Volume container for dog food

March 6, 2023
Dog Food Container
Volume container for dog food

Automatic feeder for dogs and how it works: we look at the shelves

Among modern devices that help in caring for a dog, an auto feeder stands out, thanks to which the pet will be able to eat in your absence. How the dog feeder works for dogs, and how to make it with your own hands is the theme of our article today.

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The conditions for using the device

Of course, the automatic feeder for dogs is not able to solve all the problems of the animal that arise due to the lack of owners, especially since its use is designed for certain conditions:

  • As the main nutrition element using an automatic feeder, only dry food is used, so the animal should at least be accustomed to eat such food;
  • The use of the feeder was originally focused on animals contained in the aviary, since the developers have not yet come up with an automatic toilet to the auto feeding. An exception may be dogs of small breeds living in a house that has the opportunity to leave the room through an automatic vestibule.
  • Food for dry food for several days can negatively affect the health of the dog, even if there is enough food and water in the aviary, so automatic feeders for dogs of large breeds can be considered only as a temporary measure.

Important! The dog should not suffer from bulimia or filmorexia, which is often found among dogs of large breeds.

If the dog is accustomed to overeat or cannot control the volume of food eaten, then for automatic power only those models of feeders that are equipped with a built-in dispenser are suitable, and these are usually the most expensive and complex devices.

In addition, the dog in the aviary must be accustomed to the type and smell of automatic feeder plastic for several days to develop a certain culture of use. Often, the dog, irritated by sounds or the type of feed in the bunker, manages to irrevocably break the electronic apparatus. Therefore, some owners prefer not to take risks and equip a separate cutter compartment in the aviary, in which an automatic feeder is installed.

The organization of dogs with an automatic feeder has its own characteristics. If the feeding of cats, hamsters, fish, parrots have no psychological orientation, then everything is much more complicated for dogs. The bowl and personality of a person who gives food is very important for the dog, from the point of view of psychology, who feeds, the owner in the house.

Important! So if you have a desire to transfer the pet to automatic power, be prepared for the fact that the robot feed for the dog can become the subject of its attachment and veneration.

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Principle of operation

Most store models have a special sensor, which is necessary in order to track the amount of feed in a bowl. But with such a mechanism, the container will be replenished constantly, and the animal can overeat.

We advise you to get acquainted with the advantages and disadvantages of such dog feeds as: “Eukanuba”, “Montge”, “Royal Kanin”, “Advance”, “Origen”, “Almo Nature”, “About the plan”, “Flatazor”, “Wolfsblut, Bosch, Gina, Dog Chau, Happy Dog, Acana, Brit, Hills, Farmin, 1st Choice, Barking Heads, Grandorf, Chappie, Belcando and Pedigree.

Principle of operation

This can be dangerous, especially if your pet has good appetite and it is difficult for him to stop. Therefore, auto feeders with a built-in timer are more popular. Usually it is activated only a few times a day and gives the pet the necessary dose of feed. An automatic feeder with a built-in timer can adjust the volume himself, since the amount of food depends on the size of the pet and the breed.

The main feature of this design is that the food will not deteriorate. All dog breeders know that even dry food should not be stored outside the dog food storage container, as they can dry quickly. If you use auto feeders, the food will remain fresh.

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When it may be required

Auto feeder is a unique find for the owners, since with its help you can not worry that your pet will remain hungry.

It will come in handy in such cases:

  • You need to leave for several days;
  • You can forget to feed the pet;
  • If necessary, give food to the dog fractionally, by the clock;
  • If the dog needs dosed medication.

When may be required

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Video “Dog feeder”

From this video you will learn how to make a feeding trough for your beloved pet yourself.

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How to choose an automatic dog feeder

When choosing a pipli’s auto feeder, the following should be taken into account:

  • Animal size. The auto feeder for dogs of large breeds is characterized by capacity and strength.
  • The volume of food, depending on the state of health of the dog.
  • The frequency of feeding.
  • The time period when the animal is one at home.
  • Features of the nature of the dog. Active large dogs should not buy an auto feeding easily opening, which is easy to break.

If it is important to feed the pet in the afternoon, and in the morning and evening the owner can personally put food, it is worth taking a closer look at the opening auto feeders with the timer for one feeding.

