Waterproof mobile container for dog food

March 24, 2023
Dog Food Container
Waterproof mobile container for dog food

How to choose a carrier for a dog

Sitting the Internet in search of dog carrying? We understand. It would seem that he walked, chose, bought. But there is so much information that the head goes around. We will help to lay out everything on the shelves and make the right choice. Satisfied with the pet – the owner is happy.

The article tells:

  1. Why carrying is needed
  2. What types of carriers are there
  3. How the dog’s breed affects the choice of carrying
  4. How to choose the size of the carry
  5. What carrion can be taken on the plane
  6. How to accustom a pet to a carry
  7. Once again about the advantages of carrying

Buy a carrier for a dog

Why carrying is needed

Carriage is not a luxury, but a means of transportation for a dog. With its help, you can comfortably and with minimal stress to transport the animal. Starting with rare outputs: a visit to the veterinarian, trips to the exhibition, traveling by plane, ending with daily walks with the owner.

For some dogs, carrying is a rarely used accessory, for others it is everyday. One thing unites them – the undeniable benefit of the device. For the owner of the dog, carrying provides convenience, for a pet – comfort and safety.

Before you start choosing, decide how often you will use the carrier:

  • For daily walks;
  • For travel by car or in public transport;
  • For a flight on an airplane.

What types of carriers are there

Carries differ in shape and materials from which they are made. Soft are made of fabric or leather (leatherette), hard – of plastic or metal.

The former are more suitable for dogs of small and medium breeds, the latter for medium and large. Do not forget about the vagaries of the weather: carrying are summer and winter type.

Summer is made of light breathing materials. Winter is sewn from non-proceeding fabric and additionally insulate.

  • Dog food storage containers,
  • Backpacks,
  • Kangaroo,
  • Slings,
  • Containers (clippers),
  • Cells.

Let's talk about each species separately.

A light accessory in the form of a dog food storage container on the shoulder is perfect for medium and small dogs. The dense bottom helps the bag keep the shape. Mesh holes provide review and ventilation.

Short hands and shoulder belt allow the owner of the dog conveniently carry a valuable load. You can find models on wheels and with additional container for storing food, favorite toys and sanitary dog food storage containers.

Whether you're hiking with a four-legged friend or you're out on a bike ride together, a carry bag is a great choice. Best storage containers are sewn from dense waterproof fabric that will protect the pet from wind and sudden rain. A head hole or mesh window (depending on the model) will allow the dog to study passers-by and the surroundings.

This accessory is similar in shape to a backpack, but the pet's paws remain outside. When folded, the kangaroo takes up almost no space. You can take the carrier with you for a walk and use it when the dog gets tired and asks for handles.

For tiny dogs or a puppy, a sling is fine. This soft bag with a wide belt is shaped like a waist bag, only it is worn over the shoulder. The pet is located in front, on the chest of the owner. This close contact gives the dog a sense of security and peace.

Container (clipper)

The plastic container is ideal for medium sized dogs. In such a portable house, it is convenient for a pet to stand, lie down or sit – nothing hinders movement. The container does not get wet and is well ventilated.

The plastic walls of the clipper reliably protect the dog from shaking and bumps. Modern models have wheels and a comfortable handle. Inside the container, you can hang a bowl for food or water.

A large dog is best transported in a cage. So everyone is calmer: you, those around you and the pet itself. The main thing is to make the space inside cozy and familiar to the dog. Warm bedding and a favorite bone will brighten up the dog's stay in the cage.

Buy a carrier for a dog

Thus, for daily walks with small dogs, it is convenient to use all types of lightweight fabric carriers. Both a closed fabric bag and a medium-sized portable clipper are perfect for transporting a pet by car and on public transport.

If you have a long journey by train or plane, give preference to a plastic container or a cage on wheels. The solid construction of the carrier will protect the animal from unexpected shocks and bumps, and the wheels will save your hands from having to carry heavy luggage.

Whichever carrier you choose, pay for your purchase with a Halva card – it is valid in the largest pet supply stores throughout the country. With the signature "Halva. Ten" you will get even more months of installments.

How the dog’s breed affects the choice of carrying

The nature of the dog is an important point when choosing a carrier. Mischievous and calm, shy and bully, good-natured and distrustful – you can find an approach and a key to each animal. And a suitable carrier.

When choosing the size and material of a carrier for the energetic Jack Russell Terrier, consider its playful temperament and headstrong personality. You should not put the fidget in a soft backpack with a hole for the head – it is fraught with an escape.

It is better to transport small hand dogs closer to the body of the owner – so they are calmer and safer. Not necessarily angry, but large and formidable in appearance – in cages.

