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January 24, 2023
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Vittles Vault 35 pounds container for dog food image

Waitpulling for dogs: What is it?

Veitpulling for dogs

Sports for dogs

Waitpulling for dogs: what is it and why is it needed? These are traditional issues from novice breeders. Weithpulling can recommend a dog handler or veterinarian to you to provide the dog with proper physical activity. If you are not familiar with the concept and features of this type of competition, carefully study our article. We collected all the information to satisfy your curiosity.

What is Weithpulling?

Weithpulling is a sports direction. It is intended for our pets. They are engaged not only in dogs, but also by cats, and even rodents. But, of course, they compete separately. Therefore, you will not meet a rat or cat in the ring.

Weithpulling is a word of foreign origin. It comes from Weight Pulling, which means “stretching weight. “Dogs compete in dragging the cargo. This is a kind of heavy athletics for our four-legged friends.

This sport is popular among Americans and Canadians. In the USA and Canada, large-scale competitions are held, but you do not need to go there specially. Now in USA there are also Weithpulling clubs. Moreover, Weithpulling can be included in the program of dog contests and exhibitions.

Alaska and Yukon are considered the homeland of sports. It was here that the goldfinkers competed in whose dog will quickly pull out the stuck sledges with cargo and pass with them a greater distance. I mentioned this in an article about the Alaskan Malamut. The wonderful writer Jack London in his work “Call of the Ancestors” described the principles of Waitpulling. You can meet this novel.

Weithpulling - Alaska

Thus, prospectors had fun. They made bets and won the money. But soon they began to use the skills of their pets for practical purposes. Their experience was adopted by the Dutch. They began to use dogs to transport forest.

At first, the competitions were not massive. They were chaotic and happened from time to time. The system of rules was gradually formed. And in the late 70s of the 20th century, the association of dog sledges developed official instructions in which the rules and requirements for organizing competitions were clearly stipulated.

A few years later, the competitions acquired an international scale. They began to include them in doghousing exhibitions, events, competitions. American breeders got acquainted with this sport only at the end of the last century. In 2002, the independent Pulling League was founded, and three years later, Waitpulling recognized the RKF. Now in our country this direction also applies to official types of dog sports.

The history of champion dogs entered history. So, one of the Senbernov glorified his breed. His nickname Wrights Brandy Bear. He pulled out a load weighing 2905 kg and hit the pages of the Guinness Book of Records. Therefore, do not refuse to participate in competitions. Perhaps your pet will glorify not only his good name, but also yours.

Weitpulling Senbernar

What equipment is needed for waitpulling?

If you decide to introduce your dog to Weithpulling, then you will need special equipment. Without it, classes are impossible. You need:

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  • Witch for WeithPulling for dogs. It can be made to order. Belts should perfectly fit the body of the animal. It is important that during work the pet does not experience pain and uncomfortable sensations.

Hollow for weithpulling for dogs

  • Cable. With the help of a rope, the harness is attached to the load. The cable should be durable. Otherwise, he will break off.
  • Cargo. Any load is used in the training process. But it is better to select such a look that he does not make rumbling sounds. The dog should not be distracted.
  • You will need a cart later. But she is also needed. The first training can be carried out without this device.

In addition, you need to take care of the preparation of the training site. It is important that it is even, without lifting and cliffs. The asphalt or concrete surface is not suitable. Ideal: coating from the lawn or special, for waitpulling.

Waitpulling rules for dogs

Veitpulling sport for dogs is organized in accordance with the established rules. Before starting training, we recommend that you carefully study the main provisions. They are regulated by RKF.

Waitpulling for dogs: What is it?

Imagine a list of basic principles:

  1. All participants are divided into categories taking into account weight. Therefore, do not be afraid that your dog weighing 8 kg will be defeated by heavyweight. She will compete with the opponent of her weight category. 6 weight categories are distinguished: up to 10, up to 20, up to 30, up to 40, up to 50 kg.
  2. The age of the dog cannot be younger than a year and older than 11 years.
  3. The dog should move the load 5 meters in 1 minute. The one who extended a large mass to a greater distance wins. In addition, the time is also taken into account for evaluation.
  4. The owner of the dog should not use draft commands, treats, whistles to activate the pet. But on the leash you can lead, but it should not be stretched.

