What types of clippers are good for grooming dogs?

March 22, 2023
types of clippers for grooming dogs

Dog hair care involves grooming, which can be successfully carried out both in salons and at home. But for this, you first need to choose a good and suitable dog clipper that will be beautiful, safe and easy to perform its tasks. For this purpose, you can use one of the dog trimmer models offered in the rating from Bestdogfood.expert. Before choosing a particular option, study its advantages and disadvantages, features and subtleties.


The TOP considers the products of 7 well-known grooming brands in the world, which have collected the most positive reviews and are recommended for use by professional hairdressers. Here are the brands to highlight first:

  • Gemei – the trademark is the property of a large manufacturing brand in China “Yiwu Gemei Electric Appliance”. Under this name, professional accessories, tools and equipment for hair care are produced.
  • Ziver – the brand creates and sells trimmers, grooming clippers, grinders for animals. It offers both battery, and network, and combined models with a quiet motor. Products are produced in a heavy-duty plastic case and are sold with a guarantee for 6-12 months.
  • Xiaomi is a Chinese brand known primarily as a manufacturer of smartphones. Also in the catalog there are home and professional trimmers for cutting wool in animals of various breeds. They are distinguished by a low level of vibration and noise during operation, a soft effect on the skin, and safe cutting heads.
  • Andis is one of the few brands that works not only for people, but also for pets. She has in her assortment a whole line of trimmers for professional and amateur use. Products for careful care of the paws and ears of pets deserve special attention. There are both mains and battery models.
  • Sodos – the brand produces special machines for cutting animals, including dogs. She even provides a grooming course and teaches how to use the appliances correctly. In addition to trimmers, she also has grinders for dog claw care. The devices are equipped with sharp removable knives, which, if necessary, can be replaced with new ones. Products easily cope with both soft wool and tangles.
  • Baorun – the brand has more than 5 successful models of dog grooming machines, basically, all offers are budget-friendly. They have a low noise level, about 60 dB, several speeds and the option to adjust the length of the haircut. Animals do not experience fear in their work.
  • Monella is an Italian brand whose name literally translates as “naughty girl”. Tools and accessories are made in Milan, using high quality and expensive materials.
  • Moser is a German brand working on the creation of trimmers for cutting people, but they have successfully proven themselves in the care of dogs and other animals. Designs stand out from competitors with high strength, ergonomic shape and silent operation.

What criteria are important when choosing a dog clipper for grooming?

The foundation of this TOP was a thorough analysis of the reviews of the owners of dogs, professional groomers and sellers of equipment for this procedure. We also compared specific options by characteristics, taking into account the following of them:

  • Construction materials, cutting elements;
  • Power supply;
  • Number of nozzles;
  • Power, performance;
  • Dimensions, weight;
  • Ease of use, availability of service;
  • Price, country of manufacture, brand reputation.

Among other important points of evaluation were the reaction of animals to a haircut, the orientation of the device to amateurs or professionals, its value for money, the country of production and the reputation of the manufacturer.

What are the differences between inexpensive dog clippers?

Such devices are intended mainly for personal, infrequent use at home. Usually they have 1-2 nozzles, but can be equipped with more. Most often they work from the mains, but sometimes they are also powered by a battery. The winners of the selection, presented in the ranking of dog clippers, were 6 models.

What professional dog grooming clipper does not cling hair?

Stylish professional dog clipper with a rotary motor in a glossy white plastic case. Claimed output of 15W, the ceramic knife does the job well. Also suitable for cat owners.

4 nozzles (3, 6, 9, 12 mm) are attached to the model, expanding functionality. They dress and removed easily, without much effort. The inclusion button is accompanied by a red LED. There is a rotary regulator on the case. Inside the built-in battery, the charge is enough for 60 minutes. It goes well through the wool, does not cling to the hairs.

Gemei GM-634


  • Stylish case;
  • Autonomy;
  • Good equipment;
  • Knife height adjustment;
  • Moderate noise;
  • A light weight.


  • It is charged for a long time;
  • There is no instructions in American.

The kit is attached to cleaning, a small jar of butter, as well as a USB-junur for recharging. The duration of the battery is up to 5 hours. Noise is moderate, the animal is not scared.

