What you need to know about the dog controller: use, manufacture with your own hands

March 31, 2023
Dog Training
What you need to know about the dog controller: use, manufacture with your own hands

If a collar, a noose, sorting and other options do not help control the dog, do not despair. There is an exit. The famous dog behavior Antoine Najaryan came up with a leash-cheap of "Controller". To understand what it is and how to use it, you should understand the features of the device. By the way, such a leash can be made independently.

Land Controller for dogs invented by Antoine Najaryan

Controller for dogs: what is it

This leash was developed for soft correction of the dog’s behavior. It performs the function of a kind of noisy, thanks to which the pet will be able to quickly unlearn the owner forward, pick up the scraps on the street and break out to the other four-legged ones. A dog controller will also allow you to effectively train the animal and various commands. This device can be used as everyday ammunition. It does not require long-term addiction, and even the youngest dog breeder can handle it. On a note! The metal latch on the collar allows you to limit its diameter a certain value and prevents the decline from the dog’s neck. The leash is usually made of a material that has a high resistance indicator. This increases the term of its use. The tape is made of a very durable material that can withstand an effort to break almost a thousand kilograms. When tensioning, it does not stretch in no way.

Note! It is necessary to responsibly approach the choice of an online store for buying a product, and even better-to purchase it in an official store. So you can protect the pet from poor-quality products, structurally unsafe or made of short-lived materials.

With the help of an existing screw carbine, which allows you to attach the cord to the standard collar, you can fix the other end on the host’s belt. So his hands will be completely released. This makes a walk more comfortable and pleasant.

Controllers leashes are with only one latch. They can be used as an ordinary leash and control the behavior of a pet: aggression, disobedience, etc. At the same time, the dog does not experience any serious discomfort or mental pressure, but understands that he behaves poorly.

Creator of a leash with his creations

Why is it worth choosing a “controller”?

Choosing a collar for training their pet, many breeders are interested in why they should give their preference to the “controller”? The answer here is simple – the following main advantages over other training tools:

  • Due to the fact that the item is round and has no sharp ends, an injury in the process of education is completely excluded;
  • The product using a special latch is effectively held on the neck where the most sensitive points are located;
  • After the active attack of the pet, there is no need to correct the collar again, since it always remains in the position, as you initially fixed it;
  • The ease, convenience and ease of use of a protective agent.

In the manufacture of a stray, the brand provided for the presence of a second latch.

It is this small detail that allows the fastening of the stray on the host’s belt. Therefore, during the active walking of the animal, you will not need to take your hands with a leash and constantly fix it. Also, using this device, it becomes possible to effectively and simply control all the movements of the animal.

The principle of using a controller leash

The inventor of the collar Arthur Najaryan, an expert on the relationship of the “dog-man”, tried to combine two very important functions in his device:

  • Impact on the dog like a strict collar;
  • The ability to use the controller as a classic collar.

Note ! Any dog training is always based on the dominance of the owner over the dog. Another approach to the case does not condemn the owner into a deliberately unsuccessful result. The pet must clearly realize his place and never position himself higher. You need to work on the behavior of the animal carefully, this process should not radically diverge with what usually happens in a dog pack.

Land control for dogs is only a tool, a mechanism of training, thanks to which you can pass the necessary knowledge to the dog. The length of the controller is usually about three meters. It includes two rings that adjust the degree of tension of the harness.

The principle of operation of such a leash lies in the fact that if the pet begins to perform any sharp actions (for example, jerking), then the collar is gradually delayed on the principle of removal, and this makes it clear that his behavior does not approve of his behavior. So the animal training takes place, while the technique is quite humane.

Own or homeless

Let's separate the flies from the cutlets and figure it out: what dog we catch and for what? If his own runs away, one conversation. If you have to help such old women as in the introduction, is completely different. It would be more appropriate about the homeless dog to keep silent, for why can he catch it? But situations are just fantastic situations. For example, a neighbor always remembered her dog. He ran away a couple of years ago. And imagine the situation: you are faced with this neighbor in the store, return home together. And she suddenly, with surprise, recognizes her dog in a running homeless dog. The same one who fled many years ago.

The dog is shy, for it is homeless. And the neighbor asks for help with the capture of the animal. How will we catch?

Methods for home dogs:

  • Command.
  • Imitation of the owner of the owner.
  • Delicacy.
  • Dog whistle.

Let's talk about each method more specifically.

Advantages and disadvantages of a leash

Dogs who made a choice in favor of a leash-controller distinguish the following advantages of the product:

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  • Unlike a strict collar, it does not cause any harm to the pet. It is only necessary to slightly pull the leash, and the dog will understand what is required of it and will go next to the owner.
  • Allows you to gently and painlessly correct the undesirable behavior of a four-legged friend.
  • It is used as a collar and a muzzle.
  • It is equipped with a reliable metal lock, which allows you to hold the collar on the neck – the most sensitive part of the dog’s body. Thanks to this, there is no need to constantly correct him. He will not crawl from the dog.
  • Another latch can be attached to the belt belt, the wheel of a bicycle. So, the owner’s hands will always be free, or he will be able to walk two or more dogs at the same time.
  • The device has optimal weight, it is convenient for them to use and hold in their hands.
  • Suitable for dogs of any size and breeds.
  • Can be used for pets, starting from the age of 3-4 months.

The disadvantages of the product include insufficiently good quality of such goods, mainly in online stores (Although you can still trust trusted sites). However, you can easily correct the shortcomings thanks to the simplicity of the design or make such a leash with your own hands. There are practically no negative reviews of the product.

The control of the controller is rightfully considered one of the most effective means of teaching pets. The noose does not cause any harm to the dog and does not injure it during training. Professional dog handlers appreciated this device. They consider him a good help in dog training. However, before training a pet, you need to figure out how to put on such a leash on the neck of the beast.

Product training

What parameters should correspond

The main parameters of the leash are determined by the following characteristics of the fishing line:

Breaking load. The breakdown load of the leash should always be lower than that of the main fishing line.

Colour. Most fishermen use a transparent fishing line to make leashes, since it is most universal

But there are those who give the color of the fishing line special attention. In this case, there are the following recommendations:

  • Very transparent water – blue fishing line;
  • Fishing in the grass – green fishing line;
  • Fishing on the sandy day – yellow fishing line;
  • Catching on the pebble – brown fishing line;
  • Fishing in the snags – a black fishing line.
  • Length. The length of the leash is a very important parameter, which depends on the type of equipment and fish, which is the alleged prey.

Depending on the type of equipment, the length of the leash varies in the following limits:

For a fly fishing rod-15-20 centimeters; for a plug-10-15 centimeters; For match and Bologna equipment-25-30 centimeters.

Depending on the type of fish, the length of the leash is:

  1. For bleak. A 10-15 cm long leash is quite sufficient, since fishing is carried out in medium or surface layers of water.
  2. For roach. Depending on the type of equipment, the leash length varies from 15 to 30 centimeters.
  3. For bream. For bream you need a long leash. If you have to catch in the bottom layer, the leash should have a length of 25-30 centimeters. Often bream is caught on a bait that is motionless at the bottom. In such cases, before hooking at a distance of 5-10 centimeters, a small pellet is installed that performs the function of subparagraph. Taking the bait in the mouth, the bream does not feel resistance, while the float rises and lies to the side, giving the fisherman a signal about the bite.

Knipovich Nikolay Mikhailovich

Zoologist, hydrobiologist. I am fond of fishing at a professional level.

Attention! Monophile fishing lines are soft and hard. A hard fishing line is more suitable for making leashes, since it is less confused

Separately, it is worth saying about the leashes for catching predatory fish on a float equipment. For catching perch on the fry, use fluorocarbon ledges with a single hook. For fishing pikes on live bait, metal leashes from soft leading material or thick fluorocarbon leashes are used. The hooks can be single, double and triple depending on the characteristics of the fishing.

Hooks for leashes should also be given close attention. Depending on the type of bait, hooks can be of different sizes made of wire of different thicknesses, have a short or long forend, etc.

You can also find hooks of a specific shape, for example, carp and red hooks. Hooks with zazubni on the forend are produced, designed to prevent sliding from the hook of the worm during casting and during fishing.

How to put a leash on a dog correctly

It is very important to properly put a leash on the animal without causing him pain. Poor behavior should bring him discomfort, not suffering. This will make training as effective as possible. In order for the owner and pet to fully use such a leash, you need to do certain manipulations to teach the dog to new uniforms. It is required to train the dog how to help the owner put a leash, and convince him that it is not worth being afraid of anything. In order for training to take place correctly, certain rules must be followed:

  • The leash is laid out in the form of the letter “P” on a flat surface, while the lock should be on the left.
  • After putting on the device, its stretch is checked. Between the collar and neck of the pet, one finger should pass freely. If the distance exceeds this indicator, then the protection will slide from the animal, and the owner will not be able to control it.
  • The collar should be exactly behind the dog’s ears – this is the only correct position. Only with him the owner will be able to control even the largest and most violent pets.

On a note! A similar learning system is suitable even for pets of a very young age, who are just starting to learn good behavior. The sooner training has begun, the more efficient its results will be. The minimum age, as already noted above-3-4 months.

General recommendations

The regulation of modern exhibitions prohibits the display of dogs without a special stray. Any harnesses, muzzles, strict and everyday collars are unacceptable. The further assessment of the pet and its victory in the ring depend on the correct choice of the noose leash. However, just buying an accessory is not enough. Hendler needs to know how to use it.

Currently, the list of exhibition rings is very extensive. On sale you can find products from the most manufacturers with various appearance and equipment.

  • As already mentioned, ideally, the noose should remain almost invisible and merge with the color of the hairline of the dog. In addition, the thinner the noose leash, the better the pet will control. If you are the owner of a young and inexperienced dog, and especially from small breeds, it is better to start accustoming it to soft wide ringcruses with a flat or round section.
  • You can use a thin ring in cases where the dog behaves intelligently with different accessories.
  • Give preference to those strands whose color is ideally “masked” by the dog, complementing it, and not pointing to defects. Contrast models divide the neck, violating the impression of integrity, so it is better to abandon them.
  • In turn, black models are effective in demonstrating dark, gray or blue pets, and white-when showing light plain and spotted dogs.

There are no special rules for choosing a noose leash, but in order to avoid possible troubles, it is advisable to observe at least basic recommendations. In this case, your pet, and you yourself will be satisfied with the purchase.

Useful materials:

What you need to know about the dog controller: use, manufacture with your own hands the controller

What you need to know about the dog controller: use, manufacture with your own hands

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Diy controller manufacturing: step-by-step instructions

If it seems that the leash of Antoine Najaryan is too expensive, then in order to save money you can make its analogue independently, in no way inferior to the factory. To do this, choose the right rope. Tie one end of it with a knot, which will slide and play the role of a one-sided fixer. When jerking, the node will be delayed and causing a pet certain inconvenience.

Important! Only the best and reliable materials must be used. The leash should be comfortable for the pet. You need to calculate the length of the rope so that the pet can fully breathe during training and do not suffocate. After manufacturing the device, it must be placed so that the fixer node is exactly behind the dog’s ears. You should carefully check the device made before use. If there is the slightest doubt about whether it is functioning correctly, it is better to buy ready-made.

Work on the behavior of the animal

Some time after the start of using the controller’s leash, the pet will understand what they want from him, and only positive emotions will deliver joint walks with the owner. It doesn’t matter if the leash with his own hands is made, or the dog breeder ordered it on the Internet, the animal’s behavior will change very soon. The dog will cease to be uncontrollable and inert, it will calmly and measuredly go Heel.

An interesting option

The leash made of the paracord will be a great option for a leash – this is a very strong and durable wicker leash, which is well suited for any breed of dogs, regardless of their size.

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To make a leash from the classic cobra node, you need about thirty centimeters of the lace to get a piece of a leash of two and a half centimeters, not counting the middle. Thirty centimeters of the leash will take fourteen times more cord. Based on this, about four hundred twenty centimeters of the lace are required, of which three hundred sixty centimeters for weaving and sixty centimeters for the middle.

If you select the Royal Cobra, then the cord consumption will already be 45 centimeters by 2. 5 centimeters of the leash. Sometimes the exact amount of material is not possible, so it is better to take a lace with a margin. In this master class, a leash of 180 centimeters was created, and about 480 centimeters of the cord took, including 45 centimeters per handle. In total, 525 centimeters of the cord were spent.

Now let's analyze the knot in detail. First you need to find the center, it will affect the length of the leash, the knot and the distance to the carbine. Now we take one of the ends of the lace, place it over the center, leaving the loop. Now we take the second end and spend it over the 1st, but this time under the center and pull the lace up through the loop. We continue to do the same, while directing the cord in different directions, and when using the Royal Cobra method, we make ordinary twice, and use it as a center – this will give more strength and volume.

To create a leash you will need:

  • Scissors;
  • Roulette or centimeter tape;
  • Paracord;
  • Lighter;
  • Clamp;
  • Elastic;
  • Carbine;
  • A small segment of the old lace;
  • Time, strength and description of the work.

We make the right knot on the carbine.

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The clamp is wide, so you need to wrap the loop several times, and only then stretch the lace over it. We do the main knot, wound and stretch once. But if necessary, expand it again. In this case, you get a strong non-sliding connection. In order for the carbine to hold, we take the old lace and tie it with the help of the “Prushik” node:

And now the time has come for the most curious part of weaving – this is the creation of a pen. If you deal with the methodology of its manufacture, everything else will immediately become very simple. After we attached the lace to the carabiner and measured the desired length, we need to make a loop loop a loop, it will be a hilt. Then we make a “jump in the middle”, for this we take 2 interwoven cords and begin to weave them through the lower part, where the loop is connected to the leash. There will be a handle mount here.

Behind the “jump” we tie the handle using the “cobra”. And we finish using the Royal Cobra. To make it comfortable, we make a skein from the lace and attach it with elastic bands. Thus, it will be more convenient to stretch it into nodules, without stretching the entire length of the leash, and also retain a lot of effort and time.

When the braid scraping is finished, the original center will need to go around. Once again we make a “jump” on a long piece and make a continuous loop.

Now you need to brand the whole lace on top of the bottom. A neat appearance is important here. It will be good if weave as close to the clamp as possible, so the leash will become wider. The meaning is the fulfillment of the reverse "royal cobra".

When we braid as wide as possible at the clamp, you need to turn everything and make a “cobra” as the middle. In this case, it is necessary to stay closer to the clamp, so that the leash does not twist and does not turn. Remember that behind the bend you need to weave in the opposite direction.

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Having reached the starting point of the handle, we braid it in a circle.

When we reach the long part, we cut and melt the lace, now we pull it tight and cut off the unnecessary, after we make sure that the edge of the lace is tightly fixed. And now a great and interesting leash is ready and can delight both the owner and the pet.

This leash option will be more strict, it is created from a belt tape, about two and a half meters long. To do this, melt the edges with a lighter, then we spread the end into a metal ring, creating a hilt and attaching a strong seam. Now you just need to put a carbine into the ring, and the leash is ready.

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