They are inexpensive, the food remains fresh due to the tightly closed lid. They can leave wet food in them. Some models have tanks for ice dog food storage containers.

If the owner needs to leave for a few days, it is better to take care of the purchase of a large unit so that the necessary amount of food is placed in it. An animals, not inclined to overeating, can be bought in an inexpensive option in which the bowl is filled from the tank under its own weight, therefore, no matter how much the dog eats, the bowl will be complete until the supply of food ends.

For animals that do not know how to restrain appetite, you will have to spend money on an electronic dosing car. They are dear, but there are models that are programmed for a while and the volume of feeding and are equipped with a video camera for observing a pet, microphone and speakers to record the voice of the owner, and are controlled from the phone remotely.

Small dogs with a short-lived stay without a owner can purchase sectional feeders with a timer designed for 2-3 meals. Many models are equipped with an ice tank, programmed.

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Types of auto feeders

The main options for auto feeders are as follows:

  • Programmable. This is the most technological and functional, but at the same time the most expensive option. In the dispenser, up to 2. 5 liters of food can be stored, and you can set up both the amount of portion and the rate of food in the bowlch a feeder, due to its features, is suitable for dogs of any breeds and will be useful to those owners who are forced to leave their pet alone relatively for a long time – the supply of food is definitely enough. Some models of such devices can be equipped with a screen for more convenient use, and when feeding the feed, a sound signal or the recorded voice of the host can work. Among the shortcomings of the feeder, it is worth noting a high price and bulky, if the device is designed for a large amount of feed;
  • Auto feeder with segments. A fairly interesting option, which in appearance resembles an ordinary bowl, but at the same time it is divided into several segments. Each of these segments contains one portion of food, and you can place both dry and humid food in it. The bowl is closed with a lid in which there is only one hole equal in area and shape to the segment. When a period of time is a certain and pre-configured owner, the lid shifts opening a new segment of a bowl of food. As a rule, there are 4-6 segments in such a feeder, but there may be more. The device does not take up a lot of space, the food in it always remains fresh, but if circumstances are forced to leave the house for more than two days, then such a feeder is unlikely to fit;
  • An auto feeder with a folding cover is a great option for a large dog, for which the previous method is unacceptable. This version of the feeder is intended for disposable feeding of the dog, for example, for lunch, when everything is at work, but there is no one at home. The volume of the dispenser, as a rule, is about 0. 5 kg, you can place any food in it, and at a given time the feed cover is overturned. Thus, the food is always covered, not weathered, not polluted, but the features of the device are forced to fill the feeder after each meal again. If you need to provide two portions of food for a large dog, then you can purchase two such feeders;
  • The simplest and cheapest option for a feeder is a bowl with a container that is not equipped with any automatic means. This feeder works in this way: when the food in the bowl runs out, a new portion is poured out of the dispenser. The disadvantage is obvious – a dog with a good appetite can eat more than necessary, and if this happens regularly, then it is not far from obesitych a feeder is suitable only for rare use, when the pet needs to leave food in reserve, and a standard bowl does not allow this.

Drawing conclusions from all this, it is easy to understand that feeders with segments are not very suitable for large dogs – for them it is better to choose a variant with a hinged lid or a programmable feeder with a sufficiently large container. For dogs of medium and small breeds, in principle, all of the listed types of feeders are suitable, only their volume is better to choose based on the needs of the pet.

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Rules for choosing automatic feeders for dogs

The most important criterion in this case is the financial issue. First you need to think about how much a person is willing to spend on such a device. Having decided on the amount, you can proceed to the size of the automatic feeder. It all depends on the size of the pet. As mentioned above, it will be convenient for especially large dogs to eat from a bowl on a stand.

If we are talking about a small dog, then for her you can buy not a complete set, but a separate feed dispenser, which is installed in a regular bowl of a standard size. As a result, the dog will be able to get food at the time she wants. Unlike large dogs, small dogs are not as voracious and tend not to binge on food until they get sick.

Any type of automatic dog feeder can be purchased from a specialized store. Nowadays, the cost of such devices is quite high, and additional options increase the price even more. For this reason, many dog owners are trying to design an automatic feeder with their own hands. This is a pretty good option for creative people who know how to work with their hands.