Which dog grooming clipper is quiet and does not scare the pet?

A machine can be cut both dogs and cats with wool of various lengths and densities. A powerful 18 W rotor engine helps to remove the gun from the first or second passage. Despite this, the device works quietly and does not interfere with others.

Watch the video how to choose a dog grooming clipper -Secrets you did not know

The length of the haircut, if necessary, is adjustable within 0. 8-2 mm. It comes complete with 4 nozzles: 3, 6, 9 and 12 mm, which allows you to make an optimal haircut depending on the breed. The knife is made of ceramics that preserves acute for a long time. It can be bought separately and installed independently.

To minimize heating and increasing the service life to the set, added oil for lubrication. The cutting element is periodically clogged with wool and a special brush is added to clean it. The device works from a 220 B network and is not afraid of small voltage drops.

what are good dog grooming clippers


  • Long cable – 2. 8 m;
  • Removal of a knife in one movement;
  • Small weight – 0. 34 kg;
  • Convenient grip;
  • Durable case.
  • Not basking.


  • A little noisy;
  • It is difficult to cope with a dense undercoat.

As the reviews show, the device does not slip in the palm of your hand, which eliminates the risk of dog injury.


  • Stainless steel guides;
  • Does not pull out the hairs;
  • The duration of autonomous work is up to 4 hours;
  • A reminder of the need to charge the battery;
  • Filling the battery resource in 3 hours.
  • Triple noise reduction system.


  • Nozzles are warming up;
  • Fragile ears to which nozzles are attached.

The reviews indicate that the model effectively copes with both short and long hair. True, in the latter case it takes a little more time.

Budget trimmer for thick dog hair

The next in the review we present a budget trimmer in a black nemarck color for creating a hairstyle for dogs of any breeds. It has an innovative electromagnetic engine that works quietly and does not frighten animals.

The kit includes 6 different nozzles for grooming pets with different lengths and thick wool. The blades are spicy and clearly cut vegetation the first time. If necessary, they can be replaced, buying the desired block is not a particular problem. Four-ladies friends react well to the work of the device.

Stainless knives


  • Comfortably lies in the hand;
  • Stainless knives;
  • The presence of a brush for cleaning;
  • Convenient case for transporting and storing the house;
  • Smooth transitions;
  • Several length installations.


  • Eats only from the network;
  • Without a nozzle, wool smaller cuts than with it.

The Andis PM-1 model has the best in our rating the ratio of quality and price. It is recommended for dogs of small overgrown without a thick undercoat. A quiet motor is the right solution for shy babies.

What is a small dog grooming clipper for very furry dogs?

A small clipper for grooming dogs calmly withstands 2 hours of work and, if necessary, is recharged in 60 minutesch opportunities were given to him by the battery with a capacity of 800 mAh.

It is convenient that the device can also function from the network. The kit includes 2 nozzles, which means that you can adjust the length of the dog haircut in several positions – 3 mm, 6 mm, 9 mm and 12 mm. This allows you to use the device to the owners of dogs of completely different breeds, including very fluffy ones.


  • Minimum price;
  • A 32 mm knife wide;
  • Two blades;
  • Charging in 1 hour;
  • Small weight of the product up to 400 g;
  • A knife of excellent quality.


  • Only 2 nozzles in the set;
  • The cable is not the longest – 1. 8 m.

Rotor engine performance – 7 watts. Ceramic cutting plates cope well with thick hair. The capture zone is small, so the model is recommended by small and medium breeds.

What kind of dog grooming clipper do beginner gloomers love?

This is the best option in the ranking of carriers for haircuts for beginner gloomers due to ease of use and quick result. There is everything necessary for care, both behind short-haired and long-haired dogs.

The device is sold in a convenient case for carrying, in which the trimmer itself is embedded, 4 nozzles for adjusting the length and brush for cleansing. It is convenient to remove the wool from the knife block, so it cuts properly for a long time. According to reviews, they can be used even without nozzles.

Cuts smoothly


  • Cuts smoothly;
  • Does not tear out the wool;
  • Not annoying animals;
  • It is convenient to hold in the hand;
  • Works with wire and battery;
  • Only two buttons for control, it is not difficult to figure it out.


