and rescue operations, guard, protect, work as guards

Which dog breeds are easiest to train? are famous

Which dog breeds are easiest to train?

Golden retriever

It looks like a holes, but in fact these dogs are amazingly smart. The great advantage of the golden retriever is its balanced, flexible, friendly character. If you have a retriever, you know exactly how a friend behaves, who is inherent in the mind, the ability to listen to someone else's opinion and conflictness.

Retrieves are perfectly trained, with pleasure perform the commands of the owner. Moreover, once remembering these commands, the dog can perform them after some time. By the way, the retriever is also learning not for the "yummy", but for the idea: the praise and approval of the owner. Despite his ability to obey, the retriever is capable of, as well as the German shepherd, if necessary, to make independent decisions.


Mini-clalls can also show amazing learning abilities. Shelti for the sake of praise of their man can demonstrate the miracles of obedience and ingenuity. These dogs are easy to train.

True, there is one “but”. Shelti differ in shyness, so for you when training it is important to encourage each correctly performed puppy and try not to pay attention to its mistakes. Shelti should train one person and you can start doing this from 2-4 months.


This breed of dogs is also famous for the excellent ability to train, not without reason they are often trained to be guards, and also chosen for Canistherapy (a variety of therapy of sick people with animals). Labrador-Retriever is a real find for helpless and lonely people. This is a very attentive, smart, obedient and delicate dog.

Labradors hold the upper positions in many ratings of the most adequate, easily trained, obedient and good-natured dogs. They have amazing working qualities, a high level of intelligence and incredible kindness.

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