What are the benefits of a harness for a small dog?

March 15, 2023
harness for a small dog

Any loving owner to make sure that his dog has everything that is most necessary for a comfortable life. In order to control the movements of your pet during walks, a collar with a leash or a harness is used. Many prefer slopes.

Shleiki first appeared several hundred years ago in order to harness the northern driving dogs in the sled. Today this accessory has expanded its functions. It is often used instead of a collar, because it does not squeeze the neck, and does not interfere with the dog. You can purchase sluts in pet stores, given their purpose, age and dimensions of the dog. You can also make yourself, spending quite a bit of time on it.

Why do you need a harness for small dogs?

The components of the harness

Harness is a device that is used to control the behavior of the animal. The components of the harness are belts or patterns of different materials, metal rings and fasteners. A leash is attached to the rings. The belts should cover the breasts of the dog, sometimes & ndash, cereals. This is an alternative version of the collar, which avoids injury to the animal’s neck when pulling the leash.

Harness configurations are very diverse:

  • In the form of Stash n’ Dash Harness, there are 2 loops for paws and head connected by the bar.
  • In the form of Stash n’ Dash, one loop is pushed over the head, and the second through the front limbs.
  • The Stash n’ Dash has a design similar to previous versions, but more suitable for winter.
  • In the form of Stash n’ Dash, the belts form the letter V on the back.

First of all, harnesses use dogs, which for some reason have neck damage. In some cases, the owner is easier to control his pet using this device. Often, dogs manage to free the neck from the collar, so the harness for them Stash n’ Dash, a more reliable means of control. This device is necessary for service and search dogs, as well as sled dogs.

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As intended, sluts are:

  • Driving,
  • Walking,
  • Medical,
  • Cargo,
  • Service,
  • For puppies.

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Each species is made of different materials.

What are the Advantages and disadvantages of harnesses for small dogs?

If the idea has matured to sew on your own harness for a dog, you need to study its pros and cons.

The advantages of the harness over the collar:

  • Uniform load distribution,
  • There are no problems with the musculoskeletal system and pain,
  • The neck is not squeezed, especially relevant for small breeds (Chihuahua, that terrier), which have a very fragile bone system,
  • The dog behaves more calmly.
Dog harness especially a large breed


  • It is difficult to control the dog at the time of a sharp jerk (especially a large breed),
  • Higher cost compared to the collar,
  • After a harness, the dog can refuse to wear a collar,
  • Such uniforms are not designed for constant wearing, it is used only on the street.

How to make a harness for small dogs with your own hands?

You can buy a legged for a suitable shape and size in a pet store. But it is easy to make it at home. The accessory should have light weight, equipped with a carbine and buckle.

What material to choose for a dog harness?

To select the correct material, you must first decide on the purpose of the harness. For a walking option, it is better to take soft and durable material. It can be cotton, nylon, velor. A combination of skin and fabric is also used. If leather elements are used, then it is necessary to make an additional lining of fleece or velor to exclude contact with the body.

What tools do you need to make a harness for a small dog?

In addition to the main material for the manufacture of harnesses, it may be required:

  • Nylon or nylon braid,
  • Metal carbine rings for fastening,
  • Velcro or buttons,
  • Scissors,
  • Threads,
  • Needles,
  • Sewing machine.

How to take measurements from a dog for a harness?

Before proceeding to sewing, you need to correctly remove the measurements from the dog:

  • The girth of the chest & ndash, measure the widest place around the elbows of the front paws, a little further than the armpits.
  • The circumference of the neck & ndash, measure around the place where the collar is usually worn.
  • The length of the back & ndash, the distance from the withers to the base of the tail.

Important! It is necessary to add 2 cm to the standards obtained to avoid a tight-fitting planting of the product.

How to sew a harness for a small dog?

There may be several sewing options. Consider the most common that can be sewn on your own.

Option 1

DIY dog

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This is a classic version, which consists of 2 leashes sewn together, which are recorded at 4 points.

how to put a slide on a dog

Step-by-step instruction:

  • Take a solid braid, measure the desired length according to the volume of the dog and multiply it in half. The braid will double for greater strength.
  • Cut the strip from durable cotton fabric according to the size of the braid.
  • Put the strip between the sides of the braid and sew the side seams with the machine.
  • Add an auxiliary strap.
  • Make loops around the edges. Fix them with a node of nylon threads.
  • From the side of the ring, leave a little space for the bend, and leave a place on the buckle and hem from the side of the buckle.
  • Fix on the loops of the ring and buckle.
Schleik for small dogs
how to sew a dog for a dog with your own hands
methods of treating food allergies
The side part is lengthened by 4-5 cm
Cut the 2 parts of the harness

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Option 2

Dog harness photo for dogs of small breeds

It is well suited for dogs of small breeds, can also serve as a vest. For sewing, you need to take a soft fabric.

Step-by-step instruction:

  • Make a pattern and transfer to the fabric.
  • The side part is lengthened by 4-5 cm.
  • Cut the 2 parts of the harness.
  • Cut the strip with a length corresponding to the size of the main part.
  • Turn the side sections inside and flash them.
  • Attach a strip to the middle of the pattern of the harness.
  • Fix a metal ring under it.
  • Fold 2 parts of the pattern faces each other. Sake them with a machine, leaving a small hole to turn the harness.
  • Sew Velcro or buttons at the edges.
Sew Velcro or buttons at the edges
the middle of the pattern of the harness
buy a harness
fragile bone system
Dog harness price

How to choose the right size harness for a small dog in the store?

If you want to buy a harness, you first need to measure the parameters of the animal. You can not purchase an accessory for outgrowth (for puppies). The dog will be uncomfortable in it. Any uneven load on a fragile, fragile bone system causes irreparable harm. The chest, limbs will be formed incorrectly and deformed.

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You can purchase the first harness puppy, which has already turned 6 months old. If the breed is large & ndash, at 8-10 months. For puppies, harnesses are made of soft, elastic materials that should be well washed. The belts should be thinch devices are light and durable, with a minimum amount of metal parts. It is also better to give preference to models with several fastenersch products are easier to wear and remove from the animal. It is better to buy slopes with adjustable straps, which allow you to customize them for the volume of the dog.

Each manufacturer of accessories for dogs has its own sizes. Therefore, in order to choose the right size for your pet, you need to have a measurement in your hands. But it is better to be able to try on ammunition directly in the store. The dimensional grid ranges from XS to 7 XL.

Estimated table of sizes:

A dog for a dog & ndash, a convenient accessory, which many use instead of a collar. It can not only be bought in a pet store, but also sew it on your own. In order for the product to be successful, it is necessary to take into account its purpose, to choose the right materials for sewing, to accurately remove the measurements from the animal.

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