  • It does make some noise though;
  • It is rare in USA, you need to order from China, on the same Amazon.

The Baorun kit includes combs, scissors and a nail file, which allows you to fully prepare the dog, no worse than in the salon, for example, for an exhibition.

Which trimmer cuts the dog’s rough coat well?

Trimmer for dogs and cats of different sizes and breeds. It differs from analogues in the presence of the Turbo button, which increases the speed of movement of the cutting element when working with hard wool. The cutting length can be adjusted with removable nozzles.

The durable plastic housing is comfortable to hold securely during operation. Thanks to the case, the issue of careful storage and transportation of the tool is simplified. The set also includes an anti-tangle comb, a brush and scissors, a charger and oil for regular cleaning of the blade.

professional dog grooming


  • Autonomy for 1 hour;
  • Turbo mode;
  • Excellent equipment;
  • Case for storage and transportation;
  • Knife dimensions;
  • Ergonomic body.

The cutting length setting range is from 0. 1 to 12 mmfficient blade width of 46 mm allows you to cut a large animal. The rated power is 5 W, batteries are the power source.

Which dog grooming clipper models are professional?

Compared to trimmers for home use, such devices have higher power and functionality. They are equipped with several nozzles, brushes, oil and other tools necessary for effective work with the animal. In this category, 4 models can be called professional.

What are the benefits of two speeds for a dog grooming clipper?

The Ziver-306 device competes with more expensive products due to two speeds and a powerful engine. Due to this, it can be used for trimming wool, both soft and hard, both long and short.

The body of the dog groomer is made of impact-resistant materials, so it has a long service life. An important point is the compatibility of the machine with knives from other companies, which will facilitate their search if it is necessary to replace this unit. The dog grooming clipper consumes no more than 30 W, while there are no complaints about its power, according to reviews.

clippers for grooming Suitable for dogs of large breeds


  • Silent operation;
  • 2 nozzles in a set;
  • There is oil for lubricating knives;
  • Acceptable price;
  • Suitable for dogs of different breeds;
  • Can be used by both professionals and amateurs.


  • Slight vibration;
  • Cannot run on battery.

It was included in the rating due to clarity in use, I want to note that the knife cuts the coat smoothly, does not tear and does not injure the skin of the dogs, which is why they relate to grooming normally.

A professional tool with a 49 mm wide blade for quick cutting of wool

A professional tool, which weighs only 299 g, but at the same time favorably differs in a wide block of a 49 mm cutting element for a quick haircut and good capture. The rotary motor operates in two modes with different speeds.

The mobile part of the cutting element is ceramic, it gives a clear cut with a height of 1. 5 mm. Storage is possible in an upright position if you hang on the ring. The equipment involves a replaceable kulisk for a knife, a tube with oil for processing, a set of forks for power.

The declared performance is 36 watts

The declared performance is 36 watts. The power supply is the power supply. The level of vibration is reduced, which minimizes the noise level. In the grip area, a relief against sliding is provided with the hand.

A professional moser haircut machine


  • Two speeds;
  • Wide knife;
  • Cut accuracy;
  • Quiet work;
  • Convenient building;
  • Reliability.


  • The height of the cut is not adjustable;
  • The inconvenient location of the power supply.

The power supply is located directly at the Bestdogfood.Expert of the fork, which is not always convenient. The manufacturer’s brand has existed for more than 100 years, which indicates the reliability of the goods produced.

Which professional dog grooming clipper is powerful?

A professional moser haircut machine, which is distinguished by a mass of advantages – a technological knife block, a quick change in nozzles, power and cooling. Universal, suitable for different animals.

A precision grinded cutting element of 49 mm from steel provides an accurate cut even if there are 1 mm high tunes. Thin teeth work perfectly with crests, cope with complex wool. The power of the rotary motor is 45 watts, the speed is regulated in two positions.


  • Wide blade;
  • Sharp teeth;
  • Two speeds;
  • Cooling system;
  • Long flexible wire;
  • High quality.

