Vital essentials dog food reviews

February 21, 2023
Dog Food
Vital essentials dog food reviews

Modern manufacturers of food additives offer complex vitamins for Excel dogs, which are well suited for different breeds and ages. The line is represented by several types, there are even delicious dragees for pets with certain problems.

Pros and cons of vitamins for dogs Excel

Before expecting the result from the drug Excel, you need to understand that it is not a drug, so it cannot significantly affect the health of the pet. If the dog has serious problems, then she needs complex treatment.

However, Vitamins “Excel 8 in 1” help the pet to adapt faster to the environment, restore strength after illness, improve immunity. In addition, they are especially necessary for animals during active physical exertion. An additional source of vitamins is just in handy for pregnant and lactating bitches, since during this period the body's need for nutrition increases.

Specially developed complexes for young and elderly dogs contain all the necessary components that improve metabolism and fill the body with energy.

Owners who regularly give their pets Vitamins Excel noted changes in animal behavior and the positive effect of the drug on health:

  • Immunity increases, dogs are less ill with viral diseases;
  • Dry skin passes, its natural appearance is restored;
  • The wool acquires a bright shine, stops breaking and falling out;
  • For a long time, joints and cartilage remain healthy, which is important for dogs in age;
  • Body weight is maintained at the right level, obesity and other problems are excluded;
  • The animal’s teeth remain strong, do not crumble.

These are far from all positive points. Exel products are of high quality and rich composition. There are practically no minuses of this line. Vitamins are well tolerated by animals and rarely cause an allergic reaction. However, with any negative effects, you should seek advice to the veterinarian.

Types of Vitamins Exel for dogs

The manufacturer produces vitamins for dogs that contain only natural components. The most popular additive "Excel Multi Vitamin" is. On the recommendation of the veterinarian, it is prescribed for pets of small and large breeds. The shelf life of one best dog food storage container is up to 27 months.

Vitamins "Excel 8 in 1 for adult dogs"

As the pet’s body grows up, it needs additional vitamins. The addition “Excel 8 in 1 for adult dogs” contains a full complex of minerals so necessary in the spring-autumn period for the prevention of colds. In addition, the increased content of yeast, bran and bone flour enriches the body with the necessary components. As a result of regular administration, the metabolism normalizes, the vitamin deficiency passes, the appetite and mood of the pet are improved.

Vitamins for dogs "Excel for puppies"

Animals that have recently received mother’s milk, especially in need of vitamins. Their lack affects growth and development. The drug "Excel 8 in 1" is specially designed for puppies and contains more than 10 important components, vitamins E and C, a lot of calcium, omega-3, fatty acids, antioxidants. This composition has a beneficial effect on the immune and nervous system of the puppy, supports its wool in a neat state, and prevents the development of eye diseases. The complex is recommended during the period of active growth and change of teeth.

Vitamins "Excel for elderly dogs"

Elderly dogs need special care. Over the years, they have accumulated chronic diseases, so it is better to choose vitamins 8 B 1, corresponding to age. The Excel complex for elderly pets is designed specifically to help cope with age-related changes. It contains the following components:

  • Retinol;
  • Tocopherol;
  • Calcium;
  • Calciferol;
  • Folic acid;
  • B vitamins V.

Enterly additives are the embryos of wheat, yeast and nicotinic acid. The rich composition prevents the destruction of cartilage, the development of inflammatory processes, and supports vitality in the declining years.

Vitamins "Exel for dogs of small breeds"

The diet of dogs of small breeds is limited. Vitamins "Excel 8 in 1" are developed taking into account all the needs of decorative pets. The main components are aimed at supporting the nervous system and the heart of the animal. The composition contains the necessary antioxidants, amino acids and trace elements, fish oil.

Excel vitamins for joints for joints

Dogs of different breeds experience stress on the joints and age has nothing to do with it. Arthritis, arthrosis and osteochondrosis in an animal can develop throughout life. That is why the diet should contain such supplements that help strengthen the musculoskeletal system and bones. However, even with a natural balanced diet in dogs, such ailments are not ruled out. A specially directed complex of vitamins enriched with calcium, chondroitin, glucosamine will help to solve the problem and maintain the health of the pet in the norm.

Important! Such a vitamin supplement can be prescribed as a prophylaxis or after surgeries and injuries for a speedy recovery.

