Walk About dog food review

December 23, 2022
Walk About dog food review

walk about dog food review

Overview of Popular Dry Dog Foods

Puppy eats dry food

Modern feed is superior to natural food in many ways. Many people think that natural food is ideal for dogs. But at the same time, such things as a balanced diet, its saturation with vitamins, the correct way of cooking are missed. In dry food, these nuances are already taken into account.

The benefits of dry dogfood

Of course, you can feed the dog only meat, giving 2-3 carrots for a snack, but the animal will not receive the necessary vitamins. In the wild, a dog eats what it needs: small animals, vegetables, grass. But she herself will not tell the owner if the food does not suit her.

Important: natural balanced food is good for a dog if the owner has taken into account the need for vitamins and trace elements. Food from the human table is not equal to natural.

Moreover, food prepared for humans is harmful to dogs due to the excess of salt and spices, chemical additives and cooking method. In addition, those foods that are safe for humans cause disturbances in the sense of smell and digestion in a dog: onions, garlic, ginger.

Dry food will help dogs with a low level of activity, with a tendency to allergies (hypoallergenic) and spayed animals.

Dry food

How to switch your dog to dry food

The dog is taught to "dry". At first, she eats her mother's milk, then gradually switches to cottage cheese and scalded meat with hard vegetables. If you decide that you will feed puppies or an adult dog with dry food, then the transition is recommended according to the formula:

1-3 day 4-7 day 8-11 day 12 onwards
natural food 75% fifty% 25% 0%
Dry food 25% fifty% 75% 100%

When feeding dry food, it is worth remembering the following rules:

  • The animal must always have access to water,
  • Combination with natural feeding is not recommended,
  • You can mix "drying" with canned food of the same brand in a ratio of 3: 1,
  • Food should be given in the morning and in the evening, after which you need to remove the bowl, even if the dog has not finished eating.

Dachshund eats dry food

How to choose dog food?

In pet stores, premium and super premium class feeds, as well as medicinal ones, are most often presented. When you buy a high-class "dryer", then you should focus on how the animal reacts to it, whether it is allergic to food components.

In general, the composition of the feed is approximately the same, as there are standards for the components. At least 20% is protein, fats and carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins are also added.

Protein is both vegetable and animal. It is clear that cheap feeds have more vegetable protein than expensive ones. The more expensive the feed, the higher the percentage of beef, lamb and poultry. Good food contains fiber and dietary fiber, which help the intestines work. Fat is predominantly used in poultry, but for cheap food it can be soy or corn.

Since different dogs eat differently, a good breeder takes into account the dog's size, regimen, etc.

Dry food in a bowl

Dry dog food rating

For you, we have made an overview of popular brands to make it easier to make a choice.

Walk About dog food review prevention of the

Hill's Science Plan – the manufacturer claims the presence of 50 different components that are perfectly balanced, strengthen bones and teeth, improve digestion, improve coat quality. Most buyers give the Hills stern a solid five. Of the advantages, they highlighted the fact that even picky animals eat it, and there are no preservatives and flavorings in the composition. from 1000 for 3 kg.

Dry food brit

Brit is a food that has been produced in the Czech Republic for over 20 years. It has premium and super premium lines. They also produce a variety of dog treats. The composition claims a protein content of 24 to 30%. Natural flavors and a very wide list of trace elements and vitamin supplements are used. Brit has been positively reviewed by customers, with especially good reviews for senior dog lines. True, some have noted pet allergies associated with intolerance to the components.

Purina PRO PLAN is widely known in USA. It is worth saying that Purina is a division of Nestle. The manufacturer has an impressive line that takes into account the age and size of the dog, lifestyle, health status. He speaks well of him, especially those who switched to proplan due to health problems of the animal. Buyers mention a handy zipper that helps with storage.

Bosch food is produced by a German company. The manufacturer promises that the protein content in the feed is at least 25%. In most varieties of “drying” of this brand, there are no cereals containing gluten in the composition. It also includes many vitamins necessary for dogs. From buyers, Bosch food received good and excellent ratings. Among the shortcomings, it was noted that dogs eat without appetite, while some animals gain weight. They highlight the high quality of the line for pregnant and lactating bitches.

