What is the healthiest puppy food for large breeds?

February 9, 2023
Large Breeds
What is the healthiest puppy food for large breeds?

Many owners mistakenly feed their favorites by eating themselves, and sometimes what remains after a family meal. This is not only wrong, but also unacceptable. The dog organism is arranged differently, so the puppy should also be chosen individually.

Two puppies

Proper nutrition is the basis of a full development and good state of health of puppies

How to transfer a puppy into dry dog food

The first and main rule, which must be strictly adhere to, transferring the puppy to dry dog food is gradual. You can’t sharply change the diet of the pet, since his digestive system may not be able to cope with this.

Dog and puppies

Ready-made dog food is the basis of the diet of most pets

Experts recommend transferring the puppy into dry feed according to this scheme:

The age of the puppy The frequency of feeding per day
Thoracic puppy (until the end of GV) 4-6
2-3 months 4
4-6 months 2-3
Older than six months 2 or more

You should not overfeed the dog, because this can negatively display on his health, weight and musculoskeletal system.

Choosing a diet of puppies under the age of 1 year

The diet for the dog must be selected taking into account its age and individual characteristics. However, the most important criterion when choosing dog food is the breed of a pet.

For large breeds

Dogs of large breeds are distinguished by strength, endurance. It is important to maintain their strength and health, since an incorrectly organized diet can lead to a number of problems.

Large breed puppy

The main component in dog stern is the protein necessary for the growth of the animal

Proteins are extremely important for the formation and maintenance of optimal functioning of bone muscular tissues.

For medium pets

Compared to large breed puppies, the average pets during the first year are not so active. Therefore, too high the concentration of protein in the stern is useless.

Two white puppies

When choosing food for puppies, its composition should be taken into account

But such favorites are prone to rapid training and memorization, so the diet should have high food value.

For small dogs

For dogs of small breeds, it is important to choose food, pieces of which the pet can easily chew. But at the same time, they should also be such that during their biting, the surface of the dog's teeth is cleared of plaque.

A small breed dog

Puppies of small breeds have an accelerated metabolism, so their diet should be dense and satisfying.

The pet's body must be fully saturated with energy, so the food for such animals should be chosen with a high calorie content.

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How to choose the right food for your Chihuahua

Chihuahuas are pets that need to be fed only with special food. Ordinary "human" food is categorically not suitable for them. In doing so, you should pay attention to the following points:

  • The fat index should be at least 6%;
  • The amount of protein optimal for a Chihuahua is at the level of 20%.

Veterinarians say that it is these foods that are the most nutritious and beneficial for pets of this breed.


Unlike large breeds, the Chihuahua needs a nutritious diet with a high energy content.

Chihuahua puppies need to be fed up to 4 times a day. But when the dog grows up, the frequency of food intake is halved. The first feeding should be carried out at 7-9 o'clock in the morning, the last – at 19-21 o'clock. But you should never give your puppy food just before going to bed.

Having chosen the best food option for your pet, you should try not to change it anymore. This applies not only to the Chihuahua, but also to all other breeds of dogs.

Ranking of the best puppy food manufacturers 2023

Dry dog food falls into several categories. Each of them has a certain composition, on which its cost directly depends.

Economy Meals

Such food can be easily found in special departments of supermarkets or veterinary pharmacies. But buying all the products in a row is not recommended. In this price segment, the best dog diets are:

  • Pedigree. Produced by an American brand whose products have been popular for many years. Dog food from this manufacturer is affordable, while it can be safely called high-quality.

Pedigree food

The composition contains all the vitamins and trace elements necessary for the body of a growing dog. However, the presence of a small amount of meat and vegetables against the background of an overestimated concentration of the cereal share makes this food unbalanced.

  • Oscar. Feed from this brand will allow the puppy to quickly feel satiety. However, it contains more cereals, as in the pedigree, rather than other components.

Oscar food

Therefore, it cannot be called ideal. But for its price, this version of the ecological class diet is very good.

  • Chappie. Another budget version of dog feed. Its composition contains not only plant components, but also offal and bone flour.

The main advantage is an affordable price. But many dog breeders have questions for the quality of the product. Therefore, do not overfeed the pet with a diet from this manufacturer.