How to choose the size of the carry

In order for the four-legged tail to be comfortable, the carrier must fit perfectly in size. If the dog has enough room to turn around, stand up, sit down and lie down comfortably with his paws extended, then the carrier is suitable. Usually, manufacturers indicate what weight and height this or that model is designed for.

It is advisable to weigh and measure the dog before buying. The ideal carrier should be 10 cm taller than the animal and twice the width of its chest.

The principle of "more not less" is better not to use. It is clear that a chihuahua will fit in a corgi carrier. However, if there is a jolt or a strong sudden jolt, the dog runs the risk of injury by flying from one corner of the container to another.

Experts recommend:

  1. Choose a carrier made from quality, non-toxic and hypoallergenic materials.
  2. When choosing fabric accessories, pay attention to the properties of the material: it is easy to clean, dries quickly, and does not let the wind through.
  3. Carefully check the quality of belts, handles, wheels, zippers and locks.

What carrion can be taken on the plane

Each airline has its own requirements for transporting animals. Therefore, before buying tickets, be sure to check the latest information on the carrier's website or by calling the hotline. We've put together some general guidelines to give you an idea of what to prepare for.

Buy a carrier for a dog

There are three options for transporting a four-legged friend on an airplane:

Waterproof mobile container for dog food will protect the pet from

Container for dog food with mice protection

  • In the luggage compartment
  • Under the chair
  • On the armchair.

The method of transportation depends on the breed, weight of the dog and the conditions of a particular airline. Large dogs are almost always transported in the luggage compartment in cages. Please note that the size of the cage is set by the airline.

To reduce stress and help your pet to endure the flight comfortably, take care of a supply of water and warm bedding in the carrier. But giving the dog food in flight is not advised.

Major carriers allow you to take a small dog with you into the cabin. In this case, the weight and size of the carrier matters. It should fit under the seat in front of you or on the seat next to you.

The requirements of the airlines to the carrying are similar and concern mainly the size and reliability of the locks. You need to take care of the owner about comfort and calm the dog in flight.

The flight is stress for many people, what can we say about animals. Unusual smells and sounds, temperature and pressure drops affect the emotional state of four-legged.

Convenient carrying will help the animal transfer stress, will become a personal island of calm. Therefore, it is so important to choose it correctly, given not only the requirements of the airline, but the size and nature of the dog, which we talked about above.

During the flight, it is most likely not allowed to get a tailed friend from the carrying. This is explained by safety requirements – the frightened dog can break out, run away and hide in the wrong place.


  1. Do not feed the dog before and during the flight. The vestibular apparatus and turbulence are unpredictable things.
  2. Before the flight, check the health of the animal.
  3. During the flight, keep confidently so that the pet feels that you have everything under control.
  4. Attach a badge with a psa nickname and the owner’s contact data.
  5. Do not use new carrying for flight – this is additional stress. It is better if the pet is accustomed to carrying in advance.

How to accustom a pet to a carry

Owners of cats know that not a single chic cat will replace a shoe box. This also happens with dogs. Imagine: you tried, chose, and a four-legged one does not want to climb into a carrier. There is an exit.

  1. Do not force, let the pet independently explore an unfamiliar subject.
  2. For the interest and successful development of the new territory, praise or treat the dog with a delicacy – this is how behavioral reactions are fixed.
  3. If you are interested in zero, put your favorite blanket, a toy or a yummy inside.
  4. If the dog is afraid of a closed space, try to remove the upper cover in the carrying with a hard frame or not to close the doors.

Show with your own example the option is also a dare.

Once again about the advantages of carrying

As you can see, the choice of carriers for dogs is great and diverse. The old grandfather’s way to “hide” or put a pet in a regular backpack can not be compared with high-quality and correctly selected carrying.

Its presence opens up travel possibilities with your favorite pets. Without it, they will not put on a plane or on a train and will not be populated even in the dog-free hotel.

For small dogs, carrying is an indispensable everyday accessory. One movement – the dog is already in the bag, you can also run into the store for bread, and not leave a faithful friend to be sad at the entrance.

A trip to the veterinarian using carrying becomes more comfortable and calm for the animal. In line for admission, where cats, dogs and hamsters gather together, your dog will not have to contact them.

Trips in the car will become safer. A playful friend will not distract you from driving and does not stain the seat with his paws.

Now that you know everything about the carrying, you can start choosing an ideal model. Among the partners of halva are dozens of stores with animal goods.

All information about prices and partners is relevant at the time of publication of the article. The current partner stores are halva


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