Dry food bosch for dogs

Nasha Marka is a American company, the manufacturer carefully approaches the selection of additives and components. The composition states from 18 to 25% protein, depending on the feed itself. However, in the composition, meat flour is indicated only in 2-3 places, and in the first two places corn and wheat, respectively. Customer ratings fluctuate between 3 and 4. A lot of people say that the food can hardly be classified as "premium", although many dogs eat it with pleasure. For most, it does not provoke health problems, but there are many complaints about the hypoallergenic line. Some buyers choose it because of the pricing policy.

Royal Canin – the birthplace of the feed is France. This is a very well-known food for us, due to the fact that they produce food for a large number of breeds and an extensive line of medicinal foods. The manufacturer takes into account the environment in which the dog lives, activity level, size and other factors. Contain from 22 to 30% protein and an extensive list of vitamins and minerals. However, it should be noted the high content of starch. Buyers appreciate Royal Canin, especially the medical line. It is mentioned that allergies or obesity have disappeared with this food. He has helped many with an unpleasant smell from the mouth. Most give the stern an excellent rating. from 900 for 3 kg.

“Stout” – manufacturers of this American food say that their products are an excellent prevention of the most common diseases in dogs. Stout is produced by the same factory as our brand. The composition states that the content is from 23 to 32% of the protein, there are no flavors and preservatives, vitamins are added. In general, the composition is very attractive, however, there is also corn, which some dogs have an allergy. This food is positioned by the manufacturer as a superpremium. Since this brand appeared relatively recently, there are still few reviews about it. But most buyers say that the food is not bad, it helps with strong molting well and like the animals to taste. from 600 per 3 kg.

Dog Chow – this food also produces Purina, but a little less common. Each pack contains granules of two different types to ensure the health of the oral cavity. The manufacturer claims a high protein content in the product, on average – 24%. Tsikoria is also added, which, according to the company, promotes digestion. The product does not contain preservatives and artificial components. However, the majority are disappointed that there are more cereals in the “dog Chau” than meat directly. Also, the granules are too big for dog dogs. At the same time, the democratic price is pleasing: from 500 for 2.5 kilograms.

What is the difference between premium and superpreium?

Not everyone understands what is the difference between the premium and superpremium. The fact is that at least three varieties of meat should be used in superpremium. Most companies switched to the use of fresh meat, not meat flour. If the manufacturer uses offal, then it indicates what exactly is added to the food: liver, heart or lungs. Fresh vegetables and fruits are also used indicating the variety (for example, apples are rare dilies or Grenny Smith), grass. The composition does not include gluten-containing cereals, preservatives, taste amplifiers, etc. Be sure to add vitamins and trace elements. Dogs absorb up to 95% of the dry feed of the superpremium class.

How To Find The Best Dog Food In Petstores:Take A Walk With A Canine Nutritionist

One of the leaders of the super-premium market is the Canadian feed Acana, and many also choose the Dutch company EUKANUBA. Both manufacturers take into account the dimensions of dogs, their lifestyle, and also produce feeds according to breeds and therapeutic products.

Dry food is served to the table

Economy class feed

Perhaps you will wonder why the lists do not have those feeds that advertise dog food storage container on TV daily – pedigree and chappie. Usually they advertise only economy products that are sold in each supermarket. Varieties of higher classes in advertising do not need and are sold only in pet stores and veterinary clinics.

The economy is cheap, but there is nothing useful in it. Instead of meat, manufacturers use all and other protein substitutes, which can lead to urolithiasis. In order for the dog to eat food, it includes chemical flavors and flavors, also includes cellulose. Such feeds are not very nutritious, so their consumption is greater.

Of course, in emergency cases, the dog can be fed with such food, but you should not make it the basis of the diet. In addition to the fact that the animal may have health problems, dogs are very accustomed to such foods as people to fast food. It will be very difficult to transfer them to quality food or natural food.

I do not understand those who feed their dog or uptake with groceries and does not give vitamins. With my dog, I immediately decided to feed with high-quality drying and feed Hills, the Science Plan diet, with chicken. I like that the food is fat enough and there are all vitamins in accordance with age! I buy immediately 12 kg packs and food comes out $1.3 per day!


Walk About dog food review food, but you should
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