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Operating rules

The auto feeder is equipped with a dispenser of adult dog feed, on the device in most cases there are sensors that regulate the volume of food in the container. However, remember that the use of such a device is fraught with overeating: the animal does not know how to limit itself in food, so as soon as the bowl is replenished with food, it will again begin the next meal. That is why it is important that the device works on the timer – then the food is served at equal intervals. All that is required is to pour dog feed into the container and set the feeding frequency.

Control panel with LCD display on the top cover

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How to accustom the animal to the auto feeder?

The owners of dogs who already use such designs claim that there are no difficulties in this. The animal immediately gets used to the novelty, as it gives out good and tasty food.

Automatic feeder with effects

If we are talking about auto feeders with sound effects, here the learning process can take some time. However, after a certain period of time, the dog will definitely understand that this or that signal is the reason to approach the bowl. A conditioned reflex will prove itself, and the animal will definitely get used to the new feeder. This happens especially quickly in puppies.

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How to do it with your own hands

Volume container for dog food house that has the

A large container for dog food vacuums

An automatic feeder with a dispenser will solve the problem of a long absence of the owner in the house. Do not look for where to attach a dog for a while. Add the feed compartment and turn on the timer. You can make a practical and budgetary copy with your own hand.


For the construction of the device, you will need the following tools and materials:

  • Environmentally friendly clay;
  • Thin sheet of plywood or durable plastic;
  • Mechanism from quartz watches;
  • Wide tin box;
  • Kusachki.

Remove the mechanism from the quartz clock.

The height of the container should be 3. 5 cm, so cut off the excess on the tin box.

It is important to burn a bowl in the oven.

Cut a piece of a wooden board from the mechanism from the mechanism. Divide the container into the sector with clay. In the center, place the clock mechanism. Bend the hour hand in half, then wrap it with tape and attach here.

The lid is cut out of plastic or plywood, two nails are also clogged into it, and the arrow is fixed on the lower part.

If desired, paint the device or come up with a non-standard design.

Fleet device

Take a bottle of 1-5 liters, make an incision in the lower part – so you will replenish the compartment with food. Now turn over the structure and fix it over the feeder. It is important to fix the device, attach it to the wall or floor. Otherwise, the dog will carry an auto feeding around the apartment, and this is the main drawback of such a device. The manufacturing time of the device is 20 minutes.

But thanks to the device made of bottles, you do not have to spend a large amount on the purchase of a finished automatic feeder.

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Embanding auto feeders

The simplest type of dog feeder on a stand is a vertical type container or bunker installed on a special tray. In the lower part of the bunker of the automatic feeder there is a ring gap. Part of the food wakes up in a small amount through the gap and locks the bulk, preventing it from sprinkling into the tray.

As the dog eats part of the food in the tray, a new portion is spilled out of the bunker. From the design of the automatic feeder it is clear that the food will be sprinkled until the dog carefully selects it from the tray. At normal humidity and temperature, dry food retains bulk properties for a long time, so once a refueling automatic feeder for a dog can work for 7-10 days.

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Homemade options

Using the principle described above, you can make an automatic feeder for dogs with your own hands. The segment of the plastic sewer pipe, a diameter of 100 mm and a length of 80-90 cm is best for these purposes.

The pipe must be fixed on a vertical steel rack, which is screwed to the slab – a stove cut from plywood. In the lower part of the resulting vertical bunker, it is necessary to wear a conical adapter with 100 mm per pipe of 50 mm. For a more presentable type, the design can be painted with aerosol paint in any color you like.

So that the food does not disappear, the container is closed with a lid – a plug. Given the significant height, it is advisable to fix the design to the floor or to the wall with additional metal strips and screws. It remains to configure the position of the bunker with a feed in height, put a bowl for the dog and fill the container with dry food.

In order to prevent the feed from caking and getting stuck in the bunker, many do-it-yourselfers rigidly mount a small 5-10W electric motor with an eccentric on the pipe. The engine is connected to a timer. The sound of a vibrating engine can be heard by dogs several tens of meters away.

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According to manufacturers, the demand for automatic feeders turned out to be quite high, so it is planned to release automatic feeding devices controlled via the Internet and even equipped with a video camera. In addition to dry food for container storage, there will be three or four types of food, freezing and reheating.

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