Where to sell a dog or puppy

March 10, 2023
Where to sell a dog or puppy

Where to sell a dog or puppy

A dog is the most popular and demanded pet, a friend, an assistant and a defender. Dogs can come in handy in military service, participate in search and rescue operations, neutralize criminals, etc. Etc. Of these smart and faithful animals, good guards, shepherds, guards, nannies and of course friends are obtained.

To date, more than 1000 dog breeds have been open and recognized and these are only official numbers.

Numerous representatives of dogs, except for the breed, can be classified according to the following criteria:

  • Breed groups
  • By purpose

Who sells puppies

The owners of the dogs

Each owner of a non-sterilized dog may over time face the need to sell puppies.

Dog breeders

Puppies are sold to shelters, professional nurseries and numerous private breeders. Sometimes (very rarely), pet stores are engaged in the sale of puppies.

Dog breeding as a business allows you to get good and regular profit. Income from such a business easily covers all investments and expenses. The cost of individual breeds of puppies can reach tens of thousands.

Who can sell puppies

The process of selling a puppy is not as simple as it seems at first glance. You can sell puppies from 8 weeks. But, it is advisable to start the sale procedure before the birth of the offspring in the dog. First of all, you can offer babies to relatives, friends, colleagues, acquaintances.

Buyers can be sought by announcements for the purchase (demand) of puppies. Often they indicate the purpose of the purchase: protection or protection, a companion for hunting, participation in exhibitions, breeding, a desire to start a fluffy friend.

The easiest and inexpensive breeds are the easiest. They willingly buy puppies of large dogs to protect a private house and hunting puppies for hunting and walking in nature. In the shelters they are inexpensively bought by uniform dogs.

Where you can sell puppies

Today, any product or product can be sold online or offline. The sale of animals in particular dogs and puppies is not an exception.

  • Places of sale
  • Bird markets available in every large city.
  • Numerous thematic ads on the Internet.
  • Universal sales boards such as Avito, Yula, etc.
  • Communities and own pages in social networks.
  • Forums and chats of dog breeders.
  • Trade fairs.

Kennel clubs can help you find potential buyers. Owners of dogs of elite breeds can make their own bestdogfood.Expert with information about the dog, the planned mating and puppies.

How to advertise a puppy for sale

To profitably and quickly sell a pet, it is important to adhere to the following rules when placing ads.

1. It is very difficult to sell an animal without a photo. Therefore, it is important to take a good photo, it is advisable to take a picture of the baby with the mother. Before the photo shoot, you need to wash and carefully comb the puppy, choose the background on which the photo will be taken. High quality photos of the pet being sold are 50% of success in the sale.

2. It is necessary to correctly and correctly compose a description text. The more information about the animal is provided, the easier it will be to sell it in the future. Be sure to include the following information about the puppy:

  • Breed and its characteristics;
  • The documents;
  • Floor;
  • Age;
  • Color;
  • Vaccinated;
  • The size to which the puppy can grow;
  • Information about parents and their photos.

Selling puppies is not only troublesome, but also a pleasant experience: having a dog is a great happiness, a sea of positive and positive emotions.

What should not be included in an ad?

Where to sell a dog or puppy various terms

Where to sell a dog or puppy

When compiling the text of the ad, you need to use a simple and understandable language for everyone. It should not be replete with various terms and abbreviations. No need to complicate! Those who buy a dog for the first time will not be able to understand the language of professional sellers.

You should not write “Urgent sale”, this suggests that the animal, for example, is sick, etc. So they are in a hurry to sell it. Also, do not attribute false information or indicate the wrong price.

Where to advertise

On our bulletin board, you can sell any breed of dog (a dog without a breed, a mongrel). Place your offers in sections – Animals / Dogs and puppies.

Also on the bestdogfood.Expert you can place ads about dogs that are lost or looking for a new home.

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