The competition begins with overcoming the distance with the starting (minimum) load. Each weight category has its own value. For example, dogs weighing up to 10 kg should stretch a minimum of 100 kg. This is a lot, agree. Therefore, they are suitable for training responsibly.

Each subsequent round weight increases. Gradually, the number of participants is reduced. Those who could not cope with the task leave the ring.

In the final of the competition, winners are announced. Three titles are used in USA:

  1. “Winner in the weight category. “It is determined among dogs of one weight category.
  2. “Absolute champion. “This title is assigned to the dog, which extended the largest cargo. The weight of the animal is not taken into account here.
  3. “The record holder. “The title is a dog that extended the larger weight relative to its own mass.

If you want your pet to become the owner of one of the title, then start training.

What dog breeds are best suited for wheitpulling?

Veitpulling dog breeds are not stipulated by the requirements for the rules of the competition. In one weight category, dogs of various breeds can compete.

Even if your pet is an ordinary mongrel, feel free to start training. But take into account the physiological characteristics of the animal. It should be healthy, physically developed.

Vittles Vault 35 pounds container for dog food image those who have long been

Vittles vault 35 pounds container for dog food image

Sports for dogs Weithpulling

Dogglers say that dogs that need physical exertion can be engaged in wheitpulling. This is a great sport for owners of sled and conditionally “fighting breeds”. Your pet will satisfy his needs for physical activity.

City breeders of active pets often choose this sport in order to somehow provide an animal with the possibility of activity.


We will find out where to start engaging in Weithpulling. Conventionally, the whole process is divided into three stages:

  • Preparatory stage. The pet is accustomed to a harness and taught special teams. These include: “Wait! ”, “I went! ”, “Stand! ”. The dog should obey you implicitly. Otherwise, you will not achieve the results. At this time, various gatherings can be visited with an animal. It should not be afraid of the human crowd, flashes of cameras, exclamations. You must also teach the dog to adequately behave among your own kind. She is not entitled to show aggression or malice in relation to her rivals.
  • Working with cargo. You need to load the dog only after it is fully formed. Keep in mind that some breeds are contraindicated in the load. Study the features of the physiology of your pet, consult a veterinarian. To begin with, as a cargo, you can use an ordinary old tire from a car wheel or a small log. The pet must understand that he is required and learn to overcome resistance. The mass of cargo is gradually increased. At the same time they work in the direction of general physical development. You can take a pet with you to run, for example, and use a sleigh in winter.

Veitpulling for dogs: power sport

  • Preparation for competitions. If during the first training you realized that this sport is suitable for your pet, start preparing for competitions. Study the rules, work with a load that corresponds to the weight category of the animal.

Organize training so that they give pleasure to the dog. She should feel the joy of communicating with you and the opportunity to work out. It is impossible to scold the animal, beat, use force to achieve results.

At what age can we do Weithpulling?

Training starts early. Dogglers say that you can train one and a half monthly puppies. At this time, the baby can, for example, can already be accustomed to the collar, leash, slide, some teams and, of course, devote time to his physical development.

Is Weithpulling dangerous for dogs?

We will immediately say that opinions are separated in this matter. Some animal defenders equate Weithpulling with dog battles. But the American Kinological Federation recognizes this sport.

Experts believe it is useful for dogs. The benefits, of course, are noted. City breeders of active breeds can use the energy of their favorites for peaceful purposes.

Is Weithpulling dangerous for dogs?

In addition, harm to animal health will be caused only with excessive loads. For beginners, it is recommended to take into account the advice of dog handlers and those who have long been practicing Weithpulling.

Do not overload the dog, increase weight gradually, monitor its health, provide a balanced diet and everything will be in order!

But if you see that the animal is very tired, suffers during training, and even more so, refuses them, do not torment the dog. There are many other types of dog sports. You will definitely choose the right option.

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