Vitamins Excel Calcium for Dogs

Calcium in the dog's diet should be present throughout life. This is especially important for large breeds, which have an increased load on the skeletal bones. Calcium is needed during the change of teeth, active growth, during lactation, after injuries. Dietary supplement "Excel with Calcium" is enriched with phosphorus and calciferol, essential minerals and acids, which help to absorb all components.

Vitamins for dogs Excel Brevers

A complex preparation designed to maintain the health of the dog and its appearance. A pet that regularly takes the supplement with food pleases with a beautiful and smooth coat, the molting period is not so noticeable for him. The drug has a positive effect on the hair follicles, the condition of the skin, the density of the coat. Excel vitamins are suitable for dogs of all breeds and ages, especially recommended for pregnant and lactating bitches.

Important! The Excel Vitality vitamins are especially popular in this line. They help dogs to endure the effects of stress caused by vaccinations or exhibitions.

Vitamins for dogs Excel Glucosamine

The complex is directed against the destruction of cartilaginous tissue and is specialized. Used for dogs with severe problems of cartilage and joints. Enriched with vitamin C, glucosamine. The recommended course of application is at least a month.

Vital essentials dog food reviews of inflammatory processes, and supports

Vital essentials dog food reviews

Vitamins for dogs Excel Deter

The Deter Excel 8 in 1 complex is designed specifically to wean a dog or puppy from eating feces. It is enriched with vitamin supplements, the deficiency of which causes such a desire. In addition, the tablets contain garlic and pepper extract, which impart an unpleasant taste and smell to dog feces, thus reducing the desire to taste them.

How to give dogs vitamins Excel

Vitamin complexes are given separately or mixed with food. The tablets have a good taste, so they do not need to be crushed additionally. However, puppies are not yet able to chew large foods, so when giving the drug, it must be crushed into powder.

The remedy is given in a course that is designed for two weeks. If necessary, it is extended for a month. Repeated supplements are prescribed only by a veterinarian. The first noticeable changes are visible within a week after the start of taking the pills.

Tablets contain the entire daily norm of nutrients. You cannot increase it on your own. The dosage is calculated strictly according to the instructions. As a rule, there is one tablet per 4. 5 kg of body weight, unless otherwise indicated. However, this dose is only valid for pets on an artificial or natural balanced diet. If the animal is on a mixed type, then the dose is calculated differently. For every 10 kg of weight give no more than one tablet.

For pregnant and lactating females, the dosage is indicated taking into account all the needs of the body, and it is twice the usual.

Precautions and contraindications

There are no special contraindications to the use of the Excel 8 in 1 vitamin complex in animals. However, it should be given with caution to pets who are allergic to yeast or B vitamins.

You need to store the food supplement in the original plastic packaging, which reliably protects the tablets from dampness, moisture and light. Keep the drug separate from the food so that the animals cannot swallow it on their own. An overdose leads to an excess of nutrients in the body, which adversely affects the health of the pet.


Excel dog vitamins meet all standards and contain only natural ingredients. They strengthen the immunity of the animal, maintain the normal cardiovascular and nervous system, and prevent various diseases. In addition, they have a positive effect on the joints, coat, and organs of vision of the pet. When used correctly, there are no undesirable consequences.

Excel Dog Vitamin Reviews

I use vitamin supplements for my pets all the time. On the advice of a veterinarian, I give it in the autumn-spring period for the prevention of diseases. The molt goes unnoticed, the emotional state of the animals is good, I don’t observe problems with joints, teeth and eyesight. I always select a separate Excel 8 in 1 complex for a nursing bitch. I'm satisfied with the additions.

I have a small breed dog, so it is difficult to keep her healthy in the right shape. Specialized additives "Excel for ornamental breeds" come to the rescue. They are enriched with everything you need, one tablet contains the entire daily dose of nutrients. Giving the drug is very convenient, my pet eats without problems.

I ran into a problem when my dog started eating feces on a walk. She trained for a long time, but it did not work out to wean the animal, the problem turned out to be not in the behavior. On the advice of a friend, she began to give a specially designed Excel Deter complex, which is enriched with everything necessary. After a month of regular use, things went well. The dog not only stopped eating feces, but also improved its appearance. Wool acquired shine, density, does not break.


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