The nominee is distinguished by a flexible long cord up to 3 m. The cooling system protects against overheating. The set includes nozzles – 10, 16 mm. There is also lubrication oil, a brush for cleaning from the remains of the hair.

Which dog grooming clipper is suitable for everyday work with long hair?

The best machine for everyday haircuts of dogs can be called this model that showed perfectly in the care of the dogs of the most problematic rocks – long-haired Yorkshire terriers, poodles, etc.

The electric model does an excellent job with the tasks due to the professional sharpened knife, cutting an area up to 4. 6 mm wide at a time. As a result, faster and more comfortable grooming is provided. The reviews point to the smooth running of the knives, which are quite easy to clean using a special brush in the kit.

The electric model for comfortable grooming


  • Useful in the care of both soft and coarse hair;
  • Compact dimensions;
  • Rugged housing;
  • Quality knives;
  • Smooth running;
  • Clear instruction manual.


  • No carry bag;
  • The weight of 620 g in the hand is still felt.

Having checked the device in action, I was convinced of its safety even for the most shy dogs. They are not afraid of the device due to the lack of vibration and low noise level.

How to choose a dog clipper for grooming?

There are several criteria about the key characteristics of how to choose a dog clipper for grooming. This is the purpose of the device, the power declared by the manufacturer, design features and ease of use, as well as equipment.


Choosing the best dog clippers is important with your goals in mind. To do this, the pet owner must compare the parameters of the device with the breed and dimensions of the dog, the density and type of coat. Based on this, you can decide in absentia what functions and performance the trimmer should have.


The power prescribed in the instructions is nominal. But by this parameter it is still possible to determine what type of wool and density the device can handle. The stiffer, longer and denser the hair, the higher the performance parameter should be. The strongest are professional models.

Construction and convenience

If the case is made of plastic, it will provide it with light weight. During prolonged use, the device will not load the handsbberized surface, curves, embossed inserts prevent slipping. If the dimensions are large, the girth of the fingers, respectively, will be inferior, which is why there is a risk of dropping the trimmer.


In addition to the trimmer itself, the manufacturer usually comes with a set of nozzles with different cutting heights. 2-4 pieces will be enough. For complete care, a best dog food storage container with oil for lubricating cutting elements and a cleaning brush will be useful. It will also simplify the storage of a case where scissors, scallops can be stored.

Question answer

The tool for grooming differs from the usual trimmer to the acute blades, taking into account the fact that the wool is much thicker than a person’s hair. If you cut the animal with an ordinary machine, this will significantly reduce the service life.

In theory, this is possible, but it is unlikely that even the most productive model will be able to cope with the tangles, thick wool and undercoat. In addition, there are risks of overstrown of cutting elements, which can injure the skin of a pet.

The duration of recharging the battery depends on its capacity. Boarders usually require 3-6 hours to replenish the charge, while new professional modifications do this in just 1-3 hours.

The duration of recharging the battery depends

Which dog grooming clippers should buy for professional use?

If you plan to participate with your pet in exhibitions and other similar events, it is better to immediately get a battery model so that if necessary, you can put the animal in order on the spot. For professional use in grooming sites, the most effective are rotary network models. In order for ears and paws to be processed, it is necessary to have several nozzles and the availability of haircut length adjustment.

Which grooming clippers for haircuts is better and what to buy:

  • Gemei GM-634-a stylish professional grooming clipper for haircuts, the best price in the top, autonomous work and good equipment;
  • Xiaomi Pawbby Pet Shaver – for dogs that are afraid to cut themselves, will be a quiet in the work of a trimmer with good autonomy and a triple noise reduction system;
  • Monella 60-0610-trimmer for dogs and cats of different sizes and breeds with Turbo mode, case for storage and transportation;
  • Andis AGCB 2-Speed Brushless-a professional tool with a wide knife and good accuracy of the cut, a convenient housing with a low level of vibration;
  • Moser Max 45 1245-0077-a universal option for any pets, characterized by a technological knife, a quick change in nozzles, a cooling system.

The key point in the selection of a good grooming machine is the safety of operation and the normal behavior of the animal in the process. In this rating of clipper haircuts, we tried to collect just such models.

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