Almost all dumplings for puppies that produce economy class products use the identical technology of its manufacture. But it is better, nevertheless, to buy products of famous brands, and to abandon those that few have heard about.

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Premium class

What is the healthiest puppy food for large breeds? Each of them has

What is the healthiest puppy food for large breeds?

The quality of premium feed is an order of magnitude higher than that of economical ones. This is one of the most popular types of diet for puppies, since it contains all the substances necessary for the full development of the pet.

The composition of such a diet contains approximately 25% of the meat share, but its main part consists of rice and high-quality offal.

In parallel, the diet is equipped with an important vitamin-mineral complex. The best representatives of premium-class puppy feed are considered:

  • Purina Dog Chow. The food is produced by the French brand Purina, which has an excellent reputation among dog breeders and cats. It contains the optimal balance of proteins and fats, contributing to the active growth and full development of the pet.

Purina Dog Chow

In addition to the vitamin-mineral supplement, the product also contains prebiotics necessary for comfortable and proper digestion. It is recommended to give puppies up to 1 year. However, the stern contains preservatives in combination with flavor amplifiers, which is its main minus.

  • Purina Pro Plan Medium. This variety of dog nutrition from TM Purin is characterized in that it is suitable even for pets with a particularly sensitive digestive system. The product contains turkey, carbohydrates, corn, fatty acids in its composition.

Feed Purina Plane

The source of fiber is a dry crushed beet pulp. Minus is a high content of corn flour, capable of provoking a strong allergic reaction.

  • Royal Canin. This type of dry dog food is suitable for puppies aged 2 to 10 months. Its composition is perfectly balanced, so it allows you to maintain the optimal growth and full development of the pet.

Royal Canin food

It contains vitamins, prebiotics, as well as sodium polyphosphate. The last component prevents the formation of tartar in dogs. But conservatives and offal were found in the food, which, however, is characteristic of almost all grades of premium dog nutrition.

All premium dry power options for puppies deserve attention. But if there are doubts regarding their quality, it is better not to get a boss and purchase a more expensive product.

Super-premium class

Feed of this class is of high quality and an excellent balanced composition. However, their price is quite high, which is perhaps the main minusch brands of dry puppy food have proven themselves well:

  • 1st Choice. The food from this brand is developed separately for each breed of puppies. The balanced composition of the diet will allow the animal to smoothly and safely go to dry nutrition after the end of breastfeeding.

Feed 1st Choice

The product contains a high meat indicator and the necessary vitamins. The pieces are miniature, so they are easy to chew. The only negative is the high salt content.

  • Eukanuba. There are 3 options for this food designed for puppies of different breeds. The composition contains over 30% of meat, there are vitamins and minerals. Flavors, dyes, preservatives are absent.

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The main disadvantages are the presence of wheat and corn that can cause allergies, and the complete absence of vegetable components.

  • Trainer. This food does not contain gluten, so in puppies, allergies are practically excluded. The diet is suitable for animals from 1 to 10 months. The only minus is an increased amount of carbohydrates, but the rest of the product is without comments.

Trainer food

Among the food of the super-premium class, you can find other worthy brands. If the pet has a delicate stomach, then it is better to consult with the veterinarian.

Holistic and hypoallergenic foods

Holistic is rightfully considered the best food for dogs. They have a perfectly selected and well-balanced composition, and only high-quality ingredients are used for their manufacture. The most popular holistics for puppies are:

  • Acanach a diet contains a high concentration of proteins with a low carbohydrate indicator. The share of natural meat reaches 65%, and components such as corn, wheat or rice in this stern are absent.

Acana puppies

Instead, they contain oats – a hypoallergenic cereal, which brings great benefits of the gastrointestinal tract of the puppy.

  • Now Fresh. The food is suitable for any breeds of puppies. It does not contain grain components, but has a good ratio of proteins and fats. Contains the meat of ducks, turkey and salmon, fruits, vegetables, eggs.

Dog feed Now Fresh

  • Grandorf. The main advantages of this feed are its completely natural composition and the absence of corn flour, cereal impurities, and offal. The meat content reaches 60%. The only negative characteristic of all holistics is a high price.


The right food is the key to health and the full development of the puppy. If it is difficult to choose a particular diet brand on your own, it is better to get acquainted with the reviews of the dog breeders, as well as ask the opinion of the